Nxt News – December 2016 (II): Building on Ardor

December 2016 (II)   Here are some of the latest news about Nxt over this past week in December. NXT COMMUNITY Janus – Changes its ICO format Adel – Creating Opportunities for Blockchain Innovation Alias System – New Infographic about Ardor DEVELOPMENT NXTBridge – Add-on to the Plugin NXT IN THE MEDIA Forbes – Nxt, ARDR …

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Nxt news – November 2016 (IV): Good Wine Gets Better with Age

November 2016 (IV)   Here, we bring you some of the latest news about Nxt over this past week in November: DEVELOPMENT Hack for Democracy: First Hackathon about Online Voting NXT IN THE MEDIA CryptoHolics – Interview with Travin Keith and Dave Pearce IBS Intelligence – Nxt’s Third Birthday Snapshot – Most Units are Already …

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Nxt news – November 2016 (III): I am not young enough to know everything

November 2016 (III)   Here, we bring you some of the latest news about Nxt over this past week in November NXT IN THE MEDIA Nxt Folks – The Next Step Entrepreneur Podcast Network – Investing in Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology EUREM 2016 – First Blockchain Hackaton in Moldova NXT COMMUNITY NXT on the Exchanges – How …

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Nxt news – October 2016 (III): Welcome Mr. ARDR

October 2016 (III)   Slowly but surely, news about Nxt kept coming up this past week: ARDR has been Released! ARDR can Already be Traded at HitBTC and Some Other Exchanges High Volume of Trades at Nxt Asset Exchange New Version NRS  1.10.3 Megalodon Will Also Give Away ARDR Nxt Integrated on Azure Mentioned on …

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Nxt news – October 2016 (II): ARDR is almost here

October 2016 (II)   Slowly but surely, news about Nxt kept coming up this past week: The snapshot period for ARDR is about to end The holders of NXT at exchanges will receive ARDR Get a branded Nxt account for your business Infographics about Nxt’s features Blockchain is much bigger than Bitcoin The reward for forgers …

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Nxt news – October 2016 (I): Improved security

October 2016 (I)   Slowly but surely, news about Nxt kept coming up this past week: Nxter.org mentioned at Techbullion How to improve security when using the Nxt wallet Citizen blockchain Ardor and Nxt subreddits have been updated MyNxt will be managed by the Nxt Community Ardor at Bitcoin Wednesday ARDR distribution on the exchanges …

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Nxt news – September 2016 (IV): Nxt on Microsoft Azure

September 2016 (IV)   Slowly but surely, news about Nxt kept coming up this past week: Nxt on Microsoft Azure The official ARDR token has been presented Infographic about Nxt features NxtTipbot for Slack Project Rain keeps going on Weekly NXT price evolution Here below are more details about each of these:   Nxt on …

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Nxt news – September 2016 (III): Slowly but surely

September 2016 (III)   Slowly but surely, news about Nxt kept coming up this past week: The First book about Nxt is finally ready to print More testnodes are needed to test the mobile App PPA – The easiest and fastest way to install the NRS in Ubuntu NXT Community, Nxt on Telegram Governance of …

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Nxt news – September 2016 (II): Ignis is the future

September 2016 (II)   Here there is the latest compilation of Nxt news that have came up this past week: IGNIS, the next child chain ARDR is a bit closer Docker image: Nxt 1.10.2 LQD sets up a plan Rain Project: Delivering Nxt/Ardor to BOINC users New Solutions for Blockchain Scalability and Performance Marenkar has …

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Nxt news – September 2016 (I): Period of reflection

September 2016 (I)   September means going back to the grind for a lot of people. However, the Nxt ecosystem has kept going on even during the summer. That allows us to share with you now the fruits of that work. Here are our highlighted news for the week. New version of Nxt 1.10.2 The Nxt …

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Nxt news – August 2016 (V): Trustworthy information

August 2016 (V)   We are in the final rush during this last week of August and these are the main new topics of the week: Open ballot to choose the name of Ardor’s first Child Chain Megalodon’s campaign is mentioned in Forbes magazine and some other media Improprieties in an article published at Coindesk Riker …

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Nxt news – August 2016 (IV): The pioneer platform

August 2016 (IV) During the first weeks of August the Nxt network has validated over 11,000 transactions, and has distributed a total of 75,000NXT in fees, despite this being the month with least amount activity due to people going on holiday. This is a clear sign that Nxt is more alive than ever. Remember that it’s …

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Nxt news – August 2016 (III): NRS 1.10.1

August 2016 (III)   This week, we’ve completed 25% of the snapshot process for the future distribution of the ARDR token. Those of you who have kept their NXT stake from the beginning of this process (July, 14th), should have received 1/4th of your NXT stake in ARDR (and growing). However, the Nxt development team doesn’t …

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Nxt news – August 2016 (II): New Beta version

August 2016 (II)   Nxt doesn’t stop in August. Here’s some of the latest news about Nxt over this past week in August New experimental version 1.10.0.e launched Riker’s presentation about Nxt/Ardor Choosing the name for the Ardor’s first child chain. Interview with Dave Pearce, from the Nxt Foundation Another great dividend distribution from Liquid NXTP …

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Nxt news – August 2016: Building with Lego or modeling with clay

NXT NxtCoin 2. generation cryptocurrency news

August 2016 (I)


Nxt news keep coming. This week we’d like to remark:

Here below are more details about each of these:


  • New article about Nxt by Andrew Marshall for Cointelegraph

The magazine cointelegraph published an article that showed the advantages of Smart Transactions, a feature that is already available on Nxt and that all Ardor’s childchains will be able to use.

The article explains how a lot of the transactions that can be executed on the Nxt platform are intelligent: messages (encripted or not), phased transactions, issuing and buying/selling assets and coins, dividend payments, voting, etc. This preformatted intelligent transactions have been tested on the platform for a very long time, which guarantees a smooth performance with no errors, together with the ability to combine with other smart transactions in order to cover a wide variety of needs.

It is modulable, so the coding work needed to develop an application is significantly reduced. The article explains that working with Nxt’s Smart Transactions is like building with LEGO, while working with Ethereum is like modeling clay every time.

Link to the article: https://cointelegraph.com/news/nxtardor-platform-to-make-blockchain-cheaper-and-safer

Captura de imagen de la revista Cointelegraph
Main page picture of the article at Cointelegraph

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  • Nxters for equity

Dwayne Johnston, Nexter and youtuber, gives us his vision about the Ardor platform and explains us how, in his opinion, the Nxt technology has all the necessary tools to make the world a better place.

NXT introduces ARDOR and we take a giant leep into the future

In this vídeo, Dwayne alleges that ARDOR is going to be something big that will be useful to governments, companies and users. This is why it’s necessary that the people who belong to a minority has to have it’s own criptocurrency. In this way, they become financially autonomous and are able to fight against the economy that, in his opinion, is socially inefficient.

[vsw id=”yauHv5eONQQ” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

NXT crypto technology and PeaceCoin for black people and minorities

In this video, Dwayne breaks down what he already started to tell us in the previous video, how Nxt operates as well as the coin called PeaceCoin (inside Nxt’s Monetary System) and it’s goals. He also goes over things such as the intrinsic value of any coin; the current lack of a coin specific for minorities and the initial difficulties that a newcomer faces when buying their first coins, etc.

[vsw id=”T18TrkGxLao” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Defy the Financial Power Structure with NXT and PeaceCoin a NXT Currency

Here, Dwayne explains to us how minorities must invest in their own coin, and that the coin for them is PeaceCoin, which is released through the Nxt’s Monetary System.  Those minorities, he says, have to recover their dignity. They got off to a bad start because they were given a poor set of cards from the very beginning. He claims that it’s necessary to change the financial structure around us and that’s what he is trying to solve with Peacecoin.

[vsw id=”mkDB6shHx8c” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

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  • Damelon (Nxt Foundation) is interviewed in the first episode of Core TV

In this joyous interview, many relevant subjects about Nxt and the Nxt Foundation are discussed. Among them we would like to bring up here:

  1. Bas Wisselink’s (AKA Damelon) educational background, how he arrived into the world of crypto and how he has managed to focus his professional life around this world.
  2. The importance of Megaladon’s campaign to improve the number of Nxt public nodes. Actually, he expects to multiply the current number of nodes by 2 or 3.
  3. Parallels are made between Ethereum’s recent hardfork / rollback and the situation that happened years ago in Nxt, where 5,000,000 NXT was stolen from the exchange BTER. However, in that ocasion the Nxt community decided not to perform the rollback.
  4. How the concept “decentralization” can be combined together with the existence of a lead developer.
  5. The Foundation’s point of view and objectives and that don’t have to be the same that all the Nxters may have (as it would be impossible). Aditionally, another group could take the initiative and launch his own foundation with different goals.
  6. The difference between “price” and “value” for a criptocurrency.
  7. The differences between Ardor’s childchains and the sidechains that are projected with other coins.
  8. The distribution process and the later period to buy/sell ARDR, preceding the full release of the Ardor platform. It was made this way to avoid (unfair) accusations of bad token distribution like the ones Nxt suffer from in the beginning.
  9. It mustn’t be strange that some members of the Nxt Foundation or from the Development team have started some parallel projects besides Nxt. The names can change, but the projects will last so that they can be continued by anyone who wants and has enough skills.

[vsw id=”Dzt59pkBYnU” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

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  • Update about the several campaigns running to promote forging

Forging is going up. In addition to Megalodon’s initiative (explined in this previous article), some Nxters are starting to voluntarily pay higher fees for their transactions. This adds up to Megalodon’s campaing, the NSC campaign and the Forging Bounty Lotery. A real chance to earn some NXT while strengthening the Nxt network at the same time.

Source: https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/5-million-nxt-bounty-for-nxt-ardor-forgers/msg222551/#msg222551

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  • Bounty program for Nxt/Ardor guides and FAQs

OutSL has won the first 5,000NXT of the Bounty program for Nxt/Ardor guides and FAQ creation.

The video looks nice and its detailed content will be really helpful to the newcomers to the Nxt platform. They will be able to visually follow all the procedures step-by-step to install and execute the Nxt wallet on their computer. Here is the result:

[vsw id=”Enwf_mm69sw” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Source: https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/(tnsse)-bounty-program-for-nxt-ardor-guides-and-faq’s/msg222643/#msg222643

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  • DeBuNe again on the tabloids

Audo Kryptowitz and Robert Bold wrote this article about DeBuNe. The DeBuNe project aims to build a collaborative network that will allow users to build a genuinely free market economy, opposite to the current situation where lobbies and other powers have the ability to influence the decision making process.

With the burst of the blockchain technology, it’s no longer necessary that a superior entity coordinates/influences the entire process. All the users are specialized and are able to self-coordinate and self-organize themselves. That’s what the DeBuNe project aims to do.

Source: http://www.digitalcatallaxy.com/articles/independent-business-units-on-a-decentralized-business-network

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NXT Weekly – 26.11.14

1 year has now gone by since the Nxt genesis block was created, and it’s 4 months since the last NXT Newsletter was sent out. What’s been happening in NxtVille since then? Oh, just an explosion of development, community activity, and drama, so there’s nothing new to report, eh? Wrong! Let’s catch up. This week’s topics: …

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NXT Newsletter #14

nxt newsletter

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NXT Newsletter #12

NXT NxtCoin 2. generation cryptocurrency news

Welcome NXTers, newcomers and long time community members. Are we moving? … Yes we are. Tokens are being traded on our decentralized AE, a team of 5 fabulous veteran Nxters attended Bitcoin 2014 , Cointropolis are on fire, and next up is PayExpo, where Nxt is official “Crypto Currency Partner”. And the code behind all …

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