Nxt News – December 2016 (II): Building on Ardor

Newsletter-topDecember 2016 (II)


Here are some of the latest news about Nxt over this past week in December.


Below, are more details about these news pieces:


  • Janus – Changes its ICO format

As we announced in our previous newsletter, Janus has decided to stop selling the token for its ICO in the it was being carried out. Investors who have already sent their money to the ESCROW account are being paid back. The ICO, however, has only had its strategy changed and now runs exclusively on the Nxt AE. Investors can choose to reinvest in the company by means of the new ICO format that the company has chosen:

bjorn_blockchain states:

Thank you to everyone who has supported our team and the Janus project. We have come to a decision that it’s best for all parties to end the token sale as it stands in it’s current form. We have added an option in your accounts to save a BTC or NXT address on the site that will be used to send refunds back to you.

However, this doesn’t mean that the project has been called off. Janus‘ team just decided to use Nxt’s Asset Exchange as the only method allowed for investors to take part in their crowdfunding campaign.

Those who wish to stay with our team and business goals can still share in our future to some degree.

We’ll be actively in development of the sites described in our white paper, and as such will release Janus tokens on the NXT Asset Exchange in intervals.

  • We will release 10,500,000 Janus (JNS) every 4 months. 31,500,000 yearly
  • Price currently is set to 1.5 NXT per 1 Janus token. You can purchase tokens right now in your NXT wallets on the asset exchange.
  • Price per Janus each distribution will be change every 4 months no matter what the current price it’s trading at, it will be posted 50-100% higher.

Since the start of this first round of funding, the sales of the token show that it has been well-received by the community. The asset is called Janus with Asset ID: 4348103880042995903 and has been issued by the Nxt account NXT-QG74-VNQK-7FQ3-4KFBA.

Preliminary notice

But that’s not all.

We will add Nxt to Betterbets.io and each month calculate the 90% of the NXT earned (some months won’t always be profit, remember its a casino – people will win sometimes). I’m going to try and keep the dividends sent around the same time [each month].

To give you a quick backstory, right now our current investors (on the BTC end) receive monthly income from our casino on the 1st of each month. We will probably follow a similar process for Janus Nxt. This way you won’t have to think or ask – you’ll always know, ok the Janus team will be sending dividends on the 2nd day of each month.

bjorn_bb continues:

Once this officially launches on January 15th we’ll turn focus towards some marketing for the site until second week in February. Then Lobos and Luis and I will focus on prepping beta testing for the Social fintech site  and gain some user input. And cross your fingers we get a nice mainstream launch right around the time Ardor hits.

Source and more information: https://nxtforum.org/the-janus-projecthttps://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1677509.0;all, Janus’ channel on Nxtchat on Slack.

ALSO READ: Janus – Under the Knife, review.


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  • Adel – Creating Opportunities for Blockchain Innovation

This week, there was an announcement on the forum about the future launching of Adel, a new cryptocurrency community that will benefit from the technology of Nxt, to create, develop, and implement use cases involving blockchain technology that covers a wide-range of digital and physical industries. Adel intends to utilize the innovations of the blockchain to build and coordinate profitable business, thus creating opportunities for investment, innovation, and employment.

The first in its series of whitepapers have already been published where details are offered about the the future operation model of Adel – Whitepaper Link.

On the 1st of March, 2017, the first round of funding will take place in order to distribute the Adel token, Adelphoi, among the participants with an ICO. The Adelphoi token will be launched on Nxt’s Asset Exchange and it will act as the fuel for proper operation of Adel.

Gabriel Dusil, Co-founder and board member of Adel, states:

Adel’s vision is to create a decentralized, self-regulated and self-sustaining macroeconomic ecosystem for blockchain innovation with a mission to be a global leader in community-based funding. Adel’s value is in the core principles of its ecosystem. This ecosystem promotes the use of blockchain technology, creating innovative solutions for various industries. By leveraging the expertise of the Board, R&D team, and its community members, Adel establishes a supportive and collaborative environment for state-of-the-art projects.

Source and more information: https://www.adelphoi.io




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  • Alias System – New Infographic About Ardor

Travin Keith, of the Nxt Foundation, together with Savandra, have presented a new infographic that showcases a feature of the Ardor platform. This time, the feature chosen was the Alias System, which we can see below.

We’d like to remind you that the first infographic about Ardor in this series was devoted to the Coin Shuffle feature. Likewise, some Nxt’s infographics have also been published, such as: coin/asset shuffle, alias system and decentralized voting.


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  • NXTBridge – Add-on to the Plugin

Scor2k, developer of the NXTBridge plugin, which allows users to integrate Nxt in WordPress, has published a small update about this plugin at Nxtforum.

Small addon to NXTBridge plugin, which allow you to check unsigned transaction and sign it locally without internet connections. This addon we gonna use with NXTBridge when we complete the next stable version with the addition of a new NXT Wallet function.

Simple way to check this addon for its honesty is to run it on a dedicated browser with incorrect proxy settings (like with opened developer tools (F12) on Network tab.

Repository: https://bitbucket.org/scor2k/nxtbridge-offline
Direct link: https://bitbucket.org/scor2k/nxtbridge-offline/downloads/index.min.html

TheNxtBridge plugin is developed in collaboration with Nxter.org.

Push it forward by donating to the developer-> NXT-FRNZ-PDJF-2CQT-DQ4WQ

Source and more information: https://nxtforum.org/nxt-projects/(nxtbridge)-wordpress-plugin-for-nxt-users/msg228155/#msg228155, also see: Nxt news – December 2016 (I)


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  • Forbes – Nxt, ARDR & Adel

Roger Aitken published an article in Forbes.com which goes over the future launch of Adel, the blockchain startup incubator that will use Nxt to develop, support, and fund innovative start-ups. The article explains that the Adel ecosystem is made of stakeholders, registered community members, staff from across the world, a Project Review Committee, and the Adel Board, all together aiming to help projects achieve success.

The text also explains that Adel chose Nxt because of its proven track record as it provides a number of features that benefit the community-based ecosystem that Adel represents. Once Ardor is launched, (expected in the 3rd quarter of 2017) Adel will use its extended features as well.

Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/rogeraitken/2016/12/06/adel-fintech-incubator-unveils-crowdfund-using-nxts-blockchain/#7d2a89453883

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  • Weekly NXT/ARDR Price Evolution

The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex for this past week:

The following graphic shows the ARDR / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex for this past week:

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Nxt news – November 2016 (IV): Good Wine Gets Better with Age

Newsletter-topNovember 2016 (IV)


Here, we bring you some of the latest news about Nxt over this past week in November:



Below, we give you more details about these news:



  • Hack for Democracy: First Hackathon about Online Voting

Martis has announced, on NxtChat on Slack, a hackaton for elections, organized by Tech City Lithuania, which will take place from the 2nd to the 4th of December, 2016. Since one of Nxt’s most exclusive and groundbreaking features is the Decentralized Voting System (which, in some occasions, has already been used by some other  corporations), it might be beneficial for some members of the Nxt community take part in this hackaton.

Here’s the original announcement that was published on Slack:

Democracy is not inevitable or a given; it must be sustained and strengthened by each generation. Today, democracy in the World is challenged by unlimited political contributions, polarized legislatures and opaque processes. Nevertheless, technology can make an important contribution toward improving democratic institutions.

With a strong belief in technology, “Tech City Lithuania” is organizing a hackathon focused on elections, politics and open democratic processes.

How can you participate?

Do you have an idea how to organize online voting? What tools do we need to improve data security? What data would make elections more transparent? Join civic hackers, data analysts and designers to make progress on these and other questions related to elections and politics.


These are the main tasks to be solved during the hackaton:

1. Display of voting results in real time
2. Data security
3. Voter identity authentication
4. Voters’ activity
5. Trust (possibility to check, that their vote was not changed and for vote anonymity)
6. All solutions in one

This is why they are looking for coders who could participate in it. People interested in helping with this event to use the Nxt blockchain should join the #developers channel on Nxtchat on Slack.

Source: https://nxtchat.slack.com/archives/general/p1479983457012945

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  • CryptoHolics – Interview with Travin Keith and Dave Pearce

Cryptoholics did an interesting interview with the members of the Nxt Foundation – Travin Keith (AKA marenkar) and Dave Pearce (AKA evildave).

After a short introduction, Travin and Dave started the interview with a thorough explanation of the differences between Bitcoin and Nxt, pointing out the innovative and disruptive features that it has. Nxt isn’t just a coin, because it also has an Asset Exchange, Coin Shuffle, Data Cloud, as well as an official NRS client loaded with these functionalities and more. Anyone can create their own asset at a ridiculously low price. as well as use systems for many other functionalities that turn Nxt into a really complete decentralized cryptoplatform.

[vsw id=”sju2KIStV_I” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

The interview also deals with other subjects, such as:

– What Ardor is and what it intends: Dave and Travin explains how Ardor will have a main chain and a lot of child chains. This way, the blockchain bloat problem will be solved and anybody can launch their own chain secured by Ardor (the users of the chain won’t need to own ARDR), all while many transactions will take place per second.

Roadmap for the coming years: Governance in a decentralized community, what the current and future situation of cryptocoins are, and the Hyperledger project…

Source and more information: CryptoHolics Ep.03 – Interview with Travin Keith & Dave Pearce from the Nxt Foundation


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  • IBS Intelligence – Nxt’s Third Birthday

This past week, Nxt celebrated the third anniversary of its launch. Nxt was launched on the 24th of November, 2013, at 12:00 GMT. This 2.0 blockchain, also the first 100% PoS one, has had many changes and suffered big evolutions since its inception. Innovation and the inclusion of new features have been a constant trend during these three years, thus keeping Nxt at the forefront in its field and establishing a great level of security that some other supposed alternative coins can’t even imagine, all together with a passionate community surround it. So… HAPPY BIRTHDAY NXT!

Scott Thompson, editor at IBS Intelligence, wrote an article about Nxt where some current usage statistics are shown. Among them include: 2.3 million of transactions made, 160 000 accounts opened and 800 assets issued. Bas Wisselink, as a member of the Nxt Foundation and of Jelurida, also takes part in the article by expressing his hopes about the future of the platform.


Source: https://ibsintelligence.com/ibs-journal/ibs-news/nxt-celebrates-3-year-anniversary/


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  • Snapshot – Most Units are Already Sold

Next Tuesday, November 29, 2016, will be the last day people are able to buy the printed edition of the book Nxt – Unsurpassable Blockchain Solutions on Nxt’s Marketplace.

Ludom says:

How to buy the printed book
If you want to buy the printed collector book (200 numbered unit), you can buy it on our Nxt shop : NXT-DE5P-4A5T-6SHU-7FHCV.

This shop is open from 22nd Nov to the 29th Nov. The price is ~35$ in NXT, the price will be updated regularly.

The world wide shipping costs are already counted in this price. Don’t forget to send me your postal address.

How to buy the ebook (PDF+EPUB)

You can buy the e-book all the time on the shop. The price is 1600 NXT.

We’ll send a download link in the delivery message. We’ve already sent the download link to the assets holders (ebookeng, ebookfre, ebookrus). This assets don’t have any value now. If you want to buy the e-book, you’ll have to use the Marketplace shop.


More information: Nxt news – November 2016 (III): I’m not young enough to know everything


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  • Come-From-Beyond – Publishes BCNext Account’s Private Key

During these celebrations, Come-From-Beyond, one of the first developers of Nxt, made the following announcement on BitcoinTalk:

BCNext decided to stay anonymous. To execute his will I publish the private key to 1BCN1ugdKdWd9pQ8Am9hMhtHZfmbXzxE8a address which was used to sign his messages, till today only BCNext had access to the key, since today everyone does. Feel free to take those few satoshis left on the address.

This surprising and brief message has served, for some community members, as confirmation to their suspicions, and it has taken them no time to assert that BCNext’s true identity is CFB, a presumption that has been in their minds for a long time, but lacked substantial evidence. For those people, this has been the definitive confirmation.

However, some other voices claim that, despite this suspicious statement, there are still some reasonable doubts about the real identity of BCNext, because many members of the original development team could have previously accessed that private key (and not just one person), so it will be impossible to assert who truly is the real person behind BCNext.


The ambiguity in the message from CFB (maybe consciously, maybe not) won’t let us draw definitive conclusions, and it makes all theories, to some degree, plausible. And maybe the lack of definite and undeniable evidences is the best because, this way, all Nxters can keep their mental picture of the person who was able to reflect the great, brilliant and original idea that, in the end, has resulted in the Nxt we know today. The debate is still on, so… Imagine!

More information: http://test.nxter.org/bcnexts-nxt

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  • NXT Debit Card – Make purchases with your NXTs

User nxtdebitcard, a newcomer to the community, announced a few weeks ago on Nxtforum.org about the first NXT-funded debit card, together with a service for recharging your mobile number all around the world and many other services, all of them offered by the UQUID team.

Some of the advantages announced by the card issuer are as follows:

No deposit fee – Anonymous – Multi cards buy support – Fast and free delivery

To be able to use it, we have to sign in to UQUID, where a new Nxt account will be assigned to us, so that we can make our deposits. The NXT sent there will be automatically converted to USD/EUR, at market price, by means of the Shapeshift service.

As with any other service, prior to using it, we recommend that everyone carefully reads the terms of use and the fees charged when using that service which, sometimes, can be significant. Some well-known forum users have already tried the card in a test buy with no problem.

I can confirm, that I ordered card and received it (in 2 weeks). Funded it and spent some EUR in shop with it.

However, Bitcoin debit cards have been around for quite some time, like the ones offered by Wirex, Xapo, etc. Since the Nxt Reference Software allows us to directly use the Shapeshift service, by means of a couple of clicks we can convert some of our NXT into BTC, and use them to recharge our Bitcoin debit card on the platform we choose. We could also use the Nxt  Asset Exchange to buy SuperBTC (every SuperBTC asset is 100% backed with real BTC) in a decentralized manner, and use the Multigateway services to send these BTC to our card’s deposit account.


As we always do, we’d like to remind you to take the necessary precautions when trusting your NXT with third parties. These services use Nxt but are not a part of Nxt, so the security level offered by the NRS (where only you know your secret passphrase and where you can even set greater level of security with the Account control) won’t be the same once we’ve sent our NXT to these centralized external platforms.

Source and more information: https://uquid.com/nxt-debit-card



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  • Weekly NXT/ARDR Price Evolution

The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex over this past week:


The following graphic shows the ARDR / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex over this past week:

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Nxt news – November 2016 (III): I am not young enough to know everything

Newsletter-topNovember 2016 (III)


Here, we bring you some of the latest news about Nxt over this past week in November



Below, we give you more details about these news:


  • NXT Folks – The Next Step

re-issues an article previously published in 2014, a time when the author was very excited about the potential of blockchain technology and the social implications that this technology would bring with it. The article details the several issues that the Bitcoin was going to face if it was going to be used massively as a coin. The text also goes over the great features that Nxt has which solves some of the previously exposed problems which are inherent to other PoW and PoS coins.

It’s amazing to see how, after two years have passed, many of the initial objectives that Bitcoin and other blockchains were hunting at that time have been abandoned or changed towards other ones – a clear signal that this technology is still very much in its early stage and has a long way ahead.


Source: https://nxtfolks.com/2016/11/15/the-nxt-step-written-in-july-2014/

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  • Entrepreneur Podcast Network – Investing in Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology

This article explains how the cryptocoins markets are attracting attention of different kinds of speculators, some of whom are without an adequate background, who come to these markets distracted by siren calls by many testimonials who assert having won big amounts of money in short periods of time.

However, the text recalls the risks of operating in such volatile markets, where big oscillations in the price of coins usually take place. These markets aren’t backed by any government, nor are covered by government insurance programs. Besides this, in many of these coins, especially the ones with smaller market caps, tokens are staked by a small group of speculators who are able to move the price up and down at their will, usually in order to improve their profits.

The author also details some of the amazing features that Nxt, a blockchain 2.0 platform, has, that when Ardor is launched, will be available to businesses when issuing their own child chains. This way, unlike most crypto coins out there, it will become a full-featured platform and not just another coin as Nxt technology could be used for a wide variety of real life applications in business.


Source: http://epodcastnetwork.com/investing-in-bitcoin-and-blockchain-technology//

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  • EUREM 2016 – First Blokchain Hackaton in Moldova

Lee Gibson Grant of the Drachmae project, together with the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova will hold a Blockchain Hackathon on the 24th of November, 2016, within the congress EUREM 2016. This Hackathon that will take place in Moldova will use the tools and features provided by the Nxt blokchain. Topics for the Hackathon are based on four categories to be presented to judges and technology demonstration: Digital Identity, E-Governance, Financial inclusion and Economic stimulation.

The Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova, is organizing on November 24 – 25, 2016, the International Jean Monnet EUREM 2016 Conference “Modern issues of EU’s development and relations between EU and Republic of Moldova”.

in order to assess how technologies can help Moldova to better integrate into European and global networks, within the EUREM 2016 Conference the following events are organized by Drachmae Project to present introductory workshops for blockchain technology to EUREM Attendees.

hackatonSetting up such a big event requires a lot of time and involving many parties and people. That’s the reason why Lee has made the following call to the members of the Nxt Community who are able and willing to help:drachmae

Source and more information: https://nxtchat.slack.com/archives/general/p1479319871012219

Techannouncer.com – Successful trends and prospects of the Moldovan economy adjusted to EU norms and introduction of Blockchain Technology



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  • NXT on the Exchanges – How to integrate it

All the information and steps required in order to integrate NXT in exchanges has been recently added into the Nxt Wiki. This document will only become a final document just after a thorough review has taken place.

This new entry intends to make it as easy as possible for exchanges so that users can buy and sell NXT/ARDR on their platforms.


Source: https://nxtwiki.org/wiki/Exchange_Integration

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  • Nxt 2.0 Child chains – Not a Sharding Scheme

Last week, we mentioned that Riker, a Nxt core developer, considered Nxt, ETH, Bitcoin, etc. as examples of blockchains that can’t grow indefinitely. When Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum core developer, was asked about it by one of his followers, he stated on Reddit:

“The NXT 2.0 design last time I reviewed it still requires all nodes to either process all transactions or store all data, so it’s not a full sharding scheme.”

However, the Nxt 2.0 roadmap (a document which, obviously, Vitalik hasn’t had time to read), states that this is not about setting up a sharding scheme, but pruning unneeded data once a certain time has passed.

Riker said at Nxtforum:

In NXT 2.0 all nodes still process all transactions but only store the last 24 hours of each child chain.
However, we should have the ability to separate each child chain into it’s own subnet of nodes, so that only the Ardor chain transactions are validated by all nodes.
Recall that each child chain block becomes ChildChainBlock transaction on the Ardor chain so the potential savings is in the ratio of 1:100 or more.

I tried to learn about Ethereum sharding but only found 20 minutes of mostly hand waving presentation by Vitalik https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QIt3mKLIYU from which I learn that the blockchain will be separated into “shards” and then magically using a lot of “Merkle contracts” and “Merkle proofs” and “Async contracts” it would somehow allow transactions between these shards, if anyone understands this better I’ll be happy to learn more and compare this to our clearly explained NXT 2.0 roadmap.

I also found a semi-deserted github repository https://github.com/ethereum/EIPs/issues/53 in which Vitalik further explains his vision. This seems to be more of a vision then a real design document.

And it doesn’t look that Ethereum made serious progress on this since the concept was introduced last year.
Did anyone see a clearly defined Ethereum 2.0 roadmap?


Source and more information: Nxt news – November 2016 (II): Don’t be a magician – be magic!


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  • Tipper Service –  Version 0.1

Nxtswe went over the latest novelties for tipper, the tipping monkey on Nxtchat on Slack:

  • Blockchain backup. Tip bot can now automatically back up each user’s account information in encrypted form on the Nxt data cloud by setting the config key blockchainBackup to true. This will require 1 NXT per created account. In return all you ever need to store is the masterkey, and you will be able to restore all data in the event of a hard disk failure.
    This is currently being used on Nxtchat and the data can be seen in the NXT client under data cloud and tag “tipbotdata”.
  • Moniker support for assets & MS currencies. For example, by giving the ARDR asset monikers “Ardor” and “NXT2.0” you can use those names for tipping as well as ARDR.
  • List command. Lists all assets and MS currencies currently supported by the tip bot, as well as their monikers and a link to Nxtportal for further information.
  • Tip & withdraw using Nxt id. Added ability to tip & withdraw assets / MS currencies using their respective Nxt id in addition to their name and monikers.
  • Balance command lists all assets/currencies. Balance command now also show unsupported assets / ms currencies. That means if your Nxt account owns an asset that is not supported by the tip bot, it was previously not shown. Now it will show up, with a warning saying it is an unsupported asset.
  • Withdraw unsupported assets & currencies. Withdraw command can now be used to withdraw unsupported assets / ms currencies. However only by using their respective NXT id. For example:
    “withdraw NXT-4TTB-QL93-SS6H-BW3GX 5 12071612744977229797”
  • Bugfix. I have been hunting down a bug which caused the bot to crash on *nix systems for many weeks now and I believe I have found it and fixed it. The problem is however intermittent and does not happen in my development environment, so only time will tell if I really nailed it this time. crossing fingers

I still consider this beta software, so please only use small amounts when depositing.
In the event of funds getting lost due to a bug I will personally repay you, but only if it is reasonable small amounts.
Max 1000 NXT per account.
Thank you!


Source and more information: https://nxtforum.org/nxt-projects/nxttipbot-for-slack/msg227540/#msg227540


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  • Janus Token – Questions and Answers

The Janus team has been mentioned in an article at BTCmanager.com. In this interview Robert Gasch, Janu’s Director of Technology, gives new details about this project. Robert also takes advantage of the situation to thank the Nxt Foundation for the assistance given in order to properly launch this business on the Nxt platform.

Janus has also published a Q&A with questions about the project from the Nxt Community:

We have been collecting questions from the Janus community on Slack, Twitter, Google+, and a number of forums to bring some information together in a single location. If you are curious about the Janus project please look over this document

Those of you who want to participate in the ICO have to register at janustoken.com. That webpage details all the information about this new asset and the terms and conditions for the ICO.

Riker, Nxt core developer, congratulated the Janus team for its website:

Hi guys, just registered in your web site. Very sleek design and everything works as it should, including 2FA. Well done.

janusIn the near future, we intend to interview some of Janus members at Nxter.org and ask them some key questions about the project.

Source and more information: https://janustoken.com




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  • Snapshot – Collector’s Edition

The publisher Plaisir d’histoire has just received in its warehouse 200 copies of the collector’s edition of Snapshot, the first book about Nxt. sy1owo

115 books were funded during the crowdfunding campaing that took place a few months ago. The 85 books left will be sold on Nxt’s Marketplace. There’s also an unlimited digital edition that can be bought in different platforms. Each of the books are given a unique serial number by hand.

And naturally, the book number one is earmarked for BCNext, the creator of the platform.


More information: https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/snapshot-the-birthday-present-for-nxt/?all


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  • Ardor Guide – Reaches 500 Followers

Our collegues at Ardor Guide just broke 500 followers on Twitter in record time. Not bad at all for this page dedicated to a platform ,Ardor, which isn’t expected to be launched until the second half of 2017.

Source: https://twitter.com/ArdorGuide

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  • Weekly NXT/ARDR Price Evolution

The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex for this past week:

nxt_btc_20_nov_2016The following graphic shows the ARDR / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex for this past week:

ardr_btc_20_nov_2016(Back to the Index)

Nxt news – October 2016 (III): Welcome Mr. ARDR

NXT NxtCoin 2. generation cryptocurrency news

October 2016 (III)


Slowly but surely, news about Nxt kept coming up this past week:

Here below are more details about each of these:


  • ARDR has been Released!

On Thursday, the 13th of October 2016, at 07:45h CEST, block 1,000,000 was reached. At that time, the snapshots ended and the asset that represents the ARDR token was distributed among all the Nxt accounts according to their average NXT balance during the last 3 months.

From this moment on, until the new Ardor chain goes live, which is expected by the third quarter of 2017, the ARDR asset can be freely traded on Nxt’s Asset Exchange, or at centralized exchanges that voluntarily elect to do so.


More information: http://test.nxter.org/the-nxt-2-0-token-distribution


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  • ARDR can Already be Traded at HitBTC and Some Other Exchanges

The exchange HitBTC was the first to allow users to trade the ARDR asset.

The announcement was made a few days before the ARDR distribution to Nxt users took place. Inclusion of ARDR in such an exchange will allow for a bigger ARDR trading volume as well as provide the possibility of using some other coins than NXT to buy/sell ARDR and thus increasing its popularity, exposure, and distribution of the future chain.


Soon after the HitBTC announcement, the exchanges Bittrex and Changelly also launched their ARDR – BTC markets. We’re pretty sure that some other exchanges will follow this path too.


Today, on 17.10.2016 Poloniex added ARDR – BTC market.


More information: http://www.newsbtc.com/2016/10/14/hitbtc-launches-ardor-redistributes-ardr-nxt-holders




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  • High Volume of Trades at Nxt Asset Exchange

The launching of the ARDR asset has caused a lot of attention to the Asset Exchange by significantly increasing the volume and number of trades. The Nxt Asset Exchange is a peer-to-peer exchange built directly into the Nxt software, thus allowing secure and fast decentralized trading for Nxt Assets. This eliminates the need to transfer assets or to put trust in an outside agency or business, as is the case with the centralized exchanges.

You can see all the statistics of the blockchain usage using the block explorer at myNxt.info.

Asset Exchange Trades per DayNxt-asset-exchange-ae

Evildave, a member of the Nxt Foundation, with the help of Wolffang and Marenkar, has made a detailed tutorial about how to trade ARDR on the Asset Exchange. This will come handy for both newcomers and for that people who want to refresh their knowledge of this feature.

Source and more information: https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/how-to-trade-ardr




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  • New Version NRS  1.10.3

NRS 1.10.3 has been released. There are some changes when faced with the previous NRS version. Among them are some code and other parts of the GUI related to the ARDR snapshot having been removed, as well some improvements to achieve a faster execution time when performing some functions. Some other minor changes have also taken place.

The new version also includes a modification of the NRS copyright, according to the core developers, which states:

The copyright of all GPLv2 code contributed by the Nxt Core Developers to the Nxt Reference Software now belongs to Jelurida IP B.V., a private company registered in the Netherlands. Please contact info@jelurida.com for commercial licensing options if the GPLv2 license does not fit your private blockchain needs.


Source: https://nxtforum.org/nrs-releases/nrs-v1-10-3/


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  • Megalodon Will Also Give Away ARDR

Last July, “The Forging Bounty Lottery” was announced. It was a campaign started by Megalodon to create incentives to launch Nxt nodes. Megalodon placed 5,000,000 NXT for the campaign. These funds have been staked through the snapshot period. Because of this, the plan now has a considerable amount of ARDR which will also be distributed together with the reaming NXT to users who run Nxt nodes.

Megalodon says:

ARDR in Sending Account: NXT-G98N-SZGX-Z8ZA-9HNY6 will be distributed as forging bounty in the current Nxt blockchain.
ARDR in Funding Account: NXT-HH9F-JMRB-6HRD-HD5ZW will be distributed as forging bounty in the upcoming Ardor blockchain.

Lurker10 is working on an updated version of current script that will enable this.

So far, Megalodon is achieving more than satisfactory results. At the time of writing, Nxt has reached 300-350 public nodes, what gives the network a great level of security.


Source: https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/5-million-nxt-bounty-for-nxt-ardor-forgers/msg225446/#msg225446

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  • Nxt Integrated on Azure Mentioned on Forbes, NewsBTC, Opptrends and Criptonoticias

Roger Aitken, writer for the Forbes magazine, Gautham for the NewsBTC magazine, Ali Raza for Opptrends, and Sander Machado for Criptonoticias have highlighted what we already mentioned some days ago in our newsletter: Microsoft Azure, the integrated cloud services that has analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage and web services, created by Microsoft for building, deploying, and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers, now allows one-click deployment of Nxt nodes. Nxt is now a Blockchain-as-a-Service platform on Microsoft Azure!

This announcement will promote the implementation and Nxt growth on this popular platform. The great impact that this piece of news is causing among these media outlets is a clear evidence of its importance.


Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/rogeraitken/2016/10/07/microsoft-azure-launches-easy-nxt-blockchain-nodes-for-developers/#503122183851




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  • ARDR and Jelurida Mentioned at Coremedia

tells us in this article for the Coremedia magazine about the recent ARDR token give away after the snapshot period that has run for the last three months is over. He also talks about the future Ardor platform, which will be released in the third quarter of 2017.

The article also deals with the launching of the new company called Jelurida BV, which owns the intellectual property of the code of Nxt.


Source: http://coremedia.info/index.php/blockchain-news/item/331-nxt-2-0-ardor-token-launched-and-trading-jelurida-announced

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  • Interview with Damelon at BNR Radio

In this radio interview by the Dutch station BNR radio, Bas Wisselink of the Nxt Foundation talks with the interviewers about the praises and possibilities that this platform provides to users. As a prominent theme, they establish an interesting discussion about the use of blockchain in governance, society, and community.

The interview is in the Dutch language.


Source: http://www.bnr.nl/radio/de-nieuwe-wereld/10311789/10-oktober-wat-als-er-geen-regering-is


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  • Ardor and Nxt Mentioned in Wave’s Crypto Round

Our colleague Travin Keith (AKA Marenkar) of the Nxt Foundation, appears in this weekly video news summary by Wave’s Crypto Round. Starting at the 2:55 into the video, Travin goes over the recent ARDR distribution among Nxt users, the future launching of the Ardor blockchain, and the future features that this Blockchain-as-a-Service platform, an evolution of the current Nxt blockchain, will have: Marketplace, Voting System, Asset Exchange, Messaging System, Coin Shuffling, and of course, the possibility for the users to create on-demand child chains and how to operate them.

Thank you to ShutterBird Production for helping Travin!

[vsw id=”GrAHSiJkPN8″ source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/Ardor/comments/57qm2c/nxt_and_ardor_are_featured_in_this_weeks_weekly

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  • Nxt Technology as a Basis to Evolve DLT

This article by Thomas Moore at DCEbrief deals about the recent agreement between Russia’s National Settlement Depository (NSD) and South Africa’s Central Securities Depositories (CSDs) to begin initiatives that use distributed ledger protocols, as well as some other advances and agreements that are taking place in this field.

Let us remember that the NSD has already developed a prototype of a high capacity voting system based on Nxt technology that is able to achieve up to 160 transactions per second with no problem.


Source: http://dcebrief.com/russia-and-south-africa-new-partners-in-a-dlt-world

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  • Ardorplatform.org has been updated

The ardorplatform.org website has went through a restyling in order to add new information, and rearrange some of the existing sections.

With this redesign, the visitors’ experience will be nicer and will make it easier for them to learn the new functionalities that Ardor will have, such as the creation of child chains and its possibilities.


More information: https://www.ardorplatform.org

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  • NxtBeer – The Nxt Alternative to “I Owe You a Beer!”

This peculiar asset intends to foment community spirit. It was first used at Nxtchat on Slack, where, as any other asset, it can be tipped to other users using the NxtTipBot. With a simple command you can award other members of the Nxt community with beers (official size 0,5L). The asset never expires, and the redemption can only take place when the two users meet together. Do you fancy a beer?



Source: https://nxtforum.org/assets-board/(ann)-nxtbeer-the-nxt-alternative-to-‘i-owe-you-a-beer!’/msg225196/?topicseen#msg225196

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  • Weekly NXT/ARDR Price Evolution

The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex for this past week:

nxt_16_octThe following graphic shows the ARDR / Bitcoin exchange price at Bittrex for this past week:


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Nxt news – October 2016 (II): ARDR is almost here

NXT NxtCoin 2. generation cryptocurrency news

October 2016 (II)


Slowly but surely, news about Nxt kept coming up this past week:

Here below are more details about each of these:


  • The snapshot period for ARDR is about to end

Once block 1,000,000 is reached in the Nxt blockchain, which is expected to happen on Thursday, the 13th of October 2016, the snapshot process of the balance of every Nxt account that has been going on for the last 3 months in order to calculate your average balance for the future ARDR giveaway will be over.

Once this period is over, ARDR assets will be sent automatically to Nxt accounts and we will be able to trade them on the Asset Exchange of Nxt. Welcome ARDR!


More information: http://test.nxter.org/the-nxt-2-0-token-distribution


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  • The holders of NXT at exchanges will receive ARDR

The exchange HitBTC joins Poloniex, Btc38, and Bittrex, the exchanges that have committed to giving away corresponding ARDR assets to the NXT holders who keep their tokens on that exchange.

Marenkar made the announcement to nxters:

HitBTC has now given written confirmation for participation with the snapshotting process


Source: http://nxtchat.slack.com/archives/general/p1475905725004645

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  • Get a branded Nxt account for your business

The user websioux has presented Secret Miner. This service can provide you with a Nxt and Ardor account with the first 4 letters of your choice. This can be used, for example, to reflect the name of your company. The search is limited to the first 4 letters at the moment, but it may be extended to 5 or 6 letters in the future.

Even if your desired account isn’t in the database yet, you can make a reservation so that as soon as it is found, it’ll be delivered to you.



Source: https://nxtforum.org/nxt-projects/branded-nxt-accounts-for-your-business/msg225145/?topicseen#msg225145

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  • Infographics about Nxt’s features

This time, the user Savandra worked on a new infographic together with the Nxt Foundation to present the Aliasing feature:


We’d like to remind you that, as we mentioned in a previous weekly newsletter, the first feature on this series of infographics was the CoinShuffle feature.

Source: https://nxtforum.org/nxt-promotion/new-infographic-aliasing-feature-on-nxt

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  • Blockchain is much bigger than Bitcoin

This article, written initially by Guy Brandon for Due.com and, later on, re-published by John Rampton (founder of Due.com) at huffingtonpost.com, deals with some of the most promising cryptoplatforms out there that are being developed nowadays, according to the author.

Among them, of course, is Ardor. It is mentioned due to its innovative features that will allow it to deliver off-the-peg child chains.


Read more: https://due.com/blog/five-blockchain-technologies-watching


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  • The reward for forgers is increased

Megalodon’s millionaire campaign to strengthen the Nxt platform is going to reward the forgers of Nxt even more from now on. Good news for all the members of the community who contribute to support the network!

Lurker10 says:

Price of NXT has been declining and Lucky node rewards haven’t been as sweet as in summer. Megalodon thinks it a good idea to increase them, so starting today payouts will be raised by 50%. Keep them nodes online :)



More info: http://test.nxter.org/the-forging-bounty-lottery-campaign-will-pay-5-million-in-rewards-to-forgers-and-nxt-nodes

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  • Jelurida

Damelon has presented the new company Jelurida. It’s composed, among other members, by Jean-Luc and Riker, both Nxt’s Core Developers, and Bas Wisselink, who is also a member of the Nxt Foundation.

Jelurida will be the startup in charge of protecting the Intellectual Property of the Nxt Core Development team. According to its initial statement, this company aims to create a sustainable and thriving business around the Nxt ecosystem by providing software licenses, maintenance, and services to a new breed of blockchain-based applications.


Source: https://nxt.org/introducing-jelurida

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  • Q&A with Nxt/Ardor developers

Last Sunday at 20:00h CEST, there was place a fierce Questions and Answers session among users and developers of Nxt/Ardor over the Nxtchat on Slack.

Apart from the core developers Jean-Luc and Riker, many nxters gathered together in this Q&A session and a lot of subjects were discussed, including the future of Ardor, the creation of Jelurida, the devs situation and the role that the Nxt community is going to play from now on, among others.


Our colleague apenzl has collected and ordered all the questions placed there in just one article. You can view the result of the Q&A session in the following link: http://test.nxter.org/jelurida-qa-nxt-core-devs-mean-business

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  • Nxt Tipbot for Slack

A couple of weeks ago in our newsletter we mentioned that the user NxtSwe was working on a project to automate small NXT payments on Slack through a bot named Tipbot. This week, the community has performed tests to check how it runs with true NXT coins at the #general channel in Nxtchat on Slack, and having a nice time with Tipper, the tipping monkey.

sin-tituloOperating the bot is very simple, and you only have to type some basic commands. Tipper will help us to remember all the commands if we ask him for help by using a private message:


Source: https://nxtforum.org/nxt-projects/nxttipbot-for-slack/msg224678/#msg224678


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  • Article about Nxt at coincap.io

The website Coincap News gives some real time information about digital assets. Recently, an article has been published that talked about Nxt, its history and features, all written by Michael.

Besides this, the author explains what Ardor will bring us: its scalability solutions and its strong orientation towards solving business issues by offering them child chains that will solve real problems.


Source: http://news.coincap.io/2016/10/asset-profile-nxt/

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  • Article about Ardor at coinour.com

This article was written by lhcn57 and talks about Nxt and the asset ARDR, which will be launched on the 13th of October, once the snapshot period is over. The article explains how each ARDR represents a token for the new cryptoplatform Ardor, which is expected to be launched in the 3rd quarter of 2017. Until this time arrives, ARDR will be freely tradeable in Nxt’s Asset Exchang.

Lhcn57 also mentions IGNIS, the very first child chain on Ardor, of which tokens will be also given away among the current NXT holders, although in this occasion, the snapshot period won’t last 3 months as there will be just one snapshot that will take place at the same time that Ardor goes live.


Source: http://coinour.com/index.php/ardor-will-be-launched-as-nxt-asset-ardr-on-october-13th/

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  • Ardor and Nxt FAQ on Reddit

The Nxt Foundation is building a Frequently Asked Questions that will come in really handy to solve concerns to those who have just joined the Nxt/Ardor community specifically those Reddit users who follow the subreddits https://www.reddit.com/r/nxt and https://www.reddit.com/r/Ardor

Here are some sample questions from the FAQ. Marenkar, of the Nxt Foundation, states:

There’s been a lot of questions coming back repeatedly, which isn’t really bad in my opinion as it indicates that there’s new people coming in. However, there are a few misconceptions going around so we’re creating this in order to clear some things up.

What is Ardor?

Ardor is a scalable blockchain platform with child chains. With it, people can use blockchain technology without having to build things from scratch. In addition, they will be able to trade with other child chains on the platform. Since it is built with Nxt technology, the features of Nxt, like Assets, Messaging, and Voting, will be available on the child chains

What is IGNIS?

IGNIS will be the first child chain of Ardor.

How do I get IGNIS Tokens?

Before the launch of Ardor, there will be a one-time snapshot to all accounts with NXT. You will receive 50% of whatever amount of NXT you have at that time. Like with the snapshotting for ARDR, no NXT will be burned.

The list will be updated on a regular basis. To check all the questions and answer, please click here

Source: https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/nxtardor-faq-on-reddit

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  • Weekly NXT price evolution

The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex for this past week:


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Nxt news – October 2016 (I): Improved security

NXT NxtCoin 2. generation cryptocurrency news

October 2016 (I)


Slowly but surely, news about Nxt kept coming up this past week:

Here below are more details about each of these:


  • Nxter.org mentioned at Techbullion

Angela Scott-Briggs wrote an article for the Techbullion magazine regarding the ten most significant sources of information in the blockchain scene. NXTER.ORG appears in fifth position in that list due to the following arguments:

NXTER is an online magazine that covers cryptocurrency features and development. The magazine has one of the most active communities.  Last year, the magazine was the Platinum sponsor of “Mind the Gap” crypto money expo.
Taking advantadge of this moment, we’d like to thank Angela for her nice words towards our magazine.

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  • How to improve security when using the Nxt wallet

After reading the testimony of a user who has suffered an account hacking at nxtforum.org, we’d like to remind users that using a strong, unique and long passphrase must be the first thing to do when setting up our account. Besides this, there are several advanced ways to secure our accounts even more:

  • From the NRS version 1,7 on, launched on November 2015, the Nxt platform has the Account Control feature enabled. This feature implements a number of methods for applying limits and controls on Nxt accounts, such as setting a lock on an account to prohibit any outgoing transactions or defining a set of rules for unlocking the account. The account control feature will allow a user to set a “lock” on an account which prohibits any outgoing transactions until certain conditions are met. This equates to having a Two-Factor Authentication when using your Nxt wallet. The following video by MrCluster87 explains in details how to activate this function.

[vsw id=”pV2eKifqrOg” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

  • Another possibility available for users to increase the level of security when using our Nxt Wallet is by using Offline Transaction Signing, which keeps us from introducing our passphrase on an internet-connected computer. The full process is detailed in the NxtWiki.

Source: https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/account-hacked-around-500k-nxt-stolen/msg224846/?topicseen#msg224846




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  • Citizen blockchain

The fortnightly magazine Asset Servicing Times has published an article by Bas Wisselink, of the Nxt Foundation.

This article deals with the governance models that we can find in an open-source community like Nxt: how the first devs get together and started the project, the project management necessary to coordinate all the tasks that must be carried out, the governance system to coordinate all the people that take part in it, etcetera.

The article explains how the Nxt Foundation acts as a promoter and point-of-contact for anything that concerns the public blockchain version of the Nxt software, as well as manages the community around it, initiates development of applications, engages in research and thought leadership, and provides structured feedback from users to the core development team.


Source: http://assetservicingtimes.com/specialistfeatures/specialistfeature.php?specialist_id=162

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  • Ardor and Nxt subreddits have been updated

Travin Keith (AKA Marenkar), of the Nxt Foundation, has customized and optimized the Nxt and Ardor threads on the popular social media and news aggregation website Reddit. This is  what he has said about the changes made:

I played around a bit with the CSS by using a theme and then customizing it in an effort to make things look better… it’s important to keep in mind that a lot of people who are casually in crypto aren’t on the forum, IRC or Slack.




Source: https://nxtforum.org/nxt-promotion/ardor-and-nxt-subreddits/msg224866/?topicseen#msg224866

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  • MyNxt will be managed by the Nxt Community

The Nxt community is going to take over the mynxt.info website, which so far has been financed by SuperNet and managed and maintained by Tosch and VanBreuk. This is what VanBreuk says about the process:

Since the end of last year until recently, the hosting costs have been funded by SuperNET and this is in process of changing. So please do not blame Nxt Support for a malfunction in the block explorer, since it is not managed by the core Nxt team at this moment…

Both Tosch and I are working in multiple fronts and it is becoming difficult to spend time and resources on MyNxt. The whole MyNxt environment is a great tool, but it requires considerable attention and upgrades, and it is becoming more difficult to keep up….

But this also put in the table the convenience of a change in management, so these days the MyNxt infrastructure is leaving the SuperNET domains (where it’s been since the end of last year) and moving both feet into the Nxt community.




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  • Ardor at Bitcoin Wednesday

In this excellent video The Nxt Foundation’s Bas Wisselink introduces Ardor to a packed house during Bitcoin Wednesday on 7 September 2016 explaining the future features of the platform and the common problems that all the cryptos face, like blockchain bloat, which will be solved with Ardor.

[vsw id=”NaxOYMmNVaM” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Source: http://www.bitcoinwednesday.com/bas-wisselink-introduces-ardor

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  •  ARDR distribution on the exchanges

Dave Pearce, of the Nxt Foundation, has published a new tutorial addressed to exchanges in order to establish a precise way to distribute the ARDR assets among the clients that keep their NXT in exchanges.

We’d like to remind you that the exchanges Poloniex, BTC38 and Bittrex have publicly expressed their intention to distribute the corresponding ARDR assets to those users that keep NXT in those exchanges.

Source: https://www.ardorplatform.org/Ardor-Exchange-Distribution-Guide

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  • Weekly NXT price evolution

The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex for this past week:

Nxt Price 02 oct 2016

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Nxt news – September 2016 (IV): Nxt on Microsoft Azure

NXT NxtCoin 2. generation cryptocurrency news

September 2016 (IV)


Slowly but surely, news about Nxt kept coming up this past week:

Here below are more details about each of these:


  • Nxt on Microsoft Azure

Bcdev, a remarkable member of the Nxt Community, has been working for months in the development of tools that would allow the deployment of Nxt as SaaS (Software as a Service) on the Microsoft Azure platform. Finally, his hard work has been rewarded as, after a long wait, Microsoft has accepted the templates and made the announcement. Shortly thereafter, Evildave and Damelon, both of the Nxt Foundation, announced it on Nxtforum, Twitter, and Slack:

Nxt now deployable on Azure!
Tell your developer friends 🙂

From this moment on, one click deployment for Nxt nodes is possible on Microsoft Azure, in an easy and fast way!


Azure is a growing collection of integrated cloud services -analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage and web- created by Microsoft for building, deploying, and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers. It supports many different programming languages, tools and frameworks, including both Microsoft-created and third-party software and systems.


Source: https://twitter.com/NxtCommunity/status/777939826385514496

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  • The official ARDR token has been presented

The Nxt network is close to reach block 1,000,000. At that time, the snapshot period of your NXT balance for the ARDR giveaway will be over. The Development team has already created the ARDR token on Nxt’s Asset Exchange, which will be the assets that we’ll receive in our Nxt account. The ARDR tokens will be sent from the account NXT-FQ28-G9SQ-BG8M-6V6QH

The ARDR asset represents the amount of Ardor tokens each account will receive in the future Nxt 2.0 / Ardor blockchain. ARDR, in that system, will be the token used to establish consensus and to create new blocks. This ARDR token will be automatically distributed to user accounts at block 1,000,000, and after that will become freely tradeable.


The asset ARDR with the identifier 12422608354438203866 is the only one that will grant you Ardor tokens once the new blockchains is completely developed, which is expected to happen in the third quarter of 2017. But, before such time, ARDR tokens can be traded on the Asset Exchange of Nxt.

Watch out for scams, such as attempts at creating other assets, currencies, or Digital Goods from the DGS with similar names. Names may look similar, but the official asset identifier of 12422608354438203866 is unique and cannot be recreated. While some unofficial IOU issuers may follow-through with distributing ARDR, it is not guaranteed.

Source: https://mynxt.info/asset/12422608354438203866

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  • Latest news about Tennessee

The Nxt Foundation has updated its member list:

Dave Pearce – Bizdev, project management, funds acquisition

Travin Keith – Marketing

Alexandre Eich-Gozzi – Bizdev and project acquisition

Dirk Reuters – Technical and development contact

Bas Wisselink – Bizdev, project management and education/outreach

In this last update, Bas Wisselink, aka Damelon, in addition to explaining to us the latest movements carried out by the Nxt Foundation, such as the articles published in prestigious economical magazines (like the ones we listed in our previous (weekly magazine), or the workgroups with the Rijkswaterstaat (the entity in charge of traffic and infrastructures) has made the following call:

We would like to ask anyone who has development skills and the wish to work on projects to contact us!

We need people who we can attach to projects and these projects pay! We cannot do that if we do not know you. Contact us, so we know you are willing and available so we can discuss the opportunities.


Source: https://nxtforum.org/genera l-discussion/(tnnse)-tennessee-updates/msg224684/#msg224684

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  • Infographic about Nxt features

The first feature chosen for this series of infographics has been the coin / asset shuffle. Remember that Bitcoin may be included in a shuffling process, because it’s an asset thanks to the Multigateway:



Source: https://nxtforum.org/nxt-promotion/first-in-the-new-series-of-infographics/#msg224706

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  • NxtTipbot for Slack

The user NxtSwe has been playing with the API of Slack, a very popular instant messaging utility among Nxters, in order to develop and automatic payment system that could be use to send tips, which has been called Tipbot. At the moment, it’s in a beta status and runs on the testnet:

tipbotNxtSwe says:

Code is here:

It’s probably full of bugs, so use with caution.

Source: https://nxtforum.org/nxt-projects/nxttipbot-for-slack/msg224678/#msg224678

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  • Project Rain keeps going on

The user CM keeps working hard on adding Nxt and other cryptocurrencies to the Rain Project. Some progress can be seen in the following snapshot that he has shared:


Source: https://steemit.com/gridcoin/@cm-steem/sneak-preview-of-project-rain-screenshots

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  • Weekly NXT price evolution

The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex for this past week:


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Nxt news – September 2016 (III): Slowly but surely

NXT NxtCoin 2. generation cryptocurrency news

September 2016 (III)


Slowly but surely, news about Nxt kept coming up this past week:

Here below are more details about each of these:


  • The First book about Nxt is finally ready to print

Here there is the first revealed image of the book – the main cover:


The book has been done with great personal care by members of the Nxt community. Its contents include high quality chapters crafted by a wide-range of contributors: Nxt Foundation members, Core Developers, and community members. These include some well-recognized names within the community, such as: apenzl, abctc, Dave Pearce, Cassius, Lionel Jeannerat, RubénBC, Bas Wisselink, Daniel M. Ryan, Roberto Capodieci, and Robert Bold.

For those of you who are interested in buying the First Book about Nxt and weren’t able to take advantage of all the early bird promotions, please contact @Ludom or @Apenzl through nxtforum.org or Slack to receive more details.

Source: http://test.nxter.org/crowdfunding-the-first-book-about-the-nxt-cryptocurrency-platform


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  • More testnodes are needed to test the mobile app

Riker, NRS Core Dev, made the following call to Nxt users:

Folks, in order to test the mobile app we need more 1.10.2 testnet nodes.
Currently we have only 5 nodes out of which only 2 has open APIs and only one supports SSL.

Would be great if some of you can update their tesnet nodes to 1.10.2 then fire up their testnet nodes and set them to use open APIs with the following nxt.properties:
nxt.myAddress=<IP address>
nxt.apiServerHost=<IP address>

If someone can also setup SSL for the API peer that’s even better.

The final objective of strengthening the Testnet is to be able to test the proper behaviour of the mobile phone app, which is already in an advanced stage of development and will come in really handy for a lot of users and will subsequently open up a new world of possibilities.


Some time later after the first announcement, Riker gave us some more details about the future Nxt mobile app:

1 – The app is based on Html5, ionic (http://ionicframework.com/) and Cordova (https://cordova.apache.org/) being so, the same codebase should be able to support all the major mobile platforms with minimal customization. We will start with Android though.

2- Our aim is to create an app signed by the NXT foundation which will be deployed to the official app stores.

3- The app will use two modes: (a) “Mobile Friendly” – simplistic UI which looks good on mobile devices but with limited functionality which we will enhance gradually. (b) “Web Wallet” – which is essentially the existing browser UI with few minor modifications to make it usable on a small form factor devices. Users will be able to seamlessly switch between these two flavors.

4- The app will try to leverage mobile tech to enhance the user experience, for example by scanning QR codes using the mobile device camera instead of having to type or copy/paste data, where applicable.

If any of you need some help about setting up a testnode, the following video by our college Mrcluster87 will come in really handy for you. In spite of the fact that the NRS version in the tutorial isn’t the latest, the configuration procedure is the same:

[vsw id=”kFBwKHKAXPw” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Source: https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/need-more-testnet-nodes and https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/create-android-app-base-on-nxt/40

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  • PPA – The easiest and fastest way to install the NRS in Ubuntu

Bcdev explains to us how to easily install the Nxt client in your Ubuntu-based computer. You just have to add the proper repository to your repository list on your computer, by running the following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:nxtcrypto/nxt
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install nxt nxt-bootstrap-blockchain

On a VPS the process took 1m45s from start to end, but that’s mainly because it has a fast internet connection.
If you’re on a different distribution, here is the blockchain bootstrap.

This way, we’ll always be able to install the latest stable version of the program and, when we search for updates for the system, Ubuntu will also have a look at that repository. If it finds a newer version, it will be automatically updated.


Source: https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/ppa-the-fastest-way-to-install-nxt-on-ubuntu/msg224426/?topicseen#msg224426

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  • NXT Community, Nxt on Telegram

The user JZA has announced a new group about Nxt on the Telegram platform. At the time of this writing, it already has 88 users. This new communication channel on this popular instant messaging application is an alternative to the official communication channels nxtforum.org and Slack.

Source: http://telegram.me/NxtCommunity and https://nxtchat.slack.com/archives/general/p1473738135001067



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  • Governance of blockchains and Nxt perspective

In this article, Bas Wisselink of the Nxt Foundation talks about a subject that it’s often left out when analyzing an open-source project- the project management structure. It may seem that developing an open-source project is completely anarchistic and has no structure, but previous experiences show us that that’s not true.

Bas performs a short analysis of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Nxt, comparing among them aspects such as if the Development team follows the “Cathedral” model (less open to external contribution) or the “Bazaar” model (more open to external contribution), whether the governance system follows the “Benevolent dictator” model (less open to participatory governance) or the “Formal meritocracy” model (more open to participatory governance). These three cryptos show major differences and some similarities in these aspects.


Short after Nxt was invented, BCNext, the original developer, handed the project to the community that, at that time, was already formed. Anybody could step in and continue the development. Many developers joined and, step-by-step, all of them soon consolidated around Jean-Luc, who since then became the lead developer of Nxt with Lior Yaffe as Project Manager.

The three cryptos share the same tripod of developers, “miners”, and entrepreneurs, in their governance system mixed together in different proportions and with different degrees of power for each agent. In the case of Nxt, a bunch of people with an entrepreneurial background established the Nxt Foundation with the aim to connect with real-world businesses with the platform. The Foundation tries to coordinate the community while carrying out marketing and sales campaigns. The Nxt Foundation does not incorporate core developers into its board, but both sides provide each other with feedback, such as about the needs and complaints of the users as well as the vision of the future of the platform. Ardor, for example, is a result of this collaboration.


Source: http://www.revue-banque.fr/management-fonctions-supports/article/gouvernance-des-blockchains-perspective-nxt

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Alexandre Eich-Gozzi, member of the Nxt Foundation, explains in this article the complex procedures that are involved in international trade. Millions of documents and customs declarations are carried out every year where many agents with their own proprietary solutions get involved in each of them, trying to solve all the possible use cases that may come up when working with other agents and their own solutions, which are many and varied. All of this turns the process into something highly inefficient where many agents are involved: banks, business, transportation, chambers of commerce, customs departments, etc.


The article elaborates on how blockchain technology could orchestrate this process, simplify it, reduce its cost, improve traceability and security, etc. In addition, the author goes over how a thorough operational prototype on Nxt’s blockchain was carried out to demonstrate that even today, it’s possible to address this complex issue, thus satisfying all of the agents involved.

This prototype runs on Nxt because:

  • the energy-saving level achieved with the proof of stake mechanism

  • the functionality and security given by smart contracts

  • the coding language, Java, on which it is easy to train developers

  • Security in the code of Nxt, thus ensuring the future implementation of private blockchains without any vulnerabilities

  • the support offered to developers via the help desk set up by the Nxt Foundation


Source: http://www.revue-banque.fr/management-fonctions-supports/article/blockchain-commerce-international

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  • Weekly NXT price evolution

The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex for this past week:


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Nxt news – September 2016 (II): Ignis is the future

NXT NxtCoin 2. generation cryptocurrency news

September 2016 (II)


Here there is the latest compilation of Nxt news that have came up this past week:

Here below are more details about each of these:


  • IGNIS, the next child chain

Finally, after a process coordinated by wolffang that has been going on for several weeks where nxters could vote on the name of the first Ardor child chain, the community has chosen the name IGNIS!


IGNIS will be created in the genesis block for Ardor. They will be credited to each account immediately in block #1 of Ardor in a ratio of 1NXT = 0.5IGNIS, according to the balance in each account at the moment of the snapshot.

Ignis will have all the features that the Nxt platform has today, except the ability to forge, which will be taken care of by Ardor. Nxt 1.0 won’t disappear, however. It will continue to operate together with Ardor and Ignis. Thus, you won’t really be getting rid of your NXT in order to get the new tokens. For more detailed information about this, you can visit the following link.

Moreover, Ignis already has an official twitter account. Become a follower so that you don’t lose any news about the upcoming Ardor child chain!

ignisSource: https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/child-chain-name-poll-results and https://mynxt.info/poll/1862889932034180048

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  • ARDR is a bit closer

Step-by-step we are reaching the ending of the hourly snapshot period in order to determine how much ARDR assets you will receive according to your Nxt balance during this period. With ARDR, you will be entitled to receive Ardor tokens once the new cryptoplatform is launched, which is planned to happen during the third quarter of 2017.

The snapshot period took off on the 14th of July and will last until the 12th of October. So, time is running out, and there are less ARDR assets left to allocate. At the moment, owning NXT is the only way to get ARDR. After the asset distribution, you’ll be able to exchange ARDR on the Asset Exchange of Nxt as well as, potentially, centralized exchanges.

4semanasMore info: http://test.nxter.org/the-nxt-2-0-token-distribution and https://www.ardorplatform.org

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The user chevdor has uploaded the latest NRS in a Docker open-source container.

Docker is a tool that can package an application and its dependencies in a virtual container that can run on any Linux server. This helps enable flexibility and portability on where the application can run, whether on premises, public cloud, private cloud, bare metal, etc.

Running NRS in a Docker container could be even easier than running it “the normal way”. It’s specially useful when running Nxt on a VPS: No java required, no download, no specific configuration… Besides this, in spite of being a type of “virtual machine”, it does not decrease performance.

Source: https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/nxt-in-a-docker-containerhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Docker_(software) and https://www.docker.com

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  • LQD sets up a plan

After the events last week concerning Liquid, which we talked about in our previous newsletter, LibertyNow, creator and manager of this trading bot, has decided to elaborate and execute a plan in order to relunch his software after receiving several expressions of support, both moral and economical, coming from the community. To do this, new assets will be available on the Asset Exchange for those who want to take part in the project.

LibertyNow says:

Mainly due to the overwhelming positive feedback from so many investors, I’ve decided to continue running LQD.  I have listed shares in blocks of 20,000 shares starting at 16NXT and going up to 32NXT.

He has also published a spreadsheet with the estimated ROI for this investment, in accordance with the price the assets are bought. Moreover, he confirms that he has readjusted his algorithm after many hours of hard work:

Source: https://nxtforum.org/index.php?topic=9259.msg224180#msg224180 and https://nxtforum.org/index.php?topic=10403.msg224216#msg224216

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  • Rain Project: Delivering Nxt/Ardor to BOINC users

Some days ago, the user cm, member of the Gridcoin community, presented to us the changes that will be introduced in the Rain Project, a program to support those users that use BOINC to lend their computer’s processing power to help big sized and important (both technical and social) projects, such as the ones you can see listed here.

BOINC is an open-source volunteer-oriented computing grid that combines the processing power of all individual users for the purposes of scientific research. It’s free and harnesses the unused clock cycles from processors and graphics cards to attempt to cure cancer, aids, ebola, malaria, map the milky way, crack enigma codes, etc..

The Rain Project will enable matching ‘CPID:Address/Accounts’; Once launched, the following cryptocurrencies will be supported: Gridcoin, Bitshares, STEEM, Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), NXT, Ardor, Hyperledger, Waves, Omnilayer and Counterparty.

What this means is that the users that take part in BOINC will be able to provide their Nxt address, so that other community members will be able to distribute / donate NXT automatically to their accounts proportional to their verified BOINC computation.



Source and more información: https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/’project-rain’-distribute-nxtardor-assets-to-boinc-users!




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  •  New Solutions for Blockchain Scalability and Performance

Last Wednesday,  September 7th, a new edition of the Bitcoin Wednesdays took place in Amsterdam. This time, Damelon was the one who took the responsibility to present Ardor to the people attending there. This was the way Bas was introduced at the event:

Bas Wisselink, board member of the Nxt Foundation, will talk about one of the biggest challenges faced by all decentralized  blockchains after sustained use, new solutions for blockchain scalability and performance, implementations of bundling and pruning, to be released in the upcoming “Ardor” Blockchain Platform. He will explain Nxt’s latest proposal to bundle and prune data in order to make the network more efficient and scalable as it grows. Nxt has been one of the pioneers in the industry. As of August 2016 it is one the ten largest cryptocurrencies in the world with a market cap of more than $28 million.



Source: http://www.bitcoinwednesday.com/event/bitcoin-wednesday-39/

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  • Marenkar has officially become a member of the Nxt Foundation

Travin Keith, alias Marenkar, has been presented as a new member of the Nxt Foundation. This way, Marenkar will keep contributing in the marketing and web design aspects, as he was already doing for a long time, but now in an official way.

Travin has demonstrated to be a great professional and a tireless worker, and he can provide a lot to the future of the Nxt Foundation. The nxter.org team would specially like to thank you for your constant commitment, cooperation and support to the community. Congratulations!


Announcement and more information: https://nxtforum.org/news-and-announcements/(ann)-new-nxt-foundation-member/msg224234/?topicseen#msg224234




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Nxt news – September 2016 (I): Period of reflection

NXT NxtCoin 2. generation cryptocurrency news

September 2016 (I)


September means going back to the grind for a lot of people. However, the Nxt ecosystem has kept going on even during the summer. That allows us to share with you now the fruits of that work. Here are our highlighted news for the week.

Here below are more details about each of these:


  • New version of Nxt 1.10.2

Nxt version 1.10.2 has been released. It includes several minor bug corrections and some other improvements. It should be remarked that among them is the Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) mechanism which is now enabled by default. This allows some resources from the NRS to be requested from external domains.

Another remarkable improvement is that maximum number of unsuccessful login attempts when introducing the admin password has been limited to 3, thus, adding an extra layer of protection against brute force attacks.


You can check the full list of changes and download the files at: https://nxtforum.org/nrs-releases/nrs-v1-10-2 and https://nxt.org/download

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  • The Nxt Foundation joins Hyperledger

The Nxt Foundation is now officially an affiliate member of the Hyperledger Project!

With these words, Damelon of the Nxt Foundation announced the associate membership with Hyperledger, a collaborative project created by the Linux Foundation to advance blockchain technology by identifying and addressing important features for a cross-industry open standard for distributed ledgers that can transform the way business transactions are conducted globally. The Hyperledger Project is working to enable organizations to build and run robust industry-specific applications, platforms, and hardware systems to support individual business transactions by creating an enterprise-grade open source distributed ledger framework and code base.


Some of the most innovative companies in the world are actively engaged with this project. It is a global collaboration of the best and brightest in Finance, Banking, Internet of Things, Supply Chains, Manufacturing, and Technology. As Jim Zemlin, the Executive Director of the Linux Foundation, says, “Blockchain demands a cross-industry, open source collaboration to advance the technology for all”. No doubt that Nxt should be represented here!


Hyperledger_associatesSource and more information: https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/nxt-foundation-now-officially-an-affiliate-member-of-the-hyperledger-project/msg223943/?topicseen#msg223943, https://www.hyperledger.org/ and https://github.com/hyperledger/hyperledger/wiki

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  • About the future of the Tennessee Project

In just a few more days, it will be a year since the Tennessee Project started to take shape by means of a crowdfunding campaign which became the seed of the current Nxt Foundation. It’s time to reflect about how the project has developed and make assessments about the way we want it to continue while keeping in mind the financial aspects, which is always critical and must be taken seriously.


That’s the reason why Bas Wisselink and Dave Pearce, both of the Nxt Foundation, have taken a step forward and started a thread at nxtforum.org to open up a debate among nxters to hear all the voices on the efforts that have been made over the preceding months and how to address the future.

Bas Wisselink (AKA Damelon) says:

The express purpose of the TNSSE Project was to pull Nxt out of the slump that it was in at that time (a market cap of ~ 8 million and a daily volume of around 10 to 30k USD) by working to get our fundamental sites, SEO, PR and organizational basics together.

At this moment, before things become more tough, we would like to hear your opinion on our performance and how you see the future. We feel this is important and right to do.

Dave Pearce (AKA Evildave) says:

…we need to make some decisions soon about our plans for the next year, so:
Do you lot (ie the Nxt community/investors/volunteers/interested bystanders) want us to continue with a second year of the Tennessee Project?

This isn’t (yet) a discussion about fundraising, so let’s leave that to one side, and concentrate on what TNSSE has achieved so far, and could do in a second year.

Some users have started to speak up. All the nxters are invited to take part in the discussion and bring up opinions and ideas.

Source: https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/(tnsse)-the-future/

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  • About the future of Liquid (LQD)

Liquid is having a tough time. Poloniex has decided to delist this asset from their exchange, probably because the exchange doesn’t want to have to bother to pay dividends every month to the shareholders.

Despite the excellent overall performance of the asset, LQD broke last month. After over a year of paying a considerable amount of NXT in dividends to its investors almost every month, the trading bot in which the asset uses to generate profits failed with two big trades with Monero that went really wrong last August. Due to the transparency policy of Liquid, anybody can see the trades here.

Libertynow didn’t hide, and released a statement shortly thereafter:

As most of you already know, XMR cracked my bots last month for a lot of BTC.  At first I thought it was my algorithm, but after more research later, I found a bug in the code that incorrectly implemented the algorithm.

There are two options I see right now:

1) Raise more funds and continue going
2) Liquidate with a buy wall at the liquidation NAV price and let people cash out.

Please post thoughts.

So these are the two possibilities on the table for the future of LIQUID. If you are an investor in LQD, or are planning to be one, don’t hesitate to post your opinion on the Nxtforum.

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  • SCAM alert

The official Nxt Twitter account has released the following information:

A fake Twitter account has been created recently. It tries to impersonate the official Nxt Community account by spreading false information and attempts to defraud the users who follow the account. It has cloned the design and news of the original page and even includes a whole bunch of fake followers and tracks people who is following other official Nxt pages.

Private messages are sent to new comers from this fake account asking to fill surveys and offering you NXT at a discount. Of course, if you give them some money, you’ll lose it. Here is an example of a message that this scammers may send you:


The Nxt Foundation has already contacted Twitter so that they can take the appropriate action to delete that fake account. In the meantime, please be very careful and keep your eyes wide open.

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Nxt news – August 2016 (V): Trustworthy information

NXT NxtCoin 2. generation cryptocurrency news

August 2016 (V)


We are in the final rush during this last week of August and these are the main new topics of the week:

Here below are more details about each of these:


  • Open ballot to choose the name of Ardor’s first Child Chain

The Nxt community has opened up the process to choose the name of Ardor’s first Child Chain, though there is still over a year before its launch. We are currently in the middle of the voting process in which all Nxters can participate.

The first part of the process allowed users to choose and vote for their 3 favorite names, using the poll tool on nxtforum.org. For a few weeks, the ones with fewer votes were cleared off of the list until only a small group of these names were remaining with a revote after each clearing. After a final bunch on names were chosen by the users registered in the forum, the Nxt Foundation carried out due diligence and they were forced to exclude some of the finalists to avoid future problems.

The second part of the voting process is being carried out at the moment through the Voting System on Nxt platform. The two finalist are IGNIS and ACE. The poll is going to last until around the 4th of September 2016, when block 944,204 is reached. All the Nxt users with a stake of at least 5,000NXT can cast their vote and only one vote per account is allowed. The Nxt Foundation has stated that the result of the election will be binding.


Source: https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/blockchain-vote-pick-your-choice-for-the-1st-child-chain-for-ardor/

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In our previous weekly news compilation, we mentioned some magazines that had echoed about Megalodon’s campaign to promote the strengthening of the Nxt’s network by offering a series of bounties to those Nxters who run a node. It’s no surprise that other media have put their eyes onto this promotion. Roger Aitken at Forbes magazine remarks that Megalodon (AKA the whale-eating shark) seems to be more interested in the long term success of Nxt rather than short-term financial gain when running this campaign.


Besides this, Bas Wisselink of the Nxt Foundation, states in this article that Ardor (Nxt 2.0) will provide users, business and governments a truly scalable blockchain that they will able to take advantage of it with no need of an extensive technical background.

Dave Pearce, also of the Nxt Foundation, remarks in the article that some basic concepts about how a Proof-Of-Stake platform works and the differences with other Proof-Of-Work coins (forging vs mining). He also expects Ardor to become the Linux equivalent within the world of cryptocurrency. For example, Android, Mac and various users of the internet users don’t know that the software they are running uses Linux. Maybe one day a lot of people will heavily use Child Chains supported by Ardor without even knowing it.

Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/rogeraitken/2016/08/23/crypto-investor-offers-150000-nxt-winner-takes-all-bounty-to-launch-ardor-blockchain/#2988c296a694

Almost simultaneously to Forbes’ article, some other media have noticed Megalodon’s campaign:

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  • Improprieties in an article published at Coindesk

Recently, Coindesk magazine has published an article about the implementation of the Coin-shuffle feature, where Daniel Krawisz stated that Bitcoin is going to become the first cryptocoin to adopt this feature created by Tim Ruffing. The Nxt community has quickly raised their voice and claimed that the information was incorrect as that protocol has been implemented in Nxt since November, 2015.

Damelon: Interesting blind spot you have there, or just bad research. Coinshuffle has been incorporated into Nxt since version 1.7 and was implemented on November 28th 2015. Tim Ruffing himself did the audit of the implementation. Next time, do your homework.


You can verify that this feature was implemented a long time ago on Nxt by visiting the following links:

  1. https://nxt.org/what-is-nxt/coin-shuffling/
  2. https://bitbucket.org/JeanLucPicard/nxt/issues/325/coin-shuffling
  3. http://www.nxtinfo.org/2015/11/30/nxts-upcoming-1-7-release-featuring-coin-shuffling-singleton-assets-account-control-and-an-improved-forging-algorithm/
  4. http://bitcoinist.net/nxt/
  5. https://nxtforum.org/privacy/coin-shuffling/
  6. http://bitcoinprbuzz.com/bitcoin-competitor-nxt-version-1-7-4-goes-live-decentralized-data-storage-coin-mixing-and-more/
  7. https://cointelegraph.com/es/news/what-debate-nxt-votes-unanimously-to-add-coin-mixing-anonymity
  8. https://www.zapchain.com/a/l/nxtorg-nrs-v174-data-cloud-account-control-coinshuffle-assets-dividends-amp-more-meet-real/V91WpbVKKk

It was even mentioned on http://crypsys.mmci.uni-saarland.de/projects/CoinShuffle/, that the shuffling feature was implemented  on  the Nxt blockchain.

Update: Coindesk, after listening all of the voices that pointed out their mistake,  has edited the original article. The coin shuffle implementation may be the first in Bitcoin, but not in the cryptoworld, since Nxt has had that functionally implemented for a long time.

Update 1 – Coindesk edited the Coinshuffle article some days later:

But on 15th August, developer Daniel Krawisz sent what he believes is the first transaction utilizing this tool on Bitcoin. (The transaction type was previously tested on the alternative blockchain platform NXT).
Update 2 –

Coindesk: This article has been updated to specify this the first implementation of CoinShuffle on the Bitcoin network.


Update 3 –

Damelon: I received a mail from Coindesk apologizing and explaining why it happened. Nice gesture.

Not long after the complains of the Nxt community, Daniel Krawisz, the author of the article, was reluctant to eat humble pie and kept asking open-ended questions in his Facebook page regarding obvious things about the shuffling implementation in Nxt. These questions were properly answered by the Nxt community:

Unbenannt3These are the urls linked in the answers above to Daniel:

  1. https://bitbucket.org/JeanLucPicard/nxt/src/85a30d797ace530ad1a4884a5360810ce57b514c/src/java/nxt/?at=master
  2. https://bitbucket.org/JeanLucPicard/nxt/issues/325/coin-shuffling
  3. https://nxtwiki.org/wiki/Coin_Shuffling
  4. https://nxtforum.org/core-development-discussion/coin-shuffling-code-review-by-tim-ruffing/msg200411/#msg200411
  5. http://crypsys.mmci.uni-saarland.de/projects/CoinShuffle/

Everything seems to be clarified now. Nxt and its community is, one more time, one step ahead.

Source to the article: http://www.coindesk.com/bitcoin-privacy-advances-first-coinshuffle-transaction/

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  • Riker writes an easy-peasy tutorial about how to install Java Server JRE in Linux

For a newcomer to Linux, is not always straightforward as to what version of java we have or what repository download  from, which can be a tedious task. Because of this, Riker, one of Nxt Core Devolopers, has written the following short instructions and, as a result, prevented new users form some serious headache.

This procedure was tested with Oracle Java Server JRE 8u102. However, you can easily adapt it for any other version or flavor of Oracle Java by updating the download URL and version numbers based on the Oracle Java SE.

Download site http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/server-jre8-downloads-2133154.html

You don’t need root access and the JRE is installed directly under the user folder.

1. Download:

wget --no-cookies --no-check-certificate --header

"Cookie:gpw_e24=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.oracle.com%2F; oraclelicense=accept-securebackup-cookie" http://download.oracle.com/otn-pub/java/jdk/8u102-b14/server-jre-8u102-linux-x64.tar.gz

2. Unzip:

gunzip server-jre-8u102-linux-x64.tar.gz

3. Untar:

tar -xvf server-jre-8u102-linux-x64.tar

4. Run:



nxt-java-blockchainSource: https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/install-java-server-jre-on-a-linux-worstation/msg223817/#msg223817

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  • Newbium

Newbium is a marketplace tool developed by the creators of Nxtty that provides real time information about the main cryptomarkets. It’s integrated with Shapeshift and thus allows buying and selling in and easy and efficient way.

Recently, their webpage has published a short analysis about Ardor, where boosted Nxt’s market capitalalization from the previous year, together with the raise in the transaction volume. Two good signs for Nxt and Ardor.


Source:  https://coins.newbium.com/post/396-crypto-market-update-nxt-ardor

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  • New video by Marc de Mesel

In this video, Marc expresses his thoughts about Nxt’s latest news. This time, he doubts that it’s a good time to sell NXT. This goes against the mindset of those expecting to buy NXT later at a lower price after a market correction.  He thinks that this decision is very risky and that the alleged correction may never happen and thus one runs the risk of been left out of a project that has great potential.

Moreover, after 1 and a half months since the beginning of the snapshot process in order to the determine the future give away of ARDR with the current amount of our NXT stake, we should add up the value of the ARDR that we are entitled to receive in our account. All these things, together with the sharp increase in the price of NXT, is making of it a really good investment.

[vsw id=”wMMkws4fzWg” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

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  • Solar forging

Zuqka, a member of the Nxt community, presented his 100% solar powered Nxt node a few weeks ago. Together with some images of the setup of the equipment, Zuqka attached a really interesting  analysis by Matthew Czarnek, where he demonstrated the advantage of Nxt versus all PoW cryptocoins.

This project shows that you don’t need a powerfull workstation to generate (forge) blocks in Nxt (actually you can do it with simple and unexpensive hardware like a Raspberry Pi, Cubietruck, Odroid…), nor do you need to consume a large amount of electricity. Having a large amount of storage space also won’t be necessary because Child Chains transaction records will be prunable. Really interesting project!


Source and more information:



Some more pictures:


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  • The local Nxter Twitter accounts in Spanish and French acquire over 100 followers

Our colleague Yassin is doing a great job in making Nxt tweets spread all around the internet. His hard work is one of  the main reasons why the Nxter accounts in French and Spanish language have reached 103 and 101 followers, respectively. Combined with the followers of the English version of  Nxter with 1,099 users, we can say that these are very considerable figures.

Thank you to all our followers!. We really appreciate you being here. We’ll keep working hard to share first-hand and trustworthy information about this exciting platform to the community.

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Nxt news – August 2016 (IV): The pioneer platform

NXT NxtCoin 2. generation cryptocurrency news

August 2016 (IV)

During the first weeks of August the Nxt network has validated over 11,000 transactions, and has distributed a total of 75,000NXT in fees, despite this being the month with least amount activity due to people going on holiday. This is a clear sign that Nxt is more alive than ever.

Remember that it’s been over a week since the new version NRS 10.0.1 was released and you have to upgrade your wallet to this version prior to reach block 1,000,000. Maybe now would be a good time to setup your node with a non-expensive Raspberri Pi, a tool that has a very low level of energy consumption, so that you are able to:

  • take part in Megalodon’s promotional campaign for NXT forgers,
  • take part in Lurker10’s Lucky Node Lottery,
  • take part in the NSC distribution campaign for hallmarked nodes, as well as
  • have your Nxt wallet available any time, with the blockchain constantly updated and ready to make transactions at any momento.

Let’s go on with the Nxt news we’ve selected for you this week!


Here below are more details about each of these:


On the 5th of December 2015, Nxter.org launched a crowdfunding campaign in order to create the first book about the Nxt cryptoplatform. After some months, the book was almost ready to be printed when JL777 and Coinomat, who were the owners of a considerable amount of the assets issued on the Nxt blockchain, decided to leave the platform and start to work on their own technologies. This forced certain changes to be made in the process of creating the book. However, on the other side, it paved the way for the introduction of new fresh content about Ardor that was recently announced at that time. So now, this book won’t only be the “Nxt 2nd anniversary book”, but also the best book in the history of Nxt!

Apenzl says:

I have a date with Shee, who is the designer of the cover and the free Nxt 2nd anniversary e-book, on Aug 23, where we will finalize the book.

All of you who are interested in purchasing the phisical book and weren’t able to take advantage of all the early bird promotions, can contact @Ludom or @Apenzl to receive more details about how to buy it.

Source: https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/(crowdfunding)-the-first-book-about-nxt/

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  • 100 nodes have already taken part in the lucky node lottery

Breaking news!
We have just hit the 100-node milestone for the Lucky node lottery. Are you in? 😉

With these words Lurker10 announced that the node number 100 had joined the Lucky node lottery promotion. That’s a significant figure as it represents Lurker’s efforts in supporting the platform. Together with the funds generously donated by Megalodon, both are transforming Nxt into a stronger network.

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  • New video – Nxt / Ardor presentation

The forum user OutSL keeps creating videos where he shows some features of the Nxt platform as part of the campaign launched by the Nxt Foundation to develop these type of marketing materials that can easily help newcomers.

In this video, some of Nxt’s key features are shown, such as the Asset Exchange functionality, the Monetary System, as well as some others less-known features, like the Marketplace.

[vsw id=”OyMSJ-rV0ME” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Source: https://nxtforum.org/index.php?topic=11643.msg223504#msg223504

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  • NXT’s real life use cases

In this article, written by g-dubs, some real life applications that the Nxt platform can be used for are briefly described, such as:

Source: https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@g-dubs/the-nxt-cryptocurrency-and-real-life-use-cases

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  • Nxt, the second generation blockchain

In this article, Kathrina talks about the importance of blockchain technology. She believes that it’s absolutely necessary that the students of economics, IT, and some others, learn at least some basic concepts about this technology. She claims that this will become essential in the near future and a must-have for the best employment opportunities.

The author also emphasizes Nxt and Ardor as the highest exponents among second generation blockchains, which many business and companies have their eyes set on to explore all their possibilities.

Nxt Blockchain

Source: http://thecampussocialite.com/why-college-students-should-look-into-blockchain/

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  • Some articles that echoed Megalodon’s proposal

Megalodon is also in the news for outsiders to the Nxt platform. However, it’s not usual that a user would be willing to give away the equivalent of $150,000 in prizes to those who help to strength the Nxt network. We shouldn’t forget that he also threw away the equivalent of $30,000 to the genesis account and thus taking that amount out of circulation. By doing this, made the rest a little bit richer. All these things make Megalodon an interesting user. One that is not usually present in another crypto communities, not availabe in another crypto communities as they put above the benefit of others over their own private interests.


Source: www.econotimes.com/Ardor-blockchain-launch-to-get-a-shot-in-the-arm-with-$150000-bounty-263615 and http://allcoinsnews.com/2016/08/17/ardor-launch-promoted-with-5-million-nxt-reward/

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Nxt news – August 2016 (III): NRS 1.10.1

NXT NxtCoin 2. generation cryptocurrency news

August 2016 (III)


This week, we’ve completed 25% of the snapshot process for the future distribution of the ARDR token. Those of you who have kept their NXT stake from the beginning of this process (July, 14th), should have received 1/4th of your NXT stake in ARDR (and growing).

However, the Nxt development team doesn’t stop during the summer. The previous experimental version, 1.10.1e, has been a success. Just a few days later, the Core Devs have released the official version – 1.10.1

Below is a selection of the most important and remarkable news that have taken place in the Nxt ecosystem during this week:

Here below are more details about each of these:


  • New version NRS 1.10.1

This new version includes the innovations that were previously tested in the experimental version 1.10.0.e, a version that we’ve already mentioned in a previous article, where we go over how it has the ability to run the client without having to download the blockchain completely (Lite mode), as well as some other changes like minor bug fixing and improvements in the User Interface. But, above all, there was a security update that will prevent issues in the future where a theoretical transaction in a theoretical fork would be propagated to the original blockchain and vice-versa.

It’s mandatory to update to this version before the block 1,000,000 is reached


Source: https://nxtforum.org/nrs-releases/nrs-v1-10-1

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Arch User Repository (AUR) is a community-driven repository for Archlinux users. It contains package descriptions (PKGBUILDs) that allow you to compile a package from source with the command makepkg and then install it via pacman. The AUR was created to organize and share new packages from the community and to help expedite popular packages inclusion’ into the community repository.

A good number of new packages that enter the official repositories start in the AUR. In the AUR, users are able to contribute their own package builds (PKGBUILD and related files). The AUR community has the ability to vote for or against packages in the AUR. If a package becomes popular enough, provided that it has a compatible license and good packaging technique, it may be entered into the community repository (directly accessible by pacman or abs).

So, the Nxt package is already available for all the users of this popular Linux distribution.

Source: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Arch_User_Repository and https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/nxt/

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  • Marc de Mesel is back after a couple of months of absence

Marc de Mesel has reappeared in Nxtforum with an unusual video. It’s being a long time since we last saw Marc so happy with his investment.

In the video, Marc talks, with his peculiar style, about how in the beggining he didn’t approve of Nxt turning into Ardor. However, the facts and, specially, the spike of the price of Nxt since the Ardor announcement, has made him reconsider his position and change his mind. He also appreciates the work that the Nxt Foundation has done to promote the new platform as well as the Core Devs efforts to continue developing  the technology. He also explains, with his own words, how Ardor will work.

[vsw id=”kzsIasLdNuI” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

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  • Summer News MrCluster87

Our colleague Mrcluster87, who is known, among other things, for keeping an active Youtube channel, has made a new video with some of the most relevant news in the criptoworld. He started (obviously!) with the considerable raise of Nxt price against Bitcoin, but he also talks about Riker’s conference in Israel (we mentioned it in a previous article), the exchange Bitfinex having been hacked, Bitsquare as an example of decentralized exchange for Bitcoin, as well as a wide range of other topics in crypto.

[vsw id=”-rqpBOw8mRc” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

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  • Nxtfolks – An alternative place to talk about Nxt 

The forum user TheWireMaster decided to offer a new place for nxters to comunicate amongts themselves, apart from the existing NxtForum and the Slack chat. Through this way, he intends to promote and discuss the latest Nxt news. The forum has a stylish design and it covers several topics, including a recent one where he talks about what happens to nxt holders when Ardor will be launched

We encourage all of you to participate in this new forum as well.

Link: Nxtfolks

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  • New lottery based on Nxt’s blockchain

Lurker10, the creator of the Lucky Node Lottery, the faucet NXT->IOTA and a lot of other projects, has come up with the idea of running a public lottery on Nxt, while keeping it not-for-profit.

To play, you have to send 10 NXT  to the account NXT-YXC4-RB92-F6MQ-2ZRA6 while attaching an unencrypted message, the five numbers from 0 to 30, comma separated, that you want to enter. That’s all! You’ve made your bet for the lottery. We recommend that you don’t send money from an exchange, because many of them don’t let you attach a message to your transaction.

Five percent of the funds goes to service transaction fees. Surplus funds left after transaction fees will be donated to the Lucky Node Lottery jar. Of the 95% leftover, 60% will go to who will guess all 5 numbers correctly, 25% to who guesses 4 numbers correctly, and 15% to the one who guesses 3 numbers correctly.

The random numbers generated are based on Nxt blockchain. The lottery script is open source, and has been uploaded to the Nxt Data Cloud, an amazing option to publish files on the Nxt blokchain, so that everybody can check it. Prizes are paid instantly around 18:00 UTC every Sunday. There will be winners in each lottery, because the lottery will generate thousands of 5-number sequences to simulate thousands of participants until at least one combination matches the combination from one or more tickets. Some community members have already expressed his intention to play and collaborate.


Source: https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/lottery/msg223249/#msg223249

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Nxt news – August 2016 (II): New Beta version

NXT NxtCoin 2. generation cryptocurrency news

August 2016 (II)


Nxt doesn’t stop in August. Here’s some of the latest news about Nxt over this past week in August


Here below are more details about each of these:

  • New experimental version 1.10.0.e launched

The main novelty of this experimental version is that you don’t need to have completely downloaded the blockchain in order to start making transactions using the NRS. Whilst the blockchain download takes place in the background, the wallet connects automatically to other nodes with Open API (roaming client mode) to start making transactions immediately. Once the blockchain download is completed, the local node will become a full node, and there is no need to stay connected to other nodes while on the roaming client mode.

In addition, the NRS can be permanently configured to run in roaming client mode without even trying to ever download the blockchain. Thus becoming the de facto LITE wallet for Nxt.

Source, details and more info: https://nxtforum.org/nrs-releases/nrs-v1-10-0e/

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  • Riker’s presentation about Nxt/Ardor

This video comes from the Bitcoin event that took place the 27th of July in Tel Aviv, Israel. Lior Yafee, one of the Nxt core developers better known in the community as Riker, gave an interesting conference about some of the key concepts in Nxt and how Ardor is the perfect solution to the usual blockchain issues that come up. It’s always a good thing to be able to listen to a main developer talking about the technology they are developing.

In this talk, Rikers starts talking about some basic concepts, a little bit of the history of Nxt, as well as:

  1. The usage of brain wallets with Nxt as an alternative to the common solutions with other cryptocurrencies.
  2. The term of forging instead of the mining used in other cryptos.
  3. The PoS concept instead of the PoW used by Bitcoin, it’s advantages, and how it solves the issues that some PoS critics pointed out in the beggining.
  4. The transparent forging feature, a system ready to be implemented when the number of transactions make it necessary.
  5. The Smart Transactions, a proven and secure way to build simple smart contracts.
  6. The future: ARDOR (Nxt 2.0) and the child chains
  7. The positive way in which the Nxt community embraces the hardforks, which is seen as necessary thing in order to introduce new functionalities. However, Riker also explains how the Nxt comunity didn’t support a hardfork some years ago, such us when the Chinese exchange BTER was hacked. The theft that wasn’t related to Nxt platform but to the negligence of the managers of that exchange. That case has some similarities to what has happen recently to Ethereum and The DAO, but the Nxt community worked it out it in a very different way and no hard fork was necessary.

[vsw id=”soHe4UMyCCk” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

You can see the slideshow that Riker used in the presentation here.

Source: http://www.meetup.com/es-ES/bitcoin-il/events/232620342/?eventId=232620342&chapter_analytics_code=UA-30265189-2

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  • Choosing the name for the Ardor’s first child chain.

The name of the first child chain on Ardor still hasn’t been decided. The community has launched an open process to choose the name. Nxters can pick their favourites or ask for a name to be included in the list.

It’s a wide list, so twice a week the names with fewer votes will be taken out of the contest. The goal is that the community shortens the list to a small bunch of names, and then the Nxt Foundation will make the final decision, based on technical, legal and commercial criteria.

Source and poll: https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/poll-pick-your-3-favorites-to-be-used-for-the-1st-ardor-childchain/

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  • Interview with Dave Pearce, from the Nxt Foundation

This summer Vincent Everts has made an interesting interview with Dave Pearce (aka evildave). They chatted primarily about the main aspects of this cryptoplatform. In the interview, they start talking about some basic concepts like the origin of this second generation cryptocurrency, the history of Nxt and it’s users, the Nxt Foundation, as well as more advanced subjects, such as:

  1. The differences between Bitcoin and Nxt: While bitcoin has the basic functions of creating tokens, moving tokens and, soon, staking tokens, with Nxt the blockchain can be used for a lot of more things. These include encrypted data transfer (messages and/or files), creation of our new tokens (assets or coins of the Monetary System), and numerous other features.
  2. Projects that can be developed on the Nxt’s blockchain, like for example:
    • Secure document management with the guarantee and security of the blockchain, or, in other words, sharing files through the blockchain with its own timestamp which allows a complete and unchangeable record of all the versions and updates among the members of a workgroup.
    • Encryption of messages, thus opening up a new infinite field of possibilities
  3. The levels of privacy in Nxt and in Bitcoin

NXT 2nd generation blockchain platform. What is it? What can you do with it? Why didn’t I know it?

[vsw id=”7UltaENdSKk” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

  • Another great dividend distribution from Liquid

Liquid has done it again!. It’s managed to deliver 19BTC in dividends or, in other words 1.31NXT per share. How does he make it? We have a pending interview with Libertynow (the creator of Liquid) and then we’ll ask him about his key to the success of his asset

libertynow [2:17 AM 08-02-17] Currently converting 19 BTC to NXT for LQD dividends. That’ll help the price a bit, too.

Source: https://nxtchat.slack.com/archives/general/p1470097048002590

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  • NXTP dividend distribution

Recently, nxter.org has deliver the dividends for the months of May, June and July to the owners of the NXTP asset. We’d like to remind you that the only way to get NXTP is by buying them through the asset exchange or, even better, by becoming a collaborator. Write about what you like and you will get paid!

Source: https://nxtforum.org/nxter-org/accounting-7309/msg222959/#msg222959

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Nxt news – August 2016: Building with Lego or modeling with clay

NXT NxtCoin 2. generation cryptocurrency news

August 2016 (I)


Nxt news keep coming. This week we’d like to remark:

Here below are more details about each of these:


  • New article about Nxt by Andrew Marshall for Cointelegraph

The magazine cointelegraph published an article that showed the advantages of Smart Transactions, a feature that is already available on Nxt and that all Ardor’s childchains will be able to use.

The article explains how a lot of the transactions that can be executed on the Nxt platform are intelligent: messages (encripted or not), phased transactions, issuing and buying/selling assets and coins, dividend payments, voting, etc. This preformatted intelligent transactions have been tested on the platform for a very long time, which guarantees a smooth performance with no errors, together with the ability to combine with other smart transactions in order to cover a wide variety of needs.

It is modulable, so the coding work needed to develop an application is significantly reduced. The article explains that working with Nxt’s Smart Transactions is like building with LEGO, while working with Ethereum is like modeling clay every time.

Link to the article: https://cointelegraph.com/news/nxtardor-platform-to-make-blockchain-cheaper-and-safer

Captura de imagen de la revista Cointelegraph
Main page picture of the article at Cointelegraph

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  • Nxters for equity

Dwayne Johnston, Nexter and youtuber, gives us his vision about the Ardor platform and explains us how, in his opinion, the Nxt technology has all the necessary tools to make the world a better place.

NXT introduces ARDOR and we take a giant leep into the future

In this vídeo, Dwayne alleges that ARDOR is going to be something big that will be useful to governments, companies and users. This is why it’s necessary that the people who belong to a minority has to have it’s own criptocurrency. In this way, they become financially autonomous and are able to fight against the economy that, in his opinion, is socially inefficient.

[vsw id=”yauHv5eONQQ” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

NXT crypto technology and PeaceCoin for black people and minorities

In this video, Dwayne breaks down what he already started to tell us in the previous video, how Nxt operates as well as the coin called PeaceCoin (inside Nxt’s Monetary System) and it’s goals. He also goes over things such as the intrinsic value of any coin; the current lack of a coin specific for minorities and the initial difficulties that a newcomer faces when buying their first coins, etc.

[vsw id=”T18TrkGxLao” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Defy the Financial Power Structure with NXT and PeaceCoin a NXT Currency

Here, Dwayne explains to us how minorities must invest in their own coin, and that the coin for them is PeaceCoin, which is released through the Nxt’s Monetary System.  Those minorities, he says, have to recover their dignity. They got off to a bad start because they were given a poor set of cards from the very beginning. He claims that it’s necessary to change the financial structure around us and that’s what he is trying to solve with Peacecoin.

[vsw id=”mkDB6shHx8c” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

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  • Damelon (Nxt Foundation) is interviewed in the first episode of Core TV

In this joyous interview, many relevant subjects about Nxt and the Nxt Foundation are discussed. Among them we would like to bring up here:

  1. Bas Wisselink’s (AKA Damelon) educational background, how he arrived into the world of crypto and how he has managed to focus his professional life around this world.
  2. The importance of Megaladon’s campaign to improve the number of Nxt public nodes. Actually, he expects to multiply the current number of nodes by 2 or 3.
  3. Parallels are made between Ethereum’s recent hardfork / rollback and the situation that happened years ago in Nxt, where 5,000,000 NXT was stolen from the exchange BTER. However, in that ocasion the Nxt community decided not to perform the rollback.
  4. How the concept “decentralization” can be combined together with the existence of a lead developer.
  5. The Foundation’s point of view and objectives and that don’t have to be the same that all the Nxters may have (as it would be impossible). Aditionally, another group could take the initiative and launch his own foundation with different goals.
  6. The difference between “price” and “value” for a criptocurrency.
  7. The differences between Ardor’s childchains and the sidechains that are projected with other coins.
  8. The distribution process and the later period to buy/sell ARDR, preceding the full release of the Ardor platform. It was made this way to avoid (unfair) accusations of bad token distribution like the ones Nxt suffer from in the beginning.
  9. It mustn’t be strange that some members of the Nxt Foundation or from the Development team have started some parallel projects besides Nxt. The names can change, but the projects will last so that they can be continued by anyone who wants and has enough skills.

[vsw id=”Dzt59pkBYnU” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

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  • Update about the several campaigns running to promote forging

Forging is going up. In addition to Megalodon’s initiative (explined in this previous article), some Nxters are starting to voluntarily pay higher fees for their transactions. This adds up to Megalodon’s campaing, the NSC campaign and the Forging Bounty Lotery. A real chance to earn some NXT while strengthening the Nxt network at the same time.

Source: https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/5-million-nxt-bounty-for-nxt-ardor-forgers/msg222551/#msg222551

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  • Bounty program for Nxt/Ardor guides and FAQs

OutSL has won the first 5,000NXT of the Bounty program for Nxt/Ardor guides and FAQ creation.

The video looks nice and its detailed content will be really helpful to the newcomers to the Nxt platform. They will be able to visually follow all the procedures step-by-step to install and execute the Nxt wallet on their computer. Here is the result:

[vsw id=”Enwf_mm69sw” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Source: https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/(tnsse)-bounty-program-for-nxt-ardor-guides-and-faq’s/msg222643/#msg222643

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  • DeBuNe again on the tabloids

Audo Kryptowitz and Robert Bold wrote this article about DeBuNe. The DeBuNe project aims to build a collaborative network that will allow users to build a genuinely free market economy, opposite to the current situation where lobbies and other powers have the ability to influence the decision making process.

With the burst of the blockchain technology, it’s no longer necessary that a superior entity coordinates/influences the entire process. All the users are specialized and are able to self-coordinate and self-organize themselves. That’s what the DeBuNe project aims to do.

Source: http://www.digitalcatallaxy.com/articles/independent-business-units-on-a-decentralized-business-network

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NXT Weekly – 26.11.14

1 year has now gone by since the Nxt genesis block was created, and it’s 4 months since the last NXT Newsletter was sent out. What’s been happening in NxtVille since then? Oh, just an explosion of development, community activity, and drama, so there’s nothing new to report, eh? Wrong! Let’s catch up.

This week’s topics:

  • Nxt.org
  • Nxter.org
  • NxtInside
  • Nxtinfo.org
  • NxtFoundation
  • NxtOrganization
  • Nxt Community Funds Committee
  • What’s up next, Nxt?


There’s a new Nxt.org site up.

Nxt.org, which is perhaps Nxt’s most “controversial” website, has gone through tumultuous times since Bitventurer bought the domain for $10K in February, put it up for sale on nextcoin.org, regretted it and later gave it to the Nxt Community.

It’s now in the hands of the Nxt Organization, on behalf of which Berzerk has recently rebuilt the site.


[Ideenfrische] coded a nice website, but unfortunately it was not well perceived. Apparently the “bounce rate” was pretty high. So QBTC took over and created a new site for us. She did a good job and in the name of the Nxt Organization, I want to thank her for her hard work.

We talked with various people and we came to the conclusion that it is now time for a new Nxt.org. The first step is a professional website, in which content is maintained and updated. We as an unofficial organization, as a collective which wants to make Nxt better, can work on the site constantly!

We did the first step and created an all-new Nxt.org. With a fresher, more modern and sleeker look. We want to reach 3 user bases. The businessmen, the developers and the average user.

Please note that there may be bugs or mistakes on the website right now. Please look through it and contact us if you find anything.

We don’t plan to have our own news section, as there is nxter.org.

Read more here:

You can read about (some of the) future plans for nxt.org here:


Nxter.org has undergone a transformation.

QBTC, 23.11.2014:

If you all have been watching Nxter Magazine at nxter.org, you have to be as impressed as I am!

Since the early days, Apenzl and I have shared similar goals and visions. He and his team have taken nxter.org to new levels and have the manpower and resources to do what I have been unable to do as a one-woman-show with sputtering energy.

I’m really proud of their professionalism and product and am pleased to say that, in the best interests of all, I am retiring the nerds and redirecting the nxtcommunity.org site to nxter.org. This will be effective immediately.

I have been running the site solo since December 2013, but the one-man band has now grown into a team of dedicated Nxters:

Cassius – as writer
oldnbold – as English editor
Ludom – as French editor and writer
KarlKarlsson – as accountant and ads/business manager
apenzl – as “leader”, pic-maker, writer and web administrator
and then the loosely committed, who help us out with knowledge and/or the writing part.

Nxt Weekly has taken on a new form. Whereas before I used to mail out a ~40-page newsletter, subscribers will now receive a weekly overview inside a beautiful template by Ideenfrische. New posts are being made to nxter.org almost daily with updates, blogs, in-depth articles, market reports or Nxt asset descriptions, as well as Nxt related PR texts, and Nxter Weekly will be highlighting all of these.

Such posts don’t just magically appear on the site, so every Nxter is still welcome to contribute:


Our most recent initiative is the issuing of the NXTP asset which we use to reward our contributors worldwide for the work they do for Nxter.org. Being paid in NXTP is not a one-time payment, it’s a monthly dividend, based on nxter.org’s net profit, paid to contributors for as long as they hold NXTP.

Read more about this project here and maybe give it a go.
Maybe you’ll become the proud owner of 100 NXTP just for being a Nxt Newsletter subscriber. Read about our Nxt Birthday campaign.

Nxt Inside

What’s this? Haven’t you heard?


The development of new third party services and tools on top of the Nxt network is progressively turning Nxt into the platform it was meant to be.

NxtInside is a new promotional program to give Nxt a core ingredient brand identity, with the following goals:

  • Open ways for co-op promotion efforts between Nxt and NxtInside partners.
  • Raise awareness in developers about the capabilities and potential within Nxt, thus helping to introduce new partners into the platform.
  • Provide GUI/website branding as a link to bring more end users to the Nxt ecosystem.
  • Allow marketing initiatives to focus on the promotion of branded applications while implicitly promoting the Nxt platform.
  • Visibly connect Nxt to applications developed on top of the platform and using Nxt core features.

The official website for the Nxt Inside will receive regular updates with:

  • New featured NxtInside partners
  • New Development resources and materials
  • Blog posts about Nxt technology and development

If you are a developer for a third party application or website service and want to join the NxtInside program and website in the launch, please report in this thread or contact VanBreuk.

The first and best known Nxt Inside partner is SuperNET.

jl777 announced the first Nxt Inside initiative in late August and thereby gave a name to the Nxt Inside project. He explained how he would bundle Nxt with BTCD, which later led to the SuperNET ICO.

You can read the full story here, or follow the SuperNET Newsletters right here.


The site is aimed at beginners.


I’m proud to announce the official launch of NXTinfo.org!

When I started with NXT back in February I had to look for information in too many different sources – that’s what I want to change. Our aim is to provide all the information a newcomer needs in one place and in a simple language to make their lives easier.

Dear Nxter, spread the word: I am looking forward to any constructive feedback and am open to suggested changes.

Donations to NXT-56FE-J3YQ-7T7Y-EKTW4 are very appreciated – it helps to further develop this brand new web page.

Nxt Foundation

Nxt Foundation wants to make it easy for businesses to connect to the Nxt platform.

Nxt Foundation made its first public appearance with the Nxt Community and Development video Updates, started by Tai Zen, Damelon, QBTC and Uniqeuorn. Their idea is to show some of the real faces behind Nxt, so that people know that Nxt is not just anonymous programmers hiding behind screens.

As the 5 people currently running Nxt Foundation have discovered, the absence of any legal structure for Nxt makes it very inconvenient when they are in contact with organizations or businesses, for example when attending conferences; the problem being that it is not possible to sign a contract, be it with a conference organiser or any other real world business, on behalf of a technology. It’s obviously not enough to say that you represent a public ledger or the decentralized financial blockchain tech of tomorrow. A real legal entity is needed.

In the meantime, Nxters have had no choice but to sign contracts regarding Nxt in their personal capacities, thereby making themselves personally liable under the contract. Another reason why a legal entity is needed is that it makes it easier to arrange short term insurance for Nxt representatives attending conferences.

The Nxt Foundation is a convenient way to solve these problems. In their mission statement on their website, the Nxt Foundation writes:

To grow the NXT platform and its community, NXT needs something that can connect and engage with the rest of the world (individuals and businesses) in a professional, friendly,  safe and secure manner.

In order for the NXT platform to grow and gain widespread adoption, people must be able to connect with the new world of decentralized currencies (such as NXT) that are not owned by any government or central bank. For this to happen a bridge is needed between the NXT platform, community, developers etc. and the rest of the world which is still accustomed to the old world legacy banking system.

The NXT Foundation is a group of early adopters of the NXT platform who share the belief that the NXT technology has the potential to revolutionize how people make financial transactions and eliminate the inequalities of the legacy central banking systems and have volunteered to unify their efforts to promote the NXT platform with integrity and professionalism.

Still, adopting a name like ‘Nxt Foundation’ naturally causes instant fear in the heart of a decentralized community like Nxt’s. It goes to the very core of Nxt. Nobody wants to feel misrepresented by some central organ or by a bunch of Nxt representatives with whom they just don’t agree.

Nxt Foundation writes:

The NXT community does not need a ‘foundation’ for the community, it needs a ‘foundation’ for the rest of the world to be able to connect with the value that NXT and its community offers.

The NXT Foundation can be viewed as an interface between an old and new financial world guided by the NXT community and NOT directing the NXT community.

In the forthcoming months, Nxt Foundation will set up the necessary legal structures.

Learn more in this video announcement:

Nxt Organization

Nxt Organization was first announced by wesley on August 7 as a collaboration between dedicated community members who wanted to put an end to the passivity caused by the way the Nxt funding committees are set up. Mczarnek writes: ‘There was an initial vote regarding whether we needed something new and clearly we do. So, we saw there was a problem, instead of spending months voting on it (…), we organized a group of people who know and love Nxt, have proven their commitment, can work well together and decided to do something about it.’

The Nxt community was shaken. Like Nxt Foundation, the members now had to explain that they were NOT to be seen as representatives of Nxt as a whole, and the thread exploded in unconstructive debate.

On October 10, Berzerk announced a change in the structure.


Since the beginning of the NxtOrganization we wrote several huge documents with plans and ideas, in which we described how we will make the Nxt ecosystem a big success. However, at the end nothing was finished because we had no clear leader who made the final word.

I hereby announce that I took over this role since last week. I will now function as the CEO of the NxtOrganization. If you encounter any problems, just write me a PM here on the forums.

The plans for the networking, marketing and tech groups for 2014 are done. We will concentrate on the marketing and networking ones for now, as we are in a very comfortable situation in the development space with more than 7 active developers.

There are several internal votings going on in order to accomplish our goals, including over 30 tasks which need to be done this year. As we have finished the basic foundation of the NxtOrganization this week, we can finally start to actually accomplish things next week.

Currently there are six active members on board. We are constantly searching for more active members. So if you are interested in taking part just write me. I will get in contact with you as soon as possible then.

Berzerk can be contacted through nxtorganization.org. The first task solved was the nxt.org site.

Nxt Community Funds Committee

On March 7 the Nxt Community elected 3 funding committees with 5 (unpaid) members in each committee to control 9 million unclaimed NXT from the Genesis Block: A TechDev Committee, an Infrastructure Committee, and a Nxt Marketingfund Committee
. The way it should work was that any community member could pitch a project and apply for funding from the committees, the committee members would then vote for or against the proposal, and see to it that the project got realised.

The way that the committees were set up seems to have fostered passivity, and several community (and committee) members have therefore called for a reorganisation of the committees to make them more proactive. 113 Nxters voted about the issue, with 86.7% in favor of such a reorganisation.


Damelon has made a final proposal for the structure of a new committee.

The proposal will be up for a week, nxters should go there and vote AYE or NAY now!

The committee’s mandate will be a proactive one.
They can and should initiate projects and keep the community active in creative ways, including:

  • making a clear budget for the coming year.
  • recognising and funding well conceived projects that further the adoption of Nxt in any way.
  • initiating projects for Nxt adoption and finding partners to make them come to fruition.
  • proposing and incentivizing uses of Nxt.
  • overseeing the timely development of these uses once they have been agreed on.
  • communicating the progress of these projects in a simple to read format, making use of the numerous communication outlets that are already in place within the community, like the Twitter channels, Facebook pages and sites like Nxter.org and Nxt.org.

After the vote, there will be the following steps:

  • Self-nomination of candidates for the open positions.
  • Voting.
  • Announcing the new committee, and transfer of funds to the new treasurers.

The new committee will be in control of the funds left in the 3 funding committees, see here.

The vote will end on December 2, so nxters – please go vote:

What’s up next, Nxt?

BCNext left on February 28, the day before the Nxt source code became public, handing the rest of his Nxt code over to Come-from-Beyond, and the responsibilty of taking care of Nxt to the community. Come-from-Beyond added extra pressure, pointing out that April 4th was his last working day for Nxt. If some Nxter was still in doubt as to whether the community / the social experiment of the Nxt project was to take over or not, this doubt was killed with the release of the 3rd part of BCNext’s plan, published by Come-from-Beyond on April 1st, in which he stated:


BCNext went for good, he doesn’t feel himself responsible for the future of Nxt, he implemented an idea that was obvious but noone tried to do it (maybe because creation of a Bitcoin clone was much easier). One day he will come back with his main project under his real name. Don’t try to find real identity of BCNext, he intentionally copied style and ideas of different people, if you think you found him then you are likely wrong. BCNext has never existed, this sockpuppet was created only for Nxt and will never appear again.

You are left on your own. Good luck.

Read all 3 messages from BCNext here: http://nxter.org/bcnexts-nxt/

We have expanded and grown several times as a community. We outgrew bitcointalk and moved to nxtforum.org on March 24. Community members began to have meetings behind the scenes, as various projects grew from the forum and these talks. Heated discussions and alliances were made.

We’re decentralized. All are aware of the value of the Nxt tech and eager to make the world understand it and make use of it. That’s what binds our community together, across national borders, political standpoints – for private reasons, privacy reasons, political reasons, businesses reasons.

This first Nxt Weekly leader has concentrated on the Nxt Community and the recent restructuring in our starfish organisation. We know now that Nxt is indeed a platform. Its value is defined by the use of it, not as currency but as a vehicle for NXT tokens, used by the projects and businesses built on Nxt.

NXTER MAGAZINE will cover these use cases in depth in a series starting this coming Monday, called Nxt CORE.

If you’re impatient to know more, take a look at the description of the next core feature to be implemented in Nxt: Monetary System: https://bitbucket.org/JeanLucPicard/nxt/issue/136/monetary-system.


“Unfair” distribution was made intentionally to create a sustainable system. A solution to distribution problem was offered (Monetary System). Now everything depends on ordinary nxters.

Nxt – Your First Birthday!

1 year under your belt.

1 year since the Nxt genesis block was created.

Happy birthday, Nxt!


Well, this first year of your life has certainly been tumultuous but it’s also been inspiring. From being a fragile, newborn baby, a brand new blockchain and a descendant of Bitcoin you have now grown into an independent, truly decentralized, 2nd generation, PoS crypto platform.

It’s a rough old world, this crypto world of ours, but you haven’t merely survived your first Ddos attacks, scam accusations, and the usual FUD, you’ve actually managed to come out stronger every time, with more nodes, more features, more supporters and more interesting use cases for businesses.

And when we look at what core features are still in the pipeline, we can see that you’re really only in your infancy, but what an infant! Strong, healthy and very real, and these new features are not just talk to make you look interesting, they are being released in a steady flow, helping you grow stronger and stronger. Meanwhile, your full potential still remains to be discovered by the masses.

Thank you, BCNext, for bringing Nxt to life.
Thank you, Nxt devs and Community for shaping that life.
And thank you Nxt for making a better, more decentralized world a reality.

We at nxter.org are proud to support you.

NXTER.ORG is celebrating your 1st Birthday…

  • by relaunching the legendary NXT Newsletter. Wednesdays, weekly.
  • with an article series about Nxt’s core features (6 articles over the next 2 weeks).
  • by giving away a total of 1000 FREE NXTP assets to randomly picked newsletter subscribers. 2 winners will be picked the following 5 Fridays. The selected winners will be notified via their signup mail address and asked to provide a Nxt acct ID.

NXTP (Nxterpoints) are reward points, based on Nxter.org’s net profit, which are dividended out at the beginning of every month. NXTP are awarded to contributors to nxter.org. Read more here.

You can join our list of subscribers here.

The Internet is finally changing into a more private, secure, free and decentralized scene. A starfish community has grown from Nxt’s rich potential, with use cases and new services based on Nxt springing up in different areas of the world every week, and yet this is only the beginning. Nxt tokens are affordable, the platform is easy to build on and anyone and everyone can become a part of the Nxt revolution.

NXT Newsletter #14

nxt newsletter

Welcome NXTers, newcomers and long time community members.top_no10


Here we go…

This week’s topics:

  • New NRS
  • PayExpo
  • Isle of Man
  • Bitfin
  • TXTNXTFund
  • Porcfest
  • Nxt Styleguide 2.0
  • Nxxty
  • Charity Paintings
  • Android Wallet BETA
  • QR login
  • Instant Transactions
  • Online AE client
  • pNxt
  • Jaffa Drink Bar
  • Development Roadmap
  • MISC
  • Coinomat
  • BitcoinBazar
  • Stats and Charts
  • AE dividend service
  • Secure online wallets
  • Quote of the week
  • Words of wisdom of the week


Core features on testnet:
Alias transfer, Encrypted messages, Digital Goods Store


[NRS] 1.2.2 should be ready for main net, planned for the week of July 14th. It will have DGS, Alias Transfer, and Encrypted Messages features set to be enabled about a week after the release, to give everyone time to upgrade. Therefore these features will go live before end of July.

Along with the above, Decode Token Functionality has been added to the NRS client + a warning message is shown if the user is on a fork.

Test it:

Get TestNXT:

Voting System


Voting system is finished.

Different voting models supported

  •     By account, 1 account = 1 Vote.
  •     By balance, 1 NXT = 1 Vote.
  •     By asset, 1 Asset QNT = 1 Vote. Additional parameter specifies an asset ID.


Private payments


Monetary System is delayed because I’m adding #CoinShuffle to it. Yes, you read it correctly, #Nxt will have anonymous payments.

Only [in] MS.

Forgot about BCNext’s plan?
Read up on it, please: http://test.nxter.org/bcnexts-nxt/

Payexpo 2014

A nice summary has been posted by TheLawyerOfNxt:

John Manglaviti (Cointropolis) and Lee Gibson’s (TXTcoin) talk at the PayExpo:

PayExpo 2015

Tai Zen:

Right now, NXT has the option to be the official crypto currency partner of the 2015 PayExpo again for £15,000.  If NXT is not a partner then the Bitcoin Foundation will probably fill the void.


Damelon and I just finished a conference call with the PayExpo organizer and I am more enthused than ever! First, he has offered an installment payment plan that would look like this:

30% payable by August 3
30% payable in December
40% payable in May

The first installment would be approximately 125,000 NXT. 

Second, PayExpo 2015 will be dedicated to the topic of cryptocurrency — helping the payment sector discover the value proposition of digital currency and considerations for widespread adoption. If we accept this contract, Nxt could be opening this crypto-themed conference as the keynote speaker.


I have created the NXT Account; NXT-ZGDQ-W9Q3-YFK6-4L8F4.
This is to receive donations for the first PayExpo 2015 installment of £4500.

As I am a UK resident and the payment is in the UK I have agreed to pass this payment to the organisers on behalf of the community. My aim is that slightly more than £4500 will arrive in the UK bank account and the total amount received will then be transferred to PayExpo. This will slightly overpay perhaps the first installment but we will simply net this off the second. To kick things off I have transferred the 20k NXT I have promised for this to the account already and would be grateful if your promised donations could follow when you have time to send them.

Please go to the thread below and check the account ID, before sending donations:


Isle of Man

Graphic by QBTC.

Lee (TXTCoinsNow):

Please find www.nxtfoundation.im 

This is an information website for Isle of Man there will be more people added to it soon.

Please use the contact form on the website with what you would like to setup on the Isle of Man from there your information will be shared with Key people in the Isle of man that can help you setup your business.


Lee (TXTCoinsNow) represented NXT.


Ok this my fear and its happened guys from payexpo are here and call me Mr nxt or Mr nxttxt 

But the result is this the event organisers are setting up my meeting with josh from circle and lunch time tommorow with max keiser and they are setting up a 1 on 1 with Emily coindesk.

Ok guys nxt now has a seat on the www.ukdca.org panel.

Ok spoke to bitonic his going to look into Nxt his waiting for a banking licence then after that he can sit  with his team

Go Coin is going in a really good direction Erik is a very agressive and smart guy in business his hitting the right paths so when NXT is added it will really open a large market for NXT

Ok I just spoke to Seamus from www.bitnet.io  they are like GoCoin by the looks of it I  need to follow up with them next week in london to add NXT to there platform

Nxt nxt dam that stage is hot for nxt

Go to Google and search states of alderny coins
Would you like an official coin from alderny of nxt
Bitcoin is getting it
So a gold nxt coin official by a  state

Just had a small chat with Vladimir from ocean bank I need. To present txt to him for his banking customers to use it as fiat mobile wallet so that they are also able to obtain nxt indirectly via the platform this is looking good

Lee (TXTCoinsNow) is on a crusade for getting NXT acknowledged.
He’s doing good – but he needs all the help we can give! So please step up, follow and support!

There’s no way I can summarize him. Just follow:
https://nxtforum.org/index.php?action=profile;area=showposts;u=617  And show this man some action.



As joint effort between NXT and TXT To cover ongoing expenses and to avoid the stress of donations of NXTs the logical choice is to monetize Conferences.









Marc De Mesel:

I succeeded in getting on the air with Free Talk Live, did a short interview about NXT that likely hundreds of thousands of freedom loving people heard! https://www.freetalklive.com/content/podcast_2014_06_27 It starts at 1:33:20 1h33min20sec

I did some more interviews at Porcfest, such as one with John Bush from SovereignBTC that is aired on Let’s Talk Bitcoin in the next few days! I also did a great presentation on Porcfest and had Stephanie Murphy and Brian Sovryn on stage giving their very positive opinion about NXT, this video will be on youtube but this can take up to a month sadly. :/ 

I have also talked with hundreds of people on porcfest, many celebrities as well, such as Jeffrey Tucker, Jeff Berwick, Mark Edge among others and almost all of them were interested to hear more about NXT and get some free NXT. I have been doubtful that NXT would succeed, since technology alone does not cut it, but the marketing is possible, we just have to do it. Share the love.


Nxt Style Guide 2.0

It’s here.




Crypto messaging for the masses…



Our intermediate build of Nxtty received approval from Apple.
If you would like to beta test #nxtty on iOS please PM me your iPhone UDID.

Final work has began for Nxtty android app……compatibility for all Android devices from gingerbread to latest release. 

Nxtty allows you to send encrypted messages, images, and possibly money to other Nxtty users. Once a Nxtty user has added you to their contact list an unbreakable link is established between the both of you. Almost like a phone line that NO ONE can cut or wiretap. You can automatically delete your sent messages after it has been viewed by the receiver.

Bugfest for iPhone BETA-testers (250 NXT pr bug found):


Charity Paintings


Maximilian Kordek:

I think it’s very important for modern society to help the people in need. I believe if people actually get something for their donation they are more willing to donate. Let’s see if a nice painting is enough for the people. I really hope so.

Charity paintings are sold with the help of the Nxt Asset Exchange.

The person who owns the most shares after one week can choose one of three paintings. The person with the second most shares can choose one of the other two paintings. The person with the third most shares will get the last painting. Then the paintings will be immediately shipped  to them. A buy back order will be set up for the outstanding shares. This buy back will be closed after one week, and every oustanding order will be seen as a donation. 80% of all the NXT will be given to charity.

For the month of July the recipient will be the Amani Kinderdorf. Amani Kinderdorf is a German organization based in Africa that aims to create self-sustaining communities, and to provide homes for children who have been orphaned due to AIDS.


Android Wallet beta

First BETA of our Nxt Android Client is out.



Hi! I’ll release a first “view-only” version of my Android NXT wallet this weekend. If you would like to test it, please add yourself to this spreadsheet:


I’ve used images from the media-kit by ideenfrische, but only did a quick and dirty layout, so that’s is visible that I will follow the corporate design. I will rework the look once all functionality is there and all GUI elements found their right spot.



Marcus03 managed to raise funds for it in just 3 days: http://test.nxter.org/fundraiser-nxt-android-wallet/ 

QR wallet login


Supercell is developing a plugin feature for NxtWallet.

Proposal thread:


QR code plugin is finished and I built another plugin to utilize it called (QR Login).

YES with it the main window have a QR window and if you scan a qr it will be used as your login passphrase. The use case is when your passphrase is not the memorize-able kind and you do not want to keep it on a file on the computer. So you have in your wallet a qr code printed or a qr on your mobile phone/secured android device. No copy paste and no files moving in USB drives. Scan, bleep, logged in.

Get it here:

Instant Transactions


This is the basic idea behind the instant transactions:

anon136 (on behalf on Dev-Tech Committee):

Myself, l8orre, antanst and abuelau have approved this project for a bounty of 200,000 NXT.
The conditions for the release of these funds are:

A) jean luc utilizes your code in the core 
B) these changes do infact allow for instant transactions 
C) the code doesnt break anything else important in the process 
D) a period of time elapses after implementation where no attack vectors are uncovered

Online AE client

SAE has its online client up and running: https://trade.secureae.com

Coinmarketcap recognizes Nxt AE


NEM is on CoinmarketCap with value being calculated from the NxtAssetExchange.



[ANN – pNXT alpha]


Jaffa Drink Bar


IPO for the first community owned bar in the world is on Nxt AE.


I am planning to accept Nxt and BTC, too.
And a table will always be reserved for crypto-guys :)


Development Roadmap

You want more?


New video

Credits: d13id, Cassius, joefox and Damelon.


Coinomat will process NXT -> credit card withdrawals.

on July 01, 2014, 07:30:28 am:

Testing the NXT integration on the testnet now, should be complete within several days.

Discussion thread: https://nxtforum.org/assets-board/(ann)-coinomat-com/


I did a BTC -> credit card and even though the bank didnt report it promptly it was actually there within 2 days. Cant wait to be able to NXT -> credit card. Super convenient. We can basically spend NXT anywhere, just need to make sure to preload the card.


We hope that the integration helps the promotion of NXT, such services as withdrawal to bank cards (which will be launched immediately) and SEPA transfers (we plan to launch them in July) definitely should be of interest to the community.


Buy stuff with NXT: http://www.bitcoinbazaar.co.uk/accepted-coins

Stats and charts



Right now the page contains:
* Price chart, showing the price of NXT in BTC, USD and other Fiat over time.
* Total number of trades and trade volumes per day
* Number of trades and trade volumes per asset
* Comparison of the asset market cap to the total Nxt market cap

More to follow, show your love at NXT-5W4G-GAR6-JHJP-H8ZTW

nxt market


http://www.coinreporting.com now fully supports NXT.

Basic version is free. Manage all your digital coins in one placeYou can keep track of their value, your profit/loss and a lot of other interesting information in real time.


Nxt has been on our radar for some time, but recent developments have made us finally cross the threshold and seriously consider becoming a Gateway from the Nxt AE (as an asset issuer) to both the Ripple Network and ‘fiatland’ (and vice versa). Looking forward to engage with the community as we go forward!

Coinex will be sending someone down [to bitcoinsouth.co]. We’re also looking to do some sponsorship there, and by then we will be operating in the Nxt Asset Exchange and more than happy to spread a bit of Nxt love :).



Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.danparker.TrustYourAssets

Guidelines for direct trades


AE dividend payment service


Jl777 has integrated an automatic dividend payment as part of his NXTservices software.

As an NXTservices alpha tester, I’m offering this service. Asset Holders send me their dividend funds and I use the NXTservices to distribute them. Likely, in a month or two, dividend payment will be much easier and there’ll be no need for this.

4 weekly payments have already been processed for Coinomat.


Forging hubs


Nxtblocks Wallet


The wallet is browser-encrypted. You can download your encrypted wallet for backup purposes. The encrypted wallets are backed up three times a day in off-site locations.

We support Google two factor authentication for accessing your wallet.

Multiple account support. Label your accounts to ease management. Send NXT to one or more accounts at the same time. Archive the accounts you do not use anymore to keep your wallet uncluttered. Integration with the Block Explorer: Get QR codes and information regarding every account you have in your wallet with a single click.


Asset Exchange

* Asset trade types (sell/buy) are shown as well.
* Add weekly and monthly ranges in candlestick chart.


* Key strength checks have been enforced when user creates an account using custom private key.
* Again in account creation using custom private key, the bug when sometimes incorrect accounts where generated is solved.
* We’ve added an offline wallet decryption tool. You can download it from your wallet options, right where you download the encrypted wallet file.




New wave of features in the Online wallet:

1. Download an encrypted backup of your wallet
2. Google Authenticator support
3. Change your master password
4. Reed-solomon account support through the wallet

We are now providing a very high standard of security:

  • The wallet is decrypted on the browser and the password is never sent to our servers
  • Every account has 2 passwords: one for logging in and another for decryption
  • Every wallet is decrypted 2 times using AES-256 before being stored in our database
  • Our database is backed up every hour in an external location

You want more news?

Nxt Community and Development updates:


Quote of the week


We r almost #4 on coinmarketcap. Keep selling.

Words of wisdom of the week

Cassius vs ChuckOne:
Be warned, Nxt Community:
  • Don’t centralise.
  • Listen to the community.
  • Be innovative, now.
  • Don’t stand still because your competitors sure aren’t.
  • Don’t compete on just one point.
  • Don’t get complacent.
  • And do write giant walls of text so that your competitors are too busy reading them to sneak up on you and spank you into third place, which is about to happen faster than you think.

This is the last newsletter that will be sent out – in this form. 

Right now we need another leg of the starfish, another face to the outside world. We’re in a kind of vacuum before the next tipping point, IMO. We want mass adoption, and we know it’s coming. But not if we sit on our arses. Let’s push, not sit back and watch, but take the lead. We need another bridge to the mainstream. An overview. Let’s give it to people. The games are gone. Let’s bring them back. The investors and the merchants. Let’s not wait for usecases to write about, but reach out and help to make them. 

Nxter.org is being expanded to a magazine. It’s in the works and the site will be multilingual.

Thanks for reading along for the past 6 months. I hope you’ve appreciated my efforts to gather the many informations floating around in our decentralized Nxt project. It’s time to take the next step, and good skilled people are on it. I hope you will get to enjoy the new nxter.org even more. ETA soon.

Enjoy the summer. 

Donations: NXT-UWJU-XXST-3MPQ-2JWG7.

Contact me:

Lost a newsletter? 
Find it in the archive @ nxter.org. Email sign up: http://eepurl.com/M2KnL

Didn’t understand a thing?
Go to nxtcommunity.orgnxtforum.org, nxt.orgnextcoin.org or nxter.org,  to learn more about NXT. Or http://www.reddit.com/r/nxt

NXT Newsletter #13

nxt newsletter

Welcome NXTers, newcomers and long time community members.top_no10

This week’s topics:

  • Whitepaper
  • Monetary System
  • Nxt Café
  • PayExpo 2014
  • GoCoin NXT
  • TXTCoinsNow
  • NxtHaus
  • Nxt Crypto Valley
  • LITH
  • Nxt Mania Games
  • Trustless online wallet
  • Android Wallet funding
  • Asset Exchange – get started
  • MISC
  • BCNext’s purpose
  • Quote of the week
  • Words of wisdom of the week

Whitepaper coming!



BCNext wrote the whitepaper in Java language. Now we r translating it to plain English. So we r working on it right now, time to move from geeks to academics.


Monetary System


Monetary System allows any user/group to create a currency on top of Nxt platform. One of the currency types is a PoW currency. The supply will be minted by using PoW and secured by using Nxt PoS.

PS: Such PoW correncies can migrate to their own blockchain after the bootstrapping phase. This provides protection for currencies that r being attacked before they get a big community.

I think it should be noted that NXT protects PoW currencies and their price, so the price can’t go to zero.


Nxt Café


WHAT is this??? And who is Lee?

Lee (TXTCoinsNow):

My father started the place in 1988. He died of cancer few years ago and my mother tried to run it but she also was diagnosed with a terminal illness so lasted 1 year after.

Its basically been shut but the defacto on the level 1 rating is based on the guy turning up when southern water was pumping the blocked drains and there was a fire next door which left the cafe having to have fire doors etc put in they come when my brother in law was working on the place and the cafe was not open even. [referring to reviews like THIS]

Obviously it wont make any mega rich over night but a great novelty and excellent point of location for NXT Coin I already spoke to Just Eat this morning they liked the idea of it as people do ask if any places can take crypto and they have asked me to go to there head office.

It already had some media: HERE.

Well to just take it further they want a follow up to a grand opening where people are invited down “ITV and BBC could well be there to cover it”. I know 1 of the MP’s around here I could get him on my speed dial and have him here to do the opening and invite local business’s which will give massive amounts of media as the Local Area is involved.


Payexpo 2014



Here’s a random conversation :

John “The price is 1000 NXT to issue the asset”

Hedge Fund Manager “Only $10,000 for the entire platform”

John “No, the platform is free.. there is no licensing. You just need to spend a 1000 NXT to issue the asset”

Hedge Fund Manager “How much is that?”

John “About $70”

Hedge Fund Manager “(real loud laugh) What’s wrong with it?”

You can imagine how that one trails off.  Try explaining crowd funding plane tickets and conference booth to these guys, minds were seriously blown. The response was sick…just unbelievable life changing conversations. People were polite but had a very direct message to us:

What are you waiting for? You have the platform, you don’t have the image problems of Bitcoin, you have people that work for donations.. wtf. Why haven’t you approached the financial markets before, you’re messing around with low volume crap.

I know that my time is now best spent approaching pushing NXT in real world meetings.

Gocoin NXT

GoCoin announced, that they will integrate NXT in their payment solution.


CoinTropolis members have been talking with GoCoin fairly regularly since the Bitcoin Miami event. It was important for us to outline a real plan for how NXT could enhance their portfolio. It was a lot of follow-ups, however, the end result was well worth the effort. We look forward to getting NXT fully integrated and going after merchants worldwide.

Merchants will be able to integrate NXT via the GoCoin plugin into shopping carts such as PrestaShop, Opencart, ZenCart, Magento, WooCommerce, VirtueMart, Ubercart and more.


This is more significant than when BTER started trading NXT. The reason is every silly altcoin gets on some exchange, not such a big deal to be on an exchange. How many coins are integrated into VC backed payment processors? BTC, LTC, DOGE and NXT. maybe PPC, so now NXT has full gen1 features.



[fusion_youtube id=”0UmRHm42Y3g” width=”” height=”” autoplay=”false” api_params=”” hide_on_mobile=”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility” class=””][/fusion_youtube]


PayExpo 2015?


Bitcoin Foundation wanted to be the PayExpo crypto sponsor for 2015. I don’t want to start any drama with those guys, but there’s certainly some bad blood with NXT watering down the Bitcoin message. How dare we be so successful.  Btw, they don’t have the option. Lee signed a contract which states that we have 3 1/2 weeks to decide if we want to come back.  If we do, they are not allowed to be a crypto sponsor.

Big plans from PayExpo in 2015 for crypto, thanks to the response that NXT received.  People were generally thankful we were there to explain what exactly we do and how it can help support their initiatives.  It was so weird to hear ‘Thank you so much for joining PayExpo’ from other sponsors.

The PayExpo went well, seems to be consensus. The hack is another thing. More about that next week.


NxtHaus is a Nxt<->Fiat trading platform.



We’re in Alpha testing of NxtHaus. We changed direction and instead of having the most focus on Buying and Selling Nxt, we want to be more like the Coinbase of Nxt. The new homepage should be ready and implemented next week, the dashboard within 2 weeks.

Because NxtHaus’ focus is on easy to use we can not include sophisticated trading solutions for our day traders. Because of that we will create a sophisticated trading desk together with Margin in a Joint Venture. Additionally, we will obviously be included in the LeonArdo software. Beta testing for LeonArdo will start soon.

We are also working on a POS Terminal. Thanks to the progress on Isle of Man we were able to work on even more: We will become an actual payment processor similar to Bitpay, GoPay and the likes. In the coming month we will start doing local beta testing for the POS Terminal and the Payment Processor (A merchant gets paid in Bitcoin/Nxt and we then automatically convert it into Fiat (obviously only if the merchant doesn’t want to keep the crypto currencies).

Since November I’ve been in touch with a great entrepreneur from the US. He is running a Startup focused on delivering/using credit cards. Obviously we want to add such an option to our users and make it possible to pay locally at any shop with the credit card or withdraw cash at an ATM. This is still work in progress as it is still very difficult to get banking in the US (which is required for this). But we are working on a Plan B that would handle this in a P2P fashion.


wow. can you imagine if a legit nxt credit card came before a legit bitcoin credit card.


bithaus logo


The very first Nxt Crypto Valley on Isle of Man is here!

The goal is it to realize the creation of a legal DAC, which means that companies that issue shares on the Asset Exchange can do so legally. We’re also working on implementing the idea of a “Safe Harbor” (as mentioned  during the New York Bitcoin Hearing): companies that would normally require a license to operate will be given a “trial” where they can prove themselves and their abilities to operate. This means that these companies will be able to operate right off the bat without having to worry that bureaucracy will kill their innovation.

On Isle of Man we will work closely together with the regulators and politicians, that means that we are taking a proactive stance in the way this industry will be regulated. We are sort of creating our own regulatory framework and thus make it possible for no regulator to cripple our innovations.

Read more: http://test.nxter.org/nxt-crypto-valley/



The LITH team has been announced:

A playable demo has been released.
You can download a playable version HERE. (404 link removed)

lith Town

Read more about LITH:

DORCS asset reservations can be made now.

Nxt Mania Games


We proudly present a little preview of our first Tetris Game.

This is not our commercial video this is just a preview that the next community
can see the work is going on very fast. We add this do give you as community the guarantee
that we can deliver what we promise.

next big thing. we have a new dev in our team.. and we have now the possibilities to
launch it for iOS … and for Android!

[fusion_vimeo id=”98276599″ width=”” height=”” autoplay=”false” api_params=”” hide_on_mobile=”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility” class=””][/fusion_vimeo]


Till the first game Nxtrix released we give early investors the possibility to buy shares.

Did you notice the awesome design in the latest NXT Newsletter?


Right. On the team is also Ideenfrische, the agency behind the Nxt Corporate Design.

NxtMania shares are available on AE

Trustless online wallet



myNXT will now be trustless and open source

We are happy to announce that starting on the 16th/June the myNXT.info Online Wallet (https://wallet.mynxt.info) will become a trustless wallet, and the client-side code will be open-sourced so anyone can review it.

This will add an extra layer of security to our users, and we hope the extra level of trust will help boost the online wallet adoption by both existing Nxters that were hesitant to use the wallet before, and also (and most importantly), will help encourage new people to join Nxt.

With this work, the myNXT Online Wallet becomes an on-blockchain, client-side trustless wallet, which is very similar to the leading Bitcoin online wallet Blockchain.info. We will also be adding a backup functionality so that our users can easily backup their wallet and even migrate to other Nxt clients if they choose to.

https://wallet.mynxt.info is usable as an online wallet for mobiles too.

Nxt Android Wallet

iNxt wallet

Nxt Community has been pushing for weeks now to get dev’s coding a functioning native mobile wallet. The Nxt corporate design has been in place from Ideenfrische for what feels like ages, but NOW things are moving!

marcus03 [ANN]:

A fully functional, open-source Android NXT wallet. Transaction signing done client-side with the Android app connecting to “well-known” public NRS server without sending account secrets over the network. Fund raising has started and will run between June 13th to July 13th 2014 (or shorter).

Buy as many assets as you want to fund in NXT. As long as the fund raising is running you can step back from funding by transfering the assets back to the issuer account. Marcus03 will then return your NXT. If he decides the project is well funded, the client will be created. If Marcus03 decides the project is not well funded after a month, he will put up a buy order at 1 NXT so that everyone is free to sell the asset against this with minimal loss (2 NXT in transaction fees).

Source thread: https://nxtforum.org/nxt-projects/project-ideaoffer-nxt-wallet-for-android/

Project 2

btc2nxt (NxtQQ) [ANN]:

If Technique Community would like to support the project, i appreciate to restart [developing NxtQQ as Android platform] and find a Android SDK guy help me.

k_day has started coding the GUI, as a step 1 of 4.
Get more info: https://nxtforum.org/alternative-clients/(windowsandroid)-(nxtqq)-nxt-client/msg13116/

The proposals have this far been shown little interest from the Tech Dev Committee.

Nxters! Let’s have this! 🙂


Get Started


http://nxtra.org/nxt-wallet (redirects to nxt.org)
Single-click installation and auto-update.

To find tokens on the Asset Exchange you have to search them by ID.

Research before you invest! Investments are at your own risk!

AE Explorers


http://nxtexplorer.com/ (redirects to nxtportal)

Asset list. Profile view with open orders for each asset and a simple bar chart to block explorer.
Assets are sortable for name, num. trades etc. and a keyword search for the description. Volume and asset distribution. Current tickers and 1 nxt equivalent in USD/EUR/CNY and an nxt average from the two highest volumes exchanges. Messages, account control (account naming), leased balances, votes and goods. (votes are  activated and displayed if used, goods is prepared)



NxtReporting.com (out dated service)

Web service to track the profitability of your complete Nxt Asset Exchange Portfolio. For every asset you possess, you can see if you made a profit or a loss with it. You can track when you bought it, when you sold it and what were the best trades. Additionally, it works as a complete blockbrowser with graphs of the last trades and a lot of info. All of that by simply entering your account number.

BIG UPDATE went online, it has the following new features:
ASSET MARKET CAP: Market capitalisation of all assets. At the top of the list you have a Dropdown to select how the total maket cap should be calculated. You can exclude there for example the stack of the asset issuer to find out how much assets are in circulation right now.
SHAREHOLDER LIST: Select an asset and get a list of all accounts that posses this asset. The same list is also visible on the Asset-detail-page. Thats for example useful when you want to pay dividens or if you want to find out between how many accounts your asset is distributed. Or are you just curious who is full of LOVE? Check  http://nxtreporting.com/shareholder.php?a=12358227497921853690 (redirects to nxtportal)
* Zoomable nice interactive graphs on the asset page that includes all trades with prices and volumes.



Nxt AT

All unit tests are done!


This is a milestone.

EXT_FUN tests have been published and I’ll close the task off as soon as blockchain.info is working properly again (keeps timing out trying to check the BTC balance with it at the moment).


If you buy NxtAT Assets, you are helping the project as well as hopefully getting something in return when it’s completed.

Nxt AT (Automated Transactions) will provide Nxt with the ability to create a special type of transaction that contains “Turing complete” byte code which will be executed by a byte code interpreter built into the NRS. The addition of such transactions will allow for many types of Nxt blockchain applications ranging from games of chance to ensuring that NXT savings will not be lost forever.


Multigateway BETA on mainnet

mgw pre gui

MGW, jl777’s automated gateway for trading NXT vs (in this release) BTC, LTC and DRK has  been released for BETA testing in Mac and Windows versions.


A new test round, this time in main net, will be done June 17, 7:30 PM UTC.

Testers can try BTC and LTC deposits and withdrawals to BTC/LTC wallets.

To reward the testers who join and contribute, and to compensate the small expenses in transaction fees, we’ll distribute some Multigateway Assets to the participants after the testing round is finished.

Help testing MultiGateWay, instructions and download are at your fingertips:

GUI guys are welcome to join the team too.



Remember nodecoin?

Now that NXTservices will be running on mainnet I was going to enable nodecoin mining by default for those that run NXTservices. Since there is a fixed number of nodecoins per block, the fewer people that are testing NXTservices, the more nodecoins each person testing will get.

Even though NXTservices is in beta, these are the real nodecoins.
Please no complaints about all the nodecoin whales who will be earning them by helping test NXTservices (and they also help the NXT network at the same time)

Nodecoin was created as an incentive for running Nxt nodes.
Read more in NXT Newsletter #6 / NxtCoin of The Week: http://test.nxter.org/nxt-newsletter-6/.



It seems that MGW beta is working better than I expected so I can now finalize InstantDEX and start the great sucking of trade volumes from all the centralized exchanges. My plans for InstantDEX are much bigger than just crypto trading, that is why NXTforex for largest trading market of all and also in the works are trading support for all the other major market types.

Trading markets will be the easiest to shift into NXT once the blockdelay factor is eliminated. Since that alone is probably a bit more than 1% of GDP, it will be a very good start. The other part is high growth NXT based operating assets, along with a family of mutual fund type of assets to allow people to select whatever field/risk level they are comfortable with. Finance and Tech are the key industries. the former because, well, its about money and the latter because nothing can grow as fast as Tech companies.

Secure Asset Exchange


Secure Asset Exchange (http://www.secureae.com/) is focused on enabling the web-based creation, purchase and resale of “Trustworthy Decentralized Assets” that will exist wholly on Nxt’s innovative Decentralized Asset Exchange infrastructure. Our goal is to make Nxt’s Decentralized Asset Exchange easily usable.

If successful, SAE will substantially increase transaction volume through the Nxt network by reducing the “friction” investors must currently overcome to access Nxt decentralized asset.

Read more: http://test.nxter.org/secure-nxt-asset-exchange-sae/



Hi, my name is Alexander Ivanov. I’m the Coinomat.com owner. Coinomat.com is a BVI company, company registrations documents can be checked at our website here: https://coinomat.com/about.php.

We are officially starting to integrate NXT in our platform, it should be ready by the end of June. We hope that the integration helps the promotion of NXT, such services as withdrawal to bank cards (which will be launched immediately) and SEPA transfers (we plan to launch them in July) definitely should be of interest to the community.


I approved 50.000 NXT from NXTcommunityfunds as I think this is a nice service for NXT to have. Every little bit counts, so even if it is just 10 NXT, lets get a bit of the coinomat assset. They will be giving out dividends on all of their business and if things go well, we might even make a bit of money, but I view this more as a way to get an operating crypto company into NXT. they also support OKpay, EGOpay and perfectmoney. I never quite understood what those companies did, but if you use them this would be added bonus.

Coinomat.com IPO’s on AE:




BTER added NXT <-> USD pair to the exchange.


China’s second biggest exchange (after BTER) added NXT.



The site is upgraded.

http://hashrate.org (out dated service)

Mine altcoins for NXT. SHA, Scrypt, Scrypt-N, X11 and Keccak available.


First Proof of Meme Coin [PoM]!
Number of Coins : 1,000,000,000 MIC

Get your LOL on!


Run a node

EvilDave (Infrastructure Committee):

The core of NXT is good code running on a solid, secure, widely spread and de-centralised network, and while the whole community can’t help with coding (except by funding, hint!), the whole community can help with setting up and running the NXTwork. We need to make sure that NXT can deliver on our promises.

Running a node isn’t all that tricky, so check this section out:

If you find setting up a paid or a FREE VPS node impossible, forkedchain can do the job for you:

Also PM ChuckOne and get on the mailing list, so we can reach you with NRS updates, if you run a node!


Nxters should forge or lease their forging rights to a hub.

Here’s a guide: http://test.nxter.org/its-forging-time-nxters/

ChuckOne’s hub


Forging calculator


The Math of Nxt Forging


Nxt Security Coin


NSC is to help securing the network by adding more value to forging fees.

Go Nxt Campaign


This is non-profit and all proceeds from the Go Nxt Campaign will be used in community giveaways, donations, promotions and the like, granted that, and depending if the funds are enough. Please spare however much Nxt you can give. As little as 1 Nxt counts to make our community grow.

Test giveaway:https://nxtforum.org/introduce-yourself/gnxt-breaking-the-ice/
[ANN]: https://nxtforum.org/assets-board/go-nxt-campaign-an-asset-(and-proactive-giveaway)/

Upcoming conferences


Nxt Energy and Cost Efficiency Analysis


Damelon on Beyond Bitcoin podcast


Nxt Community and Development updates


BCNext’s purpose


I think it’s a good idea to explain why Nxt was created. (…)

Nxt is a by-product and its main purpose is to prepare the ground for the main project of BCNext. Bitcoin and its clones seem to stop progressing, Nxt is supposed to fix this issue. Nxt is more a platform than just a currency and this is not coz its technical implementation allows to easily add new features. “Platform” should be read as “stepping stone” to qualitative changes in the global society.
So, to make it clear, BCNext’s goal was to create something intermediate, a bridge to the next stage of human society progress. For the others Nxt may, of coz, have another purpose…
While the real identity of BCNext will never be revealed I think it won’t harm him if I reveal that “BCNext” is derived from Bitcoin — Next

Quote of the week


At Bitcoin Conferences, we spend a lot of time positioning ourselves as an up and comer to Bitcoin. I’ve been ‘scowled’ a few times for approaching it that way. We hurt the brand when we do that and make it more difficult for interested parties to convince their clients to invest.  We are NXT.

We have an amazing tech, clean imagine and business professionals that are willing to interface between development and investment. We get stuck in our crypto bubble (me included) we forget to target the bigger markets. The reception was better than we could have ever imagine, it was really that strong. We took back some painful lessons that we’ll share as soon as we find a moment.

I dont believe our community really understands the impact PayExpo had on our exposure to serious financial markets. I’m too tired to give a fk.. at another after party until 2am with people that fart more than my 10 year salary. We waste a lot of time, including myself, on small pond crypto activities.. we need to start networking with people outside our sector.

I received a lot of great advice that I don’t think will be received well in the community. I know my focus needs to shift to 1on1 meetings… as frequently as humanly possible. Exhausted, broken English… I wanted to get down a few thoughts before crashing.

Words of wisdom of the week


IMO, the best (probably only) way for a crypto to achieve meaningful price stability (and thus meaningful mainstream usage) is the emergence of a significant web of products/services not just purchasable with that currency, but denominated in that currency.  In other words, you can currently buy something IRL with BTC, but the price in BTC is calculated at the time of purchase in almost all cases, in reference to USD or another fiat.  As long as that remains the case, the value of a unit of crypto will remain untethered and simply be whatever you think you can get for it tomorrow (i.e. it remains a purely speculative instrument, forever prone to bubbles and crashes).  I don’t worry about the price at which I can sell dollars on an exchange tomorrow because I know that dollar will still buy a can of soda, 20% of a sandwich, 10% of a movie ticket, etc.  No one in their right mind would enter into a long-term contract denominated in crypto with that status quo, because there’s no way to reliably gauge what the value will be in a week, month, or a year.

I think this is one of the greatest strengths of the asset exchange.  By having a diverse range of products/services/instruments all denominated in the underlying currency itself, it should begin to lend more and more stability to NXT because those prices are sticky.  Now, if NXT doubles tomorrow, it would be rational for AE traders to bid down the price of certain assets, and they can indeed do this, so the prices are not *completely* sticky, but it does provide some inertia.

The AE ecosystem isn’t yet robust enough (or widely enough known), but in time, it should serve as its own “ankle weights” on the price of NXT, significantly limiting purely speculative swings of typical crypto-magnitude.

This will not only be unique among cryptocurrencies, but it will be a purely market-driven approach that doesn’t require central planning, which seems to me to be its greatest appeal.  As soon as we start talking about manipulating the price for the good of the community (and artificially tamping down volatility is manipulation), bad things are sure to follow, however benign the intentions.

Contact me:

Donations: NXT-UWJU-XXST-3MPQ-2JWG7. Thanks.

Lost a newsletter? 
Find it in the archive @ nxter.org. Email sign up: http://eepurl.com/M2KnL

Didn’t understand a thing?
Go to nxtcommunity.orgnxtforum.orgnextcoin.org or nxter.org,  to learn more about NXT. Or http://www.reddit.com/r/nxt

NXT Newsletter #12

NXT NxtCoin 2. generation cryptocurrency news

Welcome NXTers, newcomers and long time community members.top_no10

Are we moving? … Yes we are. Tokens are being traded on our decentralized AE, a team of 5 fabulous veteran Nxters attended Bitcoin 2014 , Cointropolis are on fire, and next up is PayExpo, where Nxt is official “Crypto Currency Partner”. And the code behind all this? Lean back, grab a hot Nxtpresso and dip in to the blockchain.

This week’s topics:

  • Nxt.org
  • NxtKey
  • PayExpo 2014
  • Conferences
  • Games
  • Cryptamail
  • NXTLegal
  • Bannercoin
  • Carbon-neutral Nxt
  • Economic Clustering
  • AE Explorers
  • Handpicked AE
  • MISC
  • NRS
  • Quote of the week
  • Words of wisdom of the week



Finally www.NXT.org, the “official” NXT site, is live!This site is going to serve as a entry-level site for anyone who wants to learn about NXT and get setup. It’s our goal to help our community and ecosystem grow as much as possible.

Main site: http://nxt.org
Asset Exchange charts: http://ae.nxt.org (404 link removed)

It’s launched, it’s looking swell, and more content will be added.

Fundraiser acc: NXT-7EKG-H78H-8MR5-DETJY
Any donation up to 100,000 Nxt will be doubled by the community fund until May 28!



NXTkey is a USB Device which acts as a USB HID Keyboard device.

The nxt logo on the pcb acts as a touch key. Holding the NXT logo for a second types the selected pass phrase. Swiping the NXT logo selects another nxt account if there are more than one pass phrase stored in the device.

NXTkey could also act as a transaction signing device after a software update. Your pass phrases doesn’t leave the device, transaction are signed onboard. This will give a huge security improvement!

Source: https://nxtforum.org/nxtkey/nxtkey-project-status/

Payexpo 2014

on May 19, 2014, 11:48:01 pm:

There is a chance Nxt could be presented on Payexpo. As a competitor not to Doge, Ether or Mastercoin, but to Bitcoin. To be presented straight to the top payment companies. – http://www.payexpo.com/Content/Who-will-I-meet/8_58/ –  to demonstrate market leadership to the audience of payments decision makers and influencers.

on May 21, 2014, 05:09:07 pm:

We need roughly 650k NXT per this thread https://nxtforum.org/nxt-promotion/payexpo-london-11-12-june/.   — this could be huge for NXT.

Waters were split and discussions loud. What’s up with the price tag? Who can go? Is Nxt even ready?

on May 24, 2014, 10:54:42 pm:

We raised the money in NXT for the Payexpo fee.

Trek Con Springfield

Cointropolis did this.


Live updates were posted here:



Site is up:
http://www.dorcsgames.com (404 link removed)


The site will, just like the game, evolve.
For those curious what D.O.R.C.S. stands for, it’s Decentralized Online Roleplaying Currency Studio.

DORCS aren’t eager to present more to the community before it’s all in place. Patience, fellow Nxters.

Nxt Mania Games

iOs App with old school games – and a twist.



What is the speciall thing on NXT MANIA GAMES?
Your able to play against other and bet nxt on your win.

That means you have the option that u can bet 50 NXT against an other challanger-
When a other player joins the room and accept die 50 Nxt Game- you will play against him.

The winner of the game will get 98% pervent of the bettet amount
that means he will get 98 NXT and the other 2 NXT will go to all investorts of NXT MANIA GAMES.


NOXAM died

Another promising game that was to being built on top of our blockchain was NOXAM.
Last week the game and the company behind it was suddenly cancelled because of lack of funds.

NewNxtGames is paying back investors.


Everyone who invested [in NNG] got 11x more shares from me. This is what I announced. But well, the money was not enough now, so on the one hand I could not finish this project with the amount of money, on the other hand something came in between in my real life. (…)

I will buy up all other shares for 2 NXT. That means that in average you loose about 1 NXT per share. I think that is the most fair method. The buy order will stay for as all as there are shares.

Thank you all for trusting me.  :)
I will take this matter as settled and will move forward.

Read the more dramatic version here: http://test.nxter.org/noxam-suspended/

Respect, NNG. Scammers are hunted down, simple mistakes are forgiven. Best of luck!




The main developer of this service is now member of the Nxt Core Dev Team.


NXTlegal is a non profit Project to help Nxt in the legal section.


NXT Legal is a non profit Project to support Nxt Community with legal issues. The new digital economy is being built and we want to help to make it as strong as possible giving information and legal advice to solve any problem that could prevent its development.

Decentralized p2p systems, are almost imposible to control and regulate because of its nature, however we think that law should be respected as much as possible, and that is why we will be giving support. NXT Legal will be divided in 4 groups of work: ASIA, EUROPE, NORTH AMERICA and SOUTH AMERICA. Nowadays we just have people in EUROPE (Spain, Portugal), and we are working to fill each section, so if you want to work and cooperate with us, fell free to join.

We will be working and updating soon, Thanks.

Get in contact: https://nxtforum.org/nxt-projects/nxt-legal/ 



We have made the announcement that we are working on the very first Fiat Exchange for Nxt!

If you are interested in Beta testing, please apply below. Even though we are only accepting 30 beta testers at the time, we will definitely invite a batch of users from time to time, so it’s worth applying now!



Remember Lakshmi?


[Bannercoin] is based on Cfb’s lakshmi idea.

By inserting the bannercoin HTML to their webpages, webmasters will accumulate bannercoins for every minute they have a visitor on their site. If a market for bannercoin emerges, it would be possible for websites to remove their annoying banners.

i would imagine it would be a while before there is a lot of info or fancy website for bannercoin
then again there are 20+ people in TEAM now, so maybe the timeframe will be faster than I expect.

Carbon-neutral Nxt


Guys and girls:
I’ve just set up the NXT_Carbon fund, financed via an AE asset issue.This means, regardless of how much i raise via this fund, that we can now truthfully claim that NXT is carbon-neutral and very environmentally friendly.


Nxt Energy and Cost Efficiency Analysis


[Almost] Ready to release this paper, it shows that Bitcoin uses approximately 6,700 times as much energy as Nxt will when it reaches Bitcoin’s size.  And the Bitcoin network costs 1800 times as much to run.


Thoughts appreciated and mostly a heads up for the community that we’ll be trying to pass this info around soon. You can feel free to leave comments in the margins. I could also use help writing up a marketing infographic type thing/summary for this paper to be passed around at the upcoming pay expo.

You can donate some NXT here, all donations will be split between the authors: 9733442564300374215

Economic Clustering


I’d like to announce a new feature. Today I committed code related to Economic Clustering (EC). This concept is a development of the idea of Economic Majority introduced by Meni Rosenfeld.

In his notes BCNext states that EC solves the most critical flaw of Proof-of-Stake concept, according to the description this flaw is what others call “Nothing-at-Stake” problem. The 3rd part of the Plan contains such the words:


Mining in Nxt relies on cooperation of people and even forces it

That was said about EC.

The concept of economic clustering is quite simple. Words “economic majority” say enough to explain how it works. From technical point of view it means that if someone decides to rewrite the history of the blockchain he won’t be able to include transactions of those who don’t take part in the attack, because every transaction contains the id of one of the recent blocks. (…)

The proposed technical solution will also be used for analysis of transactions to detect forks. This is one of the reasons why I decided to implement part of EC without waiting for complete TF. Another reason is that proposed solution should be peer reviewed. Recent hot debates on BitcoinTalk regarding Nothing-at-Stake show that people are paying a lot of attention to PoS cryptocoins. This is a good opportunity to get a lot of reviews.

Extra consensus rule mentioned in the 1st part of the Plan is a rule that defines choice of an economic cluster a node sticks too. I can’t reveal all the details yet, we still need to build infrastructure of nodes and hubs and (this is more important) to form such a cluster…

Go to the source: https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/on-economic-clusters-and-the-longest-chain/

And FORGE, Nxters!


Revisit the AE launch on bitcointalk:

Get Started


http://nxtra.org/nxt-wallet (redirects to nxt.org)
Single-click installation and auto-update (mac only for now).

To find tokens on the Asset Exchange you now have to search them by ID.


http://offspring.dgex.com (404 link removed)
Single-click installation (windows) and auto-update. Leasing feature not included yet.

Asset Issuers

Main forum:

Daedelus’ filtered Asset Listing:

Scam reports:

AE Explorers


http://ae.nxt.org/ (404 link removed)

Follow this thread for AE development and suggestions:



I thought we have to provide a remedy for the darkness of AE…
https://dgex.com/AE (404 link removed)
..which will be the launch page for DGEX AE operations. Enjoy.

If you’re using Firefox and having problems with the site, the shield icon should be clicked on.


http://nxtexplorer.com/ (redirects to nxtportal)

Profile view with open orders for each asset and a simple bar chart to block explorer.
Assets are sortable for name, num. trades etc. and a keyword search for the description.

Detailed stats and more data about all assets including full trade history will follow. Thanks, Nexern!

[UPDATE]: Added volume and asset distribution. Added current tickers and 1 nxt equivalent in USD/EUR/CNY and an nxt average from the two highest volumes exchanges. Bottom view: Added latest: messages, account control (account naming), leased balances, votes and goods. (votes are already activated and displayed if used, goods is prepared)


due to the new code structure and therefore the complete realtime account activity tracing
additional services like a portfollio view is easy to integrate. all account related data is already

Handpicked AE



The long awaited silver bullion gateway is now live on Nxt AE.


Each token is a warehouse receipt for 1 troy ounce of 999 fine silver. Silver is deliverable in the form of 5 troy ounce silver bars. The minimum order size is 10 troy ounces per order.

To receive physical bullion in exchange for tokens the bearer must send an amount of tokens divisible by ten to NXT address NXT-UWKJ-GFEV-AGY4-5C4YS along with an arbitrary message containing his/her mailing address. Both the tokens and the arbitrary message must be sent from the same NXT address.

Bars issued by me and in good condition may be returned to me for full credit in warehouse receipts.


Silver Token give-away thread:

Name: silver
Asset ID: 7819056276221630295
Nxt account used to issue assets: NXT-UWKJ-GFEV-AGY4-5C4YS

Updates and a pictures for the silver bullion gateway project: https://nxtforum.org/silver-bullion-gateway/updates-%28follow-this-thread-if-you-are-interested-or-involved-in-this-project%29/

Automated Transactions



Asset Id: 16365311175761675972
Account: NXT-RZ9H-H2XD-WTR3-B4WN2 (10399799417421692143)

http://blocks.nxtcrypto.org/nxt/nxt.cgi?action=75&aea=16365311175761675972 (404 link removed)

This Asset has been created by @vbecas with the purpose being to help raise funds to expedite the completion of the Nxt AT project as well as to provide funding for ongoing Nxt AT consulting.

Although exact details have yet to be determined it is envisioned that a percentage of contracted tasks (100% for automated tasks) will be returned in the form of dividends to shareholders.



Name: Supercell
Asset Id:  15008504503343850630


Supercell Investments is a diverse investments venture offering multitudes of financial services and investment opportunities. Our main market at the moment is NXT asset exchange and through it we offer our services. Passthroughs to external physical/digital assets and dividends forwarding, Asset management and software developments (autotrading engines and such).


RBTrade, a built-from-scratch arbitrage trading AI/Robot trading across multitude of exchanges and trading platforms. Bitcoin Gateway on NXT asset exchange. Even though a gateway software is in the works by NXT development team, Supercell is taking another route and creating a custom one. We aim to be the cheapest fastest way to move Bitcoin in or out of NXT asset exchange.

Investment ventures:

MCXNow, a cryptocurrencies trading platform created and administrated by RealSolid.
ASICMINER, a virtual identity totally held by investors of the Bitfountain company.



Name: boost
Asset Id:  9719950459730291994
Account: NXT-XRK4-5HYK-5965-9FH4Z


BOOST is a branch of NXTventure [see below] that will act as a startup incubator for new NXT based companies. It will provide 0% interest loans to innovative people with projects in need of funding. It will also act as a conduit for small companies that want to become a qualified NXTventure listing. BOOST offers the ability to launch your company as well as the opportunity to become part of the TEAM family of NXT companies. BOOST is financed by donations and a 5% finders fee from NXTventure. Each asset represents .0001% of all BOOST holdings.

Starting Wednesday, May 28, BOOST will begin accepting applications from up and coming companies in need of funding. We will be providing one GRANT to the company with the best proposal!



Name: NXTventure
Asset ID: 16212446818542881180
Account: NXT-XRK4-5HYK-5965-9FH4Z


NXTventure makes private investments in promising enterprises and adds value to each investment by proactively integrating it into NXTservices to add a valuable new service for the NXTcommunity.

NXTventure will pay monthly dividends in the assets it acquires, net of trading activities during the launch period. The revenue model for NXTventure is to make wholesale private investment, add value, list the new asset, create a market and sell enough of the investment to recoup funds invested. The remaining assets acquired will be distributed to NXTventure asset holders. Promoters: jl777 + Cointropolis.




TEAM for short, it stands for Team Everybody A Millionaire.

OK, it does sound a bit like a game show, but I am serious. My goal is to make everybody on TEAM a millionaire. Not instantly, but in crypto a long time is six months, so over the next 6 to 12 months I am going to work really hard to make this dream a reality. At first it will be NXT millionaire, as in having over 1 million NXT, but the real goal is to be a real millionaire, like one million USD (or EUR).

Now if we just got a million NXT and sat around and waiting, maybe one day NXT will be worth $1 and I guess that will work. However I am not one to sit around. I just dont like to wait. Let everybody else sit around, but TEAM members will be doing their best to make NXT worth more than USD.




What is ShortNXT?

ShortNXT is an asset you can purchase on the NXT asset exchange that allows you to profit from a diminishing NXT exchange rate.  In other words, if NXT gets cheaper, you get richer.

Who is ShortNXT?

I am in touch with the issuer and he wishes to remain generally anonymous for now.  You can view his twitter here.  I can vouch for this person’s credibility and he will follow through with his payment obligations.  If you are interested in how the calculations work, you can post here and he will respond directly.

Asset ID:  7297711024038530345


TXT Coins Now

Asset Id:  17874206509705745796
Account: 13573081147719373160


TXT Coins Now is the Pioneer of Mobile SMS and Voice transactions along with many other innovations. There is approximately 1.5 billion users for such platforms as TXT Coins Now across Africa, Middle East and Asia. In those areas internet and Smartphones are not very available.

Nxt Coin will be set as recommended coin of use for the platform.

http://thebitcoinnews.co.uk/2014/05/06/up-and-coming-launch-txt-coins-now-this-summer/ (404 link removed)
http://thebitcoinnews.co.uk/2014/04/17/atm-machines-are-old-news-and-costly-whats-the-alternative/ (404 link removed)


Cointropolis has been on a roll since they re-appeared in the community 3 weeks back.
Feeding Nxters with tips and ideas, moving personally to get Nxt acknowledged and widespread.

Here’s one of Justabit’s presentations:

[fusion_youtube id=”Egpn4IrAhH4″ width=”” height=”” autoplay=”false” api_params=”” hide_on_mobile=”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility” class=””][/fusion_youtube]



One of the primary projects for CoinTropolis is centered around bringing crypto enthusiasts and companies together to solve development, marketing and management challenges. CoinTropolis is in the process of finalizing our business plan around this project and will release an asset.


Nxt CPU silver


The auction is ending soon. Last chance for applicants!




The NxtSafe is a stylish accessoire for all Nexters. As a cryptosafe for your cryptocurrency it is the perfect complementary to your digital safe like keepassX. It’s totally analog and offline. No trojan can access it and no harddisk can crash, but the NxtSafe still encrypts your passphrase (or anything else)!

It won’t decrypt your wife or girlfriend though, but might be a nice present loaded with some Nxt.


Nxt Style


More have been added to the corporate design mediazip file.

Read more and get it here: http://test.nxter.org/what-style-is-nxt/
Source: https://nxtforum.org/nxt-promotion/a-global-corporate-design/msg27025/

Ideenfrische is still working around the clock to add more, donations go to: NXT-QPQC-3S8H-6352-D5YP4

Where’re we going, Nxt?

Upcoming Nxt conferences:
http://www.nxtcommunity.org/nxt-events-map (404 link removed)



We will be looking at adding NXT again in the future.

Kind Regards,
MintPal Jason



https://hitbtc.com/vote (404 link removed)

Votes from registered users will be multiplied x10.



Please make an account and vote for NXT: https://sharexcoin.com/votings (404 link removed)

The first and only exchange sharing 50% of its revenues to the community, Free of Charge.

Skyhook ATM’s


The first $999, open source commercial NXT ATM, everyone?


We were tired of depending on centralized banks and exchanges for buying Bitcoins. So we wanted to come up with a solution that made it easy for everyone to become a Bitcoin exchange. All you need is a power cable, a wired or Wi-Fi connection, and some Bitcoins to sell.

Through Cointropolis:

Thanks John. If you have any developers interested in giving a hand, the repo is over at github.com/projectskyhook


Jon Hannis
Project Skyhook”

Should Nxt have this? Thread is here, get involvedhttps://nxtforum.org/general/skyhook-atm-response/



Just got this mail from their representative:

“As I understood, you will start integrating EgoPay shortly. It is great news for you and us.
When you will finish that, let me know, and I will offer you promotion kit via EgoPay for our users.”

Promotion package full promotion via all the promotion channels they use (over 100,000 people in there). We can integrate them in the slipstream of the “bridge” project that l8orre is working on.

https://www.egopay.com/ (404 link removed)

NRS Updates


Latest version: 1.1.4


I need to bother you once more:
Please update as 1.1.0 is somewhat broken.

PM ChuckOne to get on the mailing list and receive such warnings.
We need you to do it! We appreciate you ! > https://nxtforum.org/index.php?action=profile;u=140

Quote of the week


Not often a new piece of the puzzle has such a nice effect.


Words of wisdom of the week

Brandon Hurst:

Unsurprisingly, dyed-in-the-wool bitcoin-lovers have expressed doubt about some of NXT’s flagship features; unsurprisingly, some of NXT’s cheerleaders see these same features as killer advantages.

But this is not the way to see the relationship between NXT and bitcoin. In fact, NXT offers features that can and likely will boost bitcoin’s adoption, as well leveraging bitcoin’s popularity to improve its own reach.

One of bitcoin’s barriers to greater adoption is its exchanges. (…) One of the answers, both to state intervention and centralised control (and the consequent concentration of risk) is decentralised exchanges. NXT is likely to prove another bridge to bitcoin adoption – not because it offers better or different features as a cryptocurrency, but because of the functionality built into its ecosystem.


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