NXT FreeMarket launches with no fees for 2014

Decentralised marketplace built on NXT blockchain enables free, global, private trade. A new online marketplace will allow merchants and customers to buy and sell any goods and services they want, wherever they are in the world, with low fees and no interference. NXT FreeMarket (NXTFreeMarket.com) is built on the popular cryptocurrency platform NXT, which already …

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Nxt aliases as dns solution

Hyperboria is a decentralized network, based on public/private key cryptography like bitcoin, and p2p library kadmelia. Being decentralized means that there is no IP address allocation organisation and therefore anyone can join and leave as they please for no cost. The routing table is all p2p, so no reliance on key routers from big businesses. Hyperboria …

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NXT Solutions – decentralized internet

Nxt or NxtCoin? NxtCash? What exactly is Nxt, and what makes it a 2. generation crypto currency? Decentralized Web People started to realize they have almost no privacy on the internet in last years. More and more web users are looking for free an independent network without any restrictions and spy agencies. John Perry Barlow …

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