Reflections on the Creation of a DAO in Ardor

The ownership structure of the Tarasca DAO has already been discussed in the previous article. Once that is set up, the funds are safe and under control by the members of the organization, which is the main objective of a DAO. However, for the organization to be effective it needs more tools and more internal …

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Nxt news – Octubre 2016 (II): ARDR ya está aquí

Octubre 2016 (II)   Estas son las noticias más relevantes surgidas durante la semana en la plataforma Nxt: A punto de finalizar las snapshots para ARDR Obtén una dirección de la cartera Nxt personalizada para tu negocio Infografías sobre las características de Nxt Blockchain no es sólo Bitcoin Extracto de la jornada de Q&A con los desarrolladores …

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Nxt news – October 2016 (II): ARDR is almost here

October 2016 (II)   Slowly but surely, news about Nxt kept coming up this past week: The snapshot period for ARDR is about to end The holders of NXT at exchanges will receive ARDR Get a branded Nxt account for your business Infographics about Nxt’s features Blockchain is much bigger than Bitcoin The reward for forgers …

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