1st batch of Max Property Group share certificates available now


From the 2nd to the 20th December, 2019, you can buy shares in Max Property Group B.V. (MPG), the property investment syndicate that owns Max Crowdfund, a fast growing number of MPG property funds, and currently €7M+ euros of property assets.

The share certificates are issued on the Ignis blockchain, and the name of the tokenized shares are MPGS. 20% of the MPG company will be sold for €3.75M – 2.500.000 MPGS tokens in 5 batches of €750k each.

MPGS token holders will receive the same rights as any other type of shareholder with dividend payouts, property asset ownership, ownership of the Max Crowdfund platform etc. – with the exception of direct voting rights. The funding is to go towards additional Max Crowdfund platform development, adding more functionalities, developing native iOS and Android Apps and securing additional financial authorities licences and exemptions.

Read more about Real Estate on the Ardor blockchain here.

~70% of the batch has already been bought up, as anyone who signs up at the MaxCrowdfund online portal and pass through the KYC/AML thing, gets approved for clearance level 2 if European, and clearance level 3 if they live somewhere else on the globe, can become MPGS holders for €1.50 per share. The minimum investment is €150. You can buy the shares using EUR, BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, BNB, NXT, ARDR, IGNIS and AEUR.

The first 100 MPGS buyers will get 1000 MPG tokens as a bonus.

All relevant investment documents including: pitch deck, financial model, up-to-date accounts, valuation report, company incorporation documents, memorandum of articles, organogram, share table, etc. are available on the MPGS investment page.

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This newsflash, posted on Nxter.org, is FYI only, it is not investment advise. Nxter.org does not necessarily share the views of the authors who post. DYOR, go with the good ones or stay put, do as you wish, but never invest any money you can’t afford to loose.

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