When do we invest in shitcoins? (part 2)


In my last article “Why do we invest in Shitcoins?“, you learned about System 1 and 2 of our mind. You were exposed to an experiment that showed how easily your mind is fooled by a simple illusion. With this newly gained knowledge, you understood how you can prevent investments in coins that later turn …

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Nxterpool: Ardor and NXT Forging

In Nxt and Ardor, “forging” is the process of creating new blocks on the blockchain. If you don’t have a forging node running you can lease your account’s NXT / ARDR balance to a forging pool. When leasing, you still maintain full control of your NXT or ARDR. The pool cannot do anything with your …

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Why do we invest in shitcoins? (part 1)

In this series of blog posts I am going to write about the human mind: how and especially why we are making the choices we make, for example ending up having (shit)coins in our portfolio. Following one of the most renowned Psychologists and Nobel Prize Winner Daniel Kahneman and many other Psychologists that have contributed …

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Some SIGBRO app use cases

OK, let’s look at the first example use cases for SIGBRO. Log in to NXTER.org We developed a WordPress plugin for SIGBRO. Anyone can install it on their WordPress site. It’s already live on Nxter.org. We have killed all Captcha and Akismet protection on Nxter.org and activated the SIGBRO login and auth option instead. Spam …

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Tips & Tricks: Nxt/Ardor Clones – How to Retrieve your Airdropped Coins Without Exposing your Passphrase in the Clone’s Wallet

How to Retrieve your Airdropped Coins Without Exposing your Passphrase in the Clone’s Wallet Difficulty – High Intermediate Nxt and Ardor are released under the open-source JPL license. This means that if anyone clones the Nxt blockchain or the Ardor Platform, s/he will have to distribute 10% of his/her newly issued crypto token to the …

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Ardor Blockchain Bootcamp Reviewed or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Master Ardor


What a great feeling it is to challenge yourself and accomplish something that you have been meaning to do so for a long time. As an editor of Nxter for the past year, I have written much about the advanced functionality of Ardor and yet my dark secret until last week was that I had …

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