Ardor Hackathon 2020 – The Winners Announced!

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Dear Nxters, Ardorers, and other readers!

The results are here! All votes have been counted; 6 votes from trusted community members who also controls the prize account with multisig, 2 votes from a public poll done on the IGNIS blockchain, and 2 votes from Jelurida.

The community hackathon ran from July 1st-August 15th 2020, and the crowdfunded prize pool ended up with a value equivalent to $20690 in tokens, to be distributed by the key:

  • 1st Place: ~$10340
  • 2nd Place: ~$4550
  • 3rd Place: ~$2430
  • 4-10th each: ~$360
  • Design category winner: ~$930

Nxter Magazine will post about each participating project in the coming days, so if you haven’t seen or tested them yet, or need a How To guide for the projects, it’s a treat for you. Stay tuned.

So…. who won?

The winners are…

MrV777, organizer of the Ardor Community hackathon, announced today:

The first community hackathon has completed now.

The judges consistently said how difficult it was to judge with some great projects that were hard to decide between. Well done, congratulations to all the winners and great job by all of those that entered!!

Here we go:

1bba DID Methodatzen
2Xcubicle LayersXcubicle
3CryptopayTeam – TheSpeevesters
4Tickets and MembershipsThe SIGBRO Team
5Laravel Package for ArdorAMBERSIVE KG
7Ardor GiftsMrV
8DeadFish Parody botDeadFish (DeFi) team
9Ardor.giftsTom Yum
10Visual Blockchainamcrypto
11Ardor community graphicsmadfox
DesignBetter interface/workflow for vouchersC Puneeth

A full breakdown of the votes from all judges has been posted here by mrv777.

Mrv further adds:

I want to note that I will not be taking my prize.  I will leave it in the pool and am looking into using it for someone to design a new theme for NRS.  Any other funds left in the prize pool will be set aside for either a bounty/grant program or the next hackathon. 🙂

When contacting winners, I will likely ask if they want to leave any tokens or percentage of winnings in the pool for these future programs.

Congrats to all the devs and designers!

A big salute to the winners and all participants in the hackathon here from Nxter.org too, and not least a BIG UP and thanks to Mrv777 for organizing this incredible hackathon!

All of you made made all of us win, by submitting such awesome open source projects, in such diverse categories, which shows the power of the Ardor platform – and your great skills of course! Also, welcome to the new devs who found out about Ardor through this hackathon. Hopefully, many participants will work further on their projects, others be inspired, and some become a standard in the further building of the layers on blockchain.

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