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What is the DeadFish token?

Dead fish rise to the top :slightly_smiling_face: lol… I love it.  @ZarkMuckerbarn

An asset token that was issued a few days ago by crypto investor and Twitter provocateur @ZarkMuckerbarn, has been picked up by the Ardor community.

Zark issued the DeFi (DeadFish) token – asset ID 12281945935996100528, for just 260 IGNIS (~6.3 USD) and instantly became a DeFi trillionaire. A trillionaire can afford to give every person alive today on the planet each 140$ – in this case 140 DeFi -so Zark immediately started distributing them by the millions to every person who posted a reply to his tweets and included an Ardor account address.

Twitter’s Ardor platform guru @AvdiuSazan replied with an address, got into DeFi, and before you knew it the $DeFi token found usage, in the testing of an Ardor mobile app. DeFi (DeadFish) is a parody, which Zark explains further down in this article, but besides that it has quickly turned in to a showcase of how easy operating smart contracts and features on the Ardor platform is, using its UI or extensive smart contracts-API.

DeFi announcement

A perfect token needs a perfect announcement post, and that’s exactly what DeadFish DeFi got.

Initiated 4th of August by @Zubin, put together in a shared Google doc, posted on Medium on the 4th of August:


Deadfish is a revolutionary new concept in decentralized finance wherein DeFi will be as rigid as a frozen deadfish and yet be as fluid and malleable as whatever the end user of the application wants it to be.

DeFi is the perfect financial tool for a world that is slowly progressing towards a PostModern utopia that transcends the binary of gender, the binary of politics (viz a viz liberalism vs conservatism); a world where 2 + 2 is not necessarily 4. DeFi considers objective reality to be a social construct and respects other ways of making financial products that do not conform to the imperialist methods of grabbing native wealth.

Quote from Ardor DeFi’s announcement post


DeFi (DeadFish)’s achievements so far:

Issue a decentralized coin

It takes 5 minutes to issue a feature rich cryptocurrency with inbuilt Decentralized Finance contracts.

Instant availability in the Ardor DEX

As soon as DeFi was issued, it was tradable on a Decentralized Exchange. Binance may find this guide useful.

In other words, the second the token was issued, Ardor Lite knew, the Ardor Client knew, and the whole network knew.

Transaction alerts

People who subscribe to transaction alerts by email or push alerts in the SIGBRO app got instantly notified of the DeFi airdrop transaction.

Automated faucet with gamified distribution

And then, a few hours after the give-away idea was born, it was automated. A Twitterbot was deployed by @TheDeFiMaster (formerly known as thewiremaster) and now distributes the Ignis-based $DeFi tokens automatically to any account that tweets #DeFiMagic followed by his/her Ardor address. Firstmovers get most tokens. At the time of this writing, more than 50 have claimed a DeFi stake.


What’s next in the Dead Fish pond?

Dividends to pay for your DeFi transactions

Using DeFi tokens to buy advertisement space

DeFi made claimable on Bitswift.cash

Public blockchain vote upcoming

Growth! Expansion, pegs and hodl coins!

And the roadmap? It is expanded daily, most often at the same time it is executed.

There will be submissions to the Ardor Community Hackathon which makes use of the DeFi token. That much we know.

A token is a token is a tool

The satire is obvious. And you DYOR before you buy ANY hyped crypto token, no matter how hyped it is, don’t ya? If you don’t, you should. But is DeadFish “just” a joke? There’s a lot of giggling and ROFL’ing over ideas and tweets and feeling good.

Looking at the DeFi on Ethereum wave from the outside, the shilling and hype (and joy of course, because blockchain rocks!), the coordinated PR campaigns run by the industry, well knowingly that with their expert status they control the media, and lots of new people from around the world will fomo buy and get burned (again), as more “well-informed” investors dump on them and buy their blood (again), it is somehow comforting to know a DeadFish DeFi will still be swimming freely in the salty lakes of Ardor. Then focus in on what is actually possible to DO with this token, or a similar one you issue for ~6.30 USD. On a scalable blockchain. Try to copy what DeadFish can already do to any other blockchain or DeFi project in existence. See if you can. Not possible? Well. Then I guess Zark got you.

The expert DeFi master Muckerbarn

Q: Why this DeFi parody?

Zark: I created this parody account for a few reasons. Primarily, I love the Ardor Platform. Although we have not met before, many can tell you that I didn’t just show up here yesterday when #Defi On Ignis was created. I’ve been here since late 2016. Although I am no skilled coder I am somewhat savvy with technology, and tend to see things from an end user’s perspective. This Nxt Platform technology (and the framework that is now Ardor/Ignis), has been built by the minds of genius, there is no question. The parent/child chain solution to blockchain’s nemesis, the bloat, is beautiful, and simple enough for even someone like me to understand.

So I found this project in 2016, and started to play around. Made a ZARK asset token on NXT and did nothing with it but distribute it to a few friends. I continued to play around, creating an alias, amongst other things, getting more familiar with the project and the blockchain capabilities. Then came Ardor Platform and the childchain, Ignis. This is REALLY something. If you can find me a better blockchain than Ignis, then please lead me there. I simply cannot find one. Years passed. Still can’t find one. So that brings me to the DeFi parody token.

In recent weeks/months and what some may even say years, it’s been pretty tough as a community member of Ardor. The token price has underperformed *peers*, and the morale of the community, except for a few die-hard members, seemed to be at an all time low. Every other altcoin was pumping, and it seemed like we were just….paralyzed. This beauty, this GEM of a project, outcast from the rest of crypto, and driven to what feels like “brink of death” status. And the other platforms? What do they offer people that Ardor doesn’t? HYPE. They offer DeFi dreams. There is no reason to call the parody token a “dangerous scam” because the DANGEROUS SCAMS ARE ALREADY WORTH BILLIONS.


There is so much money tied up in ethereum *legitimate projects* that are no more legitimate on the inside than DeFi token is on the outside. Those are the scammers. At least I’m not trying to be anything but stupid-funny. Who GIVES A FXCK what someone is *willing to pay* for that? How do u know for certain that a billionaire wouldn’t just pay any price for fun for a parody token? No one is selling promises here for anything other than more stupidity and fun. And to exploit a buzzword and ruin its name and meaning.

“DeFi”, the new buzzword in crypto. The new gimmick. Absolute bewilderment I have for this *DeFi* craze on other platforms I won’t name. I don’t get any of it. Decentralized finance. That’s what all of this was from the start, wasn’t it? What was Bancor token trying to be in 2017, if not “DeFi”? Nobody gave a fxck then. Why should they now? We’ve always been *DeFi*. “They” wrapped up a gimmick name and tried to sell credible assets based on this portmanteau to the people. I’m here to make an absolute mockery of the name. It’s literally the dumbest thing to pump crypto since ….. Nothing. Nothing else was this gimmicky. It’s the dumbest thing yet.

Q: Are you surprised with how the Ardor community has engaged?

Zark: I can understand the mixed emotions that others in the community have regarding the parody, so to get so much positive feedback, almost immediately, has been wonderful. I understand not everyone sees the humour. It can be conveyed as fun, IN-YOUR-FACE parody, outrageous, stupid, simple, and devious – all at the same time. I get it.

I built it on Ignis to highlight how easy it is to do and to have fun with a community and raise spirits. Anyone can do this. This platform should be showcased like this for WHATEVER crowd finds it interesting for this purpose. The platform exists beyond me and this token. It’s cheap, and that’s another reason I made it here. I want to support the people running the network. Countless fees I’ve spent just for fun, here. I really appreciate the work that’s been done to build, maintain, and evolve the platform.

In the end, I’m sorry to those I’ve offended who do not see the humour in this. It is not my intention to dupe anyone. I wish no one bad luck in finance. The only bids on the Ardor DEX for the DeFi tokens are my own money. I do it to showcase, again, how easy everything is.

What, people who aren’t making money here on this Ardor Platform now are afraid that someone else won’t come in the future because DeFi token by Zark Muckerbarn of Twitter is a “scam”? Holy hell.


Q: A few community members have expressed concern about the DeFi on Ignis campaign. For example, someone writes: “Even if it’s a funny idea, I wouldn’t go too far with it. Crypto people tend to invest into something without thinking about it. In the end people start to buy ardor or ignis to participate in the defi boom, feel scammed and blame the community for false information.”  Do you have a comment to that?

Zark: I truly believe that what holds people like this someone back is that he’s afraid he won’t be able to land the “big fish” when DeadFish is swimming in the pond. This is not something I endorse or agree with. The people he’s worried about scaring off are far too smart and far too well informed about what they’re looking for in a blockchain to ever be scared away by the likes of me. If anything, this realm needs more DeadFish, or we will all be dead fish.

Me: Thanks for you time.

Zark: Thank you for your time and your attention.

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DISCLOSURE: I own DeFi tokens. Nxter Magazine does too. And they were free. This article is not investment advise just some well-meaning propaganda I wrote about a coin I own, like CoinDesk – the leader in blockchain news – does it. And how are you? Did you claim free DeFi tokens from the Twitterbot yet? I hear the price went up on the DEX today. Airdrops are coming to the early hodlers too. Maybe it’ll moon? Are you sure it’s all just a joke, because… actually we can’t be sure, can we? This is not investment advise. It’s joining the revolution.

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