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OK, let’s look at the first example use cases for SIGBRO.

Log in to NXTER.org

We developed a WordPress plugin for SIGBRO.

Anyone can install it on their WordPress site. It’s already live on Nxter.org.

We have killed all Captcha and Akismet protection on Nxter.org and activated the SIGBRO login and auth option instead. Spam bots don’t like that. Click the “SIGBRO Auth” button if you log in via your mobile browser, or scan a QR code from your computer screen with the SIGBRO app, and that’s it. You don’t have to enter anything into the website.

By default your username is your Ardor account ID, but you can easily change that to a more memorable one. Your user name is what is shown to readers when you make comments or you publish OPINIONS or news and articles in Nxter Magazine (WordPress). Registering an email address is optional too. We’ll take your email address if you want us to – but all you really need to have is an Ardor account.

Try logging in to Nxter.org HERE

Download, install, review open source code, or contribute to the WordPress Auth plugin here.

Enter and use online wallets

Our online SIGBRO Wallet example is very basic.

It serves as a Proof of Concept and shows how SIGBRO automatically sends your account address to a web application and logs you in with your ArdorID. Now you can check account details, and you can make a simple transaction: Send tokens. When you have selected your action, a QR code is generated for you which you can scan with the SIGBRO app. 

CHECK THE TRANSACTION DETAILS in the app. Correct? Then sign and send.

Needless to say, this PoC wallet/web UI setup will work with any Ardor transaction type that a wallet developer chooses to implement into the wallet. Or another wallet. Or UI.  

Login from mobile browser
Login by scanning a QR code

Try the thing here: https://wallet.nxter.org

Documentation on how you can set up SIGBRO Auth for your own applications is coming.

Send any Ardor Client transaction with SIGBRO

The official Ardor Client, Jelurida’s reference client, the mothership:

For those who want to run a SIGBRO-enabled version of the Ardor NRS we give you the SIGBRO NRS plugin, which is free to download and use – locally or with public nodes.

No more copy-pasting passphrases or worrying about eavesdropping – you just set up the transaction you want to make and scan the QR code which is generated by the SIGBRO plugin. You can log in to an online client and make transactions without worrying about it being hosted on some unknown server. You passphrase never leaves SIGBRO.

I’d like to underline – again – how SIGBRO adds protection:

Before you sign a (irrevocable) Ardor transaction, you review the details of the transaction you have scanned – this happens locally, e.g. the SIGBRO app never asks a 3rd party / makes a request to the internet about it. So, if you happen to end up on some bad actor’s website that looks legit but isn’t, you will see the fake transaction details in the SIGBRO app. Without this extra check, you wouldn’t get a chance to avoid being scammed. So always check in SIGBRO that the transaction details are correct. Check that the receiver is correct. If something looks wrong – simply don’t sign the transaction!

Test the SIGBRO NRS plugin here: https://ardor.nxter.org
Please note that it’s a public main net node. Real tokens, not testnet tokens at stake.

Download, use, review the open source code, or contribute to the Ardor NRS plugin here.

Buy/sell goods on the internet with SIGBRO

Here’s a WordPress plugin for WooCommerce. It adds an Ardor payment gateway option. Originally developed for AEUR, a Euro-pegged token with a stable monetary value but much lower transaction fees than 3rd party payment operators offer, and there is, of course, no other middlemen to take a cut of the customers’ payments either. Anybody can use it.

The plugin can easily be modified to take any Ardor child chain token or asset or Monetary System coin.

The shoppers get a receipt with a personalized payment QR code that can be scanned and signed with the SIGBRO app (or with SIGBRO Offline). WooCommerce then automatically notifies the merchant when the payment is confirmed by the network, so the order can be processed. The WooCommerce order number is included in the customer’s payment transaction as a public blockchain message.

Demonstration of the SIGBRO WooCommerce plugin. Backend is hooked up to a Printshop dropshipping account.

Test the SIGBRO WooCommerce plugin here: https://shop.nxter.org
Please note that it’s running on testnet, and no orders are currently being processed.

If there is interest, we can develop this plugin (and the shop) further, and add features as wanted.

Sigbro Support forum

Well, just a support forum, where we also collect feedback.

We have set it up with SSO (Single Sign On) for Nxter.org and the forum, so you only need to log in to one of them to get writing access on both.

We appreciate your feedback, ideas and critique, but the forum is not meant to be a competitor to the existing ones.

Secure a new account with the SIGBRO faucet

New Ignis/Ardor accounts should announce their public key to the network.

Your account’s public key will be automatically recorded in the blockchain the first time you send an outgoing transaction from your account. Another way to achieve the same is by having someone else send you a transaction and specify your public key in that transaction. The network fee for this is 1 ARDR + the transaction’s fee.

This one-time extra step is advised because many passphrase/public key pairs reduce to the same account ID (2^192 keys). The 8-byte account ID is much shorter than the 32-byte public key it is derived from, and therefore more vulnerable to a brute-force attack. Once a public key has been associated with an account ID by storing it in the blockchain, no other passphrase that generates a different public key can access the account though. Your full 256-bit public key is virtually impossible to brute-force.

No matter where you generated your new account, SIGBRO can fund it with a few IGNIS to play around with, and send your public key to the network for you, for free.

If you’re a developer, your new users can use this faucet too.

SIGBRO will only fund ONE account per device that the app is installed on, so it’s a service for new users, not something that can make a few freeriders rich. The faucet is sponsored by Jelurida.

You can use the faucet when you install the SIGBRO app. Right now we’re testing it, so you will receive testnet tokens!

And then what?

Please test it, try to hack it and kill it, give us all your good feedback HERE, please. 

SIGBRO is not a whitepaper, an ICO, or a token that can be invested in and pumped and dumped. It’s a tool. It has nothing to do with trading or collecting animal images, or with gambling, price speculation, digital identities, token creation, or vague random visions of future applications that might or might not be created by a great team for millions of dollars some time in the future. But it CAN be used for all that. I hope YOU realize how useful SIGBRO is – for users and not least for developers – and how expandable the variety of SIGBRO use cases is. Specially because it works with Ignis

I hope you’ll like it and use it. Use it or help us make it more awesome and useful. Bring your skills. Build a SIGBRO compatible UI. Announce your project. Let us know what you do, so we can write about it in Nxter Magazine. Join the movement, yeah?!

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