Ardor Gifts – depositing and redeeming crypto with a code

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I’ll kick off this cavalcade of Ardor Community Hackathon 2020 winning submissions with an entry from the hackathon organizer himself, Mrv777. I’ll cover the winning hackathon projects in casual order to keep some excitement about what’s next in this walk-through of powerful Ardor apps and design entries, and remember: it’s all open source.

The short Ardor Gifts project pitch reads:

Allows depositing coins that can be redeemed by anyone with the specific code/token, much like a gift card.

Alrightythen, so that’s the sales speech. Let’s see how it works:

Watch this video to get guided through using Mrv777’s smart contract and Ardor Gifts UI.

The use case

Giving away crypto coins for free as promotional gift or in order to fish new users/investors (the rocker-method; First Fix Is For Free) is nothing unusual for anyone in the crypto space. But with Ardor Gifts’ digital gift codes/tokens, your faucet or give-away can become much more controlled and targeted than any other “usual” #airdrop.

I’ve heard Ardor Gifts spawn ideas like using the submitted lightweight contract for trustlessly giving b-day presents to dear ones (you can give crypto away without knowing the receivers account), designing a crypto “fortune cookie game”, and the idea of digital gift cards being thrown into a forum where the fastest to claim it gets the crypto.

Also Tarasca DAO has shown interest, as they are testing a tabletop game that uses their beautifully crafted Mythical Creatures. Tarasca DAO wants to print gift codes on their physical board games and push their physical game players into the realm of digital collections. Then there is me, if I take the SIGBRO founder / designer hat on. The Ardor Gifts’ addition to the Ardor community library is eminent. Be it for handing out IGNIS, any other Ardor child chain token, an MS coin or a global ERC20-like asset token on the Ardor platform. Mrv777’s submission makes it easy to share crypto at live events, in online conventions, or as digital Red Envelopes – the basics are ready and done!

Mrv777 jokes:

If i had more time i wanted to make physical gift cards with view tokens visible and then under a scratch sticker the redeem token and send them to the judges 😉
… 2.3.2 came out too late though with the functionality I needed.

Mrv777 is as fast as they come and managed to turn a new Ardor core addition into a useful working solution on the spot. Ardor Gifts. Also, big up to Jelurida for NRS 2.3.2.

No hackathon submission is a finalized killer Dapp, and Ardor Gifts can be built way further. Sure. Goto Github. But in its current form, and a winning entry, it’s already a blockchain tool that has been sought for and been missing for a long time within the Ardor platform – the Swiss armyknife of crypto – now made possible with mrv777’s Ardor Gifts and the Ardor 2.3.2 release.

Demonstration: https://ardor.tools/gift/
Source code: https://github.com/mrv777/gift

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