New GUI proposal for Ardor’s Decentralized Exchange

One of history’s first stable unregulated DEX’s hit the crypto sphere in March 2014. It was built into the Nxt blockchain and was an instant success. It was easy to issue asset tokens on Nxt, so the “AE” soon gave birth to various projects, from community meme-coins to crowdfunding campaigns for Waves-founder Sasha Ivanov and … Read more

A new Internet Layer on the Decentralized Ardor Data Cloud

This next Ardor Community Hackathon entry in the series comes in the form of a Chrome/Brave browser extension that adds a new censorship resistant layer to websites on the existing internet. It won 2nd prize and was submitted by Patoshi from xCubicle. Nothing stops someone from dropping a $10 note at the bench at a … Read more

Ardor Gifts – depositing and redeeming crypto with a code

I’ll kick off this cavalcade of Ardor Community Hackathon 2020 winning submissions with an entry from the hackathon organizer himself, Mrv777. I’ll cover the winning hackathon projects in casual order to keep some excitement about what’s next in this walk-through of powerful Ardor apps and design entries, and remember: it’s all open source. The short … Read more

Ardor Hackathon 2020 – The Winners Announced!

Dear Nxters, Ardorers, and other readers! The results are here! All votes have been counted; 6 votes from trusted community members who also controls the prize account with multisig, 2 votes from a public poll done on the IGNIS blockchain, and 2 votes from Jelurida. The community hackathon ran from July 1st-August 15th 2020, and … Read more

DeFi-ning a parody on Ignis

What is the DeadFish token? bitswiftbroDead fish rise to the top  lol… I love it.  @ZarkMuckerbarn An asset token that was issued a few days ago by crypto investor and Twitter provocateur @ZarkMuckerbarn, has been picked up by the Ardor community. Zark issued the DeFi (DeadFish) token – asset ID 12281945935996100528, for just 260 IGNIS (~6.3 USD) … Read more


Eyes closed and going 180 km/h on the German freeway. Since my last post I’ve been visiting a family in the Netherlands who is fond of God, strong beers, and playing games. Istanbul. Phase 10. Koehandel. Beverbende. Ticket 2 Ride. Ligretto. Cathan. I’ve been playing them all. And “Man Overboord”, not least, which takes place … Read more

Hack Ardor. Yeah.

Good day, Nxters and other readers. It’s been a long time since my last confession. It feels good to write here again. The Ardor Hackathon Mrv777‘s Ardor Community Hackathon has launched, and time is ticking.If you haven’t seen it yet then check out  TL;DR:July 1st-August 15th >Build on the feature rich Ardor blockchain platform and … Read more

1st batch of Max Property Group share certificates available now

From the 2nd to the 20th December, 2019, you can buy shares in Max Property Group B.V. (MPG), the property investment syndicate that owns Max Crowdfund, a fast growing number of MPG property funds, and currently €7M+ euros of property assets. The share certificates are issued on the Ignis blockchain, and the name of the … Read more

Reflections on the Creation of a DAO in Ardor

The ownership structure of the Tarasca DAO has already been discussed in the previous article. Once that is set up, the funds are safe and under control by the members of the organization, which is the main objective of a DAO. However, for the organization to be effective it needs more tools and more internal … Read more

Setting up a DAO with Tarasca (I)

In a previous article we detailed the general tools offered by Ardor to build Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) on its platform. In this article we offer the first general ideas of its implementation in our specific case. 1. General structure of Tarasca DAO Let’s think of Tarasca as a conventional company, which owns its assets … Read more

What is the SIGBRO app?

First, the purpose of the SIGBRO app is not to be another crypto wallet but to let users easily: 1) log safely in to SIGBRO-compatible wallets/clients/web UIs without having to enter anything manually.  2) authenticate with their account ID without ever entering their passphrase (private key) into a website (or some Google extension). 3) check, sign … Read more

Some SIGBRO app use cases

OK, let’s look at the first example use cases for SIGBRO. Log in to We developed a WordPress plugin for SIGBRO. Anyone can install it on their WordPress site. It’s already live on We have killed all Captcha and Akismet protection on and activated the SIGBRO login and auth option instead. Spam … Read more

Find The Block

Here’s your chance to grab 500 IGNIS for free. How, you may ask? The rules are simple: Solve the puzzle, grab the tokens. The one and only Mr. Madfox has been at it again, and this time Nxter Magazine is very honored to present a beautiful video that contains all the information as well as … Read more

Triffic Update: Beacons, translations, and a startup battle

Hey guys, a few Triffic updates for you all. Check out the video – which is an example of the new augmented reality capabilities of Triffic – pay close attention to the dynamic lighting! 😉 is now available in Korean and Russian and at some point tomorrow, it will be available in Chinese too. … Read more

TRIFFIC reaches funding goal, closes ICO early, and announces airdrop to IGNIS holders

PRESS RELEASE Singapore, June 4, 2019 – Coinerz Group, the company behind Triffic, a mobile app that streamlines the way that businesses drive footfall to their physical locations has achieved its funding goal and will be closing its ICO two weeks early. The free app, which uses a combination of gamification, GPS, augmented reality and … Read more

Our Blockchain Scaling Experience

What it takes to run a blockchain at 100 TPS for 2 weeks Recently, the Lugano based Jelurida blockchain lab released its loadtest report for the Ardor platform. In a nutshell, we were able to run an “on blockchain” loadtest for more than 14 days in a row while maintaining an average throughput of more than 100 transactions … Read more

Campus Blockchain Hackathon, Nigeria

Kaduna, Nigeria, is a city that is more than what meets the eye – it will take more than just a visit to truly comprehend what makes up the city. In the northern part of Nigeria, where a higher percentage of the inhabitants are not educated, one would expect the state of the location and … Read more