New Ardor series on YouTube

Today, Jelurida’s Youtube channel got itself a new URL. Why should you care?

The Ardor Updates and Lightweight Contract videos were the first to be uploaded to this channel, and if you have been hyperlinking to any videos on this channel lately – note the links in your posts might stop working and need to be updated. So writes CyptoDemetrius, host of both shows and so, indisputably the biggest and unparallelled contributor to the new ArdorPlatform channel.

CryptoDemetrius started off as an independent crypto YouTuber, researching blockchain technologies and sharing what he learned. After his premiere on the youtube.com/c/ardorplatform channel (yes, that’s the new URL!), I reached out to him and asked him about his vision for the Ardor and NXT shows.

Read his story in our conversation below the first episode of ‘Ardor Updates’…


Congrats with the premiere!




Awesome start! So, what is to expect from the series in the future?

Same format? Same sofa? Weekly or more sporadic updates?


It’s exciting to see the enthusiastic response to the first episode of Ardor Updates. It has taken a lot of work behind the scenes to figure out a format for the program to feel fresh – particularly since there are already so many incredible community members providing regular updates at NXTER, Ardor.World, ANG, and several others.

The idea with “Ardor Updates” is to release a 5-minute video at the end of each month with two segments: one providing rapid fire updates on noteworthy achievements, and a second segment focusing on an alternating “main topic.” I will also do my best to get comments from the team at Jelurida on progress each month.

This format should allow newcomers and more casual blockchain enthusiasts to get a sense of what’s happening and what features make the Ardor platform so special. The description of each of these videos will always be a valuable place for viewers to find resources to continue their learning.

“You can’t get to the use case and business discussions if no one knows the key benefits of your platform, or where to go to understand how to use or build using your product.”

Over time, I’m interested in finding ways to get the community and other team members at Jelurida more involved with the format of the show. Moving forward, “Ardor Updates” could also expand to include special editions of the series whenever there are particularly newsworthy announcements or events.


Interesting. But you also host another series, ‘Blockchain Ardor’, that you actually started off on your own channel. Is there a future for this series as well, or will the more “educational” content be for others to create?


Since July, the Ardor youtube channel release schedule has been focused primarily on the technically-focused “Blockchain Ardor” series. As a complementary resource, the first 9 parts of a written version of the Blockchain Ardor video series will be launching on the Ardor Medium publication soon. Around the same time, the new Ardor wiki with extensive API and developer documentation should launch. Furthermore, I hope to see the Ardor Blockchain Bootcamp remain free on Udemy.

This collection of developer resources lays the foundation for myself and everyone else in this community to shift gears and begin having more articulate discussions around use cases and business implications. It also means more time to begin implementing a marketing strategy that goes beyond simply explaining how this thing works. “Ardor Updates” will serve an important purpose as the key tool for communicating progress and interesting discussions around each of those initiatives.


You have been hanging around in the Nxt and Ardor community since the beginning of this year – you created some great introductory videos, you interacted and learned, and you also put your finger on a variety of issues we have, like the lack of easy-to-understand information, marketing, and documentation for developers.

For the readers who don’t know you at all, could you please share some insight into your background, skillset, and motivation for doing all this? How long have you been into crypto, what is your main interest in blockchain and why Nxt and the Ardor platform?

“We need to lay the foundation for businesses to feel confident building their house on top of this blockchain infrastructure because that’s essentially what Ardor is.”


I come from a different background from many people in crypto – while I had an initial run-in with Bitcoin back in 2010, I didn’t truly begin educating myself more deeply on the potential (and pitfalls) until January 2017. At the time, I was working at an environmental nonprofit as a grant manager focused on financial capacity building.

I started looking back into Bitcoin during a work trip to Cambodia – it started with an article about using “excess energy” at dams to power massive mining facilities. I read more about the energy demands of Bitcoin and the mining cartels dominating the Bitcoin network. Then, I read more about the underlying technology.

I quickly got excited as I began to recognize the potential value adds this technology could have for things like sustainable rice supply chain tracking, fair timber trade certifications, carbon credit exchanges, local cooperative financial structures, and more. That said, I couldn’t reconcile the resource drain of a network operating on Proof of Work.

“It was a big deal to me that there was this community that was open to critiques in the face of having actually delivered a groundbreaking product.”

After a few more months of research, I started passively hanging around this community in October or November of 2017 when I did my first review of Ardor and NXT on the CryptoDemetrius youtube channel. Around that time, I had been releasing 3-4 reviews of different cryptocurrencies each week. While many YouTubers were bounty hunting and shilling coins, I was using my channel as a space to look at the pros and the cons of each project. For obvious reasons, many projects disliked the fact I poked holes in their claims.

To my surprise, when I released a follow-up review of the Ardor mainnet launch in January 2018 – this community was receptive to the criticisms. I was already tired of reviewing whitepaper after whitepaper and pointing out the shortcomings, so it was a big deal to me that there was this community that was open to critiques in the face of having actually delivered a groundbreaking product.

After a few more days of research and engagement with the community through the Slack, I decided to commit myself to doing a series of videos and written pieces to try to help shed some attention on the Ardor platform. As I mentioned earlier, the potential use cases for blockchain technology are plentiful. That said, a major part of the problem in cryptoland is around educating people on what each platform can (and can’t) do. You can’t get to the use case and business discussions if no one knows the key benefits of your platform, or where to go to understand how to use or build using your product. And let’s be clear – most businesses still think blockchain is a technology with no use case. If you give them a reason to doubt you, they will.

We need to lay the foundation for businesses to feel confident building their house on top of this blockchain infrastructure because that’s essentially what Ardor is. If someone hears about Ardor and its features at a conference or in an online forum, we need to be certain there is a prescribed path with guideposts and checkpoints along the way to ensure a secure journey into this new land of blockchain technology. If we want businesses or developers to use our technology, we can’t allow them to get lost on their first day.

In the past two months, there has been a massive amount of progress in developing technical resources and guides – the fruits of that labor will be on display for the community in the next several days. As each of these keystones is set in place, the time is finally arriving to shift gears and begin more public engagement around the benefits of building on this platform.

To subscribe to the channel, you know what to do, and we, at NXTER, look forward to more episodes of both the ‘Ardor Updates’ and the ‘Blockchain Ardor’ series. There is plenty to look into, plenty to analyze and pass on. Our ecosystem is seeing rapid growth alongside the upgrades that Jelurida is pushing to the Nxt users and the Ardor platform. And Demetrius can think that our community is unique because we’re listening, but also, personally speaking, I’d say that it’s rare these days to see an outsider come in, who actually cares about understanding the benefits of the tech, the vision, and the future of blockchain.

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TOKOK Exchange Platform supports IGNIS

In the process of updating Nxter.org to reflect the latest state of our ecosystem, I have been updating myself on exchanges that have IGNIS listed – not all of them are represented on CMC.

One new exchange on the block is TOKOK, launched just months ago, July 2018. NXT and ARDR are supported (due to a community vote), and now it also got IGNIS implemented. Appreciated, of course, not least because IGNIS buyers and traders currently have limited options for choosing exchange, and a wise decision from TOKOK’s side, possibly, for the same reason.

What is TOKOK?

Let’s take a look at the information available. TOKOK is Chinese based, located in the British Virgin Islands, affiliated to Kindly Keep Network Technology Limited (Registration No. 1967379 ). No fiat deposits, so if you want to trade on TOKOK, you need to own cryptocurrency already. It has ETH, BTC and USDT markets. NXT, IGNIS and ARDR trade against ETH.

It’s AML-compliant, so you have to identify yourself before using their services. Picture, social security number, all that… let’s not go into that discussion here, nothing THEY can do about THAT. Upload your full identity to a private company’s central server you must, not. their. fault.

TOKOK wants to focus on projects with a good technical background and future application scenarios in the blockchain field. They are here to contribute, they say, to make a social contribution to the industry by growing a consensus community, and by adding to the development of blockchain technology themselves. TOKOK releases development reports in English on Medium and their website, so everyone can follow the ongoing development of the platform, new listings, and promotional programs. They actually communicate well in English.


Safety first. To protect its trading platform and customers against bad things, TOKOK has partnered with John Wick Security (JWC), a Beijing based security service solution for Blockchain. It’s founded by core members of the security team from Baidu (one of the largest AI and internet companies in the world), 360 Enterprise Security Group, which – according to their website – has provided “security capabilities for companies such as Microsoft, Google, 360, Facebook” with JWC being on a mission to provide comprehensive and in-depth security solutions for blockchain companies and ecosystems.

Not bad, cryptocurrency exchanges should, after all, ALWAYS be safeguarded professionally – unfortunately, unbelievably, and as proven by too many exchange hacks, it just isn’t so! Centralised exchanges are by far the greatest danger to people’s blockchain tokens, so good to know that TOKOK is alert and takes their security measures. TOKOK also keeps a so-called “Risk Reserve” of frozen funds, for further customer protection, and promise that if any user’s assets on their platform “suffer abnormal losses, such as system failure loss, hacker attack loss, etc., [TOKOK] will make corresponding compensation for them after investigation, evidence collection and elimination of the user’s personal reasons”.

Fees for trading

The transaction fee is 0.1% of purchased assets. If you hold their token, TOK, you can use the equivalent value in TOK to deduct the fee. When using TOK, the transaction fee is reduced by 50%, to 0.05%.

No fee for Withdrawal

Withdrawing is free, except for the necessary transaction fee to blockchain forgers/miners.

Interest for hodling?

On September 7, 2018, TOKOK announced a “Deposit With Interest Program”.

What they want is to hold your coins in cold storage and pay you 0.005% in daily interest. The platform scans all coin balances daily at 0:00 (UTC+8) and generates the interest between 0:00-1:00. Users must actively claim their interest (daily) before it expires after 23:59 (UTC+8) or it will not be accumulated.

The money to pay for the Interest Program comes from the 6% of TOK total supply that has been set aside by the team for promotion. As interest is paid in the corresponding currency, TOK is used to buy up these currencies from the market. I asked my contact, June Chen, about this and got this information but no further details, as this is handled by another part of the team. The idea is clear though – “promotion” isn’t just buying ads, sponsored articles and going to blockchain events, but also creating benefits for users, rewarding and building community. Give and thou shall get more in return.

What is the TOK token?

You should know Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange. And if you do, you probably also know about Binancecoin, BNB. It’s their ICO token and gold calve, giving traders a 50% discount on fees when they pay fees with BNB or trade other cryptocurrencies against it. Oh, and it just so happened to become a Top20 coin by marketcap within less than a year after its ICO in July 2017. Early investors saw a high return, and as a loyalty/utility token, it must be considered as nothing short of a success. And like any success (take NXT, as an example), others will want to follow in its footsteps.

TOK does smell like BNB. You can choose to pay fees on the TOKOK exchange with TOK, and you’ll get a 50% discount on the trading fees. 1 billion TOK were issued. Some gets burned (destroyed) weekly. No more will ever be created. TOK currently can be traded on the exchange against ETH, BTC, and USDT.

Tongue in cheek, let’s take a look at what else is offered TOK holders:

TOK fees:

70% of the TOK that are paid as trading fees are re-distributed equally as a dividend to each TOK on the platform. Holding is like mining, we get it. The remaining 30% is burned weekly (destroyed) and because no new TOK tokens will ever be issued, this is supposed to push up the value of the remaining TOK (and be reflected in its price), as the amount of TOK tokens decrease with every burn.

The non-TOK fees:

Then we have the non-TOK transaction fees. 80% of the non-TOK transaction fees is used to repurchase TOK, which is also distributed to users (TOK holders). The more TOK you hold, and the more trading orders you execute – the more TOK rewards you get. Hold TOK, spend TOK – get TOK.

Other rewards…

25% of the profit earned by the platform (which is of course not just fees) will be equally distributed to each TOK on the platform in the form of BTC, ETH or other currencies. When TOKOK cooperates with crypto teams about their coins, some of the tokens obtained from project cooperation will also be equally distributed as a reward to each TOK. TOK holders have other exclusive privileges, in proportion to their holding percentage – these are announced on the TOKOK blog and include lucky draws (for example, TOKOK recently gave away 100 iPhone X). 

TPS Rewards Points

Finally, TOKOK has TPS points.

These cannot be withdrawn or traded, but are awarded to users that participate in certain activities on the exchange. I couldn’t find much information about this and reached out to June again. He got back to me almost instantly: “A fairly large number of our users hold TPS and we are considering to prepare a gift exchange but for now the platform development shall prevail”.

If you want to buy or trade IGNIS, NXT or ARDR on the TOKOK platform, you can SIGN UP HERE. That’s an affiliate link. By using it, you will be supporting Nxter’s work. Remember – the blockchain wasn’t invented for you to keep your funds in 3rd party wallets – your tokens are safest in a blockchain wallet you control, and our security advice is always to keep them there, use them there, trade on the platform. But when you want to buy tokens with BTC, ETH or trade against them, you can’t do that on Nxt or the Ardor platform (yet), and also, daytraders do prefer the speed of centralized exchanges. The further incentives pushed forward by TOKOK in the form of interest, TOK fee discounts and dividends will likely help them to establish the liquidity and community they need to grow from here. We’ll follow them, as an interesting token use case to watch and not least, a place to buy and trade IGNIS, NXT and ARDR.


NXT and ARDR trades on Chinese TOKOK Exchange

NXT and ARDR can now be traded on TOKOK.com, a new and upcoming Chinese based exchange located in the British Virgin Islands. NXT and ARDR were voted to be listed as 2 of their first 10 trading pairs in the first coin listing vote in their community on WeChat. NXT was listed last week, and ARDR today.

Both trades against ETH.


Deposit & Withdrawal: 10:00 on Aug 24, 2018 (UTC+8);

Exchange: 14:00 on Aug 24, 2018 (UTC+8).


Deposit & Withdrawal: 11:00 on Aug 17, 2018 (UTC+8);

Exchange: 15:00 on Aug 17, 2018 (UTC+8).


Pending… !

The TOKOK team writes:

TOKOK is a professional cryptocurrency exchange platform affiliated to Kindly Keep Network Technology Limited (Registration No. 1967379 ).

Since its inception, it has registered steady and healthy progress with 14 trading pairs available now and more to come in the future, and we are happy to announce that ARDR is listed on the exchange.

NXT/ETH has been opened trading last week. And Ignis is expected to be listed in the near future.

Nxter first mentioned TOKOK in our June (II) newsletter. Results of the TOKOK poll can be found here. According to their official blog, 2 million had subscribed to their email list from 500K IP addresses by May 8th (to get news but of course also to lay hands on the airdrop of TOK to new subscribers).

Fees for trading

The transaction fee for all transactions is 0.1% of your purchased assets. If you hold their token, TOK, you can use the equivalent TOK to deduct the fee. When using TOK, the transaction fee is reduced by 50%, to 0.05%.

Fee for Withdrawal

Free, except for the necessary transaction fee to blockchain forgers/miners.


Twitter: http://twitter.com/TOKOKcom

Telegrame: https://t.me/TOKOKcom

Reddit: https://old.reddit.com/r/tokok/

Medium: https://medium.com/@tokok

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tokok.exchange/