How to install and set up the SIGBRO app on Android

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Choose your PIN Code

When you have installed SIGBRO on your Android phone and you open it for the first time, you'll have to swipe through a few presentation screens, and then you'll see this:

Tap the globe to select a language (English is the default).

Or tap the START button to move on to this screen and get started:

SET PIN lets you pick a PIN code that lets you access the app.

Enter your chosen PIN twice.

SIGBRO no longer supports FINGERPRINT and FACE ID, we do not find it safe enough (on all Android phones).

QUICK TOUR will show a small overview of what the Sigbro app is about.

Now it's time to scan or enter your existing Ardor account passphrase or register a new Ardor account.

How to import an Ardor account into SIGBRO

Now pick an option:

I recommend you to set up Ardor account QR codes with SIGBRO OFFLINE.

Download it and use it in an offline environment. 
Print the paper wallet, encrypt the passphrase and save it on a USB device.

Scan the passphrase QR with SIGBRO app. If you already have an Ardor account passphrase, you can use SIGBRO OFFLINE to quickly generate the QR code. 

For test purposes you can access an online version of the app here ... yeah, that sounds rather paradoxical.



If you already have an Ardor account, you can manually enter your passphrase into the app. 

How to generate a new Ardor account with SIGBRO

The SIGBRO app can generate a new account for you.

We do, however, recommend you to use SIGBRO OFFLINE if you have access to a pc. Simply because it makes your life simpler. You don't have to write a long passphrase several times. You just get a QR code to scan. Backing up your passphrase as paperwallet is easier when you can print it. You should NEVER copy-paste an Ardor passphrase and send it anywhere in plain text from your Android phone.  

But you decide.

Tap the 'I DON'T HAVE AN ACCOUNT' button in the SIGBRO app.

Tapping 'CREATE ACCOUNT' will generate your private passphrase for you:

Make sure to write it down, EXACTLY as it is shown. You will need it already in the next step.

This is the decentralized blockchain, not some Facebook app, where the company behind stores all information for/about you. If you lose the passphrase, nobody can send you a copy. You will lose your access to the account forever.

Please understand that your Ardor account's passphrase is all that is needed to get full access to your account, and anything in it, and that the creators of the SIGBRO app cannot see, cannot access, and cannot keep a backup of your passphrase for you. The SIGBRO team cannot be held responsible if you lose your secret passphrase.

So DID you do what you were supposed to do? Good, hit VERIFY.

If you didn’t back up the passphrase, you will get no further with this app. There are back buttons of course.

Enter the word that the app suggests, and remember: lower case. An Ardor account passphrase is EXACTLY what you were shown. Now, we have done everything we can to help you protect you against yourself 😉 

When you have entered the correct word and hit 'VERIFY': Congratulations! 

How to fund a new Ardor account (free), get email alerts, and use SIGBRO

You are almost done setting up the SIGBRO app, only a few things left:

On the last setup screen you are given the following choices:

1. You can sign up for receiving updates and transaction alerts:

It's an attempt to make your life easier. If you enter an email address, you will receive ONE guide on how to use the app. And then an email every time your Ardor account has an incoming/outgoing transaction. It can be payments, forging rewards, messages you get on the blockchain, dividends you receive, new incoming orders if you run a shop on the Marketplace, etc. Finally, Nxter.org will keep you updated with news about SIGBRO, relevant airdrops, bonuses, and the Ardor blockchain platform. You can opt-out at any time if you don't find the emails relevant.

2. FAUCET: New accounts can get funded (service sponsored by Jelurida):

By ticking this, a smart contract will announce your new Ardor account to the blockchain network (which adds security to it and makes it appear in blockchain explorers), and pay the ARDR fee it costs. You will also get a few IGNIS tokens so you can start using the Ardor platform. The faucet is only for NEW accounts.

Notice that only 1 account per device gets funded. So, if you create an account for testing purposes only, save the faucet for your real account. You can opt-in later - but you can’t opt-in twice. So, if you plan to take SIGBRO for a test ride, I recommend you to switch the app to testnet (in the Settings menu inside the app) and use the testnet faucet on ardor.world instead (testARDR faucet, testIGNIS faucet).

3. Finally - agree to the Terms and Conditions. 


Now you can start to USE SIGBRO.

SIGBRO keeps the private key to your Ardor blockchain account safely encrypted.

SIGBRO does not collect private information. We register which Ardor accounts use SIGBRO. We do not collect your phone number, IMEI (your device’s unique serial number), email address, or any other information that can be used to identify you, and we CAN not connect your account to your ID via the mobile device you use.

When you use the SIGBRO app to log in to an online UI, your IP address is sent to their server - if it’s the SIGBRO wallet, an online SIGBRO Ardor node, or another Nxter.org service then your IP is sent to Nxter.org’s servers. If you log in to a website hosted by XYZ, then the XYZ server will get your IP address. You can always hide your IP by using a VPN.

Public blockchains (like Ardor's) are pseudonymous by design. If you link your Ardor account to your identity, all transactions from that account will be linked to your identity. It is up to you to decide whether that's a good or a bad thing for you. The SIGBRO Team (or me personally, at least) promotes and supports the idea of using Ardor accounts as Digital ID with all the benefits that will bring, but we don't make decisions for people - only software.

The SIGBRO app lets you import or create Ardor accounts, and use them to log in to wallets, clients, and services, register with membership sites, and prove ownership of your account (authenticate) without ever entering your account's passphrase. Kind of like you can log in with Twitter, Facebook, and Google accounts, but with Ardor you have tokens in your account too, and advanced blockchain features, a full economical framework on blockchain, and complete control over your funds and actions.

With the SIGBRO app you can sign transactions. You can set them up on any SIGBRO-compatible local client or online service, the SIGBRO app always lets you review the transaction details before you sign. You can make payments, trade on the blockchain, sign documents, or upload and timestamp files in the blockchain.

What you do on the blockchain is registered on the blockchain and forever trackable to the account you use. What you do is YOUR responsibility. SIGBRO only provides one of more ways for you to use your Ardor account and sign transactions that you, yourself, set up, check, and confirm - nobody but YOU can see or control your account or any transaction you make from your account, before you send it. The SIGBRO team is not responsible and can not be held responsible for any transaction you make on the Ardor blockchain or any of its child chains.

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