Blockchain PROJECTS


SIGBRO Toolkit - Cold storage and tools for securely signing and broadcasting transactions on Ignis, Nxt, Ardor, AEUR, and any other child chain. Quick tour and downloads here

A wallet and CoinExchange for mobiles and desktop. Simple'n'fast interaction with the Ardor blockchain and its child chains without downloading the blockchain. Get it?

Collect $NXT and $IGNIS tokens by solving quizzes and puzzles. Madfox, NXTER Magazine, and ANG dare you to find the secret passphrases and empty some accounts. Good luck, u. 

Former Nxt Foundation, the Ardor and Nxt Group is a non-profit organization that helps facilitate the growth of the Ardor and Nxt ecosystems. Check their resources.

Get notified with an email every time you forge a block, receive an incoming transaction, or send an outgoing transaction on the Ardor and Nxt blockchains. Stay informed!

IGNIS is one, but every Ardor child chain has a unique purpose on the platform. Fiat-pegged, real-estate profit-sharing blockchain, crypto gateway, you should know them all.

Company formed by Nxt core developers. Jelurida invented and codes the Ardor Platform and has lots of resources on their website. It's the official source for everything core

NXT, IGNIS, ARDR testnet token faucet, asset explorers, rich lists, and Telegram bot, social feed, and really... know what a Lambo costs in the token you HODL. Visit ardor.world

Make your own wallet, run a crowdfunding site, or show info about your asset on the blockchain. 5 minutes + a plugin to run a DEX on WordPress CMS. Learn it, & then do it!



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