DeFiMAGIC Twitter BOT: The new NFT function


The purpose of this post is to explain how the new NFT capability of the DeFiMAGIC Twitter BOT works. For a brief overview of all the other DeFiMAGIC functionalities refer to this forum topic:¬† The original idea of the DeFiMAGIC bot was to create a parody version of other more established projects, mainly on Ethereum, … Read more

DeFi-ning a parody on Ignis

What is the DeadFish token? bitswiftbroDead fish rise to the top  lol… I love it.  @ZarkMuckerbarn An asset token that was issued a few days ago by crypto investor and Twitter provocateur @ZarkMuckerbarn, has been picked up by the Ardor community. Zark issued the DeFi (DeadFish) token – asset ID 12281945935996100528, for just 260 IGNIS (~6.3 USD) … Read more