Self-Sovereign Identity on Ardor

Aaaand the winner of the Ardor Community Hackathon is… “bba DID Method” “Say WHAT?” you say, and that’s what I did too. So, before I congratulate “Atzen”, the winner of the Ardor hackathon, and ask him what he will do with all that great MONEY he won, let’s try understanding the WHY, HOW, and the … Read more

New GUI proposal for Ardor’s Decentralized Exchange

One of history’s first stable unregulated DEX’s hit the crypto sphere in March 2014. It was built into the Nxt blockchain and was an instant success. It was easy to issue asset tokens on Nxt, so the “AE” soon gave birth to various projects, from community meme-coins to crowdfunding campaigns for Waves-founder Sasha Ivanov and … Read more

A new Internet Layer on the Decentralized Ardor Data Cloud

This next Ardor Community Hackathon entry in the series comes in the form of a Chrome/Brave browser extension that adds a new censorship resistant layer to websites on the existing internet. It won 2nd prize and was submitted by Patoshi from xCubicle. Nothing stops someone from dropping a $10 note at the bench at a … Read more

Ardor Gifts – depositing and redeeming crypto with a code

I’ll kick off this cavalcade of Ardor Community Hackathon 2020 winning submissions with an entry from the hackathon organizer himself, Mrv777. I’ll cover the winning hackathon projects in casual order to keep some excitement about what’s next in this walk-through of powerful Ardor apps and design entries, and remember: it’s all open source. The short … Read more

Ardor Hackathon 2020 – The Winners Announced!

Dear Nxters, Ardorers, and other readers! The results are here! All votes have been counted; 6 votes from trusted community members who also controls the prize account with multisig, 2 votes from a public poll done on the IGNIS blockchain, and 2 votes from Jelurida. The community hackathon ran from July 1st-August 15th 2020, and … Read more

Hack Ardor. Yeah.

Good day, Nxters and other readers. It’s been a long time since my last confession. It feels good to write here again. The Ardor Hackathon Mrv777‘s Ardor Community Hackathon has launched, and time is ticking.If you haven’t seen it yet then check out  TL;DR:July 1st-August 15th >Build on the feature rich Ardor blockchain platform and … Read more

Some SIGBRO app use cases

OK, let’s look at the first example use cases for SIGBRO. Log in to We developed a WordPress plugin for SIGBRO. Anyone can install it on their WordPress site. It’s already live on We have killed all Captcha and Akismet protection on and activated the SIGBRO login and auth option instead. Spam … Read more

Our Blockchain Scaling Experience

What it takes to run a blockchain at 100 TPS for 2 weeks Recently, the Lugano based Jelurida blockchain lab released its loadtest report for the Ardor platform. In a nutshell, we were able to run an “on blockchain” loadtest for more than 14 days in a row while maintaining an average throughput of more than 100 transactions … Read more

New public Ardor repository

Nxt and Ardor lead developer Jean-Luc (Jelurida) has announced that he will change the location of the official public Ardor repository from to Ardor packages uploaded to the Jelurida repository will be signed with the official Jelurida software releases signing key, 0xC654D7FCFF18FD55, already used for signing the Private Blockchain Evaluation Kit packages. The latest … Read more

Coding for NXT Crypto Platform #2

Coding for NXT Crypto Platform #2: First Steps About Nxt Did you ever want to participate in a financial field with your Software without taking big risks and have an easy and anonymous access to? Have you tried to access monetary systems and get transparent data from Asset Exchanges, Marketplaces, Data clouds? Nxt is a … Read more

Coding for NXT Crypto Platform #3: Output from the Asset Exchange

Coding for NXT Crypto Platform #3: Output from the Asset Exchange The Star of Blockchains Welcome to the third article on coding with NXT. In the previous articles I have shown you how to set up your Nxt configuration file to easily develop with JavaScript and how to get the first output from the Blockchain … Read more

Coding for NXT Crypto Platform #4: Historical Asset Data

Coding for NXT Crypto Platform #4: Historical Asset Data In the last topic I showed you how to retrieve basic data about Assets from the Nxt Asset Exchange. In this article I want to cover how to receive historical trades. The API call we are using here is “getTrades”.’ Historical Trades Historical trades can either … Read more

Coding for NXT Crypto Platform #5: Transactions on the Nxt Blockchain

Coding for NXT Crypto Platform #5: Transactions on the Nxt Blockchain Nxt Blockchain The Nxt Blockchain is the heart of Nxt. Every Transaction ever made is recorded on the Blockchain. The Blockchain is a decentralized database, which is saved on your computer. To prevent spam, for every transaction you have to pay fees in the … Read more

Beer, Betting and the Nxt Blockchain

Suppose you have a circle of friends who you meet with in a sports bar to drink beer, watch sports and make bets. You can make bets on the Nxt Blockchain and have a basic Python app automate it for you. In my first article I introduced basics of a blockchain. As we learned, the most … Read more

Lottery on the Nxt Blockchain in Golang

In my first article I introduced blockchain theory, what it can do for your software project and the basics of interacting with the Nxt blockchain in PHP. Today I am going to present a small Lottery program written in Go. Pre-requisites: Golang (tested with Go 1.6.2) NRS 1.10.1 ( The program is fully functional and runs a … Read more

Programming the Nxt Blockchain for fun and profit

Blockchains can be useful in various applications, facing global audience and supporting company internal infrastructure. A blockchain is a distributed database, a copy of the blockchain is stored on each node in a peer-to-peer network. This extreme redundancy can be duely considered inefficient, but please stay with me for a couple of minutes of blockchain theory. … Read more

Lior Yaffe: Advanced Concepts in Blockchain Design

Lior Yaffe explains some design concepts that have made it into NXT and the upcoming Ardor platform, such as: Proof of Stake, Brain Wallets, Forging, Prunable data, The Ardor platform, Smart transactions and hard fork management. The lecture took place on 27.7.2016, at Campus Tel Aviv. Slides:…. Event page:…

Nxt [CORE]: Sistema Monetario

Sistema Monetario de Nxt permite a los usuarios crear nuevas monedas descentralizadas con  la garantía del Nxt blockchain Nxt. Las nuevas monedas son altamente personalizables, con una amplia gama de parámetros que se pueden establecer para gobernar sus propiedades y su uso. El Sistema Monetario Nxt (MS) permite el lanzamiento de altcoins sin tener que … Read more