A Week With Mrv777


We are happy to announce this week's NxterPuzzle prize keyholder: mrv777!

Insightful, helpful. And with a squirrel as his trademark. Here's a community man on a mission.

You'll find him in ardornxt.slack, #developers, #marketing, #general, #helpdesk, pushing ideas, asking for ideas, helping others, proposing optimizations, or announcing another new update of his Ardor Lite app for Android, Windows, browsers. He's on Discord, on Twitter, and in front of the screen programming open source apps and services, what he finds the community needs. Like... this blockchain explorer!

But who is this mrv777?

Follow his Twitter account and learn more about him and his great projects, as he feeds you with tweets and words from the passphrase to this week's Nxter Puzzle prize account. As always - collect them all, log in to the prize account, and the IGNIS in it will be yours if you're first to transfer them out.

The puzzle prize is kindly sponsored by the Ardor & Nxt Group. Thanks! Puzzle idea and Puzzle Master is @madfox1234.

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