Nxter News – December II: Attitude is a Little Thing that Makes a Big Difference

Nxter News | December 2018 (II)

Attitude is a Little Thing
that Makes a Big Difference

Welcome, dear Nxters and other followers!

Attitude. If you haven't been building, testing or playing around with all the Ignis functionality on testnet, you might have forgotten that Jelurida recently speeded up Ardor to generate new blocks every 10 seconds. No hiccups, it's just fast. Jelurida is in no hurry to bring this to the mainnet - not until it's necessary, they say.

You can't read that in the news.

It's a matter of attitude. Some teams focus on GUI first, expensive video commercials and PR's about killer features they haven't even started to code yet. They show attitude. They prioritize influencers, "partnerships" with tech celebrities, little progress > big announcements. How else to make headlines? You gotta look like a million to make a million. Why? They find it necessary. And maybe it is just that.

If the users are impressed, it'll start their engines. You'll find them promoting the product to friends, sharing their belief in it on social media, youngsters so eager to be seen as first movers that "found" this awesome new tech, sooooo cool! Attitude.

The NRS (Nxt Reference Software) Client, which is still Jelurida's official client for both Nxt, Ardor, and all child chains, was developed by an early Nxt community member, and it was one of 5+ great wallets back then. When the Nxt core developers decided to adopt it, other wallet devs stopped developing theirs, and the client GUI hasn't changed much since, only more and more features have been added. Today, most people forgot - or wasn't told - that it's a "reference software client", originally meant to be a dev tool. Every little button in it makes perfect sense for the core devs, but new crypto users, who aren't expecting an advanced dev client, are scared off. What used to be the most impressive crypto wallet in existence has become overloaded, simply because core functionality has exploded. Now, we, the community, talk about the tech and the endless possibilities of combining Nxt's and Ignis/Ardor's features into new functionality. We get tired of talking... and then we talk some more, we can't really onboard people by pointing them to an attractive user-friendly client, web wallet, or "official" mobile app, or an easy-to-understand website. 

Do we have a problem? Yes. Is there a reason for it? Yes. And a good one:

Second generation smart contracts, lightweight, stateless, oracles, check. Easy KYC-and AML-ready token creation, 1-click dividend payments, inbuilt cross-chain DEX. Zero-fee transactions. Check, check, check. Parent-child chain architecture running in production. Scalable PoS solution. Subnets coming. And this week: another new stable Ardor main net version was released. Our problem? Who knows.

It's a red sea, and many of those well funded, well-marketed blockchain visionaries that made it to the media and CMC top 20 are taking new headlines again: they have already burnt their millions it seems - even before launching a mainnet. Their celebrity promoters are being hunted down by TAX authorities, and yes... mainstream reporters LOVE IT! Breaking! Blockchain: oversold, overhyped, overbought, run by stupid inefficient market-crashing money-spending unregulated big fucking attitudes. With pretty but featureless wallets, mockups, whitepapers, and high market cap, all over the news. Large corporations must love it too, gives them a chance to catch up. But that's the reported truth we're up against. Backed by the market mayhem. They said they would have our features. They failed.

It's a good time for Jelurida to show a new product. An attitude. To attract customers. To get more devs and blockchain-ready businesses to understand their BaaS offering. We're so good, but others must build Dapps and attractive GUI's to kick off any network effect. So darn good, that it's a fact we have a better core tech than IBM, Amazon, Microsoft, Ethereum. What we do NOT have, though, is obvious proof, In-Yo-Face-proof, because proof is presented in an inaccessible way, unless you're Jean-Luc, dev by the age of 2. For 4 years the core dev team's attitude has been: build it and they'll come. For 1 year it's been: we're here to sell our tech and do business. Spark a revolution, but make money and protect our IP. Scale and develop the shit out of the competition, decentralize everything, but also make sure that we, as real people, as a legal entity, can't be convicted for anything illegal, even if it's all decentralized.

To go viral, we need to start building useful Dapps, with UI/UX designers to onboard masses. 10 sec block times on the main net - not necessary, they say. Sure. Mainnet doesn't have enough transactions at the moment for it to make sense, and Jelurida develops solutions for developers and businesses, not just for show. FOMO, ignore it, troll it, or love it. Nxt PoS, Ignis, and the Ardor platform, and the new version release might turn the tides. Win a great market share for what it is. Jelurida is a software company. They are here to build and hire. And show attitude. If you're reading our newsletter, you know blockchain won't go away. You might as well start programming. Choose an undervalued, scalable blockchain platform to work on, and come with a good attitude. Let us know what you're working on. We are here to help.



> Ardor v 2.2.1
> Jelurida Is Hiring 
> New Hackathon Deadline and Events


> A Week With Triffic
> Tarasca DAO Auction


> MPG Accepts AEUR
> EZYcount ICO: Final Days!


> Top 3 Exchanges by Volume This Week


>Contracts Security

This week's newsletter is put together by apenzl, Jose, and rubenbc.
Translations are published as they come in - Spanish | Russian | Chinese | Korean

Jelurida Status Update

 Ardor v2.2.1

All nodes must update. This new stable release introduces Lightweight Contracts to the main net, new Max Crowdfund (formerly Dominium) child chain, Asset Properties and API additions. This is a stable release and a mandatory upgrade for all nodes, with block 543000 (Jan 10) as final deadline.

Release 2.2.1

This release adds support for the new Max Crowdfund (formerly Dominium) child chain, token name MPG, to be activated at block 543000 expected to be reached on January 10, 2019.

At the same block, the new Lightweight Contracts and Asset Properties features will also become enabled on mainnet.

Revealing a secret using the ApproveTransaction API will now approve all phased by hash transactions which specified the hash of this secret regardless if they are listed in the phasedTransaction parameter or not.

A new GetHashedSecretPhasedTransactions API will return a list of phased by hash transactions with phasingHashedSecret and phasingHashedSecretAlgorithm as specified.

sha256 checksums:
4e6a3075141847252724e13a49d3e8110694a49a08fc22dfd986b53a39f3770d  ardor-client-2.2.1.zip
a85546d0e51b58fb9de02f2d3ac0381111c8b739e2798b632825516c61167c2c  ardor-client-2.2.1.sh

The exe and dmg packages must have a digital signature by "Jelurida Swiss SA".

Android Mobile App:
SHA256 784a7159e489418d7b060330ca4d8c8271d5d0076b84b6be1b61a302279beb77

Release log

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Jelurida Is Hiring

Web and mobile developers
Senior server-side Java engineers
website designer and UI/UX specialist

Get rich quick - burn money quick, that seems to be the consensus mechanism behind many blockchain companies which ran ICO's based on beautiful mockups and whitepapers the last couple of years. Reports of bankrupts and ICO companies now only having funds left to cover expenses for one more year or less is all over the news. Wow. Really, from the bottom of my heart: truly wow.

Nxt and Ardor aren't in the news, as Jelurida didn't burn millions on getting headlines. Instead, they've kept developing their Full Blockchain-as-a-Service product in accordance with their business plan and vision.

Lior writes:

"We have a strong team, great community, enough funds to survive and prosper and amazing challenges and opportunities ahead."

You are invited. Job offers:

Experienced website designer and UI/UX specialist

Senior server-side Java engineers

Web and mobile developers, with strong knowledge of web technologies, including Javascript, CSS, and Node JS

Join the only scalable blockchain platform with a working multi-chain, lightweight contracts, and secure 100% PoS.

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New Hackathon Deadline and Events

> Hackathon Deadline

The deadline for submitting your contracts for the Ardor Lightweight Contracts Hackathon has been set to January 10, 2019. Winners will be announced on January 31, 2019.

> One more time for Africa!


Adedayo wrote:

And it was of course a great experience and privilege to present Ardor once again to Africa as we open minds to endless possibilities and benefits of decentralization.

> Pitch Battles 

Jelurida pitched Ardor at the HardFork Decentralized Pitch Battle in London, December 12, as a POST-ICO finalist.
Mobs were there too, selected as 1 of 10 pre-ICO projects to pitch. No cigar, but both projects got some good attention.

Raquel (Mobs CEO) wrote:

Thank you for the support and for sharing. It was a great opportunity and we have received really good feedback! We stayed networking and assisting to other events. It was great to share stage with Ardor and push together in the same direction.

On December 13, Jelurida pitched before a panel of investors & entrepreneurs in Madrid, at Venture Networks, Area 31.

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Nxter Puzzle | A Week With Triffic

Every week a puzzle is released for your pleasure. Inside the puzzles lie an IGNIS reward, that the first person to solve the puzzle can lay hands on. Seek Thou Must, to find the hidden passphrase, then withdraw the IGNIS in the account it opens.

This week's special guest: James Malach, founder and CEO of Triffic, and Coinerz Group.

In the Triffic Early Bird Sale that runs from December 3 until December 17, 2018, you can buy GPS tokens for $0.4 per token. 7,500,000 are for sale; first come, first served. There's a bonus for those who purchase for $500 or more: a 12 month's free upgrade to the subscription version of Triffic. Investors who purchase with ARDR will get a 10% additional bonus.

Meanwhile, James is announcing words for this week's Nxter Puzzle. Follow his Twitter feed, pick up the words - if you catch them all, and come first to the prize account, you can claim 100 IGNIS. Prize account is ARDOR-76PT-QZX8-7M82-AYNZX. But wait! THERE'S A BONUS ACCOUNT TOO!

All Nxter Puzzles are listed on nxter.org/puzzles - there more NXT and IGNIS to be claimed.
The puzzle prize is - again - created by Madfox, and kindly sponsored by the Ardor & Nxt Group. Thanks!

Tarasca DAO

The blockchain auction for 5 original Mythical Creatures artworks is live. Bid with IGNIS or AEUR in your Ardor Client . Tarasca introduces the cards and their history on a new website.

Here's the website: https://tarasca.org.

Tarasca is using the Ardor Asset Exchange to auction 5 physical paintings, along with their proof of ownership- and authenticity tokens, which the creator herself has registered on the Ardor blockchain. We've written about Tarasca DAO's project here, and you can find links to their articles about how to register and tokenize art on the Ignis blockchain here.

The five paintings are auctioned from December 10 to December 17. The highest offer will be accepted, whether in Ignis or in AEUR, provided that it exceeds the minimum price of €100. The winner will receive the painting at home by courier, and the property token in his Ardor account. To participate in the auction, log in to the Ardor wallet, enter the ID of the asset corresponding to the painting you wish to buy, and place your purchase order. Here is a tutorial on how to join the auction and place your bid.

The paintings are hand-made by Ana, using the technique of watercolor on paper. Its dimensions are 12.5 cm by 13 cm, except one that is 12 by 13 cm. Learn more about the artist.

Palheiro (from Tarasca DAO) writes:

This week's auctions are an important step for Tarasca, and we would like to explain some of the reasons why we believe it is important that they go well. We encourage you to participate, to those who like the paintings and are thinking whether to bid for them or not.

-Of course, Ana's paintings are great and valuable.
-When the card game is working (end of January or February), if it is successful you can expect the originals to be more valuable than now. And being tokenized, they could be sold easily. That is, more than "spending" it can be an "investment".
-Although we do not expect to get much money from these auctions, the truth is that Tarasca does not currently have funding at all. The money raised will be used to pay the costs of launching the game: server, domains, network fees, translations, etc.
-These auctions will be proof of Ardor's utility for artistic services, specifically for auctions, but also for the effectiveness of the registration and tokenization of works. If they go well, it can be a good publicity tool for the platform as a whole, and it can attract other artists to use it.

The registration and tokenization of 1 artwork had a total cost of 0.145 € (0.005 € registration, 0.14 € creation of the token). The registration serves as proof of authorship and possession by Ana. The registry also specifies the license under which the author’s IP rights are protected. In this case, the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported license (CC BY-NC 3.0). The records and tokens of these works can be monitored publicly, and the works can now be sold or auctioned in a comfortable, fast and cheap way, with the assurance that they are authentic works and not counterfeits.

Talk to the team

Tarasca DAO welcomes your feedback, and you can soon join the open test of their lightweight contract.

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Let's get down to business.


If you like "real money" but want the advantages of the blockchain, you should look into the AEUR child chain. This Euro-pegged token is not just for money transfers and trading.

AEUR is part of the Ardor platform, so you use it for way more than simple money transactions!
We created this page to let you know more about its inbuilt smart contracts and other advantages. Read it:

You've probably heard about Stablecoins, blockchain tokens pegged to fiat by some entity. Ardor has them too. AEUR is backed 1:1 by Euro, and it works like this: You create a bank account at MisterTango.com, which is fast and easy to do with their mobile app. Then you deposit Euro to the account, and use the Ardorgate service to convert the Euros to AEUR and transfer them to the AEUR child chain. You can now make Euro (AEUR) transfers to others at low rates (€0.0001), use them on Ardor's DEX, trade them against Bitcoin on STEX.com, and withdraw them to your bank account when you want.

And what's more: MisterTango's open API makes it possible to see that the amount of Euro held by Ardorgate equals the amount of AEUR in circulation. Again, not many know this, and that's a shame. In the end, this price stable Euro pegged blockchain token has more functionality than fairly estimated 95% of all blockchains tokens out there. It is just more stable in monetary value.

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MPG accepts AEUR

Max Property Group (a.k.a. Dominium) accepts AEUR as a currency equal to EUR, which earns investors 20% more tokens this week. AEUR allows foreigners to also get this Euro discount.

The rebranding efforts are ongoing, as the new MPG identity is being pushed forward on Twitter, Facebook, Medium, YouTube, and not least there's a new website, https://maxpropertygroup.com, where you can now download brochures, prospectuses, and get insight into the MPG property bonds they offer investors from as low as €1000.

Also announced last week, Max Property Group (MPG) - besides the name change from Dominium - has decided to stop their ITO during Phase 1, on December 31, 2018. There's a massive bonus for early investors, 0.10€ (from January 1st, all remaining MPG tokens will be set for sale at €0.25). On top of that, if you buy with Euro or GBP, there's a 20% discount this week, and next week 10%. No more discounts for ARDR, ETH or any other cryptocurrencies. Except for one.

Martis (CEO, Ardorgate):

I confirm AEUR deposits for MPG are working. Let's not HODL AEUR but show it is a good payment option!

If you are not living in Europe but want to invest in MPG property bonds, this could mean missing out on the 20% bonus. AEUR to the rescue. AEUR is pegged to the Euro and can be bought with IGNIS, ARDR, and BITS on the Ardor DEX, Bitcoin on STEX.com, or with your local fiat currency via bank transfer to Ardorgate, through the MisterTango bank (how-to guide here).

EZYcount's ICO: Final Days!

EZYcount offers lifetime software licenses for its existing accounting software, in form of an innovative software license model based on the Ardor blockchain. It's last chance to buy in.

We've followed EZYcount closely since before they launched their ICO.

During this time, they have attended startup events, won competitions, mingled with experienced advisors and other startups, and been taking care of the existing accounting business, and showcasing their inbuilt willingness to help new startups.

EZYcount wants to fully automate accounting. To develop a system that uses the latest advancement in Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Document Recognition Technology to fully automate accounting. So what's for sale?

EZYcount introduces a new licensing model: Token as a License (Taal). EZYcount TaaL is a utility token, representing a lifelong (99 years) tradeable software license, that grants access to the EZYcount software suite. The number of the EZYcount TaaL tokens (20M) is fixed. The value of each token is directly related to the number of clients EZYcount will acquire going forward. 1 year subscription licenses will cost customers CHF 400, while the lifelong license costs CHF 2000. And if the lifelong token license can be re-sold for that same price later? Yeah, you see it. You invest in 99 years use of invoicing- and accounting software, and of course the EZYcount team's ability to build it, make it awesome and fully automated with AI, and bring it to market. EZYcount aims for a market penetration of at least 5% in the accounting software market for small businesses in Switzerland, followed by an international expansion.

Vivien Fuhrer, co-founder and CEO of EZYcount writes:

We are looking for investors in our CHF 2Mio round. This is a challenging amount to raise but it is only with this amount that we will be able to fully automate accounting for the self-employed and deliver breakthrough value for our customers. The kind of value that is not easily copied.

Now it's the final week of their public offering. It runs until December 18.

Download the white paper and learn the details and numbers behind EZYcount's offering and future plans. Always DYOR!

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Contracts Security

Lior Yaffe explains the design that prevents Lightweight Contracts from locking user funds if the contract runner stops. Then he shares how to create uncrackable secrets.

Not only 3rd party developers can enjoy that Ignis has all the features of Nxt . Ardor's core developers enjoy it too. When the core devs at Jelurida started on Lightweight Contracts, they had not yet figured out, how they would prevent a contract from locking user funds in case the contract runner failed (or didn’t want) to run the contract. The solution was found in Nxt, and the reason behind the new API's that were added to the latest Ardor release. You can read about it here.

Lior writes:

NXT has a little-known feature we call “phasing by hashed secret”.
Now we can leverage this small gem (...).

The client funding the contract will specify a hash of a secret only they know. The contract, running based on this trigger transaction, will submit its own transaction using the same “hashed secret”. Once the client reveals the secret, both transactions will be applied together as one atomic operation. If the client decides not to reveal the secret, both transactions will remain in the blockchain but their balance changes will be ignored. Therefore, if the contract fails to run, the client won’t reveal the secret so when the phasing height is reached, its funds will be released. Simple local solution, no need for mass-exit or the like.

How do you create and keep a good secret then?

Lior states:

...code cracking is no longer reserved for Hollywood blockbusters - many people make a decent living from cracking private keys and hijacking cryptocurrency accounts by revealing their secrets.

The secrets we generate must be:

1. Difficult to crack — ideally it should be as strong as an account passphrase.
2. Unique — secrets must be unique since once a secret is revealed its hash can never be safely reused.
3. Simple to remember — in some cases, we need to reveal a secret long after its hash was submitted. Ideally, it should be simple to remember a secret and even possible for the secret generator to recover a secret in case it was lost.

Read here, in another blog post from Lior, how to go about it: https://medium.com/swlh/too-many-secrets-9730f2293e83

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Nxter News – November 2018 III: Only Those who Attempt the Absurd can Achieve the Impossible

Nxter News | November 2018 (III)

Only Those who Attempt the Absurd
can Achieve the Impossible

Welcome, dear Nxters and other followers!

At the time I found my interest for blockchain, started following Nxt and began writing newsletters, Nxt's potential almost seemed absurd to me. I fell in love with the idea of cheap crossborder transactions 24/7, decentralization, "banking" the unbanked, and then, as Nxt evolved, with the DNS alias system, p2p crowdfunding, pegged coins, ICO’s on the decentralized asset exchange, dividend payments, the p2p marketplace, earning (forging) interest inside an energy efficient PoS blockchain system, opposed to paying interest for keeping your hard-earned savings in a bank.

Nxt was 3rd on CoinMarketCap - all top 25 "assets" were running on Nxt. Every blockchain developer knew Nxt, still does. It was absurd that the “crypto” media ignored it. And then, the absurdity of Nxt clones raising millions in ICO’s, leading to a Nxt community split, where most turned their back on the leaders of blockchain innovation, just as they spawned Ardor’s scalable parent-child chain architecture. The absurd silence from Jean-Luc. The absurd feeling when the core devs incorporated the project we had all worked on. We agreed it was necessary to obtain the impossible - standing up against the well-funded white papers and their smaller visions.

It was absurd to discuss a Nxt and Ardor “killer app”. A new Silk Road? It’s done. CryptoKitties? All it did was stresstest Ethereum and show its shortcomings. Nxt and Ardor themselves are the killer apps. The absurdity of developers insisting on re-inventing the wheel. The absurdity of mainstream media and 3rd party devs waiting for Buterin to switch Ethereum into PoS and solve its scalability issues when a smarter solution is running in production. The absurdity of "experts" insisting that blockchains aren’t usable IRL yet when in fact Dominium, Mobs, Triffic, EZYcount, Jelurida, show the opposite.

The absurdity of 2 ego-maniacs destroying everything we’ve bled to build, all of us in this cryptospace, them fighting a hash-war that only serves to show that PoW has become a centralized joke. Who wants to use a publicly controlled PoW blockchain after this? The absurdly large gap between inventors and investors. The absurd in making an investment without understanding the nature of it; that a coin is not a stock. The ultra absurd animosity towards people that lost money in the crash. The clash of cultures. In the Want against the Need. In the I against the Us.

The absurdity of prices. The absurdism of governments saying they don’t want to stifle innovation, while at the same time they crack down hard because they try to fit a disruptive emerging tech with an inbuilt new token economy system into the only boxes they know - that of utility tokens and security tokens. Of useless tokens being pumped.

The absurdity of blockchain tokens being held on exchanges. The absurdity of a technological revolution so tightly interwoven with money that devs can’t change the technology for the better, because of too many interests involved that don’t give a shit about tech and society, but about making hard cash. The absurdity of seeing businesses that can benefit from using a blockchain give up their business plans because they fear sudden legal consequences of using tokens. The absurdity of banks laundering billions of dollars, printing unbacked money to earn interest from the poor, crashing economies, passing the bill to their victims, protected, because they sponsor the politicians who do not want to “stifle innovation” as long as they can stay in control, protecting the dysfunctional system. Grow, expand, take more of the world, make more money and hide it - oh you jolly 1%, it’s impossible. Because innovation can't be stopped. The absurdity of punishing whistleblowers. We are coming.

We thank you, for letting us take you through another productive week that was;



> Events!
> Ardor Updates 3


> Nxter Puzzle: A Week With Elizabeth
> A Lightweight Contracts Course
> Collect Creatures
> A Blockchain Reputation System


> Top 3 Exchanges by Volume This Week
> Community VOTE: Support your Tokens


> Triffic
> Bitswift


> Ryacoin Snapshot and Principles

This week's newsletter is put together by apenzl, Jose, and rubenbc.
Translations are published as they come in - Spanish | Russian | Chinese | Korean

Jelurida Status Update

The first Ardor hackathon is ongoing, and the Lightweight Contracts UI got an overhaul. In the meantime, Jelurida is tirelessly representing Ignis, Ardor, and NXT around the world


Private Spaces

Lior, always busy behind the scenes...

The Future IS DIgital, Nov. 19

Veronica and Alberto Fernandez paid a visit to ISDI. A "worldwide leader in digital education, helping professionals, entrepreneurs, enterprises, and institutions to close the competitive gap to the digital era", they write on their website.

ISDI has campuses in Madrid, Barcelona, Mexico, and Silicon Valley.

KWASU Campus Blockchain Hackathon, Nov. 19-21

Adedayo Adebajo spoke at the KWASU Campus Blockchain Hackathon, the second in a series of blockchain hackathons which take place on five African universities, with a grand finale to be held at the International Conference Centre, CBD, Abuja, Nigeria.

The hackathon is meant to engage the academia "on everything and anything they need to know about the Blockchain, and how it relates to Business". The winning team of the hackathon will be rewarded with the sum of N100,000 (One Hundred Thousand Naira) and will also be eligible for the National Campus Blockchain Hackathon Event in February 2019.

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Ardor Updates 3

Ardor Updates is a video series that summarises the most important events of the month. Here's October/early November.

A new Ardor Updates video has been uploaded to Jelurida's Ardor Platform Youtube channel last week. If you follow our weekly Nxter News you will know its content, but watch this great video summary of events as a reminder about what goes on, and what is in the pipeline. The show is hosted by CryptoDemetrius.

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Nxter Puzzle | A Week With Elizabeth

Every week a puzzle is released for your pleasure. Inside the puzzles lie an IGNIS reward, that the first person to solve the puzzle can lay hands on. Seek Thou Must, to find the hidden passphrase, then withdraw the IGNIS in the account it opens.

This week, we are honored to see the director of the Ardor & Nxt Group (ANG) tweet words that can give you access to a NxterPuzzle prize account with 300 IGNIS, if you catch all the words and combine them. But wait - there's more. Inside the prize account, you will find an encrypted message. Follow its instructions, solve a bonus puzzle (if you can), and pick up more IGNIS. This means, there's a second chance to win if you don't get to the Twitter prize account first. All details here:

Elizabeth is using the occasion and her role as the main character of our NxterPuzzle challenge this week, to showcase both new and older stuff that you might have missed or forgotten about. It's a really worth checking her tweet-series out!

A Lightweight Contracts Course

Eric Funk is back with another Ardor course on Udemy! This time about the Lightweight Contracts system, and how to use it. Watch it now - it's free.

Did you take the Ardor Bootcamp course? (if not, you can use the discount code from our review). Now its creator Eric Funk follows up with a class on Ardor Lightweight Contracts development: The Blockchain Contract Developer Course For Beginners!

Lightweight Contracts are those smart stateless blockchain contracts that everyone is talking so damn much about (if they read Nxter Magazine)! ... Jelurida's unique approach to letting you connect blockchain to the world outside with oracles, automated tasks, and/or build your own blockchain Dapps that use the Ardor API or any other you like. Funds are safu, because the contracts are not part of the consensus, and you can even win a hackathon right now if you're smart and know how these Java contracts work 😉 The Udemy course is free if you use this coupon code: "ARDOR-CONTRACTS".

Here is the link:

Eric Funk writes:

Can I ask you guys a favor? 1) Go sign up for the class! 2) Leave a review and a few sentences about why you like it 3) Spread the link and the free coupon code to as many people as possible!

The course is a Beginner's course. You will learn how to install and run the Ardor client, and build a Hello World contract. Expect more advanced courses to follow, but if you've never used the Ardor Contract System before, this is an absolute must-see-and-attend series!

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Collect Creatures

Tarasca DAO is tokenizing a collection of cards called “Mythical Creatures of the World”, which will be available, tradeable and playable on Ignis. Here they share their methods and research.

Tarasca DAO uses Ignis and Ardor to fulfill their vision.

They write:

We want to value the inexhaustible creativity of the peoples of the world, who have filled the geography of the continents with an immense variety of fantastic creatures. Knowing their mythological beings is a first step to get into their way of seeing the world, something necessary to love and care for the cultural diversity of the planet.

The creatures in Tarasca DAO's first card selection are designed by the Galician artist Ana Santiso, accompanied by a brief description of their history and meaning in the culture of origin. Thomas Schmall is the team member responsible for creating the overall design of the project. There will be 50 cards, 10 creatures from each continent, classified by Terrestrial, Aquatic or Aerial, and all endowed with attributes; Strength, Speed, Magic, Resistance; which will allow Tarasca DAO (and others) to build games with them.

"A lightweight contract will receive all payments, shuffle the cards, send the right number of cards to the buying account, and distribute a part of the payment to the collectors who have a complete collection of cards. Cards can be transferred and traded over the blockchain."

"Collectors who manage to collect the entire collection will receive a percentage of the income generated by the sales of cards. This reward will be managed automatically by the same intelligent contract that will sell the trading cards, so that the entire process and accounting are perfectly transparent."


The Tarasca web wallet is currently in the private testing phase. It will show the cards the collector owns, facilitate the purchase of random card packs and give easy access to the decentralized Ardor market where collectors can exchange cards.

If YOU are interested in registering, selling, auctioning and tracking your own artworks on the blockchain, Tarasca DAO already did the research, and they share their methods with you in the following 2 tutorials that explain how you can nail it:

Artworks in the blockchain (I). Copyright.
Artworks in the blockchain (II). Tokenization.

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Blockchain Reputation System

Blockchains should solve problems, not create them.
On the decentralized market scammers can have a very profitable ball, therefore a Reputation System is in the works. 

In a new blog post, Lior Yaffe explains why he thinks a blockchain reputation system is the next thing needed, why it's a necessary tool to drive mainstream adoption, and why a hybrid of centralized and decentralized Reputation Management will be a better solution than starting one off from scratch inside a closed blockchain system.

The third challenge in the ongoing Ardor Hackathon is coding an Identification Verification contract, which - in effect - will provide such a reputation system to the Ardor blockchain platform. Users will be able to connect her/his social media accounts, website or e-commerce store to her/his blockchain account ID, and the contract will set an account property on the account, confirming the owner's public reputation.

Lior writes:

I believe lightweight contracts can be used to provide a bridge between well-established centralized reputation system and the low fee high availability of decentralized applications. Solving the reputation problem will open the door for real world entities to use our Asset Exchange, Monetary System, and Marketplace, without paying excessive fees to centralized systems, while mitigating the risk of being scammed.

There, he said it - don't bite it. You can learn about Lightweight Contracts here, take a Beginner's Course on Udemy, and give Challenge 3 a shot by attending the Ardor Hackathon here.

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TOKOK disabled NXT during the snapshot of NXT balances for the RYA airdrop.
NXT trading, deposits and withdrawals have been re-enabled on November 19, 2018, 11:30 (UTC+8)








Support your Tokens

Community voting helps to get IGNIS / NXT / ARDR on new crypto exchanges.


Here you can cast 1 vote daily for IGNIS | NXT | ARDR 


Tell them why you like IGNIS / NXT / ARDR in this GoogleDoc


Let's get down to business. Not only Jelurida is doing business here; actually, why not have an ICO, support a new service provider, or maybe you're looking for a child chain to invest in?


Triffic will pay you GPS tokens for doing favors, travelling and going on scavenger hunts. Local businesses can take advantage of its Augmented Reality features to create loyalty programs.

Are you game for an ICO? Or did the SEC, the PoW hash-war and the market crash scare you? In case it did, the greatest news from Triffic won't be that their early-bird ICO starts in less than 2 weeks, on December 3rd, but that the development of their app is ongoing, and that a Triffic Rewards bounty program and airdrop is now live! Check out https://triffic.world/news/triffic-rewards-airdrop-bounty-program-now-live.

Also this week, James Malach showed us the latest upgrade to the Triffic App's Beacon-feature:

"Our mission is to establish an ecosystem that makes it easy for brands to use augmented reality and blockchain technology to create and manage innovative and immersive customer loyalty programs."

Triffic's gamified GPS app will pay users for traveling and solving tasks, and connect businesses to their customers by letting them create, market and promote loyalty programs. An Ignis based token powers its decentralized loyalty point system, which gives the tokens immediate real value outside the brand loyalty programs.

ICO | Website | Pitch Deck | Whitepaper | English Telegram

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The Bitswift team airdrops CASH, BITS, and the scrypt-based CDN digital currency as part of their community-driven basic income experiment, which takes place on an Ardor child chain. 

Paul Busch, [15.11.18 02:17]

Check out Bitswift.cash, we just pushed an update. Now supports a new claimable asset "CDN". CDN is a scrypt based digital currency trading on cryptopia, community is composed mainly of Canadians. Enjoy!

Bitswift just published their monthly newsletter, where they update their community.

The professional Bitswift tech team keeps supporting customers and are expanding. Christmas gifts can be bought for crypto and fiat in the bitswift.shop, their Ardor forging pool can be joined any time, and about the Bitswift.cash project, they write:

"The community continues to grow as we experiment with a community driven basic income project and a gateway to the token economy. We now have 3 claimable assets on Bitswift.cash (BITS /CASH / CDN) each with different claim variables that can be adjusted dynamically and while in production to accommodate new demand from citizens or price fluctuations.

CASH — Claim up to 100 per 24 hour period
CDN — Claim up to 1 per 24 hour period
BITS — Claim up to 0.01 per 24 hour period

Bitswift has made quite the amount of friends in the crypto-space since 2014, and perhaps you will see these friends bringing value to users in the Item Mine in the near future.

Bitswift is also looking for exchanges, but still

"we remind our users that Bitswift blockchain already packs a decentralized exchange which is accessible through the web client at https://bitswift.network. Users should also be aware that they can avoid exchanges all together and purchase BITS with Canadian dollars through the Bitswift.cash flexepin top up system.

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Bring on the video disruption

Last week, we told you about MOBS, a social video app, leveraging the blockchain and AI, to enable users to collectively create and monetize their smartphone video recordings, and marketers to find and buy the content (and rights) they need to do their business.

"We are integrating blockchain technology and issuing our own token because it makes our business model more efficient and it truly gives us a competitive advantage."

Nxters gave them feedback in ardornxt.slack, and Mobs CEO Raquel Schafhauser checked in to reply.

In the last few years (feels like decades), well-meaning blockchain projects have branded themselves on promises of securing content creators’ ownership of their content, their possible monetization of it, and, of course, in the future, integrating p2p payments and social sharing, connecting artists and fans p2p, all decentralized and all on the blockchain, and what have we. Musicoin. Revelator. Mycelia. What about a meme economy, Archetype? Yes, it can all be programmed, some of it has, on isolated blockchains. What's next? Who will use it? And why? Why use a blockchain and not an ordinary centralized database? Raquel Schafhauser answered:

One of the key points here is MOBS tokens. Marketers not only struggle to get secure access to user-generated content, but they also struggle to reward amateur creators. Why?

For example:
Creators are in other countries, there are currency exchange rates to deal with, different bank policies etc. If the amount to pay is low, the payment fees make it not worth it.

Brands have taken up a common practice of requesting consent by commenting on the post of the content they wish to use and rewarding the creator by crediting them in their post. Other brands ask their audience for content in exchange for products, coupons, entries in a raffle...you name it.

There is no easy way for them to scale a rewards system that could actually work everywhere in the world. [With Mobs] a marketer in Canada could access and license content created by a smartphone user in Thailand instantly, or even ask those smartphone users to create custom content for them.

Self-executing contracts and a trustable peer-to-peer trading system make the licensing of this kind of content more accessible for the parties involved, it's an important part of the blockchain contribution to the Mobs use case.

"MOBS" isn't building a blockchain - Jelurida already did that. Mobs has a competitive advantage, their focus is on doing business, not building blockchain. Their whitepaper concerns a well-developed PRODUCT and a clear business plan, not the development of yet another blockchain or smart contract that must launch on an unscalable development platform before it can be built upon. Ardor's API already supports a transparent payment system, a marketplace, tagging of users, contract signing, data storage, KYC, a decentralized cross-chain exchange, Euro-pegged tokens, and a fiat gateway right out of the box.

Here's an interview with the CEO and co-founder:

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- BTW -


The snapshot has taken place, and the RYA airdrop will be distributed when they launch their main net. Whether you participated or not - read up on their philosophy and principles.

The Rya team has published a second open letter to the community, "An Economic Overview of RYA", about the principles behind their 2 coin blockchain structure, a modified version of the Nxt codebase that they initially cloned, and nothing less than a proposal to establish a stable decentralized monetary system based on the "Proof of Trust" algorithm, not fiat. "A stable medium of exchange and unit of account for everyday transactions while Bitcoin remains the ultimate store of value", they write.

"The theory is simple — instead of naively fixing money supply and preventing inflation as seen in Bitcoin, the amount of Rya coins in circulation is based on credit, as seen in fiat. Unlike fiat however, credit is determined in a decentralized way in the free P2P loan market and not manually set by a central bank."


Also, Jelurida mentioned RYA this week and emphasized:

"We always encourage other teams to build their applications using the Nxt public blockchain and its various features but there are also use cases which require radical core changes, and projects that wish to explore new ideas and ways to utilize the blockchain technology using Nxt as fundamental starting point.

A recent example of such project is Rya – a decentralized monetary system with variable token supply and two different types of tokens (Rya Whitepaper).

(...) we could not consider such changes for Nxt itself. But we are happy to see that newly started projects are willing to adopt our blockchain creation framework, to test new exciting ideas and a different approach to further challenge the limits of blockchain technology. Our Jelurida Public License is flexible enough and can be used for projects which are not just copying the code but are making considerable changes to it."

Nxters will receive 0.4 RYA and o.4 TRUST on the new Rya blockchain per 1 NXT they held at block height 2.110.000. Rya will need forgers and nodes when they launch in order to bootstrap a nice decentralized blockchain network. Keep it in mind and stay tuned.

ANN | Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Reddit | Telegram chat

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Nxter News – October 2018 (II): The Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With One Step

Nxter News | October 2018 (II)

The Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With One Step

Lao Tzu

Welcome, dear Nxters and other followers!

Journeys require planning, effort, time, and a million little things to go right. Neil Armstrong's first step on the Moon was a small step for him that was the culmination of millions of hours of labor across countless tens of thousands of people at NASA - but this epic achievement began with a single, unknown step somewhere. Someone had an idea and then began the long process of making that idea a reality.

We here at Nxter love the blockchain, we love us some decentralized ledgers and we dream of seeing the infinite possibilities a series of sequentially hashed files can help with - this is our journey of constantly striving to bring you the best updates from the blockchain platforms we love, and like going to the Moon, it began with one step. Do not get discouraged if you are new, it takes time to learn anything and the blockchain is no different. Take that first step and realize that you have begun the wonderful journey.

Last week many good things happened across the ecosystem; Jelurida released amazing upgrades for both Ardor and Nxt - Lightweight Contracts are still on the testnet but included in the Ardor mainnet upgrade is Transaction Vouchers, Custom Bundlers, and inbuilt account funding via Changelly. CryptoDemetrius released an Ardor Updates video, and thanks to the generosity of our community there is now 2000 $IGNIS to claim for solving last week's Nxter puzzle. Updates from various Ardor based businesses, the Ardor Lite app received a Google Play update, the Rya team announced their snapshot date, with a 40% airdrop to NXT holders, and much more. Hey! - and did you check Nxter Magazine's new frontpage?

Jelurida Status Update

A new Ardor mainnet version with new features is released. Likewise, Nxt received a critical release, both are MANDATORY upgrades.

Ardor v2.1.2

This weekend there was a new Ardor release: v2.1.2. This is a MANDATORY upgrade for everyone. Upon installation, there will be Changelly exchange support directly enabled into the Ardor wallet via a plugin. Transaction Vouchers. Bundler templates. There is a bug fix involving unconfirmed transactions. For some reason, a few people are worried about losing funds if you upgrade, that is not the case - your funds are safe on the blockchain. Lightweight Contracts are still on the testnet, they are not included in this mainnet release!

Following up on the Ardor v2.1.2 launch, a press release was published by Jelurida.

They wrote:

“Ardor 2.1.2 opens the door for cost-effective blockchain adoption in real business contexts”, said Lior Yaffe, Managing Director at Jelurida. “Ardor's robust features are unmatched by any of our competitors and we intend to maintain this first mover advantage with new feature releases already planned for in the coming months.”

Jelurida this weekend introduced Ardor version 2.1.2, launching revolutionary and easy-to-integrate Turing-complete Lightweight Contracts on testnet. Additionally, three new business-ready features were introduced on the Ardor 2.1.2 mainnet: tamperproof dual-signature Transaction Vouchers, five Bundler templates for sponsoring end user fees, and a plug-in for integrating Changelly's instant exchange between 100+ currencies.


How about it? To further draw a line in the sand between Jelurida and their competition, a proposal was published today on Medium by Veronica Torras, a proposal to define what this BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) term that everyone suddenly seems to love throwing around actually means; a Full BaaS blockchain solution like Ardor, or the Cloud BaaS kind that businesses like Microsoft, AWS, and IBM have to offer, that comes with cloud storage and templates for setting up a blockchain but does not include the crucial part: a decentralized network of nodes. A MUST-read for everyone, more here.

V2.1.2 ANN Thread | Download it

Nxt v1.11.15

A new Nxt version was released as well - also a MANDATORY upgrade for everyone. The same bug for processing unconfirmed transactions is fixed - note that there is no risk of losing your funds, this was a concern for some.

Lior Yaffe wrote:

This release fixes an old bug which may cause problems processing unconfirmed transactions, the bug does not cause a risk of fork or lost funds but still requires a FULL UPGRADE of all nodes.

V1.11.15 ANN Thread | Download it


Look at them.

Jelurida had a booth and a good time when pitching Ardor in Madrid last week at the South Summit 18 conference.

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Presenting Ardor to Authorities

Ardor is a great way to demonstrate the benefits of using blockchain. The following Maltese-language video shows Alex Pfeiffer present Ardor at the MITA Emerging Technology Lab.  


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Ardor Updates 09/2018 

Our friend, CryptoDemetrius, updates the world on what happened within the ecosystem - including the Blockchain Ardor video series, information about Lightweight Contracts - which Jelurida will have a competition for sometime this month.

CryptoDemetrius wrote:

Ardor Updates is a series funded by Jelurida that focuses on providing monthly updates on the Ardor and NXT blockchain ecosystems. This episode discusses the features of the new 2.1.1e release and then runs through some quick updates from around the Ardor ecosystem.

Last week Nxter Magazine interviewed CryptoDemetrius, you can read about his background, mission, and vision here.

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The Ardor Bootcamp

The Ardor Bootcamp is still free on Udemy.com.

This online course is great for those who desire to learn and become more familiar with the multitude of functionality within the Ardor blockchain platform. There are hours of easy-to-follow video tutorials to peruse, hosted and put together for you by Eric Funk.



Fund raising is open

For those who have already taken the course, please consider the link above and support the creator and keeping the course free.

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Nxter Puzzle | Ardor Still Rocks!

Every week a puzzle is released for your pleasure. Inside the puzzles lie an IGNIS reward, that the first person to solve the puzzle can lay hands on. Rock Thou Must, to find the hidden passphrase, then withdraw the IGNIS in the account it opens.

This week's new Nxter Puzzle from @madfox was released Monday - and solved Tuesday. A nice little dinosaur crossword reminding us that everything didn't begin with Bitcoin. So, what about last week's puzzle? Still unsolved, and the prize in the puzzle account has gone from 100 IGNIS to... 2000 IGNIS! Solve the names of the owners of 30 famous guitars to claim the latest prize account which has 2000 IGNIS in it! A generous whale or 2 has made this possible - so hurry and solve the Ardor Rocks themed puzzle to get the passphrase.

Ardor Rocks!

By apenzl | 02/10/2018

UPDATE: 3000 IGNIS is now in the prize account! NOW 3000 $IGNIS plus some #MUSIC to the first person that solves this #NxterPuzzle #contest! Find the owners of the #RockStar guitars in the picture, their names are a passphrase to an #Ardor #blockchain account with #free #cryptocurrency. https://t.co/Z4A2vEBvhW — NXTER Magazine (@Nxter_org) October 13, 2018 … Read more

This week's puzzle reward was also kindly sponsored by ANG, and the puzzle created by Madfox.
All Nxter Puzzles are listed on nxter.org/puzzles - watch the accounts - there are still IGNIS to be claimed.

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Blockchain Platform Comparison

Mrv777 has updated his and ANG's much-quoted website that offers everyone a comparison of common blockchain platforms.


Let's get down to business. Not only Jelurida is doing business here; actually, why not have an ICO, support a new service provider, or maybe you're looking for a child chain to invest in?

Token News of The Week


Dominium ITO


The big news from Dominium this week is that they lowered their ITO hard cap, they have a new sponsorship with a fitness app (WalkyFit), so that its users can now earn DOM tokens just by keeping fit, and in Rotterdam, they hired a new Head of Development. They wrote:

We are very pleased to announce the latest addition to our team in Rotterdam, Erwin van Kekem, as Head of Development. Erwin was co-owner and co-founder of Collin Crowdfund, which is now the biggest crowdfunding platform in the Netherlands for loans to small and medium sized companies.

Remember that we will announce the date when the Dominium child chain will go live next week Friday, so ensure you are connected to our channels for the news.

On Steemit, Dominium's Korean ambassador shows great insight in both Dominium and the Ardor BaaS platform in a Q&A session that he had with a critical blogger and reposted here

The Dominium ITO is ongoing.

Dominium mentioned last week in The Sydney Morning Herald:

So, how worried should traditional real estate companies be? Is the real estate sector about to have its Uber moment? Very possibly.

Learn more: ANNWebsite | Pitch Deck | English Telegram Chatroom | Telegram Announcements

Remember that you can also read a review of Dominium's child chain project in Nxter Magazine.

Triffic ICO


Triffic.world - the newly updated white paper and website have finally been released!

Also, Triffic published a video on YouTube which takes you on a tour with their app. A nice insight into some of the possibilities it offers, and still, only the first video in a series. We look forward to more!

No movie tricks - you can take the Triffic beta app test run - you need an invitation code, which can be requested here. The Triffic ICO will start on December 3rd. Special price for ARDR, IGNIS and NXT investments.

About Triffic

"Triffic is elegant, fun & practical: a mobile gamified navigation app that rewards cryptocurrency for travel. Plus, geolocation based augmented reality scavenger hunts, pots of crypto for the taking, all running on the awesome Ardor Blockchain. Cryptoeconomics of Triffic: 50% ad revenue used to buy back, distribute & burn GPS Tokens, until ecosystem equilibrium where # of tokens removed equals number of new GPS Tokens entering market via the app".

Learn more: ICO | Website | Pitch Deck | Whitepaper | English Telegram

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EZYcount ICO


Vivien, the founder of EZYcount, announced that his team was accepted into the Geneva Fintech Fusion Accelerator and that they will pitch at a forum in the Swiss state of Vaud.

Vivien wrote:

Two majors news: 1) We have been accepted in Fintech Fusion Accelerator in Geneva and 2) We have been selected to pitch at the Alpin High Tech Venture Forum 2018 organised by the Swiss state of Vaud

About EZYcount

"Our aim is to develop the EZYcount AI, an EZYcount-patented process to fully automate bookkeeping for the self-employed and small business owners. Access to this service will be granted through holding enough of our TaaL (Token-As-A-License) which will only be sold during the ICO".

EZY Taal is a token issued on the Ignis blockchain, and tradeable across the Ardor platform. What differentiates EZY Taal from other tokens is that if you have a requisite amount you will have automatic access to the EZYcount small and medium business accounting software that is being integrated with AI.

The second round of the ICO at 10 EZY tokens per CHF, last one more week, till October 15th, 2018.

Learn more: Website | WhitepaperMedium | LinkedIn | Reddit | Twitter | Join the ICO

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Nothing this week that we heard of.

You can enlighten us here if you know any better. 

There is, of course, ongoing project development, and also another clone coming, which will airdrop 40% of its tokens on NXT holders.

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ARDR Trading Campaign

New Campaign:
Last week ARDR got on Huobi Global.
Now, their top 30 ARDR traders will get 200K+ free ARDR awarded!


From 8 October, 18:00 until 12 October, 18:00 (GMT +8), upon successful signing up of this activity, the Top 30 real-name users with a cumulative ARDR trading volume (buy + sell volume excluding self-dealing) of not less than 800,000 ARDR (excluding trading fee) shall receive the following rewards:

TOP1 20680 ARDR
TOP2 18000 ARDR
TOP3-5 14800 ARDR
TOP6-10 7360 ARDR
TOP11-30 3290 ARDR

Click here to sign up: https://jinshuju.net/f/u2c35J

The signing up due time is 24:00, October 11, please sign up by the end of the time.

CEO.bi adds Ardor

New listing:
ARDR can now be traded on the Hong Kong based CEO.bi Exchange.
ARDR trades against QC (QCash), a "stablecoin" which is pegged to the Chinese Yuan.


The CEO Exchange will open the ARDR recharge at 12:00 on October 5, 2018, and open the ARDR transaction at 15:00 on October 6, 2018.

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Ardor Lite App - Update

A Google Play update for the Ardor Lite app was released.

The developer, mrv777 wrote:

Version 1.1.3 of Ardor Lite:
• Added Account Information displaying Account ID, Public Key, Name (If set on the blockchain), & Description (If set on the blockchain)
• Ability to generate the public key in Account Information if not published to the blockchain yet

Version 1.2.0: There is only a backend update here, but it is to verify the unsigned transaction returned from the node before signing it. This was the big thing that Jelurida asked about with my app when they reviewed it. I finally dedicated time to this and got it done in 2 days 🙂
So while people shouldn't see a difference with this release, I hope Jelurida will like it 🙂 Also, thank you to riker for helping me find out there was an issue in ardor-js that prevented the verify transaction from getting the correct output

I resubmitted Ardor Lite to the iOS app store today. Yesterday, Apple finally gave me a company developer account so we'll see what happens this time.

The Apple App Store earlier refused to approve the app, so hopefully, after time they will now approve Ardor Lite for the App Store.

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Lightweight Contracts

The simplicity regarding the unique Contracts framework


Rya - A Decentralized Monetary System

Airdrop incoming

The Rya team (formerly known as Ryō) has announced a snapshot date - they expect the snapshot of the Nxt blockchain to occur on November 17th of this year, around five weeks from now. At the time of the snapshot, NXT balances will receive 0.4 RYA on the new blockchain for every NXT token they hold. The Rya project and whitepaper proposes to tether money supply to credit as a function of P2P loans: the project wants every person to function as a sort of miniature credit lender.

They write:

We are excited to announce that the Rya project has an official snapshot date. The snapshot will be taken in block 2,110,000 of the Nxt blockchain expected to occur on November 17th.

Remember only Nxt users with Nxt wallets will get the new RYA coins and Trust when the main net will be live. Exchange wallets are not supported.

As promised, we are dropping 0.4 RYA for each Nxt token - a total of 40% of the initial Rya supply. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have on Telegram or in Bitcointalk or Reddit.

Rya team

Rahmat Firmansyah:

Where 60% Rya go away ?

koko jambo:

We will do a second Airdrop+bounty program+reward for developers.


Confirmed. Rya is NOT an ICO. This is due to the fact that the Ryo system is already nearly ready to be released and no fundraising through ICO is necessary.

Rya truly has the potential to act as a stable coin for the state of the economy without any dependence on USD or other currencies. This is exactly the kind of solution I think many stablecoin enthusiasts have been searching for!

Nxt community should def get the chance to know about Rya early because of the airdrop + the fact that it's a fork.

So here you go, now you know. Rya will need forgers and nodes when they launch.
The Rya project is on testnet. We'll follow it and keep you updated, as we have from the beginning.

ANN | Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Reddit | Telegram chat

We have seen airdrops on NXT holders and clones coming throughout the year, some of the most interesting still in development. Nxt is open source and every amateur, opportunist or experienced programming team can clone it, use it, built on it, under the JPL license.

Some clones are a scam, others not. Some are yet to prove themselves. It's how it must be. Just remember to NEVER expose your Nxt passphrase to online nodes you don't trust, or software developers you don't know, ALWAYS keep it safe. As we continue our work the rebranded Nxter.org, expect soon to see a timeline over Nxt airdrops and a guide on how to claim these airdropped coins without risking your funds.

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Beyond Buzzwords

An article from Veronica Torras proposes a new BaaS categorization in order to establish a standard, common terminology. Ardor is currently the only Full BaaS platform.

Let's start with an example.

Bitzamp - Understanding Ardor (ARDR)

Here we have a great article from last week, one that does a very decent job explaining Ardor. It introduces Ardor and its child chains as a solution to the infamous "blockchain bloat problem," talks about the many features of the Ardor platform and the scalability and touches on the basics of how the ARDR token works. It even knows about the ARDR snapshots of the Nxt blockchain.

The author wrote:


Ardor is a full suite of programs and fully capable of competing with the Microsoft Azure platform. By remaining independent, the company maintains control over network governance.

The conclusion that Ardor is "fully capable of competing with the Microsoft Azure platform" is mindblowing - hey, somebody actually realized it - BUT... nevertheless kinda misleading. Microsoft does not have their own blockchain solution, rather they have repurposed an open-source one and threw it on top of Azure. Jelurida is a name in blockchain innovation, Microsoft is merely riding the blockchain coattails.

Redefining Blockchain as a Service — Beyond Buzzwords

This piece picks up the ball where Bitzamp dropped it. Let's compare Jelurida's BaaS offer on Ardor to Microsoft Azure again, shall we, no wait, let's compare it to say, ANY other currently existing BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) platform out there. Oh, thanks @veronica and @almonte, you did already - and even encountered what might be the main obstacle in doing so:

Today, the “Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)” term is being used interchangeably by various organizations to refer to entirely different offerings. This has led to an urgent need to define subcategories within the sector. This article proposes a new BaaS categorization in order to establish standard, common terminology.

How to compare Ardor to other BaaS models? As long as the BaaS term is un(der)defined, you simply can't, not without repetitive walls of text. Veronika Torras and Alberto Fernandez (both part of the Jelurida team, BTW) propose to divide the BaaS definition into at least 2 sub-categories. After identifying the 3 key elements in a BaaS offering as

1.  Storage — the blockchain stores data
2.  Software — the blockchain includes permissioned, business-ready features
3.  Decentralized network

they are able to coin the following two sub-categories: the Cloud BaaS, and the Full BaaS.

With these, we are now able to compare existing BaaS offerings. Let's return to the Bitzamp article:

Because the Ardor main chain already has the infrastructure for security and decentralization, the child chains are quickly developed to handle custom use cases. Because they are still on the same platform they can use the security, speed, and decentralization of the main chain.

Yes! Exactly, there it is! Now let's compare Ardor to Microsoft Azure again, shall we, no wait, why not compare it to say, ANY other currently existing BaaS platform out here. Oh, thanks @veronica and @almonte for already having done so:

In this first category, Cloud BaaS, we find companies offering storage and software (...); the responsibility for hosting a decentralized network of nodes remains with your business or consortium.

This is:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Templates
  • Microsoft Azure
  • IBM Bluemix
  • Oracle Autonomous Blockchain Cloud Service

The second category, called Full BaaS, offers not only storage and applications, but also decentralization, offering end-to-end blockchain as a service. In the Full BaaS model, businesses can outsource all three components of the blockchain development process — saving valuable time and resources.

In the Full BaaS category, we have the Ardor multi-chain platform.

Thought leadership - and practice

Some Reddit user was fast to proclaim that the Medium piece is just an advertisement for Jelurida. I don't see his point. I don't care who brings up the subject, clear definitions and clarity are needed for blockchain adoption to move forward in the best way. What I do see though, is why IBM, AWS, Microsoft, and others, that declare themselves leaders in the BaaS space, haven't brought up the issue. If a first mover company doesn't promote its clear advantages over the competition, who will? Probably not those being disrupted. It's not like legacy banks and states are busy promoting Bitcoin, still, it can't really be ignored. Neither can Ardor's Full BaaS solution.

It's new grounds. Most don't care. Some afraid to get left behind. Businesses afraid to get disrupted. Whitepapers all over the place, blockchain this and that if you try to find good information. And crypto media ruled by their own interests, CoinDesk. It's up to the businesses to decide, whether they want Cloud BaaS or a Full BaaS, to run their own nodes or get instant security from a truly decentralized network - if they even need a blockchain. Or a child chain.

Ignis is free for everyone and supports all Ardor's features. Ardor's parent-child chain architecture allows for a company to set up its own permissioned blockchain on a Proof of Stake platform, PoS battle-proven in production since 2013, and with today's most advanced programmable features to fit the company's needs, their own blockchain token, all instantly secured by a network of decentralized nodes. But it's just words, it's just advertisement, right? That, or real information.

To really know, you should test it. DYOR. You can start with the "Blockchain Ardor - Medium Series" or this free Bootcamp.

Got news for us? Let us know here.

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Nxter News – October 2018 (I): It Depends On Where You Put the Paint, Not How Much You Splash On

Nxter News | October 2018 (I)

It Depends On Where You Put the Paint, Not How Much You Splash On

Welcome, dear Nxters and other followers!

Welcome to the fall season and welcome to our Nxter.org rebrand! A fresh bit of "paint" thrown on to make what was once old new again. The last few months have been especially hectic - we wanted to ensure that the new rebrand and site structure addresses your comments and concerns while allowing us to continue to provide you with quality independent journalism! You can now pick your favorite coin in the top menu and read news concerning that coin only. Also, coin descriptions have been added to help new readers understand the difference between NXT, IGNIS and ARDOR, the few shortcomings and many advantages, FAQ's are being worked on.

The weather may be getting wet and cold and dreary and miserable but hey, cheer up with the news of last week, grab your favorite coffee or tea as we guide you through the blockchain news. Jelurida has jobs to offer, the Nxter Puzzles are rocking on, with IGNIS to win, new exchanges to trade your crypto on, Elizabeth interviewed the XendBit team as their ICO is now underway, a great podcast with Ardor lead developer Petko Petkov, a new experimental Ardor version has been released, and much more!

Jelurida Status Update

Job offers - you got talent?, a rebranded Ardor YouTube Channel, insights from Blockchain Fest '18 in Istanbul, and a brand new Ardor version upgrade came from Jelurida last week

Job Offers at Jelurida

Jelurida is looking to expand and needs more talented people.

> Senior Java Engineers
> Web and Mobile Developers
> Website Designer and UI/UX Specialist

They wrote:

If your skills and qualifications match any of our openings, and you are eager to join an innovative blockchain software development company, which has a solid, working product and an established reputation in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world, this is your chance to become a part of our team!

More info

Ardor Channel Rebranded

The new Ardor YouTube channel's URL is now: https://www.youtube.com/c/ardorplatform

We had a nice interview with CryptoDemetrius, host of the new "Ardor Updates" series, about his vision for the new YouTube channel, his show, how he came to love Ardor, and more!

New Ardor series on YouTube

By apenzl | 27/09/2018

Today, Jelurida’s Youtube channel got itself a new URL. Why should you care? The Ardor Updates and Lightweight Contract videos were the first to be uploaded to this channel, and if you have been hyperlinking to any videos on this channel lately – note the links in your posts might stop working and need to … Read more

Blockchain Fest’18 Insights

From Istanbul, Veronica was interviewed by KOOP Hub in this three-minute video. In it, she briefly explains what Ardor is, which industries benefit from the blockchain and how she enjoyed the conference.


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Nxter Puzzle | Ardor Rocks

Every week a puzzle is released for your pleasure. Inside the puzzles lie an IGNIS reward, that the first person to solve the puzzle can lay hands on. Rock Thou Must, to find the hidden passphrase, then withdraw the IGNIS in the account it opens.

This week's puzzle is made in appreciation of longtime community member @TheWiremaster and his website: ardor.rocks! Enjoy a trip on the rockin' minivan bus but don't forget that if you can find all the guitars in the picture, you'll get access to an account that holds 100 IGNIS. Last week's puzzle is still unsolved - and if you're familiar with Nxt's history there is an ongoing puzzle from July that can have 25 people claim the winnings as opposed to the usual "first-come, first-served."

Ardor Rocks!

By apenzl | 02/10/2018

UPDATE: 3000 IGNIS is now in the prize account! NOW 3000 $IGNIS plus some #MUSIC to the first person that solves this #NxterPuzzle #contest! Find the owners of the #RockStar guitars in the picture, their names are a passphrase to an #Ardor #blockchain account with #free #cryptocurrency. https://t.co/Z4A2vEBvhW — NXTER Magazine (@Nxter_org) October 13, 2018 … Read more

This week's puzzle reward is kindly sponsored by ANG, and the puzzle created by Madfox.
All Nxter Puzzles are listed on nxter.org/puzzles - watch the accounts - there are still IGNIS to be claimed.

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ANG - XendBit Interview

XendBit is a decentralized exchange and Blockchain platform for enabling transparent transactions within p2p markets comprising of lenders, donors, remitters, borrowers and beneficiaries while reducing the frustration in crypto-volatility

The XendBit pre-ICO will begin in 60 days.

Elizabeth, from the Ardor & Nxt Group, conducted a 45-minute interview with the XendBit team:

I've been inspired by the vision of Xendbit and enthused by their advanced project built on a testnet of Nxt blockchain. Now they are wrapping up negotiations about launching as a child chain of Ardor. I'm happy to introduce them to you in this video. I asked each one what excites them about blockchain and I welcome you to geek out with me as you listen to a conversation we would all like to be part of.

We at Nxter already mentioned Xendbit a couple of times in some previous newsletters, such as this one and this one.

Website | Whitepaper

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Ardor Korean Community

The Ardor community is a global one and expanding  

@ArdorBaby updated us:

In Korea, I need to post articles regarding Ardor because many worried about the future. I've done so, and we are more bonded. We have 625 members now, and I post important news in our community reffering Nxter Magazine even though I didn't translate the magazine fully.

Good to hear our news are getting out! I'd like to remind everyone that both English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and Korean Nxter.org rss-feeds are available, which can easily be integrated into your websites and social media channels. If you want to help Nxt and Ardor ecosystem and translate the news - and understand EVERYTHING that I am writing here (!) - feel welcome to contact us here or in Slack. Thanks to community member and Korean Nxter editor ArdorBABY for his efforts here!

Visit the Korean Community site

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The Ardor Bootcamp

This very well-reviewed course is an excellent way to learn and become proficient with much of the advanced functionality that differentiates Ardor from thousands of other altcoin projects. The Ardor course on Udemy is now free to register!

As mentioned, the Ardor Bootcamp, a detailed course with video-tutorials that allow new users to learn all the basics of the Ardor blockchain platform, is free for a limited period of time. This online course is great for those who desire to have a structured format surrounding you as you learn and become more familiar with the multitude of functionality within the Ardor platform.



Fund raising is open

For those who have already taken the course, please consider the link above and support the creator and keeping the course free.

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Upcoming Events

South Summit in Madrid, on October 3rd and 4th
South Summit in Madrid, on October 3rd and 4th

Ardor is going to be at the gathering of business leaders in Madrid for the South Summit!

Veronica wrote:

We were finalists at the https://www.southsummit.co/en

South Summit

ANG and the community continue to compile the blockchain Meetup events across our international ecosystem.

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Ardor On Huobi

New listing:
ARDR can now be traded on Huobi Global.


Ardor (ARDR) will be launched on Huobi Global on September 28, 2018 (GMT+8). Deposits will be available from 16:00, September 28, 2018 (GMT+8). ARDR/BTC and ARDR/ETH trading will be available at Huobi Global from 16:00, September 29, 2018 (GMT+8). Withdrawals will be available from 17:00, September 29, 2018 (GMT+8).

Ignis on ChangeHero

New listing:
IGNIS can now be traded on ExchangeHero.


#IGNIS is now available for buying with the credit card and exchange at http://changehero.io! Enjoy fast transactions without registration and the best rate among 10+ exchanges. Don't miss 0% fee days next week! Follow @Changehero_io and be up to date!

Ignis + ARDR on Changelly

New listing:
IGNIS can now be traded on Changelly.


Hey, #crypto enthusiasts! Are you ready for something sIGNIficant? Please welcome to $IGNIS on Changelly! Buy it with a credit card or convert into over 100+ digital assets at the best rates available.


The long-awaited listing on Changelly: $ARDR token by Jelurida project is available for supersonic and limitless exchanges … Yet more juicy option: you can buy ARDR with fiats!

Convert or buy with our ref-link and support Nxter.org's work.








Support your Tokens

Community voting helps to get IGNIS / NXT / ARDR on new crypto exchanges.


Here you can cast 1 vote daily for IGNIS | NXT | ARDR 


Tell them why you like IGNIS / NXT / ARDR in this GoogleDoc


Here you can request for your favorite coin to be listed. Deadline: September.


Let's get down to business. Not only Jelurida is doing business here; actually, why not have an ICO, support a new service provider, or maybe you're looking for a child chain to invest in?

Token News of The Week


Dominium ITO


Podcast interview with Mark Lloyd, Managing Director at Dominium. He said:

"The experience we have shouldn't be understated. We're not a startup. We come at this project from a property real estate angle, rather than just a tech angle. We want to bring the cost of getting involved down because that's a prohibitor for a lot of people. Essentially, someone could invest from a pound, euro, dollar, essentially anyone anywhere, around the world, could potentially get involved in [investing in property with our] platform".


The Dominium ITO is ongoing.

Learn more: ANNWebsite | Pitch Deck | English Telegram Chatroom | Telegram Announcements

Remember that you can also read a review of Dominium's child chain project in Nxter Magazine.

Triffic ICO


The ICO will start on December 3rd. Their new website is up and running. The new whitepaper is 95% completed and updated and will explain the business model in much greater detail. Soon to be uploaded.

Triffic also announced that the app began beta testing recently. You need an invitation code to test the Triffic beta app. Request the code here.

Some examples of Triffic's sponsored augmented reality beacons shared by the Triffic team:

About Triffic

"Triffic is elegant, fun & practical: a mobile gamified navigation app that rewards cryptocurrency for travel. Plus, geolocation based augmented reality scavenger hunts, pots of crypto for the taking, all running on the awesome Ardor Blockchain. Cryptoeconomics of Triffic: 50% ad revenue used to buy back, distribute & burn GPS Tokens, until ecosystem equilibrium where # of tokens removed equals number of new GPS Tokens entering market via the app".

Learn more: ICO | Website | Pitch Deck | Whitepaper | English Telegram

Bitswift (BITS)


Congrats Bitswift! The latest update from Bitswift regarding their 4 years birthday!

bitswiftbro wrote:

Check your bitswift.cash balances, happy birthday Bitswift!
CASH tokens inflation rate is driven by the amount of users stimulating the bitswift.cash platform. 

About Bitswift

Bitswift is a tech brand with headquarters in Canada. The brand represents technology companies, online communities, technology products, and services. The Bitswift project has several official tokens which are supported by the Bitswift companies.

Join Bitswift on Twitter, TelegramDiscord, and Reddit. Learn more about the Bitswift ecosystem

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EZYcount ICO


Vivien published a new blog post at Medium giving some insights into the ICO launch.

Moreover, an interview with Vivien Fuhrer (in French) at the Business Forum Valais/Wallis 2018, on September 11th:

Watch it

About EZYcount

"Our aim is to develop the EZYcount AI, an EZYcount-patented process to fully automate bookkeeping for the self-employed and small business owners. Access to this service will be granted through holding enough of our TaaL (Token-As-A-License) which will only be sold during the ICO".

EZY Taal is a token issued on the Ignis blockchain, and tradeable across the Ardor platform. What differentiates EZY Taal from other tokens is that if you have a requisite amount you will have automatic access to the EZYcount small and medium business accounting software that is being integrated with AI.

The second round of the ICO at 10 EZY tokens per CHF, lasts till October 15th, 2018.

Learn more: Website | WhitepaperMedium | LinkedIn | Reddit | Twitter | Join the ICO



Frasindo team announced that they received final approval from the Indonesian government - congrats!

About Frasindo

"FRAS COIN is short for “Frasindo Rent”, an Indonesian car rental company, a supplier for ONLINE TAXI. Frasindo is authorized by the government as an official partner of UBER, GRAB, and GOCAR in Indonesia. Apart for Online Taxi, we are also renting out cars. FRAS is also a Self-Sustained Blockchain Incubator.

FRAS COIN is released on top of ARDOR IGNIS STELLAR Blockchains, and can be traded on the Ardor Asset Exchange. FRAS COIN is a UTILITY TOKEN which is backed by real assets, the assets are the cars and the whole company itself. FRAS COIN holders are unofficial representatives of the main company.

FRAS Ardor asset ID: 4777913785555377445.

More info

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CiviliXation Digital COOP


Drachmae wrote:

We are in the process of releasing our new association website and community network it is still early days but we will be providing E-Learning facilities to Moldova and CIS region alongside Project creation, Research documents, Event organising and Crowdfunding facilities www.dtma.md (As I mentioned there is certain pieces still being worked on but its free to register)


Random idea, im re-opening my cafe. So my plan is to have once a month a Sponsored Crypto Night that around 30 people can have a dinner and learn about crypto. When i say sponsored it means the marketing of the Theme is sponsor, not the meals. Working on the cafe website and menu see if you can spot something out of the blue: http://cythereastaverna.co.uk/menu.


DTMI was announced on Bitcointalk in November 2017.

Co-founder Lee Gibson Grant came to Nxt (again) in early September 2018, and pitched the project.

The idea was/is to use Nxt, among other blockchain technologies, as Lee has been using Nxt since 2014.

The core focus behind DTMA is to foster and incubate a self-contained ecosystem for R&D in the Republic of Moldova and to enable core process and "education around decentralized technology and focusing on innovation for the Republic of Moldova." Also, learn more about the new exchange in Moldova launched by Drachmae.

More about CiviliXation and its projects: Presentation | website | Nxtforum sub

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Ardor Version v2.1.1e

A new Ardor testnet version has been released making it easy to deploy, verify and manage Lightweight Contracts. API callers enable simple integration of Java programs with the Ardor API

Last week Jelurida released Ardor v2.1.1e, a mandatory upgrade for testnet nodes. It allows early access to new features like Transaction Vouchers and Lightweight Contracts and all the reference add-ons you need to test, learn, create and deploy your own Java contracts. Lior and the other Jelurida devs have been working tirelessly to make what was once a relatively complex process, easy and intuitive for anyone to use.

Lior tweeted:

Change log:

This is an experimental release. It is a mandatory upgrade only for testnet
nodes, but can also be run on mainnet.

- Contract Manager IntelliJ Plugin is now available to enable contract
deployment and management from inside the IntelliJ Java Development IDE.
- The Contract Manager utility now supports contract verification which, given
a hash of existing contract deployed as cloud data and a Java source file,
compiles the source file and verifies that the resulting class file is
identical to the contract class file.
- API callers are objects which enable simple integration of Java programs with
the Ardor APIs. Multiple code samples are provided under
./addons/src/java/com/jelurida/ardor/client/api to demonstrate tasks such as
local signing, fee calculation, message encryption and decryption, and waiting
for a new block.
- Transaction voucher loading is now supported when logging in using remembered
- Fixed coin exchange between parent and child chain.
- Fixed decimal calculations for MS currency reserve and claim dialogs.

You can already download it from Jelurida

More info on Ardorforum

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Lightweight Contracts Documentation

Watch, read, test, play and learn.
Ardor Lightweight Contracts offer a totally new way to create and deploy smart contracts to a blockchain network. Start here.

Lightweight Contracts - Wiki

After a frantic effort, the Lightweight Contracts wiki is updated with thorough documentation and many helpful screenshots to aid anyone, especially would be Ardor devs, in the installation and usage of Ardor's advanced Lightweight Contracts functionality. Many add-ons and unit tests have been developed to support your coming learning experience.

Wiki page

Lightweight Contracts - The Blogs

Lior Yaffe has been blogging about on his journey towards releasing the brand new contracts concept.

Read the Medium articles

Lightweight Contracts Seminar w/ Lior Yaffe

Below Lior elaborates on the theme of “simplicity” regarding this unique Contracts framework.

Interview with Petko Petkov

Jelurida lead developer Petko Petkov speaks about the challenges of building Ardor, the use cases, and what the biggest thing holding back crypto from mainstream adoption is

THE EDGE / MGR wrote:

David Gil sits down with Petko Petkov (@petkodp), a lead developer at Jelurida/Nxt/Ardor. They discuss the power of “Blockchain for Business,” the biggest challenges facing crypto as a whole, and why Petko believes that using “Child Chains” is the best solution for scaling blockchain networks. If you want to learn about the state of crypto right now and where it’s heading this episode is a must listen!

Time Stamps:
(1:27) – Petko’s background and what led him to work at Jelurida full-time.
(3:17) – What is Jelurida, and what are the Nxt & Ardor projects?
(9:10) – How Petko would explain blockchain to someone from 40 years ago.
(10:43) – The biggest challenges involved in building out new technologies, and the toughest thing facing the Ardor Network right now.
(12:06) – Which businesses should use blockchain, and why.
(15:20) – Where Petko sees Jelurida and Ardor in 5 years.
(16:30) – Is it possible that in 5-10 years from now there will be many large companies and start ups based on top of blockchain?
(17:42) – Ardor’s solution to the “Blockchain Bloat” problem and how they plan to scale the network.
(20:40) – What could be some killer dApps/second layer applications that could bring in millions of users to crypto in general?
(24:43) – What is the biggest thing holding back crypto from mass adoption right now?



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Summer Quest

Summer Quest is part of the Nxter Puzzles series, created by madfox, sponsored by the ANG.


The Summer Quest is over (for now)!


The Summer Quest will take you on an adventure as you walk across parts of the world to find very specific numbers and words. The words of each stage of the quest will give you access to an Ignis account with an encrypted message. Find all the words and reap the final reward: 1000 IGNIS.

madfox wrote:

Prepare yourself for travels!

Use Google Maps to explore some of the cities that are important to members of the Ardor/Nxt project, as we invite you on a unique tour; walk the streets and uncover hidden words on this hunt for 1000 IGNIS. You must solve all parts of all stages of the quest to win.

In the Nxter Newsly (July V), Stage I + Stage II are presented. Their 12 words in total will together form a passphrase that gives you access to a Nxt/Ardor blockchain account. The passphrase unlocks an encrypted message in this account to let you know that your solution is correct. Check the message, keep a backup of the passphrase and wait for the next stage.

New stages (and bonus puzzles) will be announced every week in the Nxter Newsletter.

After Stage 5 one word remains to complete the passphrase. It will unlock the Prize Account with 1000 Ignis, sponsored by the awesome ANG! The final word will be announced during the Hackathon / Gamejam, August 24-26th in Austria, so stay tuned.

Unannounced bonuses in the form of Nxt or Ardor based coins and tokens might be sent to the Summer Quest accounts along the way. Nxters with the Summer Quest account passphrases at hand can transfer them to their own accounts. First come first served.

Good luck as you unravel your wanderlust.


STAGE 1 /July V

The first area to search is Hadera, Israel, where Lior Yaffe (co-founder, managing director @Jelurida) lives.

Search this area (using Google maps) to uncover the hidden words in the picture below.


Click the image to enlarge it

STAGE 2 /July V

The second area is Lancaster, PA, home of Elizabeth Mong, Director of the Ardor and Nxt Group (ANG).


In 2009, the LCSC’s expansion from a 70 to a 165-camera network attracted national attention, including a front-page article in the Los Angeles Times: “Lancaster, Pa., keeps a close eye on itself”. The article quoted city police chief Keith Sadler as saying, “Years ago, there’s no way we could do this... It brings to mind Big Brother, George Orwell and 1984. It’s just funny how Americans have softened on these issues.”

This is especially funny if you know the history of Nxt > Ardor. Short version.

Walk through and search this area (using Google maps) to uncover the hidden words in the picture below.


Click the image to enlarge it

STAGE 3 /August I

The third area is Lugano, home of Jelurida's main office.

Search this area (using Google maps) to uncover the hidden words in the picture below.

When you have unlocked the Stage III account, there's a bonus puzzle for you to solve HERE.


Click the image to enlarge it

STAGE 4 /August II

The fourth area in our Summer Quest is Rotterdam, The Netherlands, where Dominium, one of the new upcoming Ardor child chains, is located.

Search this area (using Google maps) to uncover the hidden words in the picture below.

Click the image to enlarge it


When you have unlocked the Stage IV account, there's a bonus puzzle for you to solve. Combine the words from the Stage IV and the August II bonus puzzle below, then wait for the final word to be announced on Dominium's official Twitter account to get access to the bonus account - you will find a redeemable singleton asset there, which represents 1000 DOM tokens.  Read more...

Countdown to the announcement of the SECRET WORD from Dominium


STAGE 5 /August III

The final area to explore on this journey, dear wanderer, is in the city of Krems, Austria.

Walk through and search the area (using Google maps) to uncover the hidden words in the picture below.

Then wait for the final word to be announced. This will be the last word in the passphrase that opens the account with 1000 IGNIS sponsored by the ANG. The word will be announced during the hackathon in Krems by this account on Twitter.

Click the image to enlarge it

Take it away.

All letters are lowercase, divided by spaces - exactly like the passphrase for your Ardor account.
The formula of the final passphrase is: (Stage I + Stage II) + Stage III + Stage IV + Stage V + FINAL WORD.

It's worth watching the Summer Quest accounts as bonus tokens are occasionally sent to them along the way.
Nxter Alerts will notify you by email of any in or outgoing transactions from any Nxt or Ardor/child chain account you subscribe to.

Nxt News – August 2017 (III): Be the Change that You Wish to See in the World

August 2017 (III)


Welcome again, fellow Nxters! The IGNIS ICO is underway with Round 1 finishing up last week. Last week was an eventful one and we have much to catch you up on. Regardless of whether you are a new reader, welcome, or a long time reader, welcome back, we are happy you are here.

The in-progress IGNIS ICO has been eventful, with whales showing up and consuming entire batches but minnows finally bought in too. This week we report on the highlights of Round 1 of the ICO, report on the Bitswift token swap, inform you how to start developing for the platform, and much more.







This week’s newsletter is put together by James, apenzl, jose, rubenbc.




The most important news of the week is the successful completion of the first Round of the IGNIS ICO. We have an ongoing series of reports with the most current info available HERE.

With last week’s release of version 1.11.7 of the NRS client, minnows were able to buy into the IGNIS ICO. A whale ate most of the first three batches of 5M tokens each – 3 percent of the tokens available in Round 1 of the ICO were purchased in a matter of seconds by the user, “MAAC”. He accomplished this by spamming phased JLRDA buy orders into the blockchain ahead of time, with high transaction fees –  some at 10 NXT and others as high as 20.

The first Round was a success for Jelurida – all 60 M JLRDA tokens were purchased for 24 M NXT. Almost 14% of the ICO tokens have been purchased and Jelurida is well on their way towards their goal of raising €50 M. Round 2 of the ICO begins later in the month, Aug 26, at 0,55 NXT per JLRDA – a rate 1.82 Jelurida : 1 NXT – 80 M tokens will be available for purchase in Round 2 at this price.

News from Kristina

Kristina Kalcheva, on behalf of Jelurida:

Dear Nxters, the first round of IGNIS ICO is now over, 60 M JLRDA tokens were sold and 24 M NXT collected! Thank you all for your contribution! The second round will start on August 26.

And please be careful and remember that JLRDA tokens are not transferable or tradable! If someone sends you small amounts of similarly named tokens or even NXT this has nothing to do with the IGNIS ICO and can very likely be a scam attempt!

Update your NRS Client to Participate

To participate in the IGNIS ICO, the Nxt Client 1.11.7 is highly recommended.

The availability schedule of the 4 Rounds left (380M IGNIS) are as follows:

  • Buy JLRDA with Scheduled Transactions

Lior Yaffe, going by his handle – Riker, explains how to participate in the IGNIS ICO by scheduling transactions ahead of time. This is how the whale, MAAC, purchased in excess of 14 M JLRDA tokens – by scheduling ahead of time the transactions for purchases. You too can be like MAAC and use this feature of the NRS to your advantage. Due to the high volume of demand for the JLRDA tokens it is advised that you schedule transactions in order to buy, otherwise your chances will be very, very small.

The 12 batches Round 1 are complete. Do not worry, do not despair – there is still plenty of time left to buy into the ICO.


  • Scam Assets

Be careful , JLRDA tokens are non transferable and only can be purchased from the NRS client, v1.11.7, and you should only buy through the IGNIS TOKEN SALE page.

A (nonexhaustive) list of known scam assets is below and has been removed from Nxter.org’s Assethub:

JLRDA scam assets

THIS – and only this – Nxt Monetary System Crowdfunding Coin is the real JLRDA token:

Live data from the Nxt blockchain

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  • FAQ about the IGNIS Token Sale

Due to the demand for answers, a FAQ section of the Ignis ICO has been enabled on NxtWiki. In it, all the important information about the ICO, from how to obtain JLRDA to how to set up a Nxt wallet and many more questions asked on the nxchat.slack forum have been answered in a clear and concise format.

What is the JLRDA token?

The JLRDA token is an NXT token of type “Controllable Currency” which represents the future IGNIS balances on the Ignis blockchain. Being a Controllable Currency only the issuer of the currency i.e. Jelurida can sell it, and once sold it cannot be freely transferred between accounts. Read about the “CONTROLLABLE” currency property [1] for more details.

Can I buy IGNIS tokens using Bitcoin or another altcoin?

Not directly, since we believe Nxt is a better crowdfunding platform than anything else out there, we would like you to buy NXT in order to buy IGNIS.

After buying IGNIS tokens in the token sale what do I need to do?

All you need to do is remember your NXT account passphrase. The same passphrase will be used on the Ardor mainnet to access your IGNIS tokens once they are distributed.

When will exchanges support the IGNIS token?

Probably after the Ardor mainnet launch. Before that the IGNIS tokens are locked as JLRDA controllable currency and cannot be traded.

Do not attempt trades of JLRDA tokens off blockchain since this is likely a scam.

Many more questions are answered in the wiki. The IGNIS ICO is underway for the next couple months and Round 2 begins Aug. 26.


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  • New video introduction to the Ardor Platform

The Jelurida IGNIS ICO is being used to fund the development of Nxt 2.0, Ardor. This revolutionary platform is explained in great detail and highlights the important features that make it efficient and better than other platforms for the solutions it provides to many well-known blockchain problems, blockchain bloat being the primary one.


A more in depth video presentation of Ardor, by Nxt and Ardor core developer Lior Yaffe, can be found here.

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  • #OpEasterEgg

After a brief hiatus, we are resuming the #OpEasterEgg hunts! We are glad to see more and more followers of our Twitter account, glad for the blockchain messages, glad to see participants reach out and give each other a helping hand by sharing additional clues, and glad to showcase some of Nxt’s many features in a fun way and give away free stuff at the same time.

To join the Nxt Blockchain Easter egg hunts and compete for valuable tokens and gifts, follow @OpEasterEgg on Twitter and of course follow the news. New clues will be posted shortly.

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  • Adel – Update – Response to SEC Release

Adel released a response to a recent SEC release regarding ICO’s from distributed autonomous organizations (DAO’s). Adel will soon have the first KYC/AML/CTF compliant ICO in the world. They have worked diligently with authorities to position themselves as such.

In their own words:

[3:08 PM]
The Securities Exchange Commission recently released a statement regarding Initial Coin Offerings related to the DAO and other distributed autonomous organisations (DAO), in general. Here are the details on the recent SEC report, deliberating ICO schemes under the US securities regulations: https://www.sec.gov/news/press-release/2017-131

*Adel’s Response ▲ SEC Release #81207 on the DAO*

To clarify Adel’s market position and future plans for its ecosystem, we felt it prudent to prepare this statement, to differentiate our strategy to DAO-based business models:

▲ Adel is the first ICO in the world to confirm with AML/CTF/KYC regulations (Anti Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing) including implementation of KYC (Know Your Customer) measures. This legal foundation was crucial to establishing legitimacy to Adel’s future.
▲ Adel is mindful of existing and pending regulations. Compliance has been a pivotal consideration to the architecture of the Adel ecosystem.
▲ Adel continually monitors securities regulations, and we endeavour to align our initiatives with regulatory changes.
▲ Adelphoi (ADL) is a cryptocurrency coin, issued within the legal jurisdiction in the Isle of Man by Adel Ecosystem Limited (a private limited liability company), residing at Salisbury House, 15 Victoria Street, Douglas, Isle Of Man, IM1 2LW.
▲ Adel Ecosystem Limited is registered as a designated business with the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority, which insures AML/CTF compliance.
▲ Adel’s second phase – referred to as the blockchain innovation incubator – has not yet been launched, since it is currently being architected, as outlined in our 10th white paper.
▲ It is the intention that Adel`s second phase will utilize a new Adelshare (ADS) token, enjoying the benefits of a distributed ledger. The legal status underlying ADS tokens will be fully compliant with existing regulations.

 We look forward to their success and hope that the rest of the blockchain space works as hard and as diligently with local authorities to legitimize ICO’s in the global business space.


More info

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  • Bitswift – Update: Bittrex Swap

Last Friday the Bitswift token swap happened on Bittrex.

The swap is a preparation for Bitswift’s Ardor child chain migration.

We welcome Bitswift to our platform and look forward to a long and rewarding relationship.

Bittrex writes:

The Bitswift child chain token distribution will be done as part of the Ardor Genesis Snapshot.

You will be able to use your existing Nxt passphrase to access your new Ardor child chain Bitswift balance.

Ignis Holder Credit:

After calculating the Ignis balance of each account based on NXT and JLRDA holdings, another calculation will be run that allocates 10% of the Bitswift tokens to IGNIS holders based on those IGNIS balances.

Unclaimed Tokens:

All unclaimed tokens will be sent to a public address where they will be reserved by BDA Inc. for those who missed the token swap, as well as to be allocated in a transparent manner to facilitate in the ongoing development of the Bitswift ecosystems. Exact details pertaining to the unclaimed allocation will come at at a later date.


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  • CORE Announcement


With a timely migration to Waves Platform, we now set in place the architecture for Core Group to move forward comfortably with a merger of the two former Assets Core and Core Media


Current Core Asset Supply: 1,000,000

– in public circulation currently are 598,360
– in Core Group Team fund currently are 242,000 (part of these tokens will be used for Core Media asset swap, part will be used for marketing, bounties, partnerships and business development)
– public assets left for sale 159,640.

Core Assets will be swapped at a ratio of 1:1

NXT Asset Id: 18026565504333172181
Issuing Account – NXT-T4BJ-M2B6-9LHP-8YG77


Current Core Media Asset Supply: 478,998

– we have decided to swap only the public Core Media assets in public circulation
– the rest of the tokens have been burned.

Core Media assets will be swapped at a ratio of 10:1

NXT Asset Id: 1584198250936051677
Issuing Account – NXT-T4BJ-M2B6-9LHP-8YG77

This ratio represents the effectiveness of past activities, members and partners, with consideration that CORE is representing the main part of the enterprise.



Send your Core and Core Media assets, from your NXT account to the Issuing account NXT-T4BJ-M2B6-9LHP-8YG77 along with a message that contains your WAVES public address.

Please check and double check the WAVES address you provide is correct. There is no way to reverse the transfer of your new Core token if you send us the wrong address.

1,000,000 Core Group tokens have been created on the Waves Platform.

Please swap before September 1, 2017 as we will burn unswapped assets shortly thereafter.

Core Group

More information






  • Nxt Hacks – Ardor / Nxt Scripts

The resourcefulness of our community is exceptional. This week we are happy to link you to a GitHub repository where a user, gcmartinelli, has created a quick and dirty script that alerts you in Telegram when the JLRDA tokens are available for purchase. Check out his repo below, you will need the NXT (NRS) server running and the Python Requests Library.


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  • Weekly Reminder: Getting Started as a Developer

With all the buzz and hype around Nxt, Ardor, and Jelurida, the blockchain space is growing exponentially and we are entering the age of Baas (Blockchain-as-a-Service). Developers for the Nxt/Ardor blockchain are needed and Lior Yaffe introduces how to begin and immerse yourself in the world of the Nxt and Ardor blockchain.

Any eager developers out there looking to learn how to create useful apps and functionality – this is the portal to your journey.



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  • Small Reference of Ardor in Dutch

Small announcement of Ardor in the Dutch newspaper AD that explains the hype surrounding the Ardor to the average, lay person.


An easy and informative read, in Dutch.


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      • Weekly NXT/ARDR Price Evolution

The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex over this past week:



The following graphic shows the ARDR / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex over this past week:



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And that is all for this busy week, Nxters. Stay tuned next week for more up-to-date coverage on the IGNIS ICO, the launch of Ardor, media coverage, and much more. For those who cannot wait a week to learn more about the IGNIS ICO, we have our ICO Coverage series running. Follow us on Twitter for important breaking updates during the week as they happen. Stay committed and stay informed fellow Nxters! See you next week.

Nxt News – May 2017 (II): Entertainment May Be the Most Effective Mode of Learning

May 2017 (II)


Here’s some of the latest news about Nxt over this past week in May:






Here below are more details about each of these:



  • NxtChat on Slack – 1500 Registered Users!

Nxt’s Slack is one of the places for the Nxt community to discuss and share news about Nxt. Since its inception in January 2016, it’s now reached over 1,500 users and 31 dedicated channels for various purposes. Among them, alongside the main #general channel, we can find channels for specific projects such as #adel and #janusproject, or channels for specific purposes such as #developers and #helpdesk.

Once again, the features provided by the Nxt and Ardor 100% PoS platforms are attracting more and more people both familiar with blockchain technology as well as newcomers. If you haven’t already joined the Nxt community, come and join us! We are waiting for you!


Alongside Slack, Nxt and Ardor are officially present on the following platforms:

At Nxter.org, we’ll continue spreading the word as we’ve been doing since the beginning to try to help more people learn about both Nxt and Ardor, together with the full ecosystem around it. If you’re interested in giving us a hand to achieve this objective, please visit nxter.org/get-published-get-paid-nxtp

More information: You can find the latest news at the #swarms channel on Slack or visit nxtforum.org to discuss with the community

Twitter: NxtCommunity, ArdorPlatform e Ignis Guide

Reddit: Reddit.com/r/nxtReddit.com/r/ardorReddit.com/r/cryptocurrency

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  • How To – Initialize a Nxt/Ardor Account without Issuing an Outgoing Transaction

When creating a new Nxt account, first thing we must do is to choose a passphrase as strong as possible as that will be our private key. Then, the public key for the generated account is computed using the supplied secret passphrase.

There are 1077 account numbers available in Nxt, but there are a much larger number of possible passwords, so an obvious question is whether or not it’s possible for more than one password to open the same account.The answer is no – as long as you have issued one transaction from your account. Here’s why: until a transaction is sent from your account, it is not secured by a public key. Once the first transaction is issued, a 256-bit public key for your account is generated.

Once this is done, your account number is secured. In the very rare case that someone enters a passphrase that would generate the same 64-bit account number as an existing account, the software will deny the use of the passphrase and ask you to choose another one. When you issue an outgoing transaction, your 256bit public key (with the first 64 being your visible account number) is transmitted to the network and incorporated into the blockchain.

In order to make thing easier, Lior Yaffe, Nxt and Ardor core developer and member of Jelurida, has shown us a new way to fully secure our Nxt account without having to send an outgoing transaction and without needing to download the blockchain:

The procedure works as follows:
1. Install NXT on an offline computer
2. Start your node and connect to it using the desktop wallet or web wallet (http://localhost:7876)
3. Create an account to generate a new passphrase and store it in a safe place
4. Login using your newly created passphrase
5. From the dashboard locate your public key displayed below the “Dashboard” header or click the “More Info” link on the “Account Balance” tile and on the resulting “Account Details” modal locate the “Public Key” field and copy the 64 characters value
7. Provide your newly created NXT address and your 64 characters public key to an account owner who already poses NXT and has a fully synchronized blockchain, some exchanges also support this process
8. The online account owner should now click on the “Send NXT” button in his wallet (or the Ardor equivalent) and specify your account address in the Recipient field. The dialog will display in response the “Recipient Public Key” field below. Enter the 64 chars public key into this field. Complete the rest of the data and submit the transaction.
9. Once the incoming transaction is confirmed, your account is funded and secured by a 256 public key

Source and more information: https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/initialize-a-new-nxtardor-account-without-issuing-an-outgoing-transaction/msg231660/?topicseen#msg231660



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  • Crypto Awards – Nxt Nominated

The Nxt cryptoplatform has been nominated to the Crypto Awards (TCA), which intends to reward ideas and efforts of the best crypto projects in the world, based on the project’s originality, tech, functionality, usability, and ideas. These awards give a great deal of visibility to cryptocurrency projects, with experienced judges that are fair and have solid reputations in the world of crypto.

Being nominated on TCA comes with great potential benefits for participants. They receive scores and feedback from an international judging panel of experts, which even if they don’t win, could help fine-tune some projects so they can improve and become stronger.

Winners will be rewarded with official certificates and big mentions on the platform and social media channels to thousands of traders.

Annual winners of the project of the year are awarded and shipped their very own shiny coin trophy!

The Crypto world does expands rapidly, and almost daily new coins and projects launch, so it takes a lot of time for investors and traders to get a good overview of what’s happened on the market, TCA will help highlight the very best projects making it easier for them to determine risks.

Source and more information: http://www.crypto-awards.com/nominees/nxt

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  • Bitcointalk.org – Nxt Official Thread Updated

The official Nxt thread on Bitcointalk has been updated. The new design is cleaner, elegant and simple, thus bringing visibility to the most important links while providing a general and structured vision of the platform and some of its most significant details.

Despite the fact that the members of the Nxt community have many possibilities to discuss and share information about the platform, Bitcointalk’s popularity in the cryptoworld is huge because it was one of the pioneer forums in this field. Because of this, the importance of taking care of all details  so that new people put their eyes on this platform are correctly informed is important.


Get involved with Nxt today and join a growing crypto community!
Nxt is about decentralization. Create your own concepts and businesses on top of the Nxt blockchain without the need for permissions.
The future is Nxt

Source: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=587007.0

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  • Nxt’s Alias System – Plugin for Web Browsers

Nxt’s Alias System is one of the biggest features included in Nxt’s core. In simple terms, the alias feature allows one piece of text to be substituted for another, so that keywords or key phrases can be used to represent other things – names, telephone numbers, physical addresses, websites, account numbers, email addresses, product SKU codes, and almost anything else you can think of. Aliases can be registered right on the Nxt client itself. You can search existing Aliases and acquire unused ones. Aliases can be mapped to an account, a URI or other data, and can be bought, sold, and transferred to other users. You can also change the function of an Alias once you have registered it.

The possibilities are almost endless! When you update the NRS, the client checks the downloaded file against an alias with the sha256 string. For each new release, the core developers update the alias with the new sha256 string. By the way, did you know what was the only transaction included in the block 1,000,000? Yes, it was an alias named ImReady, which was registered in that block.

One of the multiple applications that the Alias feature allows is the implementation of a decentralized DNS system, an objective that is easily achievable by means of these free plugins for your Chrome and Opera web browsers (Firefox version will be available as soon as the changes in the Firefox API are implemented) offered by Peername. With aliases, users can be pointed to the site they want to visit in a decentralized manner. If a website is hacked or taken down, the alias can be set to redirect users to the right place anyway, no matter what the new URL would be.

NXT alias redirection works via the “omnibox” feature. Once installed, you just need to type “nxt (space or tab) alias_name” in the address bar. For example “nxt (space) nxt” will redirect you to nxtforum.com. Some other Aliases already registered that you can use to try out this plugin are:

nxt > https://nxtforum.org
nxter > https://www.nxter.org
a101 > https://www.nxter.org/nxt-tutorials
assethub > https://www.nxter.org/assethub
nxternews > https://www.nxter.org/newsletters
snapshot1 > https://www.nxter.org/snapshot-nxt-unsurpassable-blockchain-solutions

Do you know other good alias shortcuts? Then please leave them in the comment section below and fill us in!

Source and more information: https://www.nxter.org/nxt-core-alias-system



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  • Adel – Articles and Reviews

Adel’s ICO has already begun, as we announced in our previous newsletters. Shortly after the start of the ICO of this blockchain incubator that will make use of many features provided by Nxt, there have been a few people who have shared their opinions and reviews about Adel.

Coradan is one of them. He is a member of the Nxt community who is in charge of a blog in Spanish where he presents many uses cases that make use of the Nxt platform. He has recently published his tenth edition in this series titled: Adel – Casos de Uso con Blockchain. The articles includes a brief introduction to Adel and focuses on key concepts and aspects of this ecosystem, its projects, and the ICO process going on. The author mentions the potential of such a great idea and reminds us that Adel incubator will be built on Nxt, and will move to Ardor when necessary.

TheWireMaster, also a member of the Nxt community, has published on The Wiring a small review of Adel as well. Together with a general overview about the operation of this blokchain incubator, TheWireMaster also offered his personal opinion about the most exciting details:

Ideas are not only coming from the Innovators. Ideas are also provided by the Adel R&D team… Adel is not exclusively working on blockchain projects… The project is proactive when it comes to compliance to regulations. Participants to the ICO will have to comply to the AML (Anti-Money Laundering), CTF (Counter-Terrorism Financing) and KYC (Know Your Customer)…

Adel, in my opinion, is potentially the foundation of entrepreneurship and future work models as  conventional employment is heavily changing due to digital transformation….

For his part, Paul H. Madore published a detailed article at Hacked.com which analyzes the Adel platform as well. The text discusses in detail this initiative, starting with some basic concepts, then going over all the whitepapers and documents that they have made publicly available for investors, the first tentative projects, the team members, a comparison with some other incubators or centralized options, ICO details, etc.

The author also discusses some other questions about this ICO that, in his opinion, should be improved or explained better to the investor. Finally, to summarize all this vast article, Paul brings us his personal verdict with good and not such good points about this new blockchain incubator based on Nxt.

Source: http://www.ejemplosnxt.com/ej-10-adel-casos-de-uso-con-blockchain



The Adel ICO is now live

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  • Cointelegraph – Blockchain Mainstream Adoption

This article published at Cointelegraph, titled Major Challenges to Blockchain Mainstream Adoption: Industry View, compiles many opinions from different experts about the current situation and the future challenges that blockchain technology faces in order to become mainstream.

Travin Keith, Marketing Director and Blockchain Consultant of the Nxt Foundation, was one of the experts asked by CCGroup for this article on CoinTelegraph. Travin explains why, in his view, massive adoption hasn’t come yet:

Misunderstandings of the true technical abilities of Blockchain technology, coupled with the lack of general awareness about Blockchain technology, currently forms some of the most significant barriers to mainstream adoption. Many people still don’t really understand what Blockchain is, or what it can do. Though they may have heard about Bitcoin, and even use it, they might not necessarily understand how it works, much less what else the technology is capable of doing. It’s not surprising though, as people use currencies regularly throughout their lives but are largely not exposed to backend systems, which Blockchain essentially is, though quite a revolutionary one.

However, even if more people are aware of Blockchain and its capabilities, the resistance to changing existing systems due to the costs to utilize this new technology is another one of the significant barriers to mainstream adoption. It’s even harder for larger corporations which are less agile and thus have higher costs when making such changes. The benefits of adopting Blockchain technology will thus have to greatly outweigh the costs of this shift in order to justify going through such difficulties.

Source and more opinions: https://cointelegraph.com/news/major-challenges-to-blockchain-mainstream-adoption-industry-view

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  • Koles Coin News – Meet Travin Keith

Travin Keith, Marketing Director and Blockchain Consultant of the Nxt Foundation, is the subject of this brief biography built by Koles Coin News. In this video, an overview of some of the task developed by Travin in many different projects, such as  Nxt, Ardor, the Hiperledger Project, Adel, and many more are given.

Source and more information: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWN9FtDP3d-jfJu83pGARxw

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  • Weekly NXT/ARDR Price Evolution

The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex over this past week:

The following graphic shows the ARDR / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex over this past week:

Nxt News – December 2016 (II): Building on Ardor

Newsletter-topDecember 2016 (II)


Here are some of the latest news about Nxt over this past week in December.


Below, are more details about these news pieces:


  • Janus – Changes its ICO format

As we announced in our previous newsletter, Janus has decided to stop selling the token for its ICO in the it was being carried out. Investors who have already sent their money to the ESCROW account are being paid back. The ICO, however, has only had its strategy changed and now runs exclusively on the Nxt AE. Investors can choose to reinvest in the company by means of the new ICO format that the company has chosen:

bjorn_blockchain states:

Thank you to everyone who has supported our team and the Janus project. We have come to a decision that it’s best for all parties to end the token sale as it stands in it’s current form. We have added an option in your accounts to save a BTC or NXT address on the site that will be used to send refunds back to you.

However, this doesn’t mean that the project has been called off. Janus‘ team just decided to use Nxt’s Asset Exchange as the only method allowed for investors to take part in their crowdfunding campaign.

Those who wish to stay with our team and business goals can still share in our future to some degree.

We’ll be actively in development of the sites described in our white paper, and as such will release Janus tokens on the NXT Asset Exchange in intervals.

  • We will release 10,500,000 Janus (JNS) every 4 months. 31,500,000 yearly
  • Price currently is set to 1.5 NXT per 1 Janus token. You can purchase tokens right now in your NXT wallets on the asset exchange.
  • Price per Janus each distribution will be change every 4 months no matter what the current price it’s trading at, it will be posted 50-100% higher.

Since the start of this first round of funding, the sales of the token show that it has been well-received by the community. The asset is called Janus with Asset ID: 4348103880042995903 and has been issued by the Nxt account NXT-QG74-VNQK-7FQ3-4KFBA.

Preliminary notice

But that’s not all.

We will add Nxt to Betterbets.io and each month calculate the 90% of the NXT earned (some months won’t always be profit, remember its a casino – people will win sometimes). I’m going to try and keep the dividends sent around the same time [each month].

To give you a quick backstory, right now our current investors (on the BTC end) receive monthly income from our casino on the 1st of each month. We will probably follow a similar process for Janus Nxt. This way you won’t have to think or ask – you’ll always know, ok the Janus team will be sending dividends on the 2nd day of each month.

bjorn_bb continues:

Once this officially launches on January 15th we’ll turn focus towards some marketing for the site until second week in February. Then Lobos and Luis and I will focus on prepping beta testing for the Social fintech site  and gain some user input. And cross your fingers we get a nice mainstream launch right around the time Ardor hits.

Source and more information: https://nxtforum.org/the-janus-projecthttps://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1677509.0;all, Janus’ channel on Nxtchat on Slack.

ALSO READ: Janus – Under the Knife, review.


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  • Adel – Creating Opportunities for Blockchain Innovation

This week, there was an announcement on the forum about the future launching of Adel, a new cryptocurrency community that will benefit from the technology of Nxt, to create, develop, and implement use cases involving blockchain technology that covers a wide-range of digital and physical industries. Adel intends to utilize the innovations of the blockchain to build and coordinate profitable business, thus creating opportunities for investment, innovation, and employment.

The first in its series of whitepapers have already been published where details are offered about the the future operation model of Adel – Whitepaper Link.

On the 1st of March, 2017, the first round of funding will take place in order to distribute the Adel token, Adelphoi, among the participants with an ICO. The Adelphoi token will be launched on Nxt’s Asset Exchange and it will act as the fuel for proper operation of Adel.

Gabriel Dusil, Co-founder and board member of Adel, states:

Adel’s vision is to create a decentralized, self-regulated and self-sustaining macroeconomic ecosystem for blockchain innovation with a mission to be a global leader in community-based funding. Adel’s value is in the core principles of its ecosystem. This ecosystem promotes the use of blockchain technology, creating innovative solutions for various industries. By leveraging the expertise of the Board, R&D team, and its community members, Adel establishes a supportive and collaborative environment for state-of-the-art projects.

Source and more information: https://www.adelphoi.io




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  • Alias System – New Infographic About Ardor

Travin Keith, of the Nxt Foundation, together with Savandra, have presented a new infographic that showcases a feature of the Ardor platform. This time, the feature chosen was the Alias System, which we can see below.

We’d like to remind you that the first infographic about Ardor in this series was devoted to the Coin Shuffle feature. Likewise, some Nxt’s infographics have also been published, such as: coin/asset shuffle, alias system and decentralized voting.


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  • NXTBridge – Add-on to the Plugin

Scor2k, developer of the NXTBridge plugin, which allows users to integrate Nxt in WordPress, has published a small update about this plugin at Nxtforum.

Small addon to NXTBridge plugin, which allow you to check unsigned transaction and sign it locally without internet connections. This addon we gonna use with NXTBridge when we complete the next stable version with the addition of a new NXT Wallet function.

Simple way to check this addon for its honesty is to run it on a dedicated browser with incorrect proxy settings (like with opened developer tools (F12) on Network tab.

Repository: https://bitbucket.org/scor2k/nxtbridge-offline
Direct link: https://bitbucket.org/scor2k/nxtbridge-offline/downloads/index.min.html

TheNxtBridge plugin is developed in collaboration with Nxter.org.

Push it forward by donating to the developer-> NXT-FRNZ-PDJF-2CQT-DQ4WQ

Source and more information: https://nxtforum.org/nxt-projects/(nxtbridge)-wordpress-plugin-for-nxt-users/msg228155/#msg228155, also see: Nxt news – December 2016 (I)


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  • Forbes – Nxt, ARDR & Adel

Roger Aitken published an article in Forbes.com which goes over the future launch of Adel, the blockchain startup incubator that will use Nxt to develop, support, and fund innovative start-ups. The article explains that the Adel ecosystem is made of stakeholders, registered community members, staff from across the world, a Project Review Committee, and the Adel Board, all together aiming to help projects achieve success.

The text also explains that Adel chose Nxt because of its proven track record as it provides a number of features that benefit the community-based ecosystem that Adel represents. Once Ardor is launched, (expected in the 3rd quarter of 2017) Adel will use its extended features as well.

Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/rogeraitken/2016/12/06/adel-fintech-incubator-unveils-crowdfund-using-nxts-blockchain/#7d2a89453883

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  • Weekly NXT/ARDR Price Evolution

The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex for this past week:

The following graphic shows the ARDR / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex for this past week:

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Nxt news – November 2016 (III): I am not young enough to know everything

Newsletter-topNovember 2016 (III)


Here, we bring you some of the latest news about Nxt over this past week in November



Below, we give you more details about these news:


  • NXT Folks – The Next Step

re-issues an article previously published in 2014, a time when the author was very excited about the potential of blockchain technology and the social implications that this technology would bring with it. The article details the several issues that the Bitcoin was going to face if it was going to be used massively as a coin. The text also goes over the great features that Nxt has which solves some of the previously exposed problems which are inherent to other PoW and PoS coins.

It’s amazing to see how, after two years have passed, many of the initial objectives that Bitcoin and other blockchains were hunting at that time have been abandoned or changed towards other ones – a clear signal that this technology is still very much in its early stage and has a long way ahead.


Source: https://nxtfolks.com/2016/11/15/the-nxt-step-written-in-july-2014/

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  • Entrepreneur Podcast Network – Investing in Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology

This article explains how the cryptocoins markets are attracting attention of different kinds of speculators, some of whom are without an adequate background, who come to these markets distracted by siren calls by many testimonials who assert having won big amounts of money in short periods of time.

However, the text recalls the risks of operating in such volatile markets, where big oscillations in the price of coins usually take place. These markets aren’t backed by any government, nor are covered by government insurance programs. Besides this, in many of these coins, especially the ones with smaller market caps, tokens are staked by a small group of speculators who are able to move the price up and down at their will, usually in order to improve their profits.

The author also details some of the amazing features that Nxt, a blockchain 2.0 platform, has, that when Ardor is launched, will be available to businesses when issuing their own child chains. This way, unlike most crypto coins out there, it will become a full-featured platform and not just another coin as Nxt technology could be used for a wide variety of real life applications in business.


Source: http://epodcastnetwork.com/investing-in-bitcoin-and-blockchain-technology//

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  • EUREM 2016 – First Blokchain Hackaton in Moldova

Lee Gibson Grant of the Drachmae project, together with the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova will hold a Blockchain Hackathon on the 24th of November, 2016, within the congress EUREM 2016. This Hackathon that will take place in Moldova will use the tools and features provided by the Nxt blokchain. Topics for the Hackathon are based on four categories to be presented to judges and technology demonstration: Digital Identity, E-Governance, Financial inclusion and Economic stimulation.

The Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova, is organizing on November 24 – 25, 2016, the International Jean Monnet EUREM 2016 Conference “Modern issues of EU’s development and relations between EU and Republic of Moldova”.

in order to assess how technologies can help Moldova to better integrate into European and global networks, within the EUREM 2016 Conference the following events are organized by Drachmae Project to present introductory workshops for blockchain technology to EUREM Attendees.

hackatonSetting up such a big event requires a lot of time and involving many parties and people. That’s the reason why Lee has made the following call to the members of the Nxt Community who are able and willing to help:drachmae

Source and more information: https://nxtchat.slack.com/archives/general/p1479319871012219

Techannouncer.com – Successful trends and prospects of the Moldovan economy adjusted to EU norms and introduction of Blockchain Technology



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  • NXT on the Exchanges – How to integrate it

All the information and steps required in order to integrate NXT in exchanges has been recently added into the Nxt Wiki. This document will only become a final document just after a thorough review has taken place.

This new entry intends to make it as easy as possible for exchanges so that users can buy and sell NXT/ARDR on their platforms.


Source: https://nxtwiki.org/wiki/Exchange_Integration

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  • Nxt 2.0 Child chains – Not a Sharding Scheme

Last week, we mentioned that Riker, a Nxt core developer, considered Nxt, ETH, Bitcoin, etc. as examples of blockchains that can’t grow indefinitely. When Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum core developer, was asked about it by one of his followers, he stated on Reddit:

“The NXT 2.0 design last time I reviewed it still requires all nodes to either process all transactions or store all data, so it’s not a full sharding scheme.”

However, the Nxt 2.0 roadmap (a document which, obviously, Vitalik hasn’t had time to read), states that this is not about setting up a sharding scheme, but pruning unneeded data once a certain time has passed.

Riker said at Nxtforum:

In NXT 2.0 all nodes still process all transactions but only store the last 24 hours of each child chain.
However, we should have the ability to separate each child chain into it’s own subnet of nodes, so that only the Ardor chain transactions are validated by all nodes.
Recall that each child chain block becomes ChildChainBlock transaction on the Ardor chain so the potential savings is in the ratio of 1:100 or more.

I tried to learn about Ethereum sharding but only found 20 minutes of mostly hand waving presentation by Vitalik https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QIt3mKLIYU from which I learn that the blockchain will be separated into “shards” and then magically using a lot of “Merkle contracts” and “Merkle proofs” and “Async contracts” it would somehow allow transactions between these shards, if anyone understands this better I’ll be happy to learn more and compare this to our clearly explained NXT 2.0 roadmap.

I also found a semi-deserted github repository https://github.com/ethereum/EIPs/issues/53 in which Vitalik further explains his vision. This seems to be more of a vision then a real design document.

And it doesn’t look that Ethereum made serious progress on this since the concept was introduced last year.
Did anyone see a clearly defined Ethereum 2.0 roadmap?


Source and more information: Nxt news – November 2016 (II): Don’t be a magician – be magic!


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  • Tipper Service –  Version 0.1

Nxtswe went over the latest novelties for tipper, the tipping monkey on Nxtchat on Slack:

  • Blockchain backup. Tip bot can now automatically back up each user’s account information in encrypted form on the Nxt data cloud by setting the config key blockchainBackup to true. This will require 1 NXT per created account. In return all you ever need to store is the masterkey, and you will be able to restore all data in the event of a hard disk failure.
    This is currently being used on Nxtchat and the data can be seen in the NXT client under data cloud and tag “tipbotdata”.
  • Moniker support for assets & MS currencies. For example, by giving the ARDR asset monikers “Ardor” and “NXT2.0” you can use those names for tipping as well as ARDR.
  • List command. Lists all assets and MS currencies currently supported by the tip bot, as well as their monikers and a link to Nxtportal for further information.
  • Tip & withdraw using Nxt id. Added ability to tip & withdraw assets / MS currencies using their respective Nxt id in addition to their name and monikers.
  • Balance command lists all assets/currencies. Balance command now also show unsupported assets / ms currencies. That means if your Nxt account owns an asset that is not supported by the tip bot, it was previously not shown. Now it will show up, with a warning saying it is an unsupported asset.
  • Withdraw unsupported assets & currencies. Withdraw command can now be used to withdraw unsupported assets / ms currencies. However only by using their respective NXT id. For example:
    “withdraw NXT-4TTB-QL93-SS6H-BW3GX 5 12071612744977229797”
  • Bugfix. I have been hunting down a bug which caused the bot to crash on *nix systems for many weeks now and I believe I have found it and fixed it. The problem is however intermittent and does not happen in my development environment, so only time will tell if I really nailed it this time. crossing fingers

I still consider this beta software, so please only use small amounts when depositing.
In the event of funds getting lost due to a bug I will personally repay you, but only if it is reasonable small amounts.
Max 1000 NXT per account.
Thank you!


Source and more information: https://nxtforum.org/nxt-projects/nxttipbot-for-slack/msg227540/#msg227540


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  • Janus Token – Questions and Answers

The Janus team has been mentioned in an article at BTCmanager.com. In this interview Robert Gasch, Janu’s Director of Technology, gives new details about this project. Robert also takes advantage of the situation to thank the Nxt Foundation for the assistance given in order to properly launch this business on the Nxt platform.

Janus has also published a Q&A with questions about the project from the Nxt Community:

We have been collecting questions from the Janus community on Slack, Twitter, Google+, and a number of forums to bring some information together in a single location. If you are curious about the Janus project please look over this document

Those of you who want to participate in the ICO have to register at janustoken.com. That webpage details all the information about this new asset and the terms and conditions for the ICO.

Riker, Nxt core developer, congratulated the Janus team for its website:

Hi guys, just registered in your web site. Very sleek design and everything works as it should, including 2FA. Well done.

janusIn the near future, we intend to interview some of Janus members at Nxter.org and ask them some key questions about the project.

Source and more information: https://janustoken.com




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  • Snapshot – Collector’s Edition

The publisher Plaisir d’histoire has just received in its warehouse 200 copies of the collector’s edition of Snapshot, the first book about Nxt. sy1owo

115 books were funded during the crowdfunding campaing that took place a few months ago. The 85 books left will be sold on Nxt’s Marketplace. There’s also an unlimited digital edition that can be bought in different platforms. Each of the books are given a unique serial number by hand.

And naturally, the book number one is earmarked for BCNext, the creator of the platform.


More information: https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/snapshot-the-birthday-present-for-nxt/?all


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  • Ardor Guide – Reaches 500 Followers

Our collegues at Ardor Guide just broke 500 followers on Twitter in record time. Not bad at all for this page dedicated to a platform ,Ardor, which isn’t expected to be launched until the second half of 2017.

Source: https://twitter.com/ArdorGuide

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  • Weekly NXT/ARDR Price Evolution

The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex for this past week:

nxt_btc_20_nov_2016The following graphic shows the ARDR / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex for this past week:

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Jelurida Q&A – Nxt core devs mean business

On October 07, 2016, Damelon announced the incorporation of Jelurida BV, a new startup software development company consisting of Nxt core developers Jean-Luc, Riker and Nxt Foundation member, Damelon.

Jelurida BV, as holder of the intellectual property rights for the Nxt software and the Ardor platform, aims to create a sustainable and thriving business around the Nxt ecosystem by providing software licenses, maintenance, and services to a new breed of blockchain-based applications.

The ninja announcement of a “Nxt company”, and the fact that the lead developers of Nxt and Ardor were going to monetise their services and IP naturally sparked discussions in the Nxtchat Slack channel. Damelon posted a few answers, but asked the Nxt community to save their further questions for a Q&A session with the core developers, which was to be kicked off Sunday.

martis [2:09 PM]

so Nxt became a company?

Damelon answered (before the Q&A):

damelon [2:10 PM]
No, the devs are in a company now (including me, who is also on it). I am managing director. It’s a Holding with two separate BVs contained in it. There is a BV that holds the IP and a BV that is “active” and signs.

The main purpose is to ensure that the code is protected, and secondly licensing to generate a cash flow. The direct benefit is continuity and more possibilities to actually partner with companies. That benefits the community and holders. Even if licenses are sold for private chains, this means the devs are funded which means they can continue to work on the code without having to hold down other jobs. It also allows us to grow the developer pool with quality people which also benefits the code and users.

The way we want to create value for holders is by ensuring we deliver value in the form of the software and in attracting customers and users to the platform. It’s another step in professionalizing and it’s also a big step towards making sure Nxt and Ardor will be sustained into the future. The Nxt code is and still will be under GPL, so public chain use is not affected.

Also, this is about the IP mostly. The devs do not want to let the copyright out of their hands. Handing it over to the Foundation would leave them at the mercy of other people. Having it consolidated in their own company allows them to keep control in situations where it’s needed, like when licensing is involved.

The Q&A

The Q&A session took place in nxtchat.slack on October 09, 2016, 20:00-21:46.

This is a summary of the event. All questions about expected ups and downs in price and “how to use Ardor” have been removed from the summary. For a general FAQ about Ardor, the Ardor token ARDR, and Ignis distribution you can visit the FAQ thread on Reddit.

Now let’s get to it.

riker [8:05 PM]
Ready for Q&A guys ?

legs11 [8:06 PM]

damelon [8:06 PM]
@channel The devs are here, so please shoot your questions.


development is on track, but it takes time. schedule is unchanged for now. nothing has changed really in the project direction, or our plan for ardor.

We feel good about the project direction and we do enjoy our work.

it is a challenge to keep the code simple. the code is based on Nxt, intentionally so that to minimize bugs, but I have started some refactoring which makes further merges from the 1.0 codebase harder.


Jelurida plans to make money from licensing, support, and consulting

Any chance of us buy into this company at this early stage ?

it is a private company, the general public can’t buy into it

Who owns how much percent of the company?

This information is confidential.

Can you describe what a paying customer would get?

License to change the NXT core code for their purpose. License to use a private blockchain. Maintenance, support and consulting.

Many organizations will never use a public blockchain because of regulatory issue or confidentiality. We would like to get into the private blockchain niche

Doesn’t ComeFromBeyond, for example, have anything to say about this?

CfB has written code under the MIT license only. The developers who have contributed code under the GPL have transferred their copyright to Jelurida.

as we speak, banks and financial companies are cloning Nxt and using it privately.
By getting them to pay for it, we plan to make future Nxt development self sustainable

Which IP rights are Jelurida going to “protect”?

People are currently copying NXT left and right, even if they want to pay for NXT they didn’t have whom to pay. If they don’t pay, we can now go after them. That what it means to protect our rights.

In the absence of a single legal entity which owns the copyright, it is hard to enforce the GPL, we have seen examples of it being violated by companies who know there is no one to sue them

conversely, if a company does want a commercial license, and is willing to pay for it, it is hard to do legally without a single legal entity that has the copyright, as the case was until now.

Jelurida for investors

So you wanna get into private blockchain niche. Can you tell us why this is good for investors in the tokens ARDR, NXT and IGNIS?

We can use the funds we receive from private chains to promote the development of the public chain which will in turn provide marketing and public relation for NXT/Ardor and bring us more private chain business. We hope to obtain such eco-system which provide win-win situation both for the public token investors and private blockchain customers

it doesnt seem fair for the token holders honestly, lets say you are now investing 60% of DEV in private chains and earn decent revenue, how are devs still motivated to work on NXT/ardor + it will only slow down progress

I think we have to realize that the current model of using community funds/donations to promote NXT does not work. This new model has much better chance.

Again we hope to generate positive feedback in which private blockchain profits are used to promote the public blockchain which in turn supports the private blockchain

Current system is not sustainable, dev need to earn money.

But i’m afraid the incentive to work on the public chain will be too low. Imagine you are successful and you have a lot of contracts to build private blockchains. Since you get paid for it you have to focus all your ressources on those contracts. What happen to the public blockchain in that time? it will be put aside. Basically there is a conflict of interest between successful public blockchain and successful private business. What do you think?

We won’t be able to sell private blockchains unless we have a successful public chain. We all realize this. NXT promoted Jelurida and Jelurida will promote NXT. The challenge is to create a win/win situation and we need your support for this.

I think better public relations would go a long way to bringing in customers as well as new devs. Is any more activity in this department planned for the near-term?

Yes, not sure we can share concrete plans at the moment. We’ll start with a website and all the marketing materials expected from a startup company

Will you inform the community about new deals etc?

As a private company we probably won’t share everything publicly. We may issue press releases on signed deals etc

If I am a company in need of a private chain. Why use NXT/Ardor/etc… over a different crypto?

(1) POS is much better suited for private chain then POW
(2) You can develop in Java and not in some weird scripting lang (i.e. ETH)

Why not Lisk then if Java and POS?

We have 2 years advantage and we have a more experienced dev team

I would rather deal with real people with real names. Just sayin’

Jelurida has public directors listed in the Dutch trade registry. The identity of the actual developers has no significance the same way you don’t know who are Java developers but you trust Oracle to support Java.

Don’t you know Bas? Didn’t you watch my latest presentation?

Will the private blockchains be made with nxt now and later with ardor blockchain or always nxt?

For now private chains will be based on NXT of course. We will probably transition to Ardor when it’s stable enough

depends on demand, but Nxt 1.0 is tried and tested technology, and Ardor is an overkill to use as a private chain for a single company. Most of the Jelurida private blockchain customers would not need the complexity of Ardor, with its multiple child chains.

Hiring devs

Now that you have settled down a company, are you thinking about recruiting more developers in the near future?

yes, but it is a chicken and egg problem… hard to recruit developers until we have at least few paying customers

if we get serious demand for private chains, we would also get licensing fees and income that allows us to hire more developers

How is Jelurida going to encourage new devs to join the development team when they know for sure that their work won’t be credited? Just for the money Jelurida will pay them? Will all the new devs be writing code for Jelurida and not for the Nxt community from now on?

Jelurida intends to either pay salaries or give shares to compensate developers (perhaps both). Some of the code may be developed as closed source code and some will be shared with the community.

In the future there will millions of blockchains some public some private we want as many as possible to be based on NXT.

new developers after short training would be dedicated to support and feature development for private chains first, so that the more experienced core devs can focus on Ardor

Jelurida and the Nxt community

how is Jelurida going to support the community if it is a private company?

I can see the Promotion effect of public chains for private chains.. but i dont see it for the other direction. Why should Ardor get more value if a Company will use the tech behind it? That makes no sense to me.

I hope that Jelurida and the NXT foundation will share the profits

How do you encourage the community to continue to work as a volunteer knowing that their developers and the leader of the foundation may be working for private solutions?

Would you like the devs to work for free or almost for free forever? Jelurida will work together with the community to advance NXT/Ardor and make it into a sustainable business

What is the role of the community in this new situation? Can happen that People now leave that were good contributors. How to prevent it.

Jelurida will open up doors for NXT activists to get real paying jobs in dev, consulting, support, training

Would you like the rest of the Nxt community to work for free or almost for free forever AND FROM NOW ON to make bigger a private company like Jelurida? :point_left: It could be seen this way

If Jelurida is successful there will plenty of funds to pay everyone.

Final words

Will we see in 6 months from today another big surprise (like Jelurida’s) which is currently being cooked behind the scenes?

hopefully sooner

@riker when is the nxt mobile app release planned?

It’s ready for initial testing but we want to get Jelurida and the Ardor token distribution first

riker [9:43 PM]
Enough for today ?

farl4bit [9:46 PM]
@riker @jean-luc Thanks very much! I am looking forward to more of these sessions.

And that’s it, folks.

You can sign up for the weekly newsletter here.


For more Nxt & Ardor news, see: http://nxter.org/newsletters 

Launch of NXTinfo.org

Launch of NXTinfo

We are happy to announce the official launch of NXTinfo.org version 1.

NXTinfo provides a number of crucial services for NXT Asset Exchange traders and investors, including an average price calculator, a performance calculator and an asset evaluator. The latter two services  are linked to our ‘historic Nxt dividend database’ which should certainly help to guarantee added value for users of our ecosystem.

To attract newcomers to the site, we will also be hosting a NXT faucet.

Who are we?

Dee22: a member of the Nxt community since July 2015 and responsible for the server infrastructure and the (further) development of the website.

KarlKarlsson: a long-time member of the Nxt community, is in charge of the business management and PR.

More about our tools

We aim to provide you with the toolkit you need to become an asset expert. Our first version includes the following, already mentioned, services:

Average Price Calculator: Compute the average price at which you have traded an asset. This feature is needed when a position has been accumulated or sold over successive trading periods and has therefore been traded at different prices.

Performance Calculator: Calculate the exact return you made with a certain asset. What makes our calculator unique is the fact that it includes dividend payments in the computation. We are aiming to include as many dividend-paying assets and their respective payouts into our database as possible.

Asset Evaluator: Compare different assets with each other based on multiple parameters. Be it the dividend periodicity, the dividend return or the trading volume. At the time of launch, this feature is in its most basic form and will be further developed based on community feedback and our own vision.

Nxt Faucet: The Nxt community is missing a faucet, which is why we have included one in NXTinfo. Get yourself some NXT (4 NXT per payout) and use it to get started with Nxt or to simply pay your Nxt transactions. Note that currently each e-mail address is only eligible for one payout.

Plans for the next version

We already have plans for the next release of NXTinfo with new tools, for instance a Nxt portfolio tracker with which you can follow your assets and their respective performance, again including dividend payments.

In the meantime however we will be working to further develop the current tools and their usability based on feedback from the community.


We are always happy to receive donations, not only as appreciation for our work, but to also make NXTinfo a better service. If you wish to donate, there are two possibilities:

  • Support our Nxt faucet (NXT-7YPL-9SRG-7BYX-GHBV9) by donating directly to it!
  • Help us to finance our server/hosting expenditures or just as an appreciation for our work by donating to NXTinfo (NXT-3FV3-LS6S-WFTF-H6S2Y)

Advertise on NXTinfo

NXTinfo’s main source of income will be from advertisement. We provide a platform which is aimed in particular at crypto enthusiasts, fintech entrepreneurs and crowdfunding activists. If you want to target this audience, feel free to contact us for a non-binding offer.


We are both supporters of an active and open feedback culture. Therefore, we ask you to leave your site review in our NXTforum thread (https://nxtforum.org/nxtinfo-org/) or send us a personal message.


Do you have any questions about the website or its tools? Do you have something else in mind which you would like to share with us? Do not hesitate to get in touch through any of the following channels:

SuperNET CORE coins

As the name UNITY suggests, SuperNET is not a coin but a cooperation between selected coins. If you’ve been following the SuperNET Newsletters, you will know that all SuperNET CORE coins have been chosen with great care. No copycats, no simple clones of Bitcoin, no scamcoins pumped by a huge marketing budget: only truly innovative, useful coins with active developers. Here they are in a flash…

Latest addition: Syscoin



Nxt is currently the frontrunning 2.0 cryptocurrency platform, meaning that it enables far more than simple cryptocurrency transactions. Nxt offers a wide variety of powerful blockchain-based features, both in the core and as 3rd party services. Nxt is where James, the inventor and lead developer of SuperNET, started his journey into the crypto world.

Nxt core functionality includes Arbitrary Messaging (uploading encrypted data to the blockchain); a decentralised Marketplace (think eBay for digital goods, without the fees and servers); the Asset Exchange (based upon what Bitcoiners refer to as ‘coloured coins’, with the ability to issue assets representing for example shares in a company, paying dividends to asset holders, etc); a decentralized DNS-system; crowdfunding – in fact a whole new Monetary System, for issuing new customizable decentralized currencies on top of the secured Nxt blockchain – and soon a p2p voting system and multisig transactions (allowing, for example, math-based escrows and Nxt / asset / Monetary System-coin holders to vote on whether to veto or recognize a transaction), and more.

Nxt is a platform, meaning it was designed to be built upon. James was one of the first people to see this, and his brainchild SuperNET has emerged from (and combines) many projects started on top of the Nxt blockchain. It was natural for him to base SuperNET on Nxt, and so the 1.0 coins in SuperNET all gain their 2.0 features from Nxt.



BitcoinDark (BTCD) started as a side project for James as programmer. As time went on, it developed into a whole new technology. Rather than being a simple coin, BTCD is now a whole anonymity ecosystem. ‘Teleport’ functionality makes it extremely difficult to trace transactions on the blockchain, and ‘Telepathy’ makes it nearly impossible to track them off the blockchain.

BTCD provides SuperNET with the anonymity required for secure private transactions. If Nxt is the 2.0 engine that gives users all the functionality they need, BTCD is the highway that connects all the different services available. It’s also the first coin to pay dividends to its holders. 5% of SuperNET revenue will go to stakers.



Will provide secure decentralized cloud storage for SuperNET users.

Current VeriCoin features include VeriBit – paying for anything with VeriCoin anywhere that Bitcoin is accepted; VeriSend – optional coin mixing for privacy; VeriSMS – a service that allows VeriCoin to be sent to/from nearly any cell phone in the world using SMS (text messaging). There will also be a special SuperNET feature – stay tuned for more information!

OPAL coin


OPAL has a number of features that fit with SuperNET’s goals. It implements Peter Todd’s stealth addresses so that users receive funds through the use of a public address; funds transferred to this address are not visible on the blockchain as they are sent to an alternative hidden address.

Opal drive enables decentralised storage of encrypted files, built on top of Storj‘s API. The project is under development and has received the help of Shawn, one of Storj’s core developers.

OPAL has also integrated colored coins and has encrypted messaging.




BITS is a core ‘component’ of superNET.

Its purpose within SuperNET is to make available a network of ATM units to enable buying and selling of SuperNET currencies – as well as other cryptocurrency-related services than can be offered to ATM users.

VPN coin


The Chinese-developed VPN coin is closely connected to BitNET.

VPN coin will be the native currency of this network. BitNET is a cross-currency network that includes VPN capability, support for voice and video chat, file transfer, p2p domain and website creation, tipping and more.



UPDATE, 09.03.2015:
Fibrecoin has joined the SuperNET core: Read about it here

FibreOS is an anonymous optimized and hardened Ubuntu operating system. The OS and Fibre Wallet data files can be stored on SD or USB, and leaves no trace on the host PC when unplugged.

FibreConnect is FIBRE’s encrypted messaging system. FibreLock is a security feature that fights keyloggers by removing the keyboard from the password entry process. FibreDark Wallet allows you to automatically connect to the Internet using the TOR Network, which will make your IP address and location hidden. FibreDark does not rely on TOR exit nodes, but has hard coded onion addresses that point to new FibreDark nodes. ZeroTrust is a trustless decentralized mixing technology, which makes your transactions 100% anonymous (according to the FIBRE Team).





SuperNET is financially attached to BBR. The Boolberry tech is not implemented into the core yet.

Boolberry is a cryptocurrency based on CryptoNote technology. It uses ring signatures to provide anonymity for its users.

Ring signatures are effective because any one of a number of accounts could have signed a transaction, raising doubts about where the funds originated. Boolberry (BBR) avoids the blockchain bloat problems of other CryptoNote-based coins with an innovative form of blockchain pruning, reducing the blockchain by some 55%.

Although BTCD’s Teleport offers strong anonymity for SuperNET, this will be complemented by BBR; Boolberry transactions will provide on- and off-ramps for funds to move from the regular blockchain into BTCD’s anonymous ‘hyperspace’.



SuperNET is financially attached to CHA, but the lead developer has gone. jl777 has a big bounty for anyone who can continue the project. James writes:

If we get a java dev, it can be taken over. I can offer 1% of chancecoin to the new dev that is taking over. chanc3r said the tech was good.

Chancecoin was developed for the purpose of betting on dice rolls and other games in a decentralized casino. Casino gaming has a great userbase and decentralized gaming may soon become a core market for crypto.

Randomness is provided by published NY Lottery Quick Draw numbers, and owners of the coin are automatically invested in the house bankroll. Chancecoin’s protocol is built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain; the coins were created by burning Bitcoins during an initial proof-of-burn period.

[fusion_vimeo id=”110923742″ width=”” height=”” autoplay=”false” api_params=”” hide_on_mobile=”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility” class=””][/fusion_vimeo]

Coins outside the SuperNET CORE

As stated on http://www.supernet.org/en/home-of-the-supernet/what-s-supernet:

Only coins that bring one or more unique features to the network will be added to the core, though any other cryptocurrency can benefit from these features on a third-party basis. (For example, Litecoin would not be eligible for addition to SuperNET. However, it would still have access to Teleport, InstantDEX and other services).

In other words, any 1.0 crypto coin can enhance their wallet with SuperNET.

This will give them access to trading on SuperNET’s distributed exchange, all of its fully decentralized services and features, from the coins described in this article, other SuperNET CORE features as well as more 3rd party features developed for SuperNET.

The growing documentation of SuperNET API calls can be found here: http://wiki.supernet.org/wiki/API

Coinimal launched

Coinimal has launched with SOFORT, EPS, SEPA and OBT as Euro payment options. At the time of the launch Coinimal accepts Euro, Bitcoin, Litecoin and NXT. Visit Coinimal.com.

If you buy with SOFORT, EPS or OBT, your coins are sent immediately after you have finished making your payment. SEPA payments usually take one business day to process, your coins are sent to you as soon as the funds have arrived in Coinimal’s bank account. If you use SEPA, the exchange rate will be set at the time of your order not when the Euro payment arrives in Coinimal’s bank account.

If you are selling coins, you only need to provide the bank account details where you want to receive the SEPA transfer. When you have finalized your order, you will be presented with a cryptocoin address, to which you must send your coins within 10 minutes. As soon as Coinimal receives the coins, you will be notified via email and they will send the SEPA transfer.

Coinimal & SuperNET

Coinimal will be featured as the EUR-gateway in the SuperNET client under the following agreement:

* All orders submitted through the SuperNET are eligible for this deal.
* The profit from eligible orders will be distributed in the following way:

51% SuperNET
49% Coinimal GmbH

* The Profit Share can be distributed freely but SuperNET is not allowed to issue an asset that includes the name “Coinimal” in the asset title.

* The Profit Share will be paid monthly.
* The Payment will be made in Bitcoin.

Coinimal GmbH is located in Vienna, Austria. CEO and co-founder of Coinimal is TwinWinnerd, a known trader, trusted escrow and cryptoholic on bitcointalk.org, Nxtforum.org and SuperNET Slack.

Read his announcement and interact with Coinimal on Nxtforum: https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/(ann)-www-coinimal-com-buysell-nxt-btcco-extremely-fast-and-easy!-on-supernet!/

NXT Market Report: 10 November 2014

Welcome to this week’s market report. It was again a rather unspectacular week – NXT tried a few times to overtake DOGE but didn’t make it in the end. During the last week NXT’s market capitalization increased by 5.1% whereas Bitcoin’s gained by 10.5%. The average daily volume was about USD 40’000. Happily the number of different NXT trading pairs with a volume above USD 1’000 is back up to 7 again.

Largely as a result of the market making bot of coinomat becoming operational, the NXT Multigateway trading volume has increased significantly, which is warmly welcomed. We are now looking forward to the production servers going into operation and the Multigateway running smoothly. That should be the case within the next few days! It is time to move from centralization to decentralization!

NXT Asset Exchange has reached 50’000 trades

The NXT Asset Exchange has reached 50k trades in the last days – amazing! Once again the NXT AE shows its competitors that it is the number one! The key comparators are:

Of the 33 assets currently listed on coinmarketcap.com: 24 are traded on NXT AE, 4 on Counterparty’s AE, 3 on BitShares’ AE and 2 on MasterXchange. That’s what I call dominance.

Average daily trading volume: on the NXT AE it’s about USD 20’000, on Counterparty’s AE it’s below USD 1’000, on BitShares’ AE it’s approximately USD 5’000 and on the MasterXchange around USD 6’000.

Total capitalizations of the listed assets: USD 13’225’000 for NXT, USD 2’248’000 for Counterparty, USD 1’020’000 for BitShares and USD 11’790’000 for MasterXchange.

I think it is legitimate to say that the NXT Asset Exchange is very clearly the market leader!

What’s going on in the NXT Asset Exchange?

Coinomat: We’re not going to talk about the gain in price since the launch of the coinomat asset, except to say that it has been astronomic. Instead, today we’ll just have a quick  look at its dividends and what the future looks like for coinomat. Over the last few days the trading volume has started to increase strongly, which is warmly welcomed by all investors. With the launch of SuperNET these figures should further increase since coinomat will be an important part of SuperNET. The downside is that only 1.5% of the profits are distributed among the asset holders.


This market report is for general information and news purposes only. It does not take into account the reader’s personal circumstances, objectives or attitude towards risk. It is not (and is not intended to be) any form of advice, recommendation, representation, or endorsement by the author or the web site owner and should not be relied upon when making (or refraining from making) any investment decision.

NXT Market Report: 3 November 2014

Welcome to this week’s market report. We’ll start by having a look at last week’s price development: NXT decreased in price by 12.8% whereas Bitcoin declined by 7.1%. The trading volume has been stable on a low level with an average of about USD 40’000 mainly traded on Bter, hitbtc and BTC38, which is a little bit disappointing but not surprising. The week’s peak of USD 95’000 was reached on 31 October.

Nevertheless there is plenty of good news: The upcoming launch of NRS 1.4, which will include the monetary system and probably the voting system as well; the successful launch of Nxtty (which has already had a nice effect on the amount of transactions and the number of newly created accounts) and James writing code without pause in order to get SuperNET up and running as fast as possible. We therefore have some good reasons to stay positive about the development and the price of NXT!

source: coinmarketcap.com

Get published. Get paid – The first period has come to an end

October is over and the the first period’s accounts have been published. We are proud to announce a dividend of 0.024826 NXT per NXTP. The amount available for distribution was affected by the payment back of loans to apenzl of about 9’334 NXT and we therefore expect next month’s dividend to be bigger. If you’d like the opportunity of getting paid for your NXT- related news or views, go ahead and submit your contribution to nxter.org! For more information on how to do so, read our guide.

neoDICE to go into public beta within the next days

neoDICE, the fair betting game similar to the legendary satoshiDice, will be going into public beta within the next few days according to the developer, hash. The project is slightly behind schedule but is widely expected to be a huge success when released:

Mid. October:                         Beta testing starts.

Beginning of November Release of the game on the mainnet, playable via NXT client and SuperNET GUI.

Mid. November                     Release of neoDICE plugin for NXT client and SuperNET GUI.

Mid. December                      Release of the neoDICE website, allowing gameplay without NXT client.

For more information about this project read: NXT Market Report 29 September and NXT Market Report 15 September.

What’s going on in the NXT Asset Exchange?

NEMstake: after the announcement of the NEM Beta client, NEMstake saw a huge rise in price up to 45’000 NXT per stake but has now fallen back to about 38’000 NXT. For a detailed explanation of the redemption process for NEMstake asset owners on the NXT Asset Exchange, read this message on the NEMcoin forum.

In summary:

  1. using the NEM Beta client, create a real NEM address and save the address, the public key and the private key in a secure place – if you lose your private key, you lose your NEM.
  2. Send your NEMstake asset to NXT-97MX-EWKV-CGKX-DA5WH including an unencrypted message containing just the NEM account address which you created in step 1.

You will find another guide to the NEMstake redemption process in the nxtforum as well. Make sure to redeem your stake as soon as possible.

The deadline to redeem your NEMstake asset at the rate of 1 asset for 1,000,000 NEM is the 22 November – the longer you wait after that, the less NEM per NEMstake asset you will receive:

After 22 November, redemption will be possible for a further 3 months. However, during this period the amount of NEM per redeemed NEMstake will be reduced as follows.

  • during the 1st month after 22 November: 1 NEM stake = 750 000 NEM.
  • during the 2nd month after 22 November: 1 NEM stake = 500 000 NEM.
  • during the 3rd month after 22 November: 1 NEM stake = 250 000 NEM.

Once the 3 months are over, any remaining NEMstakes will not longer be redeemable.

Various possibilities as to how the unclaimed NEM would be used (including for example redistribution to NEM holders, sending to genesis, ecosystem development) are currently under discussion here.

I hope you enjoyed a good read – please leave your feedback here!


This market report is for general information and news purposes only. It does not take into account the reader’s personal circumstances, objectives or attitude towards risk. It is not (and is not intended to be) any form of advice, recommendation, representation, or endorsement by the author or the web site owner and should not be relied upon when making (or refraining from making) any investment decision.

SuperNET Newsletter #5

Welcome to another edition of the SuperNET newsletter!


  • Website
  • Beyond Bitcoin
  • SuperNET Cards
  • Chancecoin
  • VRC
  • Marketing
  • SuperNET Radio Network
  • UNITY price
  • BlockNET
  • Development update
  • Kademlia DHT’s role
  • SuperNET related links


Lootz is currently building supernet.org.

Email addresses info@supernet.org and coins@supernet.org are working now. We are moving from thesupernet.org to supernet.org step by step…

Beyond Bitcoin

BTCD and SuperNET will feature on the Beyond Bitcoin podcast this Tuesday/Wednesday!



SuperNET cards

The SuperNET cards (Nxt asset ID: 7110939398145553585) have been ordered!

SuperNET cards will be a way to bridge crypto into fiat. These cards are normal MasterCards and will have a $1,000 per day limit. At the moment these are ‘half anon’ cards: A photo ID card is required for but no banking information.

James comments,

half anon means that there is no requirement to link a bank acct/personal financial number to the card. however to get the bigger limits, the requirement for ID scan and utility bill could not be removed.

I expect a secondary market to form for these halfanon cards once issued. They have no risk to the one that signed up for it as it can be kept empty.

We continue to work toward full anon, but need to find a reliable vendor with acceptable limits and while we have candidates, the process is very slow. also, I think there is a good chance that there will be some independent vendors who can help, but this is all still being developed.

We will keep you informed and let you know when these ‘half anon’ cards are ready to ship.


James’ funding request has been APPROVED.

We hereby welcome CHA as the newest SuperNET CORE coin.

Its features are described in greater detail in the last SuperNET Newsletter and on https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=528023.0. CHA official website: http://chancecoin.com

### whale has negotiated 25000 CHA for 11.25 BTC, there are only 516,530 CHA total from its burn period.

chancecoin is a microcap, but with interesting tech and we plan to integrate CHA betting into the SuperNET GUI


VRC will be implementing the GUI and billing for the decentralised cloud storage enabled by the Telepathy network. The VRC devs will also be providing the ‘public face’ of SuperNET (since James has known to be a little cautious about that sort of thing). VRC’s Patrick, Doug and David are well known as some of the first crypto devs to reveal their identities publicly. In the future there will likely be many interviews, live events and other media where SuperNET will need a real-life representative.

James has also committed to developing new technological features with VRC in a previous deal, arranged before SuperNET was announced. These will offer new functionality to SuperNET when they are implemented, so inclusion at this point makes sense in any case. Read more here.


BTCD is engaging a professional marketing company to help communicate the coin’s unique features and use-cases. SuperNET will inevitably benefit from this since it is one of the major ways in which users will be able to access different services with BTCD.

BTCD will have widespread appeal as a complete platform for secure, anonymous communication and transactions. Just some of the groups that we anticipate will be interested, plus potential applications, include:

  • Bloggers and journalists in ‘closed’ countries
  • Political activists in hostile regimes
  • Whistleblowers
  • Truly anonymous reviews and tip-offs
  • Anonymous donations to Wikileaks and mainstream charities
  • Secure business-to-business communications to prevent industrial espionage
  • Online gambling
  • Libertarians
  • Anyone concerned about intrusive state and corporate surveillance

SuperNET Radio Network (SNRN)

http://supernetradio.com has launched.

This is an initiative by kevondo and lootz. Kevondo writes:

### SNRN will provide each SuperNET coin and entity (Affiliates) with a Website, uniquely “Branded” to them individually. All sites will have radio broadcasting enabled, access to “On Demand” archived SNRN programming, an “Anon Unity Chat” IRC window, and Crowd Funding capability. By reducing the budgetary pressures of building and maintaining an array of promotional tools members can concentrate on creating content and actively promoting. SNRN basically provides all the tools needed to “Get the Word Out” by jump starting the promotion process.  Any other services such as Forums can be implemented upon request.

Affilate productions will be scheduled into the 24/7 stream of  “Flagship” Station supernetradio.com producing, for SuperNet/UNITY, the consistency of around the clock exposue while alleviating affilates from having to produce the volume of content to be effective in promotional ventures.

Particulars, Fee Schedules, Revenue Streams and Dividend Sharing details will be provided on http://supernetradio.net. Direct inquires can be sent to supernetradionetwork@gmail.com.

For the time being, Kevondo will be doing a live broadcast at 10 AM EST Monday to Friday, and past shows, interviews, and music will be streaming 24/7.

UNITY price

The recent bear market in Bitcoin has badly affected the alts, and there have been heavy sell-offs – including NXT and BTCD, as well as many NXT assets. This has opened the door to criticism about the tech, even though the same trend has affected almost all coins. James writes:

As the software gets more and more complete and it becomes clear to even the skeptics that it is just a matter of time before SuperNET is completed and working, the price will more fully reflect the value. Since I am doing something that hasn’t been done before, it is hard to accurately estimate time to completion, especially as I continue to improve things daily.

Remember that anybody can make any sort of crazy claim against me. I don’t have time to spend refuting all the silly FUD. For a while I was supposed to be some sort of pump and dumper, but it is hard to make any claim like that stick when I am not pumping nor am I dumping. I just keep coding and know that it is just a matter of time before the market catches up to what I am building. And now other coders are building on top of what I am building. GUI are being created. Websites and even new assets are being created and managed, etc.

For all the claims that I am dumping SuperNET, I can state affirmatively that I am only buying and have not sold any SuperNET/TOKEN. This reminds me of when I was buying BTCD at .00015 to .001, seems almost like I have an unfair advantage as I know the dev will deliver, while everybody else has some doubts… Considering the bear market everything has been in, including BTC, UNITY price is holding up pretty well.


Many of you will have noticed certain similarities between SuperNET and a new organisation called BlockNET. Whilst the latter is a constantly-evolving undertaking, it seems that there are several key differences. We would encourage you to visit the thread, ask questions and find out more for yourself about the relative approaches, if you are considering investing in one or both ventures. There has been much misunderstanding about both BlockNET and SuperNET and greater clarity will benefit everyone.

A key difference is the business approach. BlockNET is collecting money through their ITO to pay developers for their new software, whereas the SuperNET ICO funds are being held to provide stable value, reflected in the NAV (the value of SuperNET should not fall below the value of the currencies held). James is doing all the coding in return for an equity stake in SuperNET, and is also adding a large number of revenue-generating assets of his own (these total far more than the value of his own shares).

SuperNET ICO funds will also be used to purchase shares in coins and revenue-generating services. SuperNET is also entering into revenue-share agreements, without taking an equity stake in these. BlockNET will make money from the services it offers but the ITO money will not be used to purchase a stake in promising companies. SuperNET will also be returning income to coin communities, to stakers and for further tech development.

The philosophy of SuperNET is to align interests between SuperNET holders, coin communities and devs, and the companies that provide services. The money flow provides shared incentives for success, strengthening all of them and working for their mutual benefit. This business model was a conscious decision taken by James and offers a strong platform for future expansion.

Development update


around 1000 new builds in last month. very busy coding

Development of the peer-to-peer network that will underpin BTCD and SuperNET has moved fast, with some fantastic advances. James writes, ‘I just finished rewriting Teleport using Telepathy and DB and now it’s 800 lines instead of 3,000. Once this is debugged, then all the other apps will come pretty fast as its just application level code without worries about system level, anon leaks, etc… getting close to code complete.’

As a brief overview/reminder:

  • Telepathy is a system of secure peer-to-peer communication
  • It is based on the Kademlia DHT, the same protocol used by BitTorrent
  • Teleport will also use this for anon crypto transactions
  • Telepathy is so secure that no one, including the sender, needs to know the recipient’s IP address. This offers a fundamental advance in privacy.
  • Telepathy uses ‘dead drop’ addresses that belong to no one. Messages are routed to these, and are handled by dozens of different nodes – but delivered to none of them.

There has been some misinformation spread about Teleport recently. To clarify, Teleport offers a completely trustless and decentralised off-blockchain exchange mechanism that is truly anonymous and private.

A white paper for Telepathy is available in draft form and will be published for review in due course.

Kademlia DHT’s role

DHT is the technology that enables Telepathy.

A Distributed Hash Table (DHT) is a kind of super-efficient look-up table that allows any node in the network to find the information it needs to route a packet to another node quickly.

The Kademlia DHT offers a couple of very interesting properties. Aside from being very efficient, it guarantees a packet will reach its destination due to the way it routes them (the ‘XOR’ metric).

Additionally, like other DHTs, the ‘map’ that shows where each node lies in network space is completely abstracted from the physical location of those nodes and their IP addresses. This is a little like the London Underground tube map: The map of stations bears little resemblance to the above-ground geography. It is simply a convenience to allow passengers to work out which line to use quickly and easily. So each node in the P2P network simply forwards a packet to nodes closer to the destination than itself – until the distance is zero, which means the packet has arrived.

In the case of Telepathy, since nodes are trying to deliver a packet to a dead drop address owned by no one, this will never happen. This does not matter though, since so long as the intended recipient gets to handle the packet, they will be able to decrypt and read the contents.

Close to the dead drop address, many other nodes are also being sent the packet – creating great uncertainty about which node it was meant for. An attacker cannot find out the IP address of the intended recipient, let alone read the content of the packet.

Unlike some detractors have claimed, this network is completely decentralised and peer-to-peer – like BitTorrent. IP addresses for nodes are known to others, of course (otherwise any routing would be impossible), but there is no correlation between a destination address and a node’s IP address. Users have a public account and a private one for secure communication – these private accounts are completely unlinked to your IP address.

A new feature will be group ‘mining’ of dead drop addresses which are close to many nodes, to create maximum uncertainty in the eyes of the attacker about who the packet was meant for.

Since these addresses are best found by brute-force calculation, the process is actually very like Proof-of-Work mining. Once a good location has been found, it can be shared amongst many nodes that are close to each other. Rewards may be paid for this useful mining activity. Of course, no node using these shared addresses will be able to read the contents of a packet unless it has been encrypted specifically for them.

SuperNET related links

Supernet Forum

SuperNET news

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SuperNET Newsletters archive

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SuperNET related projects








Prediction Markets


Affiliated websites (revenue sharing or partial ownership)


Author of SuperNET newsletters: NXTER MAGAZINE: http://test.nxter.org

NXT Market Report: 27 October 2014

Welcome to this week’s market report. It won’t be a long one since the last few days have been lacking action, as reflected in the market capitalization and the trading volume (source: coinmarketcap.com). NXT’s market capitalization decreased by 1.5% with an average daily trading volume of about USD 50’000 with a peak at USD 90’000 (24 October). During the same period, Bitcoin lost about 7% in term of market capitalization. The NXT/BTC pair is stable at around 6000 satoshis with a strong buy support at 5980 satoshis. The sell pressure has increased  slightly compared to last week – there are sell orders of approximately 400’000 NXT up to 6600 satoshis. (source: cryptocoincharts.info).

coinmarketcap 27102014source: coinmarketcap.com

What’s going on in the NXT Asset Exchange?

Nxttycoin: Mission accomplished! Nxtty has finally submitted its app to the Google Play Store. The price has already experienced a small rise to 0.14 NXT per asset on a big trading volume (see coinmarketcap.com). Their facebook page has almost 50’000 likes and the promotional work behind the scenes is excellent. An iOS as well as a desktop version of Nxtty will follow in the next few weeks! Remember: The first 100’000 users receive 2’500 Nxttycoins each so tell your friends about it!

DORCS: By buying DORCS asset you invest in the very first cryptocurrency MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) called ‘Lyth’ (formerly known as Lith). Lyth will be an Emergent Trade Game on the Nxt Blockchain:

Lyth gameplay will for the most part be decided by a player driven economy. The game is designed to sustain “emergent” gameplay in which everyone can be caught by surprise at the direction the game will take. Players interact in an immersive sandbox, where they can create their own paths and realities. They can harvest natural resources, use skills to create goods, offer services, and use strengths and powers to influence other players and the world around. Violence and politics are never far behind, but the economy will be the most powerful force, affecting warlords, farmers, and everyone in between.

Game resources will be freely tradeable on an open market, allowing in demand items to find their natural prices, and letting players develop markets as needed. Create trade networks, with all associated risks and chances for arbitrage. Lith will take full advantage of the possibilities that Nxt offers. (source: nxtforum.org).

On 23 October they announced a new sell wall to raise more capital. DORCS is a long-term investment – they haven’t reached the Alpha yet. You can have a look at the latest build of the game here. For further information you can also visit their official homepage www.lythmmo.com.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Market Report – see you next week!


This market report is for general information and news purposes only. It does not take into account the reader’s personal circumstances, objectives or attitude towards risk. It is not (and is not intended to be) any form of advice, recommendation, representation, or endorsement by the author or the web site owner and should not be relied upon when making (or refraining from making) any investment decision.

CCPAYT.com – Instant NXT-to-Bitcoin Exchange

CCPAYT.com, in cooperation with its main sponsors CCEDK ApS and Fun-Casino.com, is launching the first online altcoins-to-BTC payment terminal. NXTERS and other alt coiners can exchange their currencies and top up their accounts with BTC instantly in just a few easy steps!

Ronny Boesing, CEO of the Danish Exchange CCEDK, agreed to be interviewed in order to present what he thinks could be a major success in the crypto industry due to its ease of use and its facilitating the transmission of anonymous transactions to a secure cold wallet.

CCPAYT.com will begin its activities by offering the users of Fun-Casino this week, and the users of CCEDK next week, an easy and quick way to top up their user accounts, and provides a solution to a common problem: how do I quickly convert cryptocurrency into bitcoins?” says entrepreneur Boesing. “It furthermore provides accuracy and ease of use, eliminating the need to visit multiple sites to have your favorite cryptocurrencies changed to bitcoins.”

CCPAYT.com – initially supporting 11 crypto currencies – is designed as an accessible payment terminal to be used by anyone who has previously registered at the Bitcoin casino Fun-Casino – and from next week the Bitcoin exchange CCEDK as well as CCPAYT is intended for any Bitcoin-related exchanges, casinos, game retailers, mobile operators or similar who have an interest in offering their members alternative ways to top up their account with Bitcoins.

A further three Bitcoin merchant sites will be adding CCPAYT.com this week, including newsandscore.com and taxliendealer.com, and many more are expected shortly due to the exciting opportunities offered by such an easy and instant conversion of crypto to Bitcoin at spot prices.

NXT <-> altcoin integration


Boesing will be including in his CCEDK platform the automatic convertibility of the other supported cryptocurrencies into NXT within the next 14 days.

This will enable the platform’s use for the new Melodius project: a decentralised marketplace intended for independent musicians to showcase and sell their work, without the punitive commission fees of the existing music stores.

It will also enable a far greater number of users to use the new neoDICE app, currently approaching beta.

NeoDICE is based on the incredibly popular Bitcoin game SatoshiDice, which fell from favour when it began requiring confirmations – thereby hugely slowing gameplay. Nxt’s developers have found a way to circumvent this problem and are releasing a new version of the legendary game.

How does CCPAYT.com work?

CCPAYT allows instant conversion of 11 of the most commonly used cryptocurrencies to Bitcoin in just a few easy steps:

  1. Choose the currency you wish to exchange.
  2. Enter the amount.
  3. Choose where to send the top-up (which service provider).
  4. The amount is then calculated automatically.
  5. Finally, you enter the e-mail address you registered with the service provider, and press «Continue».

Once you confirm that the amount exchanged is what you expect it to be, you then click to send it off to your internal wallet and user account on either CCEDK, Fun-Casino or any of the other destinations that will be added as other merchants start making use of this new tool.

It can sometimes be a difficult task to figure out the various cryptocurrency conversions, especially when customers need to convert odd amounts to Bitcoin – say 268 PPC to BTC. There are plenty of tools out there to help you make the correct conversion manually, but CCPAYT is one of the first cryptocurrency converters to do the job directly and automatically.

Reasons to use CCPAYT.com:

Congrats NXT payment at CCPAYT

  1. Straightforward.
  2. Instant conversion and transfer.
  3. Anonymous.
  4. Exact conversion on the base of calculations from actual trading information, which CCPAYT gets from Cryptocoincharts and their APIs, which are connected to 63 exchanges and their daily trading volumes, plus bid and ask prices.

Who can use CCPAYT.com?

CCPAYT is an online instant payment exchange platform, and is available to anyone!

  • Merchants who want to offer their customers the ability to convert any of the 11 supported cryptocurrencies to Bitcoin.
  • Users with a registered account at either CCEDK or Fun-Casino (and, in the future, any other merchant that becomes a partner with CCPAYT). It is free to sign up at both CCEDK and Fun-Casino, where you are also able to take part in a referral program offering a stunning 80% of revenue to all affiliate members.

What cryptocurrencies does CCPAYT.com support?

CCPAYT supports the exchange to Bitcoin of 11 cryptocurrencies offered on CCEDK exchange: Litecoin (LTC), Peercoin (PPC, NXT (NXTcoin), Blackcoin (BC), Nubits (NBT), Darkcoin (NRK), Dogecoin (DOGE), Bitmark (BTM), BitsharesX (BTSX), Reddcoin (RDD) and Fimkrypto (FIMK).

Why are CCEDK and Fun-casino initial partners of CCPAYT.com in this venture?

The initial idea of partnering with CCEDK and Fun-casino was to offer this crypto-to-Bitcoin option to users with a potential need for Bitcoins, whether for investment or gaming purposes, buying products on the Internet with Bitcoins, or simply paying bills with BTC wherever that is possible.

CCEDK.com is a global online exchange based in Denmark. CCEDK offers buy and sell options for digital currencies in a secure environment on the base of 2FA. They offer anonymous trading of some 85+ crypto pairs based on NXT, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Peercoin, Nubits, Dogecoin, Bitmark, Blackcoin, Darkcoin, Reddcoin, Fimkrypto and BitsharesX, and 50+ Fiat pairs with validation. Payment options are SEPA, instant payment with SKRILL DIRECT in EUR, SWIFT in USD, EUR a.m., and Payeer deposits and withdrawals in USD, EUR, RUR and UAH.

At CCEDK we consider CCPAYT an incredible opportunity to offer not only instant top-up via some of the 11 most in-demand cryptocurrencies to Bitcoin,” says Boesing, “but also the chance of making use of this incoming amount of cryptocurrencies to create an immediate sell wall on the exchange, thus creating a demand from present as well as future users of CCEDK exchange.”

Fun-casino.com is an online Bitcoin casino offering anonymous playing of poker, roulette and slot machines. The deal is giving them access to an ever-increasing number of people wishing to enjoy the entertainment it offers, whether that means Texas Hold’em poker, European Roulette, Book of Pyramids or any of the many other games available either for fun with play money or for real with Bitcoins. Fun-Casino offers lucrative deposit bonus deals, efficient deposits and withdrawals, and guaranteed security.

A full review is available at http://www.bestbitcoincasino.com/review/fun-casino/

NXT Market Report: 20 October 2014

Welcome to this week’s market report. Although NXT experienced a rather unspectacular week, it nevertheless ended happily: We are back to #5 on coinmarketcap.com! To be honest it didn’t happen because of NXT’s strength but because our competitors have decreased more in price, especially Dogecoin which has been undergoing a small sell off.  NXT’s market capitalization is down but even more disappointing is the low trading volume. The daily average was about USD 40’000 with a peak of USD 90’000 (14 October). Despite this, Bter’s order book (scroll down) leaves a positive impression: There is a buy support of about 900’000 NXT down to 5200 satoshis whereas the selling pressure is comparatively low: 200’000 NXT up to 6400 satoshis.

coinmarketcap 20102014source: coinmarketcap.com

Project NXT Storm – what is it?

At the beginning of October a member of the nxtforum.org had the glorious idea of stress testing the NXT network. The idea quickly captivated many people and, as a result, gave rise to Project NXT Storm. The plan is to test the robustness of the NXT network by using all available features, especially the NXT Asset Exchange. That’s the reason why Project NXT Storm is being mentioned in this market report – it’s an outstanding opportunity to discover the limits of the NXT Asset Exchange – if there are any! A successful outcome will prove that the AE is ready for its next step – the first ever use of the NXT Asset Exchange by a large corporation. The plan is to repeat such a stress test after every major NXT release.

What’s going on in the NXT Asset Exchange?

MMNXT (ID: 979292558519844732): MMNXT is a market making and arbitrage fund for the NXT Asset Exchange issued by coinomat (who are also responsible for coinomat.com). To quote from coinomat’s own description of the asset:

This is an automated trading fund for NXT asset exchange. Its goal is to provide market making for most liquid AE assets. Also we strive to move most of NXT trading to NXT AE Multigateway assets, thus providing additional liquidity for NXT which should assist in keeping its price more stable. Trading will be carried out at NXT Asset Exchange and other exchanges supporting NXT.

Trading is both long and short, that is you buy lower to sell higher and you sell higher to buy back lower. The profit is converted to NXT, also when trading MGW assets profit can also be realized in corresponding crypto, and converted to NXT afterwards.

The fund will pay out 60% of its profit to the holders of the token every Friday. Initially, the bot will only be operating as a market maker for the most liquid assets on the NXT Asset Exchange. In November MMNXT plans to carry out arbitrage trading on Bter, Poloniex and Cryptsy. The first dividend pay out will take place on Friday (24 October).

NXTmovie (ID: 2240155853020376741): NXTmovie intends to write scripts for films in which they aim to educate the lay person about cryptotechnologies:

Loosely based on real life events, the NXT Film Project is an edgy cyber thriller that narrates subversive and often vicious attacks that are conducted using technology. The plot showcases cryptoplatforms and communities, how they are disruptive to established institutions, and how technology can be used with either good or evil intent.

It further aims to educate the lay person about cryptotechnologies, while also shedding light on the criminals who seek to take advantage of them. At the same time, it contextually demonstrates the technology’s efficacy and utility via the power of narrative storytelling.

A nice idea in its own right but the project is also pretty interesting to investors purely from the point of view of its ROI. NXTmovie has issued 1’000’000 NXTmovie assets – 30% were sold in an ICO with an early bird price of 1 NXT, 33% were allocated to the three core members and the remaining 37% will be sold later on the NXT Asset Exchange at a higher price (small batch quantities of 25k NXTmovie assets with a continuously increasing price). Currently, early bird assets are already trading at 1.5 NXT, an increase in price of 50%! To guarantee an early source of revenue the team behind NXTmovie is focusing on  driving as much traffic as possible to generate profit through advertising. The earnings will be distributed evenly across all asset holders.

Furthermore NXTmovie offers blockchain-based businesses the opportunity to be featured directly in the film script, for a fee. These earnings will be distributed among all assets holders as well. Last but not least we shouldn’t underrate the promotional effect for NXT which such a movie could have (assuming of course that the film script gets made into one), especially since it’s one of the main goals of this project.

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NXT Market Report: 13 October 2014

Welcome to this week’s market report. To be honest, there aren’t that many new topics to write about. The last few days have been quite calm and unspectacular following the recent Bitcoin price crash. The market has recovered reasonably well since the last market report and we are now seeing the price up by 15.5% from its low, whereas during the same period NXT has lost another 2.2% in terms of market capitalization: the NXT/BTC price decreasing from 7500 satoshis to 6300. Unfortunately the trading volume hasn’t increased in line with expectations – during the week, daily volume averaged at USD 50’000 with a peak at USD 110’000 (10 October).

coinmarketcap 13102014source: coinmarketcap.com

NXT AE: the biggest decentralized Asset Exchange by far

Since its launch in Mid May, the NXT Asset Exchange has been proving its functionality day by day. 325 different assets are now listed on the exchange, of which several dozen are promising. Possible reasons for the Exchange’s popularity include the potential to earn dividends, the opportunity to acquire assets that increase in value and the ground-breaking nature of the idea itself.

The Nxt Asset Exchange is already by far the biggest one out there in the crypto world and is steadily growing; its average daily trading volume is equivalent to about USD 50’000 (source: mynxt.info). To date, the largest daily traded volume occurred on 6 September, the day the SuperNET ICO started, when an incredible 23.6m NXT worth of assets was traded, equivalent to about USD 560’000 at today’s rates. Neither the MasterXchange nor the Counterparty DEX have comparable figures.

What’s going on in the NXT Asset Exchange?

FunBot: The FunBotV1 trading bot has now been live for 2 weeks and so far has been working well. The dividends are paid exactly on time and the transparency is fine. The issuer has announced the creation of FunBotV2 within the next 6 weeks (see post #185). While FunBotV1 is a full automated trading bot which exploits arbitrage opportunities the FunBotV2 is a thinker using advanced technical analysis and therefore invests more for the long term. FunBotV2 will be tested over the next days and go live in the next 4 weeks.

Altcoinherald: Altcoinherald announced its IPO some time ago (2 September) and has already raised about 530’000 NXT for further development of their crypto news site. The asset is interesting because of the soon-to-be-paid first dividend (1 November), the qualification for which is owning the asset on October 15, 2014.

Based on this, we’re forecasting that our first dividend payment – issued every 2 weeks beginning November 1, 2014 – will roughly be around $555.00 – divided proportionally to all shareholders of record as of October 15, 2014. (source: nxtforum.org, post #69)

Calculated at today’s rates and with 530’000 sold shares that will be 0.04 NXT/share. That’s 4% per month or 48% per year – a so called dividend bonanza!

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This market report is for general information and news purposes only. It does not take into account the reader’s personal circumstances, objectives or attitude towards risk. It is not (and is not intended to be) any form of advice, recommendation, representation, or endorsement by the author or the web site owner and should not be relied upon when making (or refraining from making) any investment decision.