What is Bitcoin’s Ceiling?

Just a year ago, a post here on NXTER relayed predictions saying that Bitcoin’s value would reach or go beyond $500 by the end of 2016. True enough, it exceeded $800. This value, however, is minuscule given the fact that the cryptocurrency recently hit $16,000 per unit – a record high. The meteoric rise of Bitcoin (BTC) has also fueled massive growth in other tokens, like NXT and ARDR. Why now though? What has fueled this recent growth spurt and is Bitcoin, and the wider cryptosphere, due for a harsh correction?

NDTV indicated that the likely cause behind the surge in price is the recent announcement that CME Group Inc. and CBOE Global Markets were allowed by the main U.S. derivatives regulator to list Bitcoin futures contracts. This was seen as another step towards mainstreaming the cryptocurrency, although the rates also led to petitions for more regulations. In fact, the Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz even called for Bitcoin to be outlawed. Regardless, distributed ledger technologies remain poorly understood by the average person and as a result many analysts predict Bitcoin and crypto to be a huge bubble, ready to pop at any moment.

The unfavorable view towards the cryptocurrency is understandable, considering its volatility. Just last month, Coinwire reported that the cryptocurrency breached $11,000, only for its value to drop below $10,000 just a few hours after its price surge. Nonetheless, the unpredictability of Bitcoin has not dissuaded investors from using their real-world money to purchase these virtual coins. Fortune surmises that the reason behind the continuing rise in value is largely due to increasing public awareness. The mystery surrounding it has captured the interest of many buyers, and the absence of any central regulatory body further added to its appeal.

Moreover, the increasing number of buyers caused a domino effect, which led to even more investors. It’s linked to a mindset of FOMO, or fear of missing out, with regards to trending investments. For instance, more than 100,000 people have opened new Coinbase accounts from November 22 to 24. By the end of that month, an estimated 13.1 million accounts have been created in the system.

The popularity of Bitcoin among investors lends credence to the prediction of financial adviser Tom Lee. Business Insider conveyed his forecast, stating that Bitcoin’s price will reach $25,000 within 5 years. He based this projection on Metcalfe’s Law, which estimates that the value of a network is the square of the number of users belonging to it. Lee stated that the increasing number of Bitcoin investors will also lead to an increase in the value of the cryptocurrency. He likened Bitcoin to Facebook’s growth in market value, which is now more than double the number of its users.

Still, even financial experts have made mistakes in forecasting the value of Bitcoin. Although, economist Yves Lamoreux, whose sentiments echo that of Lee’s, also pointed out the times when analysts were wrong. Tim Draper’s 2014 price forecast was mentioned as an example. Back then the analyst predicted that the cryptocurrency would have reached $10,000 by 2018, an estimation that was proven wrong recently.

The bottom line is while Bitcoin’s value and that of proven technologies like Ethereum, Litecoin, and Nxt / Ardor are looking good right now, there is no way to tell if this trend will continue in the coming months. A lot of analysts say that it’s a double-edged sword – an assumption that still remains to this day.

NEXTBOND: High interests Bitcoin asset

Today, NEXTBOND started trading exclusively on the Nxt Asset Exchange.

NEXTBOND (asset ID 7105354913147670050) is 1:1 with superBTC and can always be exchanged to Bitcoins without any price slippage issues. It is similar to keeping your funds in a high interest account.

NEXTBOND funds are used for arbitrage on BTC/USD exchanges (low risk). Preliminary results from the arbitrage bots have returned a minimum of 4% monthly, so NEXTBOND holders are offered a 2% return.

If you look at lending returns on poloniex, okcoin, bittrex etc, NEXTBOND’s return is much better.

NEXTBOND will pay dividends every Sunday until the automated script is ready to do daily dividends. NEXTBOND dividends are paid in superBTC to your account without you having to worry about a thing.

The people working behind the scenes on making you money with NEXTBOND are: Coinomat, whale, and Cassius.

NEXTBOND procedure


Send your superBTC to NXT-ESXQ-5QFC-ARPP-HG2C7 to receive NEXTBOND.

You should expect to receive your NEXTBOND within 24 hours.


When you want to withdraw your superBTC, simply send your NEXTBOND to NXT-ESXQ-5QFC-ARPP-HG2C7.

You should expect to receive your superBTC within 24 hours!

For those who don’t know: 1 SuperBTC is 1 regular Bitcoin on the Nxt blockchain.

Bitcoins are deposited to the Nxt Multigateway, where they automatically get converted to decentralised tokens (superBTC). The coin-backed tokens can be withdrawn to any Bitcoin wallet or exchange using the same multi-sig process. In the process of being deposited and withdrawn via the Nxt Multigateway each coin is handled by 3 secured servers. Multi-sig is used to ensure that all three servers agree before transactions are made, so there is no single point of failure unlike with a traditional exchange. The Multigateway is a distributed gateway – the least centralized crypto-to-crypto exchange service in existence.

Nxt Multigateway is a part of the SuperNET Client!

NXTBOND pays 2% of its profit to NEXT (asset 5504266111917554921).

How to market a decentralised, open source organisation


Origins of the Nxt Foundation….

One of the great strengths of Nxt, and of the wider Nxt community, is that it has always been intended, from the initial Nxt concept onwards, that Nxt would be a strongly decentralised community.

A very useful guide to the basic principles of decentralised organisation can be found in ‘The Starfish and the Spider’ by Ori Brafma:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Starfish_and_the_Spider

A decentralised organisation may be fine for certain applications (such as an activist movement) but for a software system that needs to interface with the wider business community, how can decentralisation work effectively ?

This issue cropped up very early on in Nxt development, giving rise to further questions:

  • Nxt is a brilliant system to build business applications on, but how does a business get in touch with a decentralised movement like the Nxt community?
  • How does a business enter into a legal agreement with Nxt, or receive support?
  • How can Nxt be promoted to businesses, or carry out PR ?

The answers to all of the above led to the set-up of the Nxt Foundation, which (if we go back to the ‘Starfish’ analogy) can be seen as a specialised organ for Nxt, like an extra leg for the starfish.

The Foundation was created to act as a sub-section of the Nxt eco-system that is responsible for linking the decentralised, open-source community of Nxt with the very much centralised mainstream business and finance world. In effect acting as a gateway between the decentralised crypto world and the centralised mainstream worlds of business, finance and governance.

The Foundation was initially (informally) set up in mid 2014, by a group of veterans of the fledgling Nxt community. The main personnel involved are: Tai ‘Tai Zen’ Duong, David ‘EvilDave’ Pearce, Bas ‘Damelon’ Wisselink, Dirk ‘LocoMB’ Reuter and Ian ‘Chanc3r’ Ravenscroft. As befits a decentralised orgainisation, the initial founding members represented a wide range of viewpoints and possessed a very wide range of skills.

This group first met in real life as representatives for Nxt at the groundbreaking BitCoin2014 conference, held in Amsterdam, and worked so well together that they decided to carry on under the then informal banner of the Nxt Foundation.

Initially simply a loose group intended as a contact point for businesses, the Nxt Foundation proved themselves to be very useful to Nxt, and began to evolve into a fully fledged business unit with wider ranging responsibilities.

The Foundation was registered and incorporated at the start of 2015 as a non-profit business in the Netherlands, under the title of ‘Stichting Nxt/Nxt Foundation’ with the goal of supporting Nxt development and expansion.

Since then, the Nxt Foundation has continued to function as a contact point for businesses who wish to work with Nxt , and has also taken on other responsibilities: the purchase and maintenance of essential software, such as SSL and code signing certificates, developer licenses and hosting for Nxt-core related sites.

Most recently, the Foundation identified some areas that needed to be improved within Nxt, and set up the Tennessee project to address those areas.

Entering Tennessee…..

Towards mid-2015, it became increasingly obvious that Nxt needed to change to meet the demands of a rapidly changing crypto-currency market: many mainstream players were entering the market, bringing with them from the mainstream business/finance world a more professional approach to project management and a much more aggressive approach to PR and marketing.

A decentralised (and somewhat under-funded) project that relied on volunteer work, like Nxt, could not compete on an equal footing with the professional marketing and PR employed by this new wave of crypto projects.

Individual projects based on Nxt, usually with a defined project leader or a small group of leaders, could easily choose for themselves whether or not to follow this trend, or how to respond to the changes in the market, but for the Nxt core (and the wider Nxt community) a solution had to be found to address this situation.

Thus the Tennessee project was proposed: the Nxt Foundation analysed and explained the current market situation to the community, and asked them to donate to a Foundation- administered fund set up purely to professionalise and improve two basic elements of the Nxt core project: Marketing/PR and the user experience. The estimated budget to run Tennessee for a year (on the basis of two part-time employees) was approximately $70,000 or 10 million NXT.


This sum was raised via crowdfunding (using the Nxt Monetary System) inside 2 weeks, and Tennessee went live at the start of November 2015.

TNSSE has now been officially in existence for just under 4 weeks and has, so far:

Organised salary payouts for the 2 main (part-time) Tennessee personnel for the following 12 months, ensuring that there will be a coherent marketing/PR presence for Nxt over that time.

Hired a media contact consultant, the UK-based John Mcleod, on a contract basis, initially for 3 months with the possibility to extend that period. John’s function is to pro-actively seek out and cultivate both mainstream and crypto media contacts for Tennessee and Nxt.

With John’s help, Tennessee has created and published 2 stories on aspects of Nxt over the last week:



And one radio interview:

These three pieces are just the start of the media campaign. TNSSE allows Nxt to build up longer term relationships with media outlets, and these relationships will lead to more regular information about Nxt appearing in crypto (and more mainstream) media.

Tennessee has also began the process of overhauling the Nxt web presence, with www.nxt.org as the first site to be updated, using Farla Webmedia as an external contractor.

An important feature of the new www.nxt.org site will be an easy to use helpdesk system, which will give Nxt a unique advantage over other crypto-currency projects.

The Nxt Foundation/Tennessee has also begun to work out a conference attendance strategy for the following year, with a proposed Nxt-centred conference in the first half of 2016, and a Nxt presence at the upcoming d10e event in Amsterdam:

So, coming back to the original question: how does a decentralised community promote itself to the outside world ?

Nxt has shown, with the creation of the Nxt Foundation and subsequently the Tennessee project, that organically created specialised systems can be set up to fulfil this specific function, without sacrificing any of the openness and decentralisation that give the Nxt community a great degree of both flexibility and strength.

SuperNET Newsletter #15

Welcome to the SuperNET!

As ever, life moves fast in crypto, and never more so than in the SuperVerse. The main news is that InstantDEX is approaching launch, another dividend is about to be distributed, we have a SuperNET v1 beta LiteWallet, but that’s not all, there’s plenty more still to tell you about – including a new addition to the CORE coins list: FIBRE.


  • v1.1.3beta
  • v1.1.3beta LITE
  • MGW
    • Coin IDs
    • MGW fees
  • FIBRE: New SuperNET CORE coin
  • Jay dividend
  • InstantDEX
    • API level test of InstantDEX
    • Testing help required
    • InstantDEX Lotto
  • Half-anon Cryptocards available
  • VPN Bounty
  • BTCD and NXT
  • SuperNET CORE coins

SuperNET v1.1.3beta

SuperNET wallet v.1.1.3 beta is available for testing:

Hash: 4B186C0DDE96C5F1432213BD1F4C96A34CDD98F177CCCBE63BF2F39025BDDEA6

SuperNET v1.1.3 beta litewallet

The litewallet version – a pure html client – is now available for testing: https://bitbucket.org/longzai1988/supernetv1-lite/downloads/supernet-JAY-1.0b.zip

Hash: 57E04EFCE3D25608E59270E03B0EF9477CDCC4953AF95F6C0284BED3E46CB8C9

The ‘advanced’ view is currently disabled for Jay wallet.





SuperCoins ID

As part of the ongoing evolution of the Multigateway to become a key part of SuperNET, coin token names have been updated, as have asset IDs.

‘Note that all the assets delivered by SuperNET v1b (and found in the new SN wallet dashboard) follow different naming.’, writes VanBreuk. ‘The SuperNET MGW uses new assets. mgwBTCD has become superBTCD. And although James said iDEX could handle old and new assets as equivalent, we’ll be offering an asset swap for anyone who wants to update assets soon.’

And Longzai advises us that: ‘When we decide to drop the legacy mgw there will be 1:1 asset swap’.

The SuperCoin IDs are:

superBTCD – 6918149200730574743
superVRC – 9037144112883608562
superOPAL – 6775076774325697454
superBITS – 13120372057981370228
superVPN – 7734432159113182240 (withdraws still not operational)

SuperFIBRE (multisig details in development) and the SN versions of BTC, DOGE and others will soon be added. See https://multigateway.org for more information.

When you fund your SuperNET Wallet, the corresponding tokens will automatically show in the AE of your Nxt account where you can trade them manually for NXT or other assets, for example US$-pegged CoinUSD asset (ID 12982485703607823902) or the EUR-pegged equivalent (ID 18331302471589054607), which are also Coinomat gateways to fiat, via SEPA transfers to VISA / Mastercard.

Asset < – > Asset trades will be enabled in SuperNET with InstantDEX integration.
Interesting Nxt AE assets include: http://test.nxter.org/sorted-nxt-asset-exchange-listing/

MGW fees

‘Current MGW withdrawal fees are based on coin transaction fees and Nxt transaction fees, which need to be covered by the service. Since fees are subtracted from, for instance, BTCD withdrawal, there is a value in the servers’ configuration that defines the approximate equivalent of the NXT transaction fee in BTCD. Then the system applies twice that amount (covering the asset transfer and messages costs) plus a safe amount based on the regular BTCD tx fee, keeping in mind that multisig transactions may involve higher fees than regular ones. When InstantDEX brings price feeds, these “approximate equivalents” should refer to current market rate.’

At this point, the total MGW fees are these fixed amounts:

BTCD – 0.022
VRC – 2.002
OPAL – 2.02
BITS – 20.02
VPN – 200.002 (VPN withdraws are not working until coin developers patch the VPN daemon for full multisig support)

Minimum withdrawals are

BTCD – 0.5
VRC – 50
OPAL – 50
BITS – 500
VPN – 5000

New CORE coin: FIBRE

SuperNET has a new CORE coin: Fibre.


Last week, the announcement was made:
‘Fibre will be leaving the Blocknet Project.’

‘We wish the Blocknet all the best, decisions like this aren`t easy but we are changing direction for Fibre in 2015. Fibre community and investors will always stand in the first place. In our opinion we are choosing a better future for Fibre’.

‘The Fibre dev team has been represented in SuperNET Slack for more than a month but has always made it perfectly clear that Fibre was part of the Blocknet initiative. Recently, a real attempt to fulfill the requirements to integrate Fibrecoin in SuperNET as a CORE coin was started; opening Fibre’s source core tech to SuperNET analysts (the review was done by chanc3r), and after that, a swap of SuperNET assets with Fibre assets was required’, writes Eth.

Learn more about Fibre @ http://test.nxter.org/new-supernet-core-coin-fibrecoin/
and enjoy the rest of this newsletter while listening to an Interview with Fibrecoin leader Killakem!

This is SuperNET Radio:


Fibre is available on the SuperNET Multipool http://altnuts.com, and also Xpool.ca multipool.

We welcome the FIBRE Team and look forward to finding out more about their forthcoming projects.

Jay dividend

The Jay dividend is ready for distribution. 7.5% to SuperNET, 7.5% to NXTventure and 5% to JLH (jl777hodl) will be distributed. This will occur when fewer than 8,161 SuperNET assets are left in BTER. At the time of writing, BTER’s cold wallet has just over 20,000 SuperNET assets in it.

Jay (ID 8688289798928624137) will allow people without any software on their system to run the SuperNET GUI and access all coins. Jay will get an InstantDEX revshare when it makes a lite-InstantDEX. ‘I added a ‘GUI’ field so we can track which GUIs the orders are coming from’, writes James.



A preview video of the InstantDEX client alpha is available here.

You can see InstantDEX in realtime (thanks to MyNxt.info) here.

‘InstantDEX core API is feature complete other than automatching hybrid orderbooks’, James writes. ‘Got the asset<->asset trading working and looks good. So now what is left is the most advanced case (hybrid orders), which isn’t even necessary at first and making it automatch and chart signals.

Then I will switch over to network security enhancements while the testers are pounding on it.

So, the ramchains, realtime MGW and InstantDEX should go into maintenance mode for me very soon. Then the security revamp will be squeezed in and that leaves Tradebots and Privatebet. Once I get the raw data parsed properly, I was just going to create a transaction list, along with summary stats for each asset that was traded and a global summary too.’

InstantDEX is getting inputs from the central exchanges, NXT AE and its own orderbook, so from a single display you can see prices from all the places at once.

API level testing of InstantDEX

InstantDEX is progressing nicely – and, more to the point, is working effectively. ‘Trade completes faster than I can switch tabs! The only difference performance-wise from a central exchange is if you don’t have any inventory of something, then you can’t retrade it until you have enough confirms. I will let each node decide what “enough confirms” means. But if you are trading with plenty of inventory and have enough aged assets, then you won’t even notice this.

‘Another nuance is that even though the trade is locked and done (like after hitting Send Money), until there is at least one confirmation, there is always some very small chance that it won’t get confirmed. I am talking about a big blockchain event or some sort of attack scenario. However, even in such unlikely events, all the components of a trade are atomic swaps of NXT <-> asset, so at worst you have a dangling half of the trade, but you didn’t lose any funds. As with any trading, if the market moves against you, well, not much can be done about this

‘So, not quite 100%, but 99.99%+ with the downside being partial fills. Since the performance is fast, the security of not having to worry about any central exchange is well worth this and I hope that people will be able to understand the slight difference. For the cost of one out of many thousands of trades not completely filling, needing to wait a block to be sure it confirmed, and some users requiring N confirms, we get to trade without worrying about the exchange dying. This being said, if you are trading assetized crypto, I still recommend to withdraw after you are done trading, if only so you can be staking. And nothing is as safe as your local wallet.’

Testing help required

James writes, ‘I made an instantdexbeta private group, only for people who will actually test, no spies. The best testers are usually becoming very good coders. This is because a lot of coding is about finding and fixing your own bugs.’

DM James in Slack for access – but only if you have the time to really test it.

InstantDEX Lotto

James writes, ‘My idea is to fund a monthly lotto with this 5% [the unallocated InstantDEX revenues], winner take all (shared between all that tie).

 If total InstantDEX revenues are 20 million NXT, this is a 1 million NXT monthly jackpot, and each 2.5NXT fee you pay to InstantDEX gets you a lotto ticket.’

For those who still don’t understand how the pieces fit together (which is understandable, when there are so many pieces), InstantDEX can be considered ‘the grand central station of SuperNET. It connects everything to everything else and the more popular it becomes, the larger the monthly lotto. The high end of projections have it up to $100,000 per monthly lotto. At NXT blockchain saturation levels, NXT itself will be at least 2x if not 4x. It all combines to help everything else – and not to forget about BTCD, which is getting an InstantDEX revshare.’

Half-anon Cryptocards available

The half-anon VISA cards are now available to order – but not yet officially launched. Coinomat writes: ‘We are waiting for a dozen successful orders and activations to announce it officially.’

Getting your own card is simple, just register on coinomat.com, click the ‘First Swiss Card’ menu link and follow instructions.

Cryptocard is a semi-anonymous way to cash out cryptocurrency to an ATM card. Photo id but no bank details are required, meaning that a resale market can provide a convenient and private way to move funds from crypto to fiat. Cryptocard was originally funded by the BTCD community, and Coinomat will integrate BTCD within 2 weeks, and then start integrating the other SuperNET coins.


James has organised a 10 million VPN bounty for a new dev to join the team.

‘I would like to offer a bounty to make VPN for non-Windows environment to link up to the VPNcoin Windows VPN. There are several methods possible. One is to have a separate VPN and bridge to the Windows. The other is just to connect directly to the Windows VPN from unix.’

There is a 10 million VPN bounty for a working solution.

BTCD and Nxt

A reminder about BitcoinDark and Nxt’s status as lynchpins of SuperNET, and the financial benefits holders will enjoy:


  • 5% revenue share from InstantDEX
  • 5% revenue share from SuperNET
  • 5% staking interest

This week’s BitcoinDark Bulletin: ‘Privacy and Anonymity’.



5% revenue share from SuperNET goes to NXT core development. And InstantDEX fees are paid in NXT, because SuperNET has NxtInside. James writes: ‘At 50 trades per minute it saturates current NXT blockchain (makes NXT earn 10% per year), but NXT devs say they can boost this capacity pretty easily. With average fees of 6 NXT per trade that is 300K NXT per day or 15 million per month. So even at current ATH prices InstantDEX is trading at PS ratio of 5 and PE of 10.’

Nxt is clearly one of the few platforms that’s going to survive long term, making it not only a safe place in which to trade and park your funds but also a hugely prosperous one as well, once (as anticipated) it’s earning 10% per year.

If you are interested in using Nxt, visit the official website: http://nxt.org.
Get the latest Nxt news from http://test.nxter.org or join the movement @ https://nxtforum.org.


Nxt is going to present the key speech for crypto at this year’s PayExpo 2015. Damelon writes: ‘I want to invite ALL Nxt related businesses to provide us with their promo materials and relevant information! We are not there just as the platform, you also can get your products and services out there! This Payexpo will have a separate part especially dedicated to cryptocurrencies!


‘We are co-organising this, so if you feel you want to help out with this and have workshop experience or knowledge: let us know! Also, help us raise the last 500,000 Nxt to go here. We already have gathered a significant amount thanks to all of you. Let’s get this last part together. Donation address: NXT-ZGDQ-W9Q3-YFK6-4L8F4.

Read more on the Nxt Forum here or join SuperNET Slack channel #payexpo to learn more.

SuperNET CORE coins

As the name UNITY suggests, SuperNET is not a coin but a cooperation between selected coins. If you’ve been following the SuperNET Newsletters, you will know that all SuperNET CORE coins have been chosen with great care. No copycats, no simple clones, no scamcoins pumped by a huge marketing budget: only truly innovative, useful coins with active developers.

Here they are in a flash: http://test.nxter.org/supernet-core-coins/


All SuperNET CORE coins and services are more than welcome to claim a paragraph in the SuperNET Newsletters > DM apenzl to join SuperSlack #unity-news and make sure to get featured.

Any 1.0 crypto coin can enhance their wallet with SuperNET. Write to: info@supernet.org.


Coinimal launched

Coinimal has launched with SOFORT, EPS, SEPA and OBT as Euro payment options. At the time of the launch Coinimal accepts Euro, Bitcoin, Litecoin and NXT. Visit Coinimal.com.

If you buy with SOFORT, EPS or OBT, your coins are sent immediately after you have finished making your payment. SEPA payments usually take one business day to process, your coins are sent to you as soon as the funds have arrived in Coinimal’s bank account. If you use SEPA, the exchange rate will be set at the time of your order not when the Euro payment arrives in Coinimal’s bank account.

If you are selling coins, you only need to provide the bank account details where you want to receive the SEPA transfer. When you have finalized your order, you will be presented with a cryptocoin address, to which you must send your coins within 10 minutes. As soon as Coinimal receives the coins, you will be notified via email and they will send the SEPA transfer.

Coinimal & SuperNET

Coinimal will be featured as the EUR-gateway in the SuperNET client under the following agreement:

* All orders submitted through the SuperNET are eligible for this deal.
* The profit from eligible orders will be distributed in the following way:

51% SuperNET
49% Coinimal GmbH

* The Profit Share can be distributed freely but SuperNET is not allowed to issue an asset that includes the name “Coinimal” in the asset title.

* The Profit Share will be paid monthly.
* The Payment will be made in Bitcoin.

Coinimal GmbH is located in Vienna, Austria. CEO and co-founder of Coinimal is TwinWinnerd, a known trader, trusted escrow and cryptoholic on bitcointalk.org, Nxtforum.org and SuperNET Slack.

Read his announcement and interact with Coinimal on Nxtforum: https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/(ann)-www-coinimal-com-buysell-nxt-btcco-extremely-fast-and-easy!-on-supernet!/

NXT Market Report: 10 November 2014

Welcome to this week’s market report. It was again a rather unspectacular week – NXT tried a few times to overtake DOGE but didn’t make it in the end. During the last week NXT’s market capitalization increased by 5.1% whereas Bitcoin’s gained by 10.5%. The average daily volume was about USD 40’000. Happily the number of different NXT trading pairs with a volume above USD 1’000 is back up to 7 again.

Largely as a result of the market making bot of coinomat becoming operational, the NXT Multigateway trading volume has increased significantly, which is warmly welcomed. We are now looking forward to the production servers going into operation and the Multigateway running smoothly. That should be the case within the next few days! It is time to move from centralization to decentralization!

NXT Asset Exchange has reached 50’000 trades

The NXT Asset Exchange has reached 50k trades in the last days – amazing! Once again the NXT AE shows its competitors that it is the number one! The key comparators are:

Of the 33 assets currently listed on coinmarketcap.com: 24 are traded on NXT AE, 4 on Counterparty’s AE, 3 on BitShares’ AE and 2 on MasterXchange. That’s what I call dominance.

Average daily trading volume: on the NXT AE it’s about USD 20’000, on Counterparty’s AE it’s below USD 1’000, on BitShares’ AE it’s approximately USD 5’000 and on the MasterXchange around USD 6’000.

Total capitalizations of the listed assets: USD 13’225’000 for NXT, USD 2’248’000 for Counterparty, USD 1’020’000 for BitShares and USD 11’790’000 for MasterXchange.

I think it is legitimate to say that the NXT Asset Exchange is very clearly the market leader!

What’s going on in the NXT Asset Exchange?

Coinomat: We’re not going to talk about the gain in price since the launch of the coinomat asset, except to say that it has been astronomic. Instead, today we’ll just have a quick  look at its dividends and what the future looks like for coinomat. Over the last few days the trading volume has started to increase strongly, which is warmly welcomed by all investors. With the launch of SuperNET these figures should further increase since coinomat will be an important part of SuperNET. The downside is that only 1.5% of the profits are distributed among the asset holders.


This market report is for general information and news purposes only. It does not take into account the reader’s personal circumstances, objectives or attitude towards risk. It is not (and is not intended to be) any form of advice, recommendation, representation, or endorsement by the author or the web site owner and should not be relied upon when making (or refraining from making) any investment decision.

NXT Market Report: 3 November 2014

Welcome to this week’s market report. We’ll start by having a look at last week’s price development: NXT decreased in price by 12.8% whereas Bitcoin declined by 7.1%. The trading volume has been stable on a low level with an average of about USD 40’000 mainly traded on Bter, hitbtc and BTC38, which is a little bit disappointing but not surprising. The week’s peak of USD 95’000 was reached on 31 October.

Nevertheless there is plenty of good news: The upcoming launch of NRS 1.4, which will include the monetary system and probably the voting system as well; the successful launch of Nxtty (which has already had a nice effect on the amount of transactions and the number of newly created accounts) and James writing code without pause in order to get SuperNET up and running as fast as possible. We therefore have some good reasons to stay positive about the development and the price of NXT!

source: coinmarketcap.com

Get published. Get paid – The first period has come to an end

October is over and the the first period’s accounts have been published. We are proud to announce a dividend of 0.024826 NXT per NXTP. The amount available for distribution was affected by the payment back of loans to apenzl of about 9’334 NXT and we therefore expect next month’s dividend to be bigger. If you’d like the opportunity of getting paid for your NXT- related news or views, go ahead and submit your contribution to nxter.org! For more information on how to do so, read our guide.

neoDICE to go into public beta within the next days

neoDICE, the fair betting game similar to the legendary satoshiDice, will be going into public beta within the next few days according to the developer, hash. The project is slightly behind schedule but is widely expected to be a huge success when released:

Mid. October:                         Beta testing starts.

Beginning of November Release of the game on the mainnet, playable via NXT client and SuperNET GUI.

Mid. November                     Release of neoDICE plugin for NXT client and SuperNET GUI.

Mid. December                      Release of the neoDICE website, allowing gameplay without NXT client.

For more information about this project read: NXT Market Report 29 September and NXT Market Report 15 September.

What’s going on in the NXT Asset Exchange?

NEMstake: after the announcement of the NEM Beta client, NEMstake saw a huge rise in price up to 45’000 NXT per stake but has now fallen back to about 38’000 NXT. For a detailed explanation of the redemption process for NEMstake asset owners on the NXT Asset Exchange, read this message on the NEMcoin forum.

In summary:

  1. using the NEM Beta client, create a real NEM address and save the address, the public key and the private key in a secure place – if you lose your private key, you lose your NEM.
  2. Send your NEMstake asset to NXT-97MX-EWKV-CGKX-DA5WH including an unencrypted message containing just the NEM account address which you created in step 1.

You will find another guide to the NEMstake redemption process in the nxtforum as well. Make sure to redeem your stake as soon as possible.

The deadline to redeem your NEMstake asset at the rate of 1 asset for 1,000,000 NEM is the 22 November – the longer you wait after that, the less NEM per NEMstake asset you will receive:

After 22 November, redemption will be possible for a further 3 months. However, during this period the amount of NEM per redeemed NEMstake will be reduced as follows.

  • during the 1st month after 22 November: 1 NEM stake = 750 000 NEM.
  • during the 2nd month after 22 November: 1 NEM stake = 500 000 NEM.
  • during the 3rd month after 22 November: 1 NEM stake = 250 000 NEM.

Once the 3 months are over, any remaining NEMstakes will not longer be redeemable.

Various possibilities as to how the unclaimed NEM would be used (including for example redistribution to NEM holders, sending to genesis, ecosystem development) are currently under discussion here.

I hope you enjoyed a good read – please leave your feedback here!


This market report is for general information and news purposes only. It does not take into account the reader’s personal circumstances, objectives or attitude towards risk. It is not (and is not intended to be) any form of advice, recommendation, representation, or endorsement by the author or the web site owner and should not be relied upon when making (or refraining from making) any investment decision.

NXT Market Report: 27 October 2014

Welcome to this week’s market report. It won’t be a long one since the last few days have been lacking action, as reflected in the market capitalization and the trading volume (source: coinmarketcap.com). NXT’s market capitalization decreased by 1.5% with an average daily trading volume of about USD 50’000 with a peak at USD 90’000 (24 October). During the same period, Bitcoin lost about 7% in term of market capitalization. The NXT/BTC pair is stable at around 6000 satoshis with a strong buy support at 5980 satoshis. The sell pressure has increased  slightly compared to last week – there are sell orders of approximately 400’000 NXT up to 6600 satoshis. (source: cryptocoincharts.info).

coinmarketcap 27102014source: coinmarketcap.com

What’s going on in the NXT Asset Exchange?

Nxttycoin: Mission accomplished! Nxtty has finally submitted its app to the Google Play Store. The price has already experienced a small rise to 0.14 NXT per asset on a big trading volume (see coinmarketcap.com). Their facebook page has almost 50’000 likes and the promotional work behind the scenes is excellent. An iOS as well as a desktop version of Nxtty will follow in the next few weeks! Remember: The first 100’000 users receive 2’500 Nxttycoins each so tell your friends about it!

DORCS: By buying DORCS asset you invest in the very first cryptocurrency MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) called ‘Lyth’ (formerly known as Lith). Lyth will be an Emergent Trade Game on the Nxt Blockchain:

Lyth gameplay will for the most part be decided by a player driven economy. The game is designed to sustain “emergent” gameplay in which everyone can be caught by surprise at the direction the game will take. Players interact in an immersive sandbox, where they can create their own paths and realities. They can harvest natural resources, use skills to create goods, offer services, and use strengths and powers to influence other players and the world around. Violence and politics are never far behind, but the economy will be the most powerful force, affecting warlords, farmers, and everyone in between.

Game resources will be freely tradeable on an open market, allowing in demand items to find their natural prices, and letting players develop markets as needed. Create trade networks, with all associated risks and chances for arbitrage. Lith will take full advantage of the possibilities that Nxt offers. (source: nxtforum.org).

On 23 October they announced a new sell wall to raise more capital. DORCS is a long-term investment – they haven’t reached the Alpha yet. You can have a look at the latest build of the game here. For further information you can also visit their official homepage www.lythmmo.com.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Market Report – see you next week!


This market report is for general information and news purposes only. It does not take into account the reader’s personal circumstances, objectives or attitude towards risk. It is not (and is not intended to be) any form of advice, recommendation, representation, or endorsement by the author or the web site owner and should not be relied upon when making (or refraining from making) any investment decision.

NXT Market Report: 20 October 2014

Welcome to this week’s market report. Although NXT experienced a rather unspectacular week, it nevertheless ended happily: We are back to #5 on coinmarketcap.com! To be honest it didn’t happen because of NXT’s strength but because our competitors have decreased more in price, especially Dogecoin which has been undergoing a small sell off.  NXT’s market capitalization is down but even more disappointing is the low trading volume. The daily average was about USD 40’000 with a peak of USD 90’000 (14 October). Despite this, Bter’s order book (scroll down) leaves a positive impression: There is a buy support of about 900’000 NXT down to 5200 satoshis whereas the selling pressure is comparatively low: 200’000 NXT up to 6400 satoshis.

coinmarketcap 20102014source: coinmarketcap.com

Project NXT Storm – what is it?

At the beginning of October a member of the nxtforum.org had the glorious idea of stress testing the NXT network. The idea quickly captivated many people and, as a result, gave rise to Project NXT Storm. The plan is to test the robustness of the NXT network by using all available features, especially the NXT Asset Exchange. That’s the reason why Project NXT Storm is being mentioned in this market report – it’s an outstanding opportunity to discover the limits of the NXT Asset Exchange – if there are any! A successful outcome will prove that the AE is ready for its next step – the first ever use of the NXT Asset Exchange by a large corporation. The plan is to repeat such a stress test after every major NXT release.

What’s going on in the NXT Asset Exchange?

MMNXT (ID: 979292558519844732): MMNXT is a market making and arbitrage fund for the NXT Asset Exchange issued by coinomat (who are also responsible for coinomat.com). To quote from coinomat’s own description of the asset:

This is an automated trading fund for NXT asset exchange. Its goal is to provide market making for most liquid AE assets. Also we strive to move most of NXT trading to NXT AE Multigateway assets, thus providing additional liquidity for NXT which should assist in keeping its price more stable. Trading will be carried out at NXT Asset Exchange and other exchanges supporting NXT.

Trading is both long and short, that is you buy lower to sell higher and you sell higher to buy back lower. The profit is converted to NXT, also when trading MGW assets profit can also be realized in corresponding crypto, and converted to NXT afterwards.

The fund will pay out 60% of its profit to the holders of the token every Friday. Initially, the bot will only be operating as a market maker for the most liquid assets on the NXT Asset Exchange. In November MMNXT plans to carry out arbitrage trading on Bter, Poloniex and Cryptsy. The first dividend pay out will take place on Friday (24 October).

NXTmovie (ID: 2240155853020376741): NXTmovie intends to write scripts for films in which they aim to educate the lay person about cryptotechnologies:

Loosely based on real life events, the NXT Film Project is an edgy cyber thriller that narrates subversive and often vicious attacks that are conducted using technology. The plot showcases cryptoplatforms and communities, how they are disruptive to established institutions, and how technology can be used with either good or evil intent.

It further aims to educate the lay person about cryptotechnologies, while also shedding light on the criminals who seek to take advantage of them. At the same time, it contextually demonstrates the technology’s efficacy and utility via the power of narrative storytelling.

A nice idea in its own right but the project is also pretty interesting to investors purely from the point of view of its ROI. NXTmovie has issued 1’000’000 NXTmovie assets – 30% were sold in an ICO with an early bird price of 1 NXT, 33% were allocated to the three core members and the remaining 37% will be sold later on the NXT Asset Exchange at a higher price (small batch quantities of 25k NXTmovie assets with a continuously increasing price). Currently, early bird assets are already trading at 1.5 NXT, an increase in price of 50%! To guarantee an early source of revenue the team behind NXTmovie is focusing on  driving as much traffic as possible to generate profit through advertising. The earnings will be distributed evenly across all asset holders.

Furthermore NXTmovie offers blockchain-based businesses the opportunity to be featured directly in the film script, for a fee. These earnings will be distributed among all assets holders as well. Last but not least we shouldn’t underrate the promotional effect for NXT which such a movie could have (assuming of course that the film script gets made into one), especially since it’s one of the main goals of this project.

I hope you enjoyed the market report as much as I did writing it. Please leave your feedback at nxtforum.org.

This market report is for general information and news purposes only. It does not take into account the reader’s personal circumstances, objectives or attitude towards risk. It is not (and is not intended to be) any form of advice, recommendation, representation, or endorsement by the author or the web site owner and should not be relied upon when making (or refraining from making) any investment decision.

NXT Market Report: 13 October 2014

Welcome to this week’s market report. To be honest, there aren’t that many new topics to write about. The last few days have been quite calm and unspectacular following the recent Bitcoin price crash. The market has recovered reasonably well since the last market report and we are now seeing the price up by 15.5% from its low, whereas during the same period NXT has lost another 2.2% in terms of market capitalization: the NXT/BTC price decreasing from 7500 satoshis to 6300. Unfortunately the trading volume hasn’t increased in line with expectations – during the week, daily volume averaged at USD 50’000 with a peak at USD 110’000 (10 October).

coinmarketcap 13102014source: coinmarketcap.com

NXT AE: the biggest decentralized Asset Exchange by far

Since its launch in Mid May, the NXT Asset Exchange has been proving its functionality day by day. 325 different assets are now listed on the exchange, of which several dozen are promising. Possible reasons for the Exchange’s popularity include the potential to earn dividends, the opportunity to acquire assets that increase in value and the ground-breaking nature of the idea itself.

The Nxt Asset Exchange is already by far the biggest one out there in the crypto world and is steadily growing; its average daily trading volume is equivalent to about USD 50’000 (source: mynxt.info). To date, the largest daily traded volume occurred on 6 September, the day the SuperNET ICO started, when an incredible 23.6m NXT worth of assets was traded, equivalent to about USD 560’000 at today’s rates. Neither the MasterXchange nor the Counterparty DEX have comparable figures.

What’s going on in the NXT Asset Exchange?

FunBot: The FunBotV1 trading bot has now been live for 2 weeks and so far has been working well. The dividends are paid exactly on time and the transparency is fine. The issuer has announced the creation of FunBotV2 within the next 6 weeks (see post #185). While FunBotV1 is a full automated trading bot which exploits arbitrage opportunities the FunBotV2 is a thinker using advanced technical analysis and therefore invests more for the long term. FunBotV2 will be tested over the next days and go live in the next 4 weeks.

Altcoinherald: Altcoinherald announced its IPO some time ago (2 September) and has already raised about 530’000 NXT for further development of their crypto news site. The asset is interesting because of the soon-to-be-paid first dividend (1 November), the qualification for which is owning the asset on October 15, 2014.

Based on this, we’re forecasting that our first dividend payment – issued every 2 weeks beginning November 1, 2014 – will roughly be around $555.00 – divided proportionally to all shareholders of record as of October 15, 2014. (source: nxtforum.org, post #69)

Calculated at today’s rates and with 530’000 sold shares that will be 0.04 NXT/share. That’s 4% per month or 48% per year – a so called dividend bonanza!

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to leave your feedback at nxtforum.org.

This market report is for general information and news purposes only. It does not take into account the reader’s personal circumstances, objectives or attitude towards risk. It is not (and is not intended to be) any form of advice, recommendation, representation, or endorsement by the author or the web site owner and should not be relied upon when making (or refraining from making) any investment decision.

NXT Market Report: 6 October 2014


Welcome to this week’s market report. The last seven days have been spectacular and very interesting. We’ve seen a massive decrease in the price of Bitcoin and, at the same time, the launch of a number of promising NXT projects. As usual we start the report by comparing market capitalizations. NXT has declined in price by 13.9% whereas Bitcoin has fallen by 14.6% – overall the price of NXT remains stable, which is obviously nice (NXT is probably the most stable crypto currency out there). In contrast Bitcoin’s price decline continued down to USD 290 each (source: bitcoinaverage.com). According to rumor, the market is being manipulated by the Chinese exchanges OKCoin, Huobi and BTC China. In essence, they are using trading bots to buy and sell ‘fake’ Bitcoins introduced by the exchanges themselves. This idea is especially plausible because none of the three exchanges  charge a fee for the trading itself, which makes a lot of people wonder how they can still be profitable. Read more here about Bitcoin’s price decline.

coinmarketcap 06102014source: coinmarketcap.com

Jinn Labs launches its asset using, for  the first time ever on the NXT Asset Exchange, a dutch auction

Jinn Labs, a project founded by Come-from-Beyond, Uniqueorn and wesleyh organized the first ever dutch auction on the NXT Asset Exchange for their public offering (see ANN thread). In a dutch auction the investor places a buy order at the price he’s prepared to pay for a share. At the end of the auction, bids are filled from the highest bid price down until the desired amount has been raised. The last bid order to be filled determines the price for all other participants so that everyone pays the same amount per share. To ensure fairness, the seller does not disclose in advance when he is going to place his sell order. After the auction Jinn Labs reimbursed the investors who paid a higher bid than the final 85 NXT per share.

Jinn has already been in development for several months behind the scenes and has now gone public in order to raise capital for further investments. Jinn is expected to be fully developed Q4 2015. But what, in fact, is Jinn?

Jinn is a general purpose processor based on ternary logic with hardware support for distributed computing. This project also includes the Jiniri Limited (single-node) and Jiniri Unlimited (multi-node) emulators, in addition we are creating a monetized proof-of-concept game. (quoted from jinnlabs.com)

Jinn’s asset has great potential – the token started at the IPO price of 85 NXT per share and is now trading at around 250 NXT. The token only represents a share of the profits, which is paid as a dividend on the first day of every month. The team working on Jinn is very talented and has been consistently delivering solid work ever since NXT was launched nearly a year ago. Furthermore the Jinn project is well organized with a clear way of communication and a realistic timeline.

Launch of two rating services

During the last week two new rating services have been launched.


NXTinspect was founded by whalejefdiesel and chanc3r. They are offering asset reviews, due diligence on asset issuers, research work and escrow services. The IPO was sold out within a few minutes due to two big investors who bought up all the offered shares. Luckily one of those was jl777, who distributed a good chunk of his NXTinspect as SuperNET and NXTventure dividends. The proportion in which owners of SuperNET and NXTventure received NXTinspect assets was 1:16. In total 1’000’000 NXTinspect assets have been issued of which 40% will belong to the founders and 60% will be sold as IPO shares at 1 Nxt in two batches. As already stated the first tranche is sold out.

Kongzi News Service

Kongzi News Service, issued by printshop (who already manages KPS), announced its launch 4 days after that of NXTinspect.

Details regarding the nature of the KNS service and the structure of its IPO can be found here: nxtforum, post #49.

As can, starting with the opening post of that thread, the considered opinions of KNS and NXTinspect about the other’s service.

I myself do not express any opinion about the respective merits of the two services except to say that they offer a genuine choice for consumers and that is all to the good: competition drives excellence!

What’s going on in the Asset Exchange?

FunBotV1: The asset FunBotV1 represents a full automated trading bot, which exploits arbitrage opportunities on Bter, CryptsyPoloniex and SecureAE. Additionally the bot includes a market making logic on all four exchanges. The asset issuer aims at 8-10% profit per month of which 70% is distributed among FunBotV1 asset holders. The other 30% will be distributed among the holders of the asset FunBotReve

While FunBotV1 represents 1 NXT in the bankroll used by the trading bot, FunBotReve only represents the value of the upcoming dividends. The asset issuer FunBot is already working on a FunBotV2 (see post #198). This will be represented by an asset similar to FunBotV1, which will receive 70% of the profit, the other 30% to be distributed among the holders of the FunBotReve asset, which explains why, in the 2 days following the announcement, there was a 40% increase in price.

Thanks for reading the NXT Market Report – please leave your feedback in the nxtforum.org.

This market report is for general information and news purposes only. It does not take into account the reader’s personal circumstances, objectives or attitude towards risk. It is not (and is not intended to be) any form of advice, recommendation, representation, or endorsement by the author or the web site owner and should not be relied upon when making (or refraining from making) any investment decision.


Berlin Conference

Inside Bitcoins Conference

written by Salsacz.

Bitcoin conf is like a scifi convention with business cards and almost without women. All of them are just nerds in a different stadium of age or wealth. I had to spend 12 hours in 11 buses to get from South Bohemia to Berlin, but all was OK, now snow, so no complications. Me (salsacz), l8rrie and Bitventurere bought network passes, so we could talk business at the conf  hall, while admiral.fu, our sponsor who got t-shirts for us, flew from Sweden and bought a ticket for sessions. I brought business cards, they were essential, + stickers and infographic. It was also useful, some people wanted to talk about myths… But there was no problem to talk about PoS distribution, all Bitcoin lovers now know PoW is not perfect. Bitventurer (Hamburk) brought flyers and one surprise and l8rrie (local), it was our secret weapon, a developer of Asset exchange with very fluent english and native german was very useful 🙂 Btw I was buying not only a conf ticket, but also a hotel by Bitcoins, right before the crash, so I was lucky to sell all my Bitcoins 😀

The job of Nxt conf ambassador is very exhausting, you spend all day by talking about Nxt with tenths of guys. So your legs suffer, your voice and if you are not using your native language, the brain is tired too. So after first day I even didn’t have any dinner, I just passed after I came to the hotel room. It is very different than homeoffice and such jobs should be paid by gold 😀 Especially if you are also dealing with real business and need to decide how much you can spend on bribes for conference organisators. So we gave away one Nxt t-shirt. And little more.

What were the hot topics?
1.   You can build new coins on top of Nxt. We would really like to have some application for that, so you can create a new coin by clicking at one button
2.   Green energy
3.   100% Proof of stake
4.   Zerocoin protocol, Asset exchange
5.   Decentralized apps – twitter, facebook, email, storage, all decentralized and built on top of the Nxt
6.   Decentralized leadership and community
7.   Blockchain shrinking
8.   Positives over Ethereum
9.   DACs, Smart contracts, Lego platform from Ethereum
10.   Decentralized Games, Poker

Which coins were at the conference?
–   Bitcoin – but only some miners..
–   Mastercoin – Mastercoin guys are very kind. We had nice chats, it looks like they are little disappointed with their situation. They have some plans to the future, but right now they even don’t advise to use it. So no competition, but very friendly guys
–   Nxt – 4 ambassadors + 1 guy from the topic, about 2 holders and 10 potential buyers, maybe more. Tons of people talked about buying Nxt so they could catch the train 🙂
How many naked ladies attended a convention?
– 0
I had a funny talk with a guy from Iceland mining company. But he didn’t know it. He was excited as he could answer my questions, but inside me I was rofling how screwed Bitcoins are thanks to this centralized machine. It is based on unfair pow mining that is much cheaper on Iceland. So it will become centralized. Another thing is, you can buy 1 ghash for a year for 8 Dollars. So it is now similar to Nxt. Buying their gigahashes is a proof of stake system, however leading to the centralization.

There weren’t a lot of journalists. But thanks to RT we got a nice attention on TV. A 4 minutes long spot about Bitcoins and Bitcoin conference was on air every hour in the news on RT. The spot from the conf was quite short and then with a little interview with some guy, but then the moderator went to the Bitcoin bar. I was quite surprised how sofisticated, informed and well instroduced were Bitcoins, however there was no place for altcoins or Nxt. Even the interview with BTC China guy wasn’t chosen.

The most interesting guy was probably the CEO from Cryptoventures, an experienced manager, who was born in Italy and the lived in Argentina, Spain and… London? L8rrie will surely provide much detailed info about discussed stuff. Nxt’s altcoins will become a currency in African states and in Casinos. This guy will help provide contacts. We need to provide an easy platform for creating and mainteaning such coins. So the new topic for Nxt article is definitely „How can coins built on top of Nxt’s platform become a national currency and how could they be used, mainteaned and regulated?“ + the same thing with casinos.

We talked with a lot of companies about coordination with Nxt. Or to get more dev contacts, we we would be able to build all decentralized internet on top of the Nxt. We intriduced Nxt to..30-50 people? So now we can cooperate with OpenCoin, Hive, BitAngels, Dots for Bits… Sadly there reren’t exchanges, only real life german and BTC China 😀 Also we have new contacts for crypto conventions, so we are invited to San Francisco (who will attend?), to Bitcoin Camp (Nevada?) and we also spent hours with the Texas guys. It was important to intriduce Nxt to all consultants, advisors and journalists, so now they can talk about Nxt to other more important persons. It was interesting to bank guys. There was a young ambassadors from Deutsche Bundesbank. They are trying to get to the cryptoworld somehow so they are researching the situation.

I am still too tired to think about it from the higher perspective. So just a little conclusion. We need to send 2-4 ambassadors to every Bitcoin conf/convention, it is really essential.

Salsacz takes donations in Nxt: 7781647458681721013
Resource: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=345619.msg5137706#msg5137706

Just about to start up…

Forge NXT on a raspi

…so nothing to read about NXT here – yet!

There is an easy solution though, if you want to know about NXT. Read Bitcoin articles. When future groundbreaking possibilities to the use of Bitcoin are announced, just think: But… This already exists? It has all been built into the core of NXT.

Then remember the problems NOT touched upon by the Bitcoin fans – the built in risk of centralization, 51% attacks and how bitcoin mining is slowly turning into an environmental catastrophe. Issues which has been successfully solved by the developers of NXT. Then you may just begin to realize what NXT is, and why NXT is called a 2. generation crypto platform. And the Transparent Forging feature of NXT – let’s get back to that later.

Join the movement.

The revolution will not be centralized. It will be you.