Triffic Update: Beacons, translations, and a startup battle

Hey guys, a few Triffic updates for you all.

  • Check out the video – which is an example of the new augmented reality capabilities of Triffic – pay close attention to the dynamic lighting! 😉
  • https://gpstokens.com is now available in Korean and Russian and at some point tomorrow, it will be available in Chinese too.
  • Triffic is proud to announce that we’ve been selected to compete against 20 other startups at the Unilever Startup Battle, which is being held at Innovfest Unbound, at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore on 27/28 June

Posted by James Malach, Triffic CEO, on https://t.me/ardorplatform, 16.06.19 11:27.

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