Oh boy. Merry IGNIS Xmas!

Nxter Puzzlers!

UPDATE 22/12: 500 IGNIS can now be collected from the IGNIS account. 

We wish you a Merry Christmas. But the essence is this:

We’ve been flying around with Santa over 15 countries, collecting words in 15 languages. All words must be written in lower case and as 1 word (for example: “Merry Christmas”  becomes “merrychristmas”). The 15 words must be separated with a single space. Log in to the Ardor Client with the correct words, and you will open account ID ARDOR-88WY-PZ4M-B3SX-4ZHDN. You are free to transfer its funds to yourself. The passphrase consists of 15 Christmas-related words. Enjoy! 🙂

This beautiful video was created by madfox1234. The IGNIS prize was sponsored by the ANG. And you saw it on Nxter.org.

A Week With Mrv777

We are happy to announce this week's NxterPuzzle prize keyholder: mrv777!

Insightful, helpful. And with a squirrel as his trademark. Here's a community man on a mission.

You'll find him in ardornxt.slack, #developers, #marketing, #general, #helpdesk, pushing ideas, asking for ideas, helping others, proposing optimizations, or announcing another new update of his Ardor Lite app for Android, Windows, browsers. He's on Discord, on Twitter, and in front of the screen programming open source apps and services, what he finds the community needs. Like... this blockchain explorer!

But who is this mrv777?

Follow his Twitter account and learn more about him and his great projects, as he feeds you with tweets and words from the passphrase to this week's Nxter Puzzle prize account. As always - collect them all, log in to the prize account, and the IGNIS in it will be yours if you're first to transfer them out.

The puzzle prize is kindly sponsored by the Ardor & Nxt Group. Thanks! Puzzle idea and Puzzle Master is @madfox1234.

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A Week With Triffic

Lost your way? Stranded? Broke and unhappy?

We are happy to announce this week's NxterPuzzle guest: James Malach!

As the founder and CEO of the first company that will reward you with cryptocurrency for wandering clueless and lost around with a GPS app open, James should be able to run this week's giveaway. It will be raining words from his Twitter account throughout this week of December. Collect them to get access to 100 IGNIS in an account - and a bonus puzzle!

James should be acquainted with words like

Last week he kicked off the Early Bird sale of GPS tokens, the token that will power the Triffic app. There's a 20% token discount until December 17th. Yawn. Everybody wants to give you a useless loyalty token these days and make you feel like you had a discount, right? Hm. Actually, Triffic does have a business plan and a token with a global use case. James has been working in the Blockchain Industry since 2012, and first presented himself to the Nxt Community in 2016 with the project called Scavenger World. Yup, the same one that has been developed and rebranded into Triffic. Good ideas die hard.

What's in it for the Triffic user?

Run the Triffic GPS app and a geolocation-based ‘Proof of Effort’ smart contract will pay you GPS Tokens simply for walking, driving, in fact, just doing what you usually do. Well, you must unlock the GPS tokens you want to earn by watching a sponsored 15-30 seconds video first. But THEN! You get 30 minutes to earn free tokens, and the app takes into account distance, speed, terrain, traffic congestion - maybe you'll want to bike ..or run?.. to your location and grab some extra tokens. Go!

As you walk by the local marketplace, the app might alert you that some of the local merchants have dropped augmented reality pools of GPS tokens very close to your current location. See if there's a "beacon" right there in front of you! Follow a business on social media and get some GPS, buy a shawarma from another and get some more. Merchants will be able to set up loyalty programs too, so the app can tell you where to buy those 5 doughnuts to get one for free. Do you like Nxter Puzzles? Get up on your feet! According to the Triffic whitepaper, we can set up a campaign in YOUR city, with the Triffic app, and if you wander the streets, collect all our clues, and solve our puzzle first, you can collect our grand prize. Sounds familiar, right? But hey - there could be other treasures out there too!

Why? What's in it for the merchants, the brands, - and the token hodlers?

Merchants first. Local targeting drives more business, and yeah, sorry to say, but customers engage more when they know that the "loyalty points" or "free rewards" they get, can be used for more than just getting rebates on stuff they don't want to buy anyway. That's how loyal we are. A business or brand can set up a marketing or loyalty program in minutes with Triffic's app and GPS tokens. The setup cost is low.

And GPS hodlers? Well, you can spend your free GPS tokens to have fun - create a campaign, scare bounty hunters at Halloween, use your tokens as a medium of exchange in your local hood or throw them at somebody. That - or HODL. Triffic pledges to use 50% of the app's video ad revenue to buy back GPS tokens on the market once a month. 15% of those tokens will be burned (poof - destroyed!), 35% will be redistributed to all existing GPS token holders proportional to their holdings. Bonus: It's crypto! Holders can cash out their tokens at any time by selling them on an exchange, for example for AEUR.

James Malach has all the words in this week's NxterPuzzle passphrase in his bag. Follow his Twitter feed, pick up the words, and... the first puzzler to log in to the account can claim the reward. Prize account is ARDOR-76PT-QZX8-7M82-AYNZX. 100 IGNIS is in it. But wait! THERE'S A BONUS ACCOUNT TOO! Madfox The PuzzleMaster asked me to give you this.

A zipped file. Password-protected. 300 IGNIS in that account.

The puzzle prize is - again - kindly sponsored by the Ardor & Nxt Group. Thanks! And remember - take what's free. DYOR.

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A Week With Sergei

ALMOST everything started on Bitcointalk, in 2013.

"Well, I learned about Nxt for the first time back in 2014. I was amazed at the functionality and ease of the interface.  I even tried to launch the Fastnxt Currency Exchange, [but] I had to close due to low volumes".

We are happy to introduce this week's awesome Nxter: Sergei, NxterPuzzle keyholder of the week.

Prize account is ARDOR-HUPP-RL9H-RYVU-FKB8D. 100 IGNIS is in it. And... look at this!

For a period, Sergei lost interest in Nxt and the whole crypto sphere. Then, as information sources all over exploded with the news of crazy price rises, volumes and cryptocurrency growth in 2017, he remembered. He remembered that he used to like this thing, Nxt.

I started watching what online services were still alive. And I found that the services that I loved so no longer worked. And the projects that were popular in 2014 were closed. I decided, that I myself would recreate what I needed. I wrote to abctc, he supported my ideas and I began to work.

I decided to take everything into my own hands. I was also upset that such a product has so few supporters. I decided that in small steps, you can slightly improve the situation.

During the beginning of ardor.world, people from the Russian telegram community helped me a lot. In essence, the project has grown before their eyes.

Indeed it has. And before the eyes of all of us. Soon Sergei revived NxtReporting, the service that original Nxters used daily to keep track of their Nxt asset portfolio's performance. Next: he ported it to Ignis. He wrote a NXT and ARDR price bot for Telegram. He launched test-coin faucets for NXT, IGNIS and ARDR - still the only ones available (!), added various nice explorer features, a news feed page + a Russian translation of our “Ardor vs.” series, which compares Ardor’s child chain architecture to other known blockchain platforms. Sergei... - we, and the devs, and the global community, we thank you!

THIS WEEK, word by word, Sergei Chumak will announce the passphrase to a NxterPuzzle prize account. Follow his Twitter feed, pick up the words, and suddenly... they will open an account. The fastest to log in to it will be able to claim the reward. Most likely, you will learn a lot more about his useful services at ardor.world along your way. Enjoy his company..!

The puzzle prize is sponsored by the ANG.

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Oh, look what I just found in the drawer. Nice print, innit?

A Week With Elizabeth

It's with great pleasure that we invite you on another journey.

This week we invite you to follow a great veteran from our community. An always inclusive and hearty, inventive professional no-troll-accepting designer and businesswoman. One that understands the true power of giving, an important leg of the long gone Nxt Starfish, co-founder of the Nxt Foundation, now head of the ARDOR & NXT GROUP. QBTC, The Cryptowoman, Elizabeth Mong, once lost but also returned (to the foreground), strengthened, and with even greater warmth, knowledge - and nice Ardor stickers too. 🙂

Madfox (as Sazan and you all rocked the Nov II puzzle), wrote:

This is the beginning of a great series. Next week (Nov III) I'll make A Week With Elizabeth. We will highlight them all!!

To solve the puzzle - you should wait for the puzzle!
What are the clues - encrypted message in the prize account will tell

The prize account: ARDOR-SGZ8-EC8Y-TWZC-5VL4T. 100 IGNIS in it. [UPDATE: 300 IGNIS now!] Bit by bit Elizabeth announces the passphrase. Puzzlers follow her feed, pick out words, and will in the meantime stay updated about the greatness of blockchain.

But... Alice and Bob know: that's not even a puzzle. Therefore, this week:
The first person to pick up the full passphrase and access the prize account first will be able to claim IGNIS, BUT. Anyone that picks up the passphrase and accesses the prize account will get to know how to solve...

...which might lead to a bonus prize. Good luck.

The puzzle prizes are sponsored by the ANG.

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A Week With Sazan


If you don't know Sazan, check $NXT $ARDR on Twitter.

A dedicated Nxter since 2013, running several nodes, and just as trigger-happy but fair in his harsh comments to Jelurida on Slack as he is on Twitter whenever an article about PoS without Nxt being mentioned comes across his screen. Sazan is lightning, when it comes to tweeting news, finding new press clips and mentions of Nxt, Ignis, Ardor, clones and child chains. A true blockchain supporter, a Maker, powered by Nxt and Ardor love and solar energy - this week's Nxter Puzzle could not be dedicated to anyone but the unparallelled Mr. Sazan Avdiu.


I have a passphrase, it consists of 14 words. Sazan puts 2 words per day randomly in his tweets with the hashtag #NxterPuzzleWord [number] — [word]. Example: #NxterPuzzleWord 1 — generation.

Prize account ID is ARDOR-XWUV-PET6-CT3V-HXNP7. 100 IGNIS to win at the moment, thanks to ANG (ardornxt.io).



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Karl Theodor Wilhelm Weierstrass was born on 31 October 1815. A German mathematician often cited as the 'father of modern analysis'. The lunar crater Weierstrass and the asteroid 14100 Weierstrass are named after him. Also, there is the Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics in Berlin.

About this week's brain workout, Mr. Madfox writes:

The task is to choose the right equations and make a passphrase from them.
Order - left to right.

200 IGNIS are in the Nxter Puzzle prize account and its passphrase is right there. Good luck.

The prize is kindly sponsored by the Ardor & Nxt Group, puzzle creator is Madfox.

All Nxter Puzzles are listed on nxter.org/puzzles - and there are still more IGNIS to be claimed.

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Study Blocks

Every week a puzzle is released for your pleasure. Inside the puzzles lie an IGNIS reward, that the first person to solve the puzzle can lay hands on. Study Thou Must, to find the hidden passphrase, then withdraw the IGNIS in the account it opens.

To solve this NxterPuzzle, you must study the Ardor platform using blocks 377262 through 377281. Key blocks are 337266 and 377275. Block 377278 could also help. Find a message hidden inside the below table and check if this message is a passphrase. There is 500 IGNIS in the NxterPuzzle prize account.

This puzzle was created by madfox, and the prize kindly sponsored by ANG.

Originally posted in Nxter News, Sep. IV. All Nxter Puzzles are listed on nxter.org/puzzles.

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The Spider Web


In the spirit of undead kids begging for candy, zombies, rattling bones, pumpkins, and the resurrection of IGNIS, the theme of this week's Nxter Puzzle is ... All Hallows' Eve!

Madfox wrote:

This font with small webs inside is looking nice.
Hidden long phrase is there)

Go get scared:

The Nxter Puzzle prize is kindly sponsored by the Ardor / Nxt Group.

You'll find 200 IGNIS in the prize account this week. The Account ID is ARDOR-2GRF-FH6B-9EH4-9M3FU. Best wishes.

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The Mystery Of Orion

Update: The Prize is now 500 IGNIS. 

This week, Mr. Madfox takes you on a stargazing trip. 88 constellations - 42 animals, 29 inanimate objects, 27 humans/mythological characters. The constellation of Orion, named after a hunter in Greek mythology, has been recognized in numerous cultures around the world, and this week Orion is the main antagonist in the NxterPuzzle for you puzzlers to unfold. 100 IGNIS in an account, its passphrase is hidden in the text below. By the time the shimmering light from the stars above reaches us through the night sky, they might no longer exist. So take a look at the past. Good luck.

All Nxter Puzzles are listed on nxter.org/puzzles - and there are still more IGNIS to be claimed.


Rawr XD Means Suppertime


Any crypto geek knows about evolution. It all started with Bitcoin.

Or did it?

This week's Nxter Puzzle is a simple crossword, there's 100 IGNIS in the prize account, which you can transfer out if you solve it first. We all have a dinosaur within us just trying to get out. Name your dino peers, don't rawr the solution before you have grabbed the IGNIS in the account - the passphrase is the dino names, written in lower case, divided by a single space, ordered by the numbers given in the crossword below. Attack!


Mr. Madfox is - as always - the creator of this roarsome puzzle. The prize was donated by the ANG. Thank you!

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Ardor Rocks!

UPDATE: 3000 IGNIS is now in the prize account!

Ardor.rocks' minivan was packed with famous guitars, but suddenly the door opened and all the guitars fell out! You know how it goes - they are now spread throughout the festival square. Festival bangers and hippies grabbed the guitars - you must find all the guitars and guess the names of their owners! There are 30 well-known instruments. Their owners' names, written in lower case (alphabetical order, divided by spaces) will form the passphrase to account ARDOR-MJES-YL5S-72LT-74UFZ. The first to get access can transfer the IGNIS out.

Click the image to download it in high resolution (about 30 MB!)

Artist's credits: https://www.behance.net/Adamada

Idea and 30 guitars added by @madfox. The 100 IGNIS in the prize account is kindly sponsored by ANG.

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Summer Quest

Summer Quest is part of the Nxter Puzzles series, created by madfox, sponsored by the ANG.


The Summer Quest is over (for now)!


The Summer Quest will take you on an adventure as you walk across parts of the world to find very specific numbers and words. The words of each stage of the quest will give you access to an Ignis account with an encrypted message. Find all the words and reap the final reward: 1000 IGNIS.

madfox wrote:

Prepare yourself for travels!

Use Google Maps to explore some of the cities that are important to members of the Ardor/Nxt project, as we invite you on a unique tour; walk the streets and uncover hidden words on this hunt for 1000 IGNIS. You must solve all parts of all stages of the quest to win.

In the Nxter Newsly (July V), Stage I + Stage II are presented. Their 12 words in total will together form a passphrase that gives you access to a Nxt/Ardor blockchain account. The passphrase unlocks an encrypted message in this account to let you know that your solution is correct. Check the message, keep a backup of the passphrase and wait for the next stage.

New stages (and bonus puzzles) will be announced every week in the Nxter Newsletter.

After Stage 5 one word remains to complete the passphrase. It will unlock the Prize Account with 1000 Ignis, sponsored by the awesome ANG! The final word will be announced during the Hackathon / Gamejam, August 24-26th in Austria, so stay tuned.

Unannounced bonuses in the form of Nxt or Ardor based coins and tokens might be sent to the Summer Quest accounts along the way. Nxters with the Summer Quest account passphrases at hand can transfer them to their own accounts. First come first served.

Good luck as you unravel your wanderlust.


STAGE 1 /July V

The first area to search is Hadera, Israel, where Lior Yaffe (co-founder, managing director @Jelurida) lives.

Search this area (using Google maps) to uncover the hidden words in the picture below.


Click the image to enlarge it

STAGE 2 /July V

The second area is Lancaster, PA, home of Elizabeth Mong, Director of the Ardor and Nxt Group (ANG).


In 2009, the LCSC’s expansion from a 70 to a 165-camera network attracted national attention, including a front-page article in the Los Angeles Times: “Lancaster, Pa., keeps a close eye on itself”. The article quoted city police chief Keith Sadler as saying, “Years ago, there’s no way we could do this... It brings to mind Big Brother, George Orwell and 1984. It’s just funny how Americans have softened on these issues.”

This is especially funny if you know the history of Nxt > Ardor. Short version.

Walk through and search this area (using Google maps) to uncover the hidden words in the picture below.


Click the image to enlarge it

STAGE 3 /August I

The third area is Lugano, home of Jelurida's main office.

Search this area (using Google maps) to uncover the hidden words in the picture below.

When you have unlocked the Stage III account, there's a bonus puzzle for you to solve HERE.


Click the image to enlarge it

STAGE 4 /August II

The fourth area in our Summer Quest is Rotterdam, The Netherlands, where Dominium, one of the new upcoming Ardor child chains, is located.

Search this area (using Google maps) to uncover the hidden words in the picture below.

Click the image to enlarge it


When you have unlocked the Stage IV account, there's a bonus puzzle for you to solve. Combine the words from the Stage IV and the August II bonus puzzle below, then wait for the final word to be announced on Dominium's official Twitter account to get access to the bonus account - you will find a redeemable singleton asset there, which represents 1000 DOM tokens.  Read more...

Countdown to the announcement of the SECRET WORD from Dominium


STAGE 5 /August III

The final area to explore on this journey, dear wanderer, is in the city of Krems, Austria.

Walk through and search the area (using Google maps) to uncover the hidden words in the picture below.

Then wait for the final word to be announced. This will be the last word in the passphrase that opens the account with 1000 IGNIS sponsored by the ANG. The word will be announced during the hackathon in Krems by this account on Twitter.

Click the image to enlarge it

Take it away.

All letters are lowercase, divided by spaces - exactly like the passphrase for your Ardor account.
The formula of the final passphrase is: (Stage I + Stage II) + Stage III + Stage IV + Stage V + FINAL WORD.

It's worth watching the Summer Quest accounts as bonus tokens are occasionally sent to them along the way.
Nxter Alerts will notify you by email of any in or outgoing transactions from any Nxt or Ardor/child chain account you subscribe to.