New GUI proposal for Ardor’s Decentralized Exchange

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One of history’s first stable unregulated DEX’s hit the crypto sphere in March 2014. It was built into the Nxt blockchain and was an instant success. It was easy to issue asset tokens on Nxt, so the “AE” soon gave birth to various projects, from community meme-coins to crowdfunding campaigns for Waves-founder Sasha Ivanov and his exchange, pre-sale of SIA, NEM-stakes, the asset empire of Komodo’s lead developer jl777, Bitcoin- and fiat-pegged tokens, Jinn – a binary processor startup which later gave birth to IOTA, and many types of dividend-paying assets backed by trading bots, altcoin miners, even profit-shares in a real café. Those were the days (for Nxt), before others took the inspiration and went with it. Now, 6 years later, you see DeFi and DEX’s all over the place.

The Ardor Asset DEX UI looks exactly like the old Nxt Asset Exchange – it hasn’t changed a bit. Well, Ardor asset tokens are born with more features, as they are global (can be traded on any Ardor child chain against that child chain token), but up until now nobody has cared to update the user interface, and also, nobody runs an online front of the DEX.

The IGNIS DEX submission

HebeBlock-developer Zhang participated in the Ardor Community Hackathon 2020 with a submission that gives a facelift to the old Nxt Asset exchange GUI. Converted to work on the IGNIS child chain, and with the example of trading IGNIS against an USDT-pegged asset.

The github readme instructs how to set up other and more trading pairs.

Demo: https://ignisdex.exhebe.com
Source code: https://github.com/317482454/IgnisDex

The judges voted the IgnisDEX submission a winner, with a fine 6th place in the Ardor hackathon.

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