ARDOR Implements Game-Changing Features In New TESTNET RELEASE

Do you remember, back in the day, the first time you got your mind blown? I remember fondly how that happened to me with Nxt. That blockchain bastard repeatedly blew my mind – sometimes several times a week as it implemented feature upon feature at such a frantic pace. As such, I became a part of the embracing high-level community of Nxters and eventually surmounted the steep learning curve. It was totally worth it but afterward, I became hard to impress.

Released today, a brand new Ardor testnet finally made my brain cells feel a tiny bit explosive again, and it feels great! Not just a tiny bit, actually. The client that lands today is blockchain 2.0 evolution at its finest. Let the popular experts, and all the great blockchain visionaries do their talks. Jelurida just wrote it in code. Again. Let others continue to talk about TPS, ignoring scalability and security, we covered it already. And if you don’t know about Nxt, you should read up.

Ardor 2.0.4e

The Nxt and Ardor core dev team at Jelurida presents to you: New asset control features, multiphased smart transactions, a new API for creating regulated tokens on the decentralized Asset Exchange, and a transaction type that allows asset issuers to increase the number of asset shares in existence. All of this is an addition to all the existing core features and API.

This new Ardor testnet release resets the existing testnet and publishes a new Genesis block that tests the transition of data from Nxt to Ardor, based on a snapshot made of Nxt’s mainnet at block 1558000, shortly after the last JLRDA (IGNIS) exchange offer expired.

The testnet Genesis block timestamp has been set to 00:00 (midnight) UTC time
on Monday, Nov 6th, in order to allow time for users to setup nodes check their balances, and start forging.

From the Nxt blockchain has been transferred the following:

  • Accounts (public keys)
  • Account balances
    • IGNIS balances are based on NXT balances, divided by 2, plus JLRDA asset balances. Each of those has been additionally divided by 2, in order to allocate 50% of the testnet coins to developer accounts for testing purposes. There has been a 10% BITSWIFT asset sharedrop distributed proportionately to all IGNIS shareholders.
  • Account info (name and description)
  • Account properties
  • Account control settings for account control by whitelist with no minimum balance.
  • Account aliases transferred to the IGNIS child chain.
  • Janus, JanusXT, and ComJNSXT assets have been imported.
  • Monetary system currencies have been imported to the IGNIS child chain.
    • Only currency code and name. It will be up to each currency issuer to re-issue the currency with the appropriate properties and re-distribute it to users.

Lior Yaffe kindly asks all of us to check our accounts on Ardor and make sure everything has happened correctly:

If you are only interested in checking your balances head to the Jelurida public node , login using your existing NXT Mainnet account id (no need to login using passphrase) and check your ARDR, IGNIS and BitSwift balances. In addition, check your Janus asset balances, aliases, account properties, currencies, account control and all other entities migrated from the NXT Mainnet according to the changelog.

When you check, be aware that your IGNIS and ARDR holdings have been divided by 2 in this testnet release, so 50% of the tokens can be allocated to dev accounts for testing purposes.

Read all details here.

This was to be expected. Massive work, yes, all as promised and fair for a call to shift from one platform to the N(e)XT, Ardor. Pun intended. There are API changes too, and new API, coders please (you must!) check the change-log.

What made my brain cells begin to feel explosive again then?

New features

Yes, the new features. Nxters run. Run out there and share it with the world!

The change-log for Ardor 2.0.4e presents the following new transaction types – add to them all that the Nxt blockchain’s smart transactions and Ardor’s globally scalable, energy efficient child chain platform design can do, and you will see clearly the size of this gamechanger. This is what the release implements:

Asset control

Allows an asset issuer to control her assets. That’s right. As the issuer you decide who can buy and sell them; a small group of selected people, only KYC verified accounts, perhaps. Or you could send non-transferrable assets to a board of holders and give them voting rights over the asset. How about that. Read it again and let it sink in – with this release you, the issuer, will get complete asset control.

No, it’s not the end of a free market. Ignis is free. It is a new opening that allows all new as well as old running businesses to shift their old backend to Ardor and Ignis and receive all the benefits of the blockchain as a business backend, consumer front-end, and even get it cheaply.


  • Have an ICO/crowdfunding on Ignis
    Upload contracts and legal documents to the data cloud, time-stamped, hashed, let the KYC compliant accounts of your business partners or angels digitally sign the agreements, this will be documented on the blockchain as well.
  • Issue your asset tokens
  • Decide which rights you want to give to your asset holders, and to your market.
  • Distribute assets, each with the rights attached that you assigned to them. Watch them be traded.

Selected (or all) asset holders can have voting rights. You can pay dividends in any token on the platform; IGNIS, another child chain coin, an € pegged coin, that can be withdrawn with your VISA/Mastercard or just sit in your bank account. Or in other assets, representing bonus points, tickets, whatever fits your business plan. You could even create games with this. It is here.

We welcome this Java code, the Asset Control feature, as one of the best newest addition to the already existing API.

Composite Phasing

Introduces AND, OR, and NOT to Nxt’s Phased Transactions. This, combined with the new Asset Control feature, adds whitelist control over asset holder accounts, you can choose, for example, which asset holders should have the opportunity to vote or even control an account by vote. Even control the whitelist of new accounts. Do you see the better DAO coming?

It also allows for example combining the existing by hash or by transaction approval models with by whitelist, by balance, etc, approvals, which enables doing atomic coupling of transactions (including cross-blockchain) even for multisignature accounts, or with assets subject to Asset Control.

I couldn’t say it better.

The NOT operator allows for dead-man-switch type conditions, where a transaction is executed only if some condition (e.g. revealing a secret) is NOT satisfied.


Asset share increase

With this new smart transaction type, asset issuers can increase the number of assets in existence. Print new money?!!

The new shares are allocated to the asset issuer account, but can then be distributed to shareholders using a separate dividend payment transaction. This allows corporate actions such as capital increases or stock splits to be performed.

Be careful, like we all learned in Economics 101, increasing the supply of money will decrease the value. Take care not to dilute your asset into nothingness.

By-Property phasing

First, if you don’t know Nxt’s feature “Account Properties”, I should fill you in: Account Properties is a Nxt feature that adds the ability to permanently ‘tag’ any account on the blockchain with a small amount of data, like meta-information. Tags can also be deleted by the tagger.

Let’s see what By-Property phasing is:


The new by-property approval model allows the transaction execution to be made conditional on the sender account or the recipient account having a specific account property set. If this property is set, the transaction will be executed immediately, else, a second check whether the property is set is performed at the finish height defined. This allows, for example, enforcing KYC by asset issuers, who can define in their Asset Control settings that only KYC-verified accounts, labelled with a predefined account property by a trusted authority (or the asset issuer itself), to perform transactions with their assets.

So with this feature, the blockchain market is regulated.

With this, you can, for example, in the near future, issue an asset on any Ardor child chain, trade it on any child chain, but enforce/be enforced to only let KYC approved accounts trade it on the market. Or choose by country. Or any group. With Ignis, asset issuers and traders can choose whether or not to trade on the regulated market, but we all know: Regulation will be. The new By-Property phasing API makes it not just possible but also easy and cost-effective to develop as a user-friendly service, and yeah, remember, the main purpose for Nxt 2.0, Ardor, was actually to make it globally scalable.

Where does this leave us? Accounts can be tagged by 3rd party KYC service providers or, even better, by governments, may they ever choose to set official ID on accounts and begin using the benefits of the blockchain. Don’t get me started. Secure us, our medical records, money, ID – let us be secured by cryptography. Jelurida’s code does it for them. Give us voting rounds that cannot be interfered with as the result is public, and votes have already been counted by code, see the graph. It’s on blockchain, but energy efficient, secured by nodes all over the world, and while we’re at it – possible. And see, Ardor has, as another first, a solution to the blockchain bloat problem running in production. The first and most tested globally scalable PoS Platform. It’s here, get started.

Sure I am excited. I’m a Nxter. Aren’t you?

Come on, try it!

For newcomers, it may seem weird that scammers and developers collect millions and millions of dollars worth of ETH or BTC in ICO’s, selling their whitepaper only, describing smart contracts they want to invent, code, test, execute, and need us to trust, when old Nxt Cryptocurrency 2.0 already has the functionality that most of them seek. It’s weird that what most of all of these devs and their investors are trying to achieve already exists on Nxt, that now gets further ahead with the scalable and even more beneficent and featureful public Ardor Platform. Yes, it IS weird, that Nxt has been under the radar and ignored by, for example, the larger Bitcoin-paid media for so many years.

The Nxt core devs, Jelurida, has split Nxt into IGNIS, the transactional token of Ignis, the first and unrestricted full featured child chain on Ardor; the mother blockchain that forges all Ignis’ transactions and will give birth to a lot more and take care of all her children (child chains), as well as make sure they keep communicating with each other. This is Ardor. With Nxt being a blockchain 2.0 platform, should Ardor be called blockchain 3.0? Nxt 4.0? Who cares. If you’re just a little familiar with Bitcoin, blockchains and smart transactions, you will realize that you want to test this release.

For those who want to setup an Ardor full node, install the software as usual and start forging, the first block will be generated tonight at 00:00 (midnight) UTC time on Monday, Nov 6th (about 14 hours from now)

If you are installing on top of a previous Ardor release delete first the nxt_test_db folder from C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Ardor on Windows, ~/.ardor on Mac and the Ardor installation folder on Linux. If you don’t do that you’ll be left on a fork.

Follow the development closely and take part in the community. Even without the awesome potential that awaits us with this momentous release, it’s always mindblowing development.




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You receive ARDR directly in your Nxt account, from where it will be converted to real Ardor tokens when the Ardor blockchain is launched.


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Ardor; "The fundamental concept of the Nxt 2.0 design is a clean separation of „forging token“ and „transactional token“. This new flexible architecture allows users to create their own blockchains, customised to fit their needs, while drawing security from the collective eco- system of the global Nxt 2.0 platform".

~ Jean-Luc, Nxt and Ardor lead developer


Contact ARDR

ARDR is an asset representing the Ardor forging token.
Ardor is a decentralized blockchain 2.0 technology platform, it has no leader.


The Ardor core is being developed by a team of devs.
This team owns the IP rights to the software and is incorporated in the company Jelurida.

If you are looking for professional consultation, a private blockchain or custom features, you would contact Jelurida.

Adel ICO will begin on May 1 – and be legally compliant

Since the public announcement of Adel on December 06, 2o16, the team behind has been working hard informing people about the project, getting mentions in the media, publishing whitepapers, and even shared their first two Project Proposals by the R&D team.

The Adelphoi token ICO was planned to be kicked off on March 1st, but today, in a press release, Adel’s press contact John McLeod broke the news that the Adel R&D Team has chosen to postpone it for 2 months to get time to first establish a proper legal structure for Adel.

This means that Adel may very well become the first legally compliant ICO. Distributed ledger technology is a new and dynamic sector that is evolving quickly. By establishing a limited liability company in the Isle of Man, along with AML/CTF compliance, Adel makes sure that the Adel community can maintain a secure and long-term viable incubator for blockchain technology innovation. Adel Ecosystem Ltd. will be able to protect both members and address future regulatory requirements as they are introduced.

To me, as potential investor, this is good news, worth a 2 months delay.
Others may disagree and can air their counter opinions in the comments field.

But, we all know it. If cryptocurrency technologies and blockchain ICO’s are to ever gain mainstream adoption, there’s no other way but to leave the grey zone behind, legally register, and comply with all regulatory and legal requirements including KYC/AML policies. I wish Adel good luck with that – many eyes will undoubtedly be on them.

I’m also sure that some hardcore anons and privacy advocates will refrain from investing in Adel due to this, and will stick to other more anonymous investment opportunities on the blockchain. For a project like Adel, this is the only right thing to do. Their mission and visions are simply too big to be accomplished in any other way.

Gabriel Dusil, Co-founder and board member of Adel:

Adel’s vision is to create a decentralized, self-regulated and self-sustaining macroeconomic ecosystem for blockchain innovation with a mission to be a global leader in community-based funding. Adel’s value is in the core principles of its ecosystem. This ecosystem promotes the use of blockchain technology, creating innovative solutions for various industries. By leveraging the expertise of the Board, R&D team, and its community members, Adel establishes a supportive and collaborative environment for state-of-the-art projects.

Travin Keith, member of Nxt Foundation, and Marketing Manager of Adel:

Adel is trying to solve the lack of a platform for blockchain projects that doesn’t just help with launching the project with funds, but also provides support and guidance throughout the whole life of a project. Adel also aims to actively engage its community members in the projects and can also connect the projects with VCs for further funding if necessary.

The Adelphoi token will be initially launched on Nxt’s Asset Exchange and it will act as the fuel for proper operation of Adel. Adel will work with other blockchain solutions as well if they are needed for the projects.

Adel Press Announcement

Adel establishes LLC in the Isle of Man

  • Adel establishes a transparent legal structure
  • One of the first ICOs to comply with Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing legislation (AML/CTF)
  • Preparation of the new legal structure will delay the ICO to 1st May

Adel, a community-powered startup incubator focusing on blockchain technology, ( has decided to create a separate limited liability company called Adel Ecosystem Ltd. in the Isle of Man in order to establish a clear legal structure for Adel Services and the Adel community. The decision was made to set up a clear legal and tax regime in connection with crowdfunding that will fuel blockchain innovation.

The new legal entity will be registered as a designated business with the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority. As such, the entity will follow AML/CTF rules stemming from the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Code 2015. Part of its compliance will include the implementation of customer due diligence, also known as the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. Therefore, participants in crowdfunding will have their contributions protected from any fraudulent activities by anonymous investors.

Gabriel Dusil, Co-Founder and Board member at Adel: We are very excited to be the first ICO to comply with Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing regulations. As distributed ledger technology becomes more accepted by mainstream investors, we hope the legal structure and protection offered by Adel will act as a template for future ICOs. It is our top priority to protect the contributions of our members, protect our staff, and establish a strong brand.

Gabriel further adds: These are positive steps towards maintaining a long-term and stable incubator for blockchain technology, and for legitimizing our ecosystem. Our stance on regulatory compliance will also open our ICO to a much wider audience of interested contributors.

Media Contact:

John McLeod
Founder, JEA Associates Ltd
Tel: +44 7886920436

▲ Adel is a global cryptocurrency community that is self-regulated, self-sustained, and offers its own economic ecosystem as a community-powered startup incubator via the Adelphoi token. Our community focuses on creating, developing, and implementing use cases involving blockchain technology that covers a wide range of digital and physical industries.

▲ Creating Opportunities for Blockchain Innovation.

Janus ICO cancelled!

Today, the Janus Team cancelled their ICO.
All Bitcoins raised will be returned to the investors.

The Janus token Nxt AE ID is 4348103880042995903.
The tokens will be put for sale on the Nxt AE, for immediate purchase and trading. Read on.


Bjorn_bb writes:

Thank you to everyone who has supported our team and the Janus project. We have come to a decision that it’s best for all parties to end the token sale as it stands in it’s current form. We have added an option in your accounts to save a BTC or NXT address on the site that will be used to send refunds back to you. The Nxt Foundation will then receive information about the amount you deposited, and the wallet address you supply to send your investment back. You’ll have up to 45 days to make the request, but we ask that you make it a priority so we can get this finished in short time. Visit and log into your account to add your refund addresses.

Those who wish to stay with our team and business goals can still share in our future to some degree.

We’ll be actively in development of the sites described in our white paper, and as such will release Janus tokens on the NXT Asset Exchange in intervals.

— We will release 10,500,000 Janus (JNS) every 4 months. 31,500,000 yearly —

— Price currently is set to 1.5 NXT per 1 Janus token. You can purchase tokens right now in your NXT wallets on the asset exchange —

Price per Janus each distribution will be changed every 4 months no matter what the current price it’s trading at, it will be posted 50-100% higher.

— Asset details listed here (be sure it’s the correct token):

Name: Janus
Asset Id: 4348103880042995903
Issuer: NXT-QG74-VNQK-7FQ3-4KFBA

One of the suggestions from the community was to allow for a staggered investment cycle in order to show business progress and launch over time. This way will allow those who did not purchase Janus initially, to still have a chance to take part in our mainstream global business success. Instead of dividends, our team will use site revenue to perform unscheduled buybacks to reduce supply and help appreciate token value. (People unfamiliar with our business in the blockchain industry, please research )

We’ll keep all Janus users aware of progress and announcements via this thread, slack, and social media where applicable. Our team is much better at creating great sites and businesses than selling out ICO’s so this is the best way to show it through action and development.

Yours in business,

The Janus team

**We’ll be gradually adding buy support over time to prepare for proper valuation when Janus is announced on more exchanges.**

[crowdfunding] The First Book About Nxt

The first book about Nxt

Crowdfunding campaign: 5th December 2015 to 5th January 2016

We need your support

What is this book ?

Initially published as a pdf, it will be the first multi-lingual, tangible symbol of the real-life, global, transformative potential of Nxt.

More specifically, co-published by Nxter Magazine and Plaisir d’histoire (Ludom), it will be the printed (paper) version of the free pdf-book that was published to celebrate Nxt’s second birthday. It contains articles written in English, Russian, French, Spanish and Chinese.



by apenzl …………………………………………………………………………………. 4

Что делает Nxt криптоплатформой второго поколения?
(English: What makes Nxt crypto platform 2nd generation?)
by abctc …………………………………………………………………………………. 11

The original spirit
by Bas ‘Damelon’ Wisselink ………………………………………………………….. 17

Nxt son histoire et son potentiel
(English: Nxt – its history and potential)
by Lionel ‘Ludom’ Jeannerat …………………………………………………………. 28

Three unappreciated Nxt services
by Cassius ………………………………………………………………………………. 52

Nxt financiación colectiva
(English: Nxt Crowdfunding)
by Rubén BC ……………………………………………………………………………. 58

Nxt Foundation:
How to market a decentralised, open source organisation
by Dave ‘EvilDave’ Pearce ……………………………………………………………. 73

The Value of 10 NXTs
by ChuckOne …………………………………………………………………………… 80

by Cassius and apenzl ………………………………………………………………… 87

(English: China is awake)
by NxtChina ……………………………………………………………………………. 97

The regulatory process:
if you‘re not at the table, you‘re on the menu
by Robert Bold, Kushti, Jean-Luc and Riker …………………………………….. 105


In summary, our goals are:

  • Produce a high quality, limited edition of the English language version of the book in printed (paper) form.
  • Translate the book into each of the other 4 languages depending on demand and to make them available initially as pdfs.
  • Produce paper versions of the book in each of the other 4 languages either as ‘Print-on-Demand’ or in high quality, again depending on demand.

See below for further details.

Why we need your support

This project needs support from the community: morally and financially.

Morally: we need your support to help sustain our motivation. If our project doesn’t have the community’s support, we have no reason to continue working on it.

Financially: we need your support so that we can create high quality publications of the book in paper form, starting with the English Language version.

Each copy sold during the campaign will be numbered and signed by Ludom on behalf of Nxter Magazine and Plaisir d’histoire.

Over time, as Nxt becomes established as a financial ecosystem, it is anticipated that the book will become an increasingly valuable collector’s item.

Our projected costs are:

  • Printing cost: 200 books
    (150mm x 220 mm, 136 + 4 pages,
    Interior B/W 90gr Premium,
    Couverture Quadri 235gr Integra Antalis,
    Spine Sewn and glued).
  • Shipping cost, taxes and custom fees (30% of the book’s price).
  • Miscellaneous costs: ISBN and Swiss National Library registration of the books, shipping of the books for the contributors (writers, editors and translators).

Plaisir d’histoire will pay the FIAT bills but wants to be reimbursed in crypto-currencies, assets and MScoins.

Nxter Magazine and Plaisir d’histoire need 200’000 NXT or its equivalent in value in other crytocurrencies, assets or MScoins to produce and deliver a high quality paper version of the book in English.

How you can support us


Buying e-book and paper books

Once a week during the campaign, the prices, which are determined in USD, will be converted into crypto value and published on the Nxtforum.

Worldwide delivery will be available.

Tokens to buy e-books are:

ebookeng: E-book in English

Asset ID 18310681715601320988

ebookfre:  E-book in French

Asset ID 762274092038885351

ebookrus: E-book in Russian

Asset ID 18284118483914201034

ebookspa: E-book in Spanish

Asset ID 2728308106613828176

ebookchi: E-book in Chinese

Asset ID 10707307993124388284

The price of the e-book is 2$ (Price in NXT and other tokens on Nxtforum).

Tokens to buy paper-books are:

Pbookeng: 1 paper book in English

Asset ID 7676447843512066742

Price: 20$ (Price in NXT and other tokens on Nxtforum).

TENGB (MScoin tradable, controllable): 3 paper books in English (16% discount)

Price: 50$ (Price in NXT and other tokens on Nxtforum).

XENGB (MScoin tradable, controllable): 10 paper books in English (25% discount)

Price: 150$(Price in NXT and other tokens on Nxtforum).

LENGB (MScoin tradable, controllable): 50 paper books in English (50% discount)

Price: 500$ (Price in NXT and other tokens on Nxtforum).

How to buy with NXT

Buy the tokens that you want on the asset exchange or on the MScoin exchange. Verify the ID of the assets.

How to buy with a listed asset

Send the required amount of the asset (look at the price list on Nxtforum)) to NXT-DE5P-4A5T-6SHU-7FHCV with a message that explains what you buy.

How to buy with other assets or MScoins

We can accept other crypto-value. For more details, send a message to or an arbitrary message to NXT-DE5P-4A5T-6SHU-7FHCV.

How do you send the books

When the e-books are ready, we will send an encrypted message to the asset holders with instructions how to download the e-books.

When the books have been printed, a confirmatory message to that effect will be sent to the assets/MScoin holders. As soon as each holder sends us back the token with their physical address, Plaisir d’histoire will send the book(s) to their address.

Where any part of the campaign fails to meets its objectives, we will buy back the tokens concerned.

Free donations and account leasing

Feel free to make donation to the account NXT-DE5P-4A5T-6SHU-7FHCV. We accept everything:

NXT, assets, MScoins, alias, nice messages and anything-else you like.

During the crowdfunding campaign, the account will be forging all the time, the forging revenues will be part of the funding. You can lease your account to support the project.

Special rewards

Alias system

On Nxtforum, we’ll organise an auction to sell a special alias: SurpriseAlias. The winner of the auction will buy the alias on the Nxt platform.

This alias will be printed in large font on the first pages under the words: “Discover the link of SupriseAlias”.

Early bird discount grunge rubber stamp on white background, vector illustration


15 x Early English Bird (17$):

The English language version of the book will be sold with a 15% discount. Each Nxt account will be limited to one book at this discount.

You will also receive 1 asset Pbookeng.

If you want more than one book at a discount, please buy the TENGB, XENGB or LENGB MScoins.

4 x Little advertiser (200$):

You receive a XENGB (10 books) + a half page of the book for your advertisement.

2 x Big advertiser (600$):

You receive a LENGB (50 books) + a full page of the book for your advertisement.

10 x E-book life subscription (40$)

You receive the asset NxterSub (1637207859198711678). This asset gives the right to receive for free every e-book published by Nxter Magazine for EVER.


Additionally, to show our support for this promising Nxt project, we will be selling 15 Early birds and 10 E-book life subscriptions on FreeMarket.

I want to help in some other way

Contact Ludom of Plaisir d’histoire: or NXT-DE5P-4A5T-6SHU-7FHCV

What are the goals

The main goal: English paper book

We want to publish a really good quality book in English. We don’t want to use the print-on-demand solution because the print quality is bad and the profits are tiny.

To print 200 books, we need 200’000 NXT of crypto-value. All the NXT, assets and the MScoins are in the “First Nxt book” account NXT-DE5P-4A5T-6SHU-7FHCV.

The campaign will end on the 5th January 2015.

Updates of the estimated value of the ‘First Nxt book’ portfolio will be published regularly on Nxtforum.

Secondary goals: other language versions of the book

Since there would certainly be less demand for editions of the book in other languages, we are putting forward the following proposals:

20 e-books: translation into any of the other 4 languages: Russian, French, Spanish and Chinese.

If 20 assets of an e-book in one of the above languages are sold, we will begin translating it into that language. You can buy as many assets as you want to support your own language version of the book.

50 e-books: paper book published as Print-on-demand

If 50 assets of an e-book in a particular language are sold, we will launch the corresponding asset PbookXXX and the MScoins (x3, x10 and x50). You will then be able to buy the paper book in this language.

Subject as provided below, the quality of the book will be ‘Print-on-Demand’.

30 paper books + 150k NXT: paper book ‘best quality’

After the main goal of 200k NXT has been reached, for every additional 150k NXT, we will publish the book in a new language in the same quality as the English language version.

To qualify for high quality publication, a minimum of 30 copies of the particular language version of the book must have been purchased. Where two or more language versions of the book qualify, the best seller will be the one chosen.


Who am I?

My name is Lionel Jeannerat (‘Ludom’ on Nxtforum). I’m a Swiss. I work freelance in History and game design and carry on a publishing business under the name Plaisir d’histoire. I am responsible for managing this campaign and the logistical aspects of publishing the book.  My website is:

I’m working with the core team of, the Nxter Magazine. They are responsible for editing and translating the book. Their website is:

We are all well-known and, we like to think, trusted in the Nxt community.

What will we do if the goals are not reached?

First, we’ll all be very disappointed!

Second, I’ll rebuy every asset that can’t be exchanged with the promised product.

The articles are already available to read, so why should you support us?

Yes, it’s true. You can already read the articles for free, at least in their original languages:

But our ambition extends beyond this campaign.

Our future projects

Nxter Magazine and Plaisir d’histoire want to build new projects on the Nxt platform. This campaign is the first of the projects we are planning based on the Nxt platform.

The Nxt marketing

An excellent, beautifully produced book about Nxt is a great tool for Nxt marketing. A PDF or a cheap Print-on-demand Book is a poor substitute for that. And, if we have books in other languages, we can of course reach more people.

We want to print more books than are sold during the campaign. Having a good stock available in each language will enable us to market it, and therefore Nxt, more effectively.

To that end we want to increase the book’s distribution via online and physicals books shops.

A new example of the use of Nxt platform

As you can see, we will be using every feature of Nxt in our crowdfunding campaign. Nxt needs its crowdfunding platform to be used in as many different ways as possible in order for its flexibility and effectiveness to be fully demonstrated. The success of our campaign will provide a further demonstration of the power of Nxt.

If the campaign is as big a success as you envisage, what will you do with the extra funding?

We won’t make any profit until the book is published in each language: English, French, Chinese, Russian and Spanish. And we need 200k + 150k + 150k + 150k + 150k NXT = 800k NXT for that.

If we funded more than that, it would mean that we would have sold more and the shipping cost would therefore be bigger too. Firstly, I would pay the extra cost with the extra funds.

After that, the surplus (i.e. the profit) would be shared between the contributors (1/3), (1/3) and Plaisir d’histoire (1/3). This revenue would be used to reward the writers, editors and translators, and to prefund our future projects on the Nxt platform.

What will we do with the funding?

Plaisir d’histoire will pay every FIAT bill of the project. If the costs don’t exceed what is planned, there is no reason to sell any of the fund.

Plaisir d’histoire pays in FIAT and receive the equivalence NXT and/or assets, that’s it.

If there is good liquidity to sell them, I’ll do it during and after the campaign. But we don’t want to crash the price of any token. If people want to buy some of our assets, they can propose their price.  This would be another good way to help us meet our objectives and therefore help Nxt. Contact me at

BTCOR Group Investment

BTCOR  – Utilizing the NXT Monetary System and Asset Exchange to generate dividends on stored wealth and support SuperNET in alignment with a profit-for-change paradigm


SuperNET, Cyberspace – BTCOR Group Investment, the first NXT asset to utilize NXT’s revolutionary Monetary System technology, has announced the members of its diversely talented and respected team and also its business plan, which details the asset’s complex structure and core principles.

A modified excerpt from the business plan :

BTCOR and its SERIES VENTURE wealth storage facilities allow for holding/storing value in the form of ASSETS, GOLD, SILVER, BITCOIN and the US DOLLAR.

BTCOR is the parent asset and is the simplest choice for investment. Funds received through sales of the BTCOR asset will be used to generate value for shareholders by investing primarily in SuperNET’s technology, core coins, and assets and by seizing any other opportunities the Executive Board may deem advantageous. Any dividends received by assets held in the BTCOR Treasury will be redistributed proportionately to BTCOR shareholders on a monthly basis.

The SERIES VENTURES are a group of assets subsidiary to BTCOR that provides storage of wealth for shareholders. As investors purchase shares in a SERIES VENTURE asset, the investment is converted into its respective class while maintaining the best available current exchange rate.

  • GDCAR is the investment vehicle for gold
  • BTCAR is the investment vehicle for bitcoin
  • SVCAR is the investment vehicle for silver
  • FIATX is the investment vehicle for US$

All of these balances are held in the BTCOR Treasury and represent the inherent wealth of BTCOR and SERIES VENTURE shareholders. The SERIES VENTURE portion of the Treasury is never used, transferred or manipulated in any way and these holdings remain stationary until shareholders vote otherwise.

Working alongside these wealth storage facilities are interest-generating vehicles fueled by profit-driven speculation.

We have deployed a number of vehicles that enable the speculator to make a speculative investment on the current markets of gold, silver, bitcoin, and foreign exchange (FOREX) using the NXT Monetary System.

A skilled Operator is responsible for trading with funds obtained monthly via the NXT Monetary System and makes puts and calls at the Operator’s sole discretion. The Operator is constantly under review by the Executive Board and subject to redundancy at any time. The Operator must have a minimum of one (1) BTC stake in each trading vehicle to ensure honest and well-planned trading is practiced.

Profits from these activities are distributed to BTCOR and SERIES VENTURE shareholders on a monthly basis. This dynamic provides an incentive to save via the SERIES VENTURE facilities, while limiting the exposure of the saver to the inherent risks.

BTCOR promotes a profit-for-change paradigm.

In the face of today’s economic, social, and environmental inequality, we at BTCOR believe it is imperative that revenue should not only lead to increased financial independence, but that it should also be used to promote access to truthful information, conscious acts of philanthropy and charity. By working smarter, not harder, we can leverage our funds to promote and embody the change we’d like to see in the world.

A certain percentage of monthly revenues are already being allocated towards a charity fund. As we grow and succeed, we will continue to implement projects and programs that function to manifest this paradigm.

The BTCOR team consists of thoughtfully appointed shareholders and community members that collectively represent the talents and abilities required of the Group’s Senior Executives and Executive Board, which oversee and manage BTCOR operations such that shareholder profit is maximized in adherence to the Group’s mission statement and core principles.


  • CEO – house
  • Chairman – eth
  • Secretary – mxxxxxx
  • Chief Systems Engineer – shack4
  • Finance Committee Chair – gambleh


  • infinitechaos (Public Relations Committee Chair)
  • pnoch (Lead Developer)
  • futurist
  • damon
  • 3rdStryker
  • lootz
  • nippybrit

Detailed descriptions of the various roles and responsibilities required of each of the Executives as well as their asset allocation packages are available here

Of particular significance is the appointment of pnoch as Lead Developer. He is a very talented and respected developer who is already working with the Chief Systems Engineer to develop proprietary technology designed to enhance efficiency and transparency of BTCOR operations for its shareholders. The Lead Developer may also be tasked with creating or implementing advanced automated trading software designed to trade FOREX markets and maximize shareholder revenues.

For more information on the BTCOR Group Investment, please visit, follow @BTCORsupport on Twitter, and join the #btcor channel at SuperNET Slack.

Nxt [CORE]: Asset Exchange

The Nxt Asset Exchange (AE) is Nxt’s built-in decentralized trading engine. Using the AE you can create, buy and sell assets that represent data beyond simple coin transfers – opening up wide-ranging possibilities. Also, you can pay dividends to your investors with a single click and only a 1 NXT fee, or you can transfer or burn any amount of assets if you need.

Coloured coins

The AE is based on the ‘coloured coins’ concept whereby a coin or a set of coins can be designated (‘coloured’) to represent something-else. By contrast, many crypto currencies only ever operate as just that  – currencies, and nothing more. However, since the blockchain provides a trustworthy and permanent ledger of all transactions, it can be used to record far more diverse information than purely currency transactions.

NXT was designed and built to leverage this coloured coins idea. NXT coins can be designated (‘coloured’) to represent other crypto coins, stocks/bonds, property, commodities, or even ideas. As a result, the NXT network can be used to trade almost anything. It currently costs 1,000 NXT to issue an asset, and just 1 NXT in transaction fees to buy or sell them.


Find a Nxt AE guide here

NXT assets

These crypto-assets can gain significant market cap, and many of them are listed on In fact, since there are now so many, CMC has created a new page exclusively for assets, a high proportion of which (more than 70%) are, in fact, NXT assets. Many of these were launched by jl777, including SuperNET, NXTventure and InstantDEX. Others include Jinn and NXTTY.

As well as trading on the AE against NXT, some of these assets can now be traded against BTC on the BTER and Poloniex exchanges. – an online NXT wallet that puts the Asset Exchange at the centre of its functionality – also allows trading on the AE with Bitcoin.


There are, of course, many different applications for assets, with hundreds already available. Here are just a few interesting use cases.


At present, the most common use of the AE is to create and trade dividend-paying assets – effectively shares of revenue-generating companies. Issuing an asset is a popular way of raising money for a new project. For example, mining enterprises can raise capital to buy ASICs by issuing and selling assets. The mining rigs using the ASICs then generate income in the form of Bitcoin or other PoW coins, which is exchanged for NXT and paid out to asset holders as dividends every week.

USD-pegged asset

Coinomat’s USD asset is tied to the US dollar. The idea is that this can provide a degree of stability within a crypto-portfolio, without necessarily having to cash out by selling the assets and transferring the money to a bank account (with the costs, time and inconvenience which that would entail). It also means that you can send USD over national borders for just a 1 NXT fee. Using Coinomat’s service you can withdraw your USD assets to any VISA / Mastercard.

Of course, the CoinoUSD asset’s utility/value depends on Coinomat honouring its promise to redeem it, and would be worthless if the company failed to do so; the concept therefore requires centralization to achieve its aims. You can read more in this article or on the NXT forum.

Reward points

Nxterpoints (NXTP) are reward points given to people who contribute to Every month, dividends out its net profit (generated by advertising, store sales and services fees) to all NXTP holders: writers, translators, editors, graphic designers, site developers etc. This means that any person who is having an influence on’s net worth, gets monthly rewards in NXT through the asset exchange according to their contribution to the income. The dividends are transferred to their Nxt account for as long as they own the Nxterpoints, which can of course also be traded on the AE. You can read more about this groundbreaking reward concept here.

Company shares

Coin IPOs are commonplace in the crypto world, and after doing just a little research in the field you should realize that some of them are scams. It can’t be overstated that you must ALWAYS do your due diligence before investing in anything.

On the AE, it’s important to distinguish between revenue sharing assets and assets representing ownership (including voting rights) in companies. Here are some examples of each type:

Revenue sharing assets include BGCaffe, a South African café (with plans to expand), Lyth; an upcoming MMORPG based on Nxt features; FinHive (AI on the Nxt blockchain); Pangea, a decentralized poker game; Coinomat, an exchange accepting Nxt, Tradebots (NxtCoinsco) and a lot of revenue sharing mining assets.

Company stocks (shares of the entire company) include examples like Jinn Labs (which is developing a general purpose processor based on ternary logic); SuperNET; Nxt Mobile Applications Company (the company behind the Nxtty mobile messaging app), and more.

Crypto backed assets

mgwBTC, for example, is a crypto backed Nxt asset representing Bitcoin. mgwBTC is used by Multigateway, the distributed cryptocoin exchange developed on top of Nxt by jl777. You simply transfer your Bitcoins (or LTC, BTCD and what other coins are supported) to an address generated by the multigateway, and these are automatically made tradeable in the MGW exchange and on Nxt AE.

Software licensing

toknormal describes an example from the software development industry.

I am an independent software developer and I plan to use the NXT asset exchange to issue software licenses as follows:

[1] – a licensing component in the software makes a call to the NXT network and creates an account (instantaneous).
[2] – it writes the private key to disk and informs the user of the account number.
[3] – the user purchases one license unit from the NXT asset exchange.
[4] – on a subsequent launch (or periodically) the software detects the presence of the appropriate asset in the account it created for itself and considers the installation licensed.

InstantDEX: addition to the Asset Exchange

Nxt is among the fastest cryptos with 1 minute block times, compared to Bitcoin’s 60 mins. To some though, even this may not be fast enough. Step forward InstantDEX: A Nxt 3rd party service, and now also a core service of the innovative SuperNET project, which aims to provide its users with nearly instant transactions. It’s also an asset which will dividend out a percentage of the commissions  generated by the service; currently, it’s paying asset dividends to its investors from its holding of NXTventure.


With the NXT AE, people are able to trade things, but there will be the blocktime to wait. 1 minute usually, but sometimes could be more. Also 1 minute will feel like a really long time if the market is changing dramatically.

The goal of InstantDEX is to offer realtime trading of NXT, NXT assets and other cryptos. there won’t be any centralized servers, there won’t even be an actual website as the GUI will be running locally. Just direct peer to peer trading in realtime.

The monetization model is very clear and simple. InstantDEX will not have any fees for withdrawals [or for changing a bid or ask] and the commissions will be set to 0.1% at first.

Caveat emptor!

The AE is completely decentralised and completely unregulated. The substantial benefits this offers – freedom, cost savings, lack of intervention, and so on – also come at a price. There is no hand-holding or policing, and scam assets can be and often are created. Whilst the community generally picks up on these relatively quickly, if you make a mistake then there is very little recourse as transactions are irreversible. As valarmg puts it, ‘When an unknown issues a new asset, it should be treated in the same way as a ‘Nigerian prince’ sending you an email. After a week of due diligence, maybe people could start thinking about buying assets.’

The bottom line: research, research and research. If a long-standing member of the community with a proven track-record issues an asset, there is more reason for confidence than if a newcomer does – no matter how impressive their sales pitch. Ultimately, the responsibility to check out an asset, its issuer and business plan is yours.

Nxt is a versatile, open source cryptocurrency platform. In this Nxt CORE article series we will dive into the main 2.0 features of Nxt. The first article was about NXT, the token itself, the second about Nxt ALIAS system, and the third about Nxt Arbitrary Messages. Upcoming: Nxt Marketplace (DGS), Nxt Monetary System (MS).

The information contained in this article does not constitute (and is not intended to constitute) any form of advice, recommendation, representation, or endorsement by the author or the web site owner and should not be relied upon when making (or refraining from making) any investment decision.

Relevant links

Nxtforum asset board
Guide: How to use Nxt Asset Exchange

Read other articles from the Nxt [CORE] article series.
Also see: Nxt – The Economy Platform – Usecases for everybody

This article is also available in French.

MOFO Wallet 0.3.3

Mofo wallet update

Read more about MOFO Wallet here

Supported coins and their embedded server versions:

1. FIMK 0.3
2. NXT 1.3.4

Available as online version and as cross platform installable download:


(You might need to CTRL+F5 to refresh your browsers cache in case the old version is shown – see browser title bar for version number)


SHA256 7d2307325c05ca23b4ef05bcf4fb835a2daa5d23ef2ae8acc27c89db408e2cbb
MD5 ce393d71345f77cb02d722035793db7c

SHA256 7d2307325c05ca23b4ef05bcf4fb835a2daa5d23ef2ae8acc27c89db408e2cbb
MD5 ce393d71345f77cb02d722035793db7c

SHA256 e1119fab1de21d35b23afbc7ae555868dbf043866badc65eb3816b9419880b5e
MD5 6eac355f218ec86ad12a2def7359d32d

This is the first major update after initial mofowallet release. Improvements were made on almost all levels.

API Request Manager

The network request layer has been completely rewritten, it is now aware of all active and pending (API) requests. Requests are grouped and can be prioritized or cancelled all together, requests are bound to the controllers that started them and are automatically destroyed when the controller is destroyed.

Network requests are executed from a central interval (timer) and is no longer event based. The interval acts as an external agent that can take action and cancel requests if they either time out or take too long to start (when higher ranked requests take up all available slots).

The number of concurrent requests are set at six for now, this seems to work well while running on localhost and when connected to public API servers.

Decentralized API

Improvements are made in the usage of the decentralized API, users can run their own API server and add these to mofowallet. Because multiple public API servers are used, synchronization among those servers has to be performed on startup. Synchronizing involves a check if the server is up and functioning and a detailed analysis of the fork that the server is on.

Public API servers that are on a fork are ignored for the current session, thereby not wasting any network traffic.

API servers are required to have SSL enabled and must use a proper certificate.

Embedded Servers

Users are prompted if they want to start the embedded FIMK and/or NXT server on startup, options for each server are available to either start automatically or never start at all.

Users can run both servers at the same time but this does put a higher load on your system. However, running the servers is not required since mofowallet is fully functional when operating on the public API servers only.


Forging/mining is supported for all embedded servers. The blockchain must be downloaded before you can forge blocks. The forging UI has been updated and now requires your secret phrase to be entered only once, either enter your secret phrase or open your wallet file containing your secret phrase.

To see if you forged any blocks you will, for now, need to look at the amount forged label in the accounts section. Better feedback of exactly what blocks you forged and other info, like charts and averages, are under development.

Namespaced Aliases

Namespaced aliases now support encryption. This is the same encryption AES encryption offered for normal messages. Namespaced Aliases can be encrypted so only the owner account can decrypt or where the owner account and one other account can decrypt that.

Asset Exchange

Introducing the initial Asset Exchange UI for FIMK and NXT. UI is read only in this release meaning you cannot enter or cancel orders. Asset Exchange is a work in progress and it’s anticipated that it will change considerably. Our aim is to offer a professional full featured interface to both the FIMK and NXT decentralized exchanges. We consider a professional UI one that offers traders all tools required to do your daily trading.

Current AE UI includes:

1. historical price charts
2. listing of all available assets
3. display of current price and 24 hour percent change

Planned AE UI additions:

4. in client per asset blockchain based commenting
5. better charting (moving average, candle stick etc..)
6. automatic actions based on blockchain events (this requires the client to stay on)

Better Messaging

Better support for sending plain text or encrypted messages. Message transactions in the transaction history are displayed inline now. If you provided your secret phrase, messages are decrypted on the fly and can be seen inline in the account transaction history but also in the blockexplorer.

Startup Service

New service available to all plugins, plugins register with the startup service to do intialization upon application startup. Plugins register so called activities that show progress in the startup dialog, activities can be made to run only after certain other activities have finished running.

The startup dialog can be hidden by the user and the mofowallet is usable from that moment on. If certain functionality in mofowallet depends on an activity to complete it will be disabled until the activity has completed.

Highly Contextual Identifiers

All identifiers for blocks, transactions, accounts, aliases, block heights and more now support mouse events. Plugins can register for mouseover, mouse out and click events. This has enabled everything from the blockexplorer to the account section to be *clickable* and will show you a details dialog in which everything is again clickable.

Bugs fixed

Fixed a bug where sometimes sending a transaction does not immediately show up in your list of recent transactions. This now works correctly for all broadcasted transactions.

Fixed numerous performance bottle necks, desktop mofowallet is much faster than the initial 0.3 release.

Fixed the problem of mofowallet constantly sending requests to obtain state from the public servers. The rewritten network layer fixed this.

Fixed a bug where sending a transaction gave no meaningful feedback, on sending transactions the user now sees a dialog that shows transaction creation, signing and broadcasted feedback.

NXT Market Report: 20 October 2014

Welcome to this week’s market report. Although NXT experienced a rather unspectacular week, it nevertheless ended happily: We are back to #5 on! To be honest it didn’t happen because of NXT’s strength but because our competitors have decreased more in price, especially Dogecoin which has been undergoing a small sell off.  NXT’s market capitalization is down but even more disappointing is the low trading volume. The daily average was about USD 40’000 with a peak of USD 90’000 (14 October). Despite this, Bter’s order book (scroll down) leaves a positive impression: There is a buy support of about 900’000 NXT down to 5200 satoshis whereas the selling pressure is comparatively low: 200’000 NXT up to 6400 satoshis.

coinmarketcap 20102014source:

Project NXT Storm – what is it?

At the beginning of October a member of the had the glorious idea of stress testing the NXT network. The idea quickly captivated many people and, as a result, gave rise to Project NXT Storm. The plan is to test the robustness of the NXT network by using all available features, especially the NXT Asset Exchange. That’s the reason why Project NXT Storm is being mentioned in this market report – it’s an outstanding opportunity to discover the limits of the NXT Asset Exchange – if there are any! A successful outcome will prove that the AE is ready for its next step – the first ever use of the NXT Asset Exchange by a large corporation. The plan is to repeat such a stress test after every major NXT release.

What’s going on in the NXT Asset Exchange?

MMNXT (ID: 979292558519844732): MMNXT is a market making and arbitrage fund for the NXT Asset Exchange issued by coinomat (who are also responsible for To quote from coinomat’s own description of the asset:

This is an automated trading fund for NXT asset exchange. Its goal is to provide market making for most liquid AE assets. Also we strive to move most of NXT trading to NXT AE Multigateway assets, thus providing additional liquidity for NXT which should assist in keeping its price more stable. Trading will be carried out at NXT Asset Exchange and other exchanges supporting NXT.

Trading is both long and short, that is you buy lower to sell higher and you sell higher to buy back lower. The profit is converted to NXT, also when trading MGW assets profit can also be realized in corresponding crypto, and converted to NXT afterwards.

The fund will pay out 60% of its profit to the holders of the token every Friday. Initially, the bot will only be operating as a market maker for the most liquid assets on the NXT Asset Exchange. In November MMNXT plans to carry out arbitrage trading on Bter, Poloniex and Cryptsy. The first dividend pay out will take place on Friday (24 October).

NXTmovie (ID: 2240155853020376741): NXTmovie intends to write scripts for films in which they aim to educate the lay person about cryptotechnologies:

Loosely based on real life events, the NXT Film Project is an edgy cyber thriller that narrates subversive and often vicious attacks that are conducted using technology. The plot showcases cryptoplatforms and communities, how they are disruptive to established institutions, and how technology can be used with either good or evil intent.

It further aims to educate the lay person about cryptotechnologies, while also shedding light on the criminals who seek to take advantage of them. At the same time, it contextually demonstrates the technology’s efficacy and utility via the power of narrative storytelling.

A nice idea in its own right but the project is also pretty interesting to investors purely from the point of view of its ROI. NXTmovie has issued 1’000’000 NXTmovie assets – 30% were sold in an ICO with an early bird price of 1 NXT, 33% were allocated to the three core members and the remaining 37% will be sold later on the NXT Asset Exchange at a higher price (small batch quantities of 25k NXTmovie assets with a continuously increasing price). Currently, early bird assets are already trading at 1.5 NXT, an increase in price of 50%! To guarantee an early source of revenue the team behind NXTmovie is focusing on  driving as much traffic as possible to generate profit through advertising. The earnings will be distributed evenly across all asset holders.

Furthermore NXTmovie offers blockchain-based businesses the opportunity to be featured directly in the film script, for a fee. These earnings will be distributed among all assets holders as well. Last but not least we shouldn’t underrate the promotional effect for NXT which such a movie could have (assuming of course that the film script gets made into one), especially since it’s one of the main goals of this project.

I hope you enjoyed the market report as much as I did writing it. Please leave your feedback at

This market report is for general information and news purposes only. It does not take into account the reader’s personal circumstances, objectives or attitude towards risk. It is not (and is not intended to be) any form of advice, recommendation, representation, or endorsement by the author or the web site owner and should not be relied upon when making (or refraining from making) any investment decision.

NXT FreeMarket launches with no fees for 2014

Decentralised marketplace built on NXT blockchain enables free, global, private trade.

A new online marketplace will allow merchants and customers to buy and sell any goods and services they want, wherever they are in the world, with low fees and no interference.

NXT FreeMarket ( is built on the popular cryptocurrency platform NXT, which already boasts a decentralised Asset Exchange for crypto-stocks and a Digital Goods Store for music and other media. FreeMarket extends NXT’s reach into the physical world, bringing the benefits of blockchain technology to a new sector and audience.

Free trade as it’s meant to be

‘The decentralised approach offers a number of significant advantages over other sites in this space,’ said Mr Knuckle, one of the site’s founding members. ‘NXT is a powerful platform and FreeMarket has leveraged that functionality to benefit users. Without a central corporation administering it, we can create a site that puts the user first and charges very low fees. There is no single point of failure: because FreeMarket lives on the NXT blockchain, it is resistant to attack by anyone who would deny you your right to trade peacefully. FreeMarket is just that: a truly Free Market.’

Communication between buyers and sellers is carried out by private messaging, protected by powerful public key cryptography, and no IP addresses or private information are stored on the blockchain. NXT’s fast one-minute block times mean transactions can be completed quickly, as well as at minimal cost.

Merchants will be able to list their goods for free until the end of 2014. From 2015, there will be a flat fee of 7.77 NXT, currently around $0.19 (the number is a reference to anonymous developer jl777, who is responsible for many well-known NXT projects and advised the founders on FreeMarket). Communication between merchants and customers will cost the standard transaction fee of 1 NXT, though this is expected to be lowered in the future. It is therefore extremely low-cost, especially for buyers.

User experience

Mindful that users want more than just low fees, the site’s developers have worked hard to create a simple, elegant interface that allows customers to search for goods and specific categories easily, and select from multiple shipping options. Merchants can display up to three images alongside their listings.

Unlike most other auction and marketplace sites, FreeMarket will not use any third-party payment processors like PayPal. Instead, payments are made directly from the customer’s NXT wallet, which can be downloaded from This ensures a genuinely secure, fast and private experience, and allows merchants and customers to trade across borders without incurring unnecessary costs.

For prospective investors, the NXT FreeMarket asset (id: 134138275353332190) will distribute 80 percent of future listing fees as dividends. A revenue-sharing agreement with SuperNET will return 20 percent of fees to holders of the SuperNET asset (id: 12071612744977229797).

NXT FreeMarket launches on Sunday 12 October. There will be no listing fees for the rest of 2014. To trade freely or find out more, visit

NXT Market Report: 6 October 2014


Welcome to this week’s market report. The last seven days have been spectacular and very interesting. We’ve seen a massive decrease in the price of Bitcoin and, at the same time, the launch of a number of promising NXT projects. As usual we start the report by comparing market capitalizations. NXT has declined in price by 13.9% whereas Bitcoin has fallen by 14.6% – overall the price of NXT remains stable, which is obviously nice (NXT is probably the most stable crypto currency out there). In contrast Bitcoin’s price decline continued down to USD 290 each (source: According to rumor, the market is being manipulated by the Chinese exchanges OKCoin, Huobi and BTC China. In essence, they are using trading bots to buy and sell ‘fake’ Bitcoins introduced by the exchanges themselves. This idea is especially plausible because none of the three exchanges  charge a fee for the trading itself, which makes a lot of people wonder how they can still be profitable. Read more here about Bitcoin’s price decline.

coinmarketcap 06102014source:

Jinn Labs launches its asset using, for  the first time ever on the NXT Asset Exchange, a dutch auction

Jinn Labs, a project founded by Come-from-Beyond, Uniqueorn and wesleyh organized the first ever dutch auction on the NXT Asset Exchange for their public offering (see ANN thread). In a dutch auction the investor places a buy order at the price he’s prepared to pay for a share. At the end of the auction, bids are filled from the highest bid price down until the desired amount has been raised. The last bid order to be filled determines the price for all other participants so that everyone pays the same amount per share. To ensure fairness, the seller does not disclose in advance when he is going to place his sell order. After the auction Jinn Labs reimbursed the investors who paid a higher bid than the final 85 NXT per share.

Jinn has already been in development for several months behind the scenes and has now gone public in order to raise capital for further investments. Jinn is expected to be fully developed Q4 2015. But what, in fact, is Jinn?

Jinn is a general purpose processor based on ternary logic with hardware support for distributed computing. This project also includes the Jiniri Limited (single-node) and Jiniri Unlimited (multi-node) emulators, in addition we are creating a monetized proof-of-concept game. (quoted from

Jinn’s asset has great potential – the token started at the IPO price of 85 NXT per share and is now trading at around 250 NXT. The token only represents a share of the profits, which is paid as a dividend on the first day of every month. The team working on Jinn is very talented and has been consistently delivering solid work ever since NXT was launched nearly a year ago. Furthermore the Jinn project is well organized with a clear way of communication and a realistic timeline.

Launch of two rating services

During the last week two new rating services have been launched.


NXTinspect was founded by whalejefdiesel and chanc3r. They are offering asset reviews, due diligence on asset issuers, research work and escrow services. The IPO was sold out within a few minutes due to two big investors who bought up all the offered shares. Luckily one of those was jl777, who distributed a good chunk of his NXTinspect as SuperNET and NXTventure dividends. The proportion in which owners of SuperNET and NXTventure received NXTinspect assets was 1:16. In total 1’000’000 NXTinspect assets have been issued of which 40% will belong to the founders and 60% will be sold as IPO shares at 1 Nxt in two batches. As already stated the first tranche is sold out.

Kongzi News Service

Kongzi News Service, issued by printshop (who already manages KPS), announced its launch 4 days after that of NXTinspect.

Details regarding the nature of the KNS service and the structure of its IPO can be found here: nxtforum, post #49.

As can, starting with the opening post of that thread, the considered opinions of KNS and NXTinspect about the other’s service.

I myself do not express any opinion about the respective merits of the two services except to say that they offer a genuine choice for consumers and that is all to the good: competition drives excellence!

What’s going on in the Asset Exchange?

FunBotV1: The asset FunBotV1 represents a full automated trading bot, which exploits arbitrage opportunities on Bter, CryptsyPoloniex and SecureAE. Additionally the bot includes a market making logic on all four exchanges. The asset issuer aims at 8-10% profit per month of which 70% is distributed among FunBotV1 asset holders. The other 30% will be distributed among the holders of the asset FunBotReve

While FunBotV1 represents 1 NXT in the bankroll used by the trading bot, FunBotReve only represents the value of the upcoming dividends. The asset issuer FunBot is already working on a FunBotV2 (see post #198). This will be represented by an asset similar to FunBotV1, which will receive 70% of the profit, the other 30% to be distributed among the holders of the FunBotReve asset, which explains why, in the 2 days following the announcement, there was a 40% increase in price.

Thanks for reading the NXT Market Report – please leave your feedback in the

This market report is for general information and news purposes only. It does not take into account the reader’s personal circumstances, objectives or attitude towards risk. It is not (and is not intended to be) any form of advice, recommendation, representation, or endorsement by the author or the web site owner and should not be relied upon when making (or refraining from making) any investment decision.


SuperNET Newsletter #1

Welcome to the SuperNET!


  • ICO summary
  • Distribution
  • Trading
  • Dividends
  • Dividend announcement
  • Funding request: SuperNET online wallet
  • Agreements between SuperNET and CoinEvolve terminated
  • Development update
  • Moving to SuperNET forum
  • SuperNET related links
  • Attention coin representatives

ICO summary

SuperNET was announced on August 30th.

jl777 made the announcement Aug. 30, just 7 days after announcing the ‘Nxt Inside’ initiative on the Nxt forum. The idea for Nxt Inside is to offer Nxt’s 2.0 features to other coins, allowing them to benefit from the GUI, Asset Exchange and other aspects of Nxt’s ecosystem, and extending the adoption of NXT in the process – a mutually beneficial arrangement. BTCD, the anon coin for which James is now core developer, would be the first to have these features (read more).

The SuperNET ICO began on Saturday 6 September, 14:00 GMT. The early hours of the ICO saw a flurry of activity. Those who knew James and his work well bought in almost immediately to take advantage of the 15 percent ‘early bird’ discount, plus the 5 percent discount for NXT/BTCD purchases. Some 2,000 BTC were raised in two hours.

For others, due diligence was hard. Many had not encountered jl777 or his work before, and were similarly new to NXT and the Asset Exchange. Although a large amount of material had been published in the SuperNET thread on and the SuperNET pdf provided a good overview, there were still a great deal of questions and uncertainty that needed answering.

Total funds raised

The ICO continued for a period of 16 days. James had stipulated that it would last for a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of four. If the daily volume dropped below 3 percent of the total after 14 days, the ICO would end two days later. In the event, the huge interest in the early stages meant that low volumes (by comparison) brought the ICO to an end at the earliest point possible.

The ICO resulted in a total number of 571,243.1402 TOKEN being sold, with an equivalent value of 5737.1589 BTC at the time the process ended. The breakdown of currencies used to purchase TOKEN – and therefore the balances ‘backing’ SuperNET assets – was as follows:

BTer: 303,370.1402 TOKEN.
1,201.4874086 BTC
13,836,576.42463729 NXT
37,559.38107027 BTCD
713,706.73861822 CNY

NXT AE: 267,873 TOKEN
33,252,122.74985353 NXT

This makes a total of:
1,201.4874086 BTC
47,088,699.1745 NXT
37,559.38107027 BTCD
713,706.73861822 CNY
Additionally, 5,403 VIA and 435,658.49 VRC were paid.

At the exchange rate at the end of the ICO, this meant the following BTC equivalent was raised:

1,201.4874086 BTC

BTCD: 0.01252290 BTC * 37,559.38107027 = 470.3524 BTC equivalent
NXT: 0.00007890 BTC * 47,088,699.1745 = 3,715.3 BTC equivalent
CNY: ¥713,706.73861822 / ¥2,486 per BTC = 287.09 BTC equivalent
VRC: 0.00014073 BTC * 435,658.49 = 61.31 BTC equivalent
VIA rate 0.00029967 BTC * 5,403 = 1.6191 BTC equivalent

Total BTC equivalent = 5,737.1589

It’s worth noting the support given to SuperNET by the Nxt Community, who gave 4.7 percent of the currency’s total market cap to the project. Similarly, BTCD – a far smaller coin by market cap – gave 3.1 percent by market cap. You can read more about the fundraising outcome here.

Additional assets

SuperNET is broadly analogous to a closed-ended mutual fund consisting of the cryptocurrency balances, plus a series of revenue-generating services. The coin balances invested by participants at the ICO will give it its ‘floor’ value. But in addition to this, James has added the NXT assets representing the SuperNET services for free. Thus the initial value-per-share will be significantly higher than that paid by participants – in theory, representing an immediate profit. (In practice, SuperNET/UNITY may trade at any value determined by the market and parties’ desire to buy and sell.)

The assets added by James to SuperNET include 24.15 percent (241,485 each) out of a total of 1,000,000) of the three key services:

InstantDEX (transfer tx: 15720904723604126361)
NXTcoinsco (TradeBots) (transfer tx: 13969817255360149927)
NXTprivacy (transfer tx: 616709295133043647)

These core assets own proportions of other asset-based services, which will therefore also be indirectly held by SuperNET.

InstantDEX owns 30 percent of NXTventure. Tradebots owns 18.5 percent of jl777hodl. NXTprivacy owns 30 percent of cryptocard and 60 percent of Privatebet. With 24.15 percent of each of the above three core assets, the following percentage of each asset will be directly or indirectly owned by SuperNET:

InstantDEX 24.15 percent
Tradebots (NXTcoinsco) 24.15 percent
NXTprivacy 24.15 percent
Privatebet 14.49 percent
cryptocard 7.245 percent
NXTventure 7.245 percent
jl777hodl 4.46 percent

Using the asset prices (NXT AE) and BTC/NXT exchange rates at the time the transfer into the SuperNET account was made, these core assets represent a total of 26,322,130 NXT * 0.000085 = 2,237.38105 BTC. (By the time the ICO ended, due to both fluctuating asset and cryptocurrency prices, the value had risen to 38,270,542.5 NXT or 3,019.5458 BTC equivalent.)

Bonus proposal

These assets, and the BTC they represent, are essentially gifted by James to SuperNET. However, because this effectively leaves James significantly out of pocket, he proposed the following solution. In addition to the assets held by shareholders, his initial 10 percent stake, and the 10 percent operating stake owned by SuperNET itself, a further 10 percent of UNITY assets would be created. These would be withheld by SuperNET to pay two bonuses of 5 percent each to James, if the following conditions were met:

  1. A tripling of market cap by the end of 2014.
  2. A tenfold increase in market cap by the end of 2015.

If these conditions were met and the shares were awarded, they would necessarily slightly dilute the assets owned by SuperNET investors. However, since the value of SuperNET overall would have increased by 3x and 10x multiples, it would be a small price to pay. Nevertheless, because participants had originally entered into the ICO under the expectation of no bonus being paid (and a 10% smaller proportion of the core assets being given to SuperNET), the proposal was put to a vote.

The text of the voting ballot posted on BTer and the SuperNET thread of the bitcointalk forum was as follows:

#### Proposed voting ballot

The BTC equivalent raised would be the total BTC equivalent at the time the fund raising is closed using the then current coinmarketcap prices for the NXT, CNY, BTCD. Let us call this the “BTC raised”

5% bonus achieved when the BTC marketcap from coinmarketcap (or other reliable source) sustains 3x BTC raised for 24hrs+ and another 5% bonus achieved at 10x

In the event the 3x bonus is not achieved before year end 2014, the 5% goes to SuperNET working capital. Similarly the other 5% would go to SuperNET working capital if 10x is not achieved by year end 2015

On the closing of TOKEN fund raising, 10% of SuperNET assets to go to working capital, 10% to jl777 for the 2000BTC of assets, 10% held in reserve for the 3x and 10x bonus. The minimum dilution is 10% if neither bonus is achieved and the maximum dilution is 20% if both bonuses are achieved.

The vote

The TOKEN holders’ vote was executed on BTer and in Nxt AE after the ICO concluded.
Each asset counted for one vote. Thus someone who owned 1,000 TOKEN had 1,000 votes.

The 3x bonus threshold is 5,737.1589 BTC * 3 = 17,211.4767 BTC.
The 10x bonus threshold is 5,737.1589 BTC * 10 = 57,371.589 BTC.

Result of vote:

Rejected: 15.2 percent
Approved: 84.8 percent

Total 325681/571243 = 57% turnout

Sources: BTER voting page



The remainder of the initial TOKEN assets were sent straight to the Nxt Genesis Account.
59’834’343 unsold TOKEN were burned (txid 1698643550463930707)


BTer TOKEN have been swapped automatically for UNITY (SuperNET asset).

There is a separate (manual) redemption process for those who bought TOKEN on the NXT AE. This process has been created to avoid confusion about the continued existence and value of TOKEN on AE after UNITY has been released, and to prevent fraudulent or mistaken trading of a redundant asset.

Nxt AE: Transfer TOKEN to NXT-7Y5B-J8LQ-SL5P-3ULFL (alias: RedeemTOKEN).

SuperNET asset (12071612744977229797) will be transferred back within 24 hours.
The SuperNET asset (id: UNITY) will come from address NXT-QP45-4LQ8-853H-7XF3N.

After redemption, the TOKEN will be sent to Nxt Genesis account to prevent further trading.

TOKEN will always be exchangeable for SuperNET. However, TOKEN assets will receive no dividend from SuperNET and has no voting rights, so there is no advantage to holding TOKEN rather than exchanging it for SuperNET as soon as possible.


Trading of UNITY is now live on BTer. Both SuperNET and TOKEN can be traded on AE. (Ultimately, of course, all TOKEN should be redeemed for SuperNET.) Withdrawals of UNITY assets from BTer to NXT AE are expected to be enabled early this week, if not already.

NAV buywall

As agreed before the end of the ICO, a buy wall at NAV has been put up on BTer and NXT AE. This is a courtesy to allow holders to sell at NAV (Net Asset Value) should they need to (i.e. without losing money on their investment, over any they may have lost on the fluctuation of the underlying currencies in the meantime). It should not be necessary in an efficient market at all.

The buywall is based on non-asset NAV (the value of the cryptocurrencies backing SuperNET, but not the assets added for free).

James explains:

It is one thing for me to personally put in 3000 BTC for 570 BTC worth of SuperNET, but then to base the buywall using the asset value is not reasonable. To allow people to cashout and weaken SuperNET to tap into this amount is not right. The buywall NAV is to provide liquidity in case the market isn’t.


People should view this both as a courtesy backstop (it shouldn’t need to be there if the market is anywhere close to efficient, but it gives peace of mind, and a guaranteed opportunity to cash out if someone really needs liquidity) and as an additional opportunity for those who plan to hold long-term. Just as companies will buy back their own stock when they feel it is undervalued, you don’t want your “company” to always be trying to buy back shares at the fair market price. If there are temporary market disruptions, or occasional panic sells, UNITY buying back its own shares at a discount is accretive to you the UNITY holder. It increases your percentage ownership at a favorable price.


Supernet accounting will be done by NXTinspect.

SuperNET will make revenues from the fees its core assets receives, as well as advertising revenue and shared fees with third parties. There will be transparent account to receive revenues. 50% of these will go to SuperNET assetholders using the NXT dividend mechanism.

The other half will be distributed as follows:

10 percent for overhead
20 percent for coin communities, according to their proportional contribution
5 percent for NXT core development
5 percent for BTCD stakers
10 percent unallocated, for discretionary spending to maximise the market cap of SuperNET

How UNITY dividend payments work

Each asset entitled holders to a proportion of the 50 percent of SuperNET revenues set aside for dividends. A holder with 1 percent of the asset would receive 1 percent of the dividend, or 0.5 percent total revenue for that period.

To begin with, dividends will be made automatically. James will make a dividend announcement detailing the specifics of what each SuperNET asset will receive and the ex-dividend time. When that time arrives, a snapshot of assetholders will be created, the dividend allocated accordingly and sent out automatically.

For small holders of SuperNET, the transaction fees to send out the dividend may cost more than the dividend itself. If this is the case then it makes sense to delay paying until such time as the dividend is worth more than the tx fee.

The intention for next year is to design a process whereby any assetholder can look up their unpaid dividends and click a button to have them sent when it is convenient. This ‘on-demand’ method means each assetholder can decide when it is worth paying the tx fee to receive the dividend.

[Dividend Announcement]

September 28, 2014, on

50000 NeoDICE assets (id 18184274154437352348) will be dividended out to SuperNET asset holders at the rate of 0.06126992957634 NeoDICE per SuperNET asset.

If the UNITY is on BTer, you will get NeoDICE on BTer and if you withdraw UNITY to SuperNET on NXT AE, you will get the NeoDICE in NXT AE. If you have TOKEN on NXT AE, you will get no dividend.


Please do not ask when the dividend will be sent out. It will happen when it happens, I hope it can be done this month, but no guarantees. Please do not expect regular SuperNET dividends like this. This is a special case with not guarantee of anymore like this in the future.

FUNDING REQUEST: SuperNET online wallet

A funding request has been made by jl777.
This is an open process so that SuperNET assetholders know how the funds are being spent.

The funding is authorized and made available to pay an established and well-regarded Nxt company to create an online wallet site for SuperNET users. (The identity of the company is not being made public for now, but interested parties can contact jl777 for details.)

Such a site will be of huge strategic importance for SuperNET, due to the popularity of such wallets over downloadable clients. The site will be the equivalent for SuperNET.

Following negotiations by whale, three tranches of investment have been made available, in return for assets in the stated company:

1) 17.2 percent for 2.5 million NXT immediately
2) OPTIONAL 12.9 percent for 1.875 million NXT by 31 January 2015
3) OPTIONAL 12.9 percent for 1.875 million NXT by 31 March 2015

The asset itself will not be traded before 1 January 2015, unless all the options are exercised. The expectation is that this investment will have a good ROI due to the strategic significance of a SuperNET wallet site. It is hoped that SuperNET will thus be able to recoup the initial investment via AE sales within a year, and still have significant holdings remaining.

Agreements between SuperNET and CoinEvolve terminated

CoinEvolve was a new business created by ‘Christian Sommer’. It was supposed to offer a series of services such as freelancing marketplaces, a cryptocurrency business directory, and so on.

CoinEvolve entered a revenue sharing agreement with SuperNET. SuperNET was essentially selling advertising services to CoinEvolve, this arrangement was almost risk free, since nothing was being purchased by SuperNET.

However, soon after the agreement had been made public, Christian created a series of new assets relating to aspects of CoinEvolve that had not been discussed with James. Although these had nothing to do with SuperNET, James offered advice in how to go about creating these and furthering his business (advise which Christian agreed to follow but did not). None of the assets were purchased by SuperNET and James did not endorse them. Nevertheless, taking advantage of the publicity and status provided by the existing association between CoinEvolve and SuperNET, Christian promoted these assets and many were bought by members of the SuperNET community – driving the price up steeply.

Soon afterwards, the asset prices crashed and the funds paid to Christian Sommer for them were sent to BTer and exchanged for BTC. After disappearing for a few days, Christian briefly resurfaced on NXT forum, claiming he had been the victim of a theft by one of his co-workers. This news was treated with open-mindedness but a degree of scepticism. Christian Sommer was asked to provide proof of his claim, ideally a copy of a police report relating to his employee. To date, there has been no documentation of any such incident, nor any further contact from Christian Sommer.

James sent the following AM (txid 6374368705651792002) to CoinEvolve:

All agreements between SuperNET and coinevolve are hereby terminated due to abandonment by Chris Sommers.


Additionally, James posted the following message with regard to the situation:

In spite of my cautions and lack of endorsement, people went out of their way to buy coinevolve assets. As an advertising vendor SuperNET cannot do a due diligence on every single revshare partner. However, since just my mentioning anything seems to make it go up, I have decided to not mention any future revshare advertising deals. This will be done by a separate person.

Also, PLEASE beware of false assets, unproven issuers and if I am not making a specific recommendation, there is usually a reason. If you want to copy my market moves, there are things like JLH, sharkfund0 and SuperNET/UNITY. If you are going outside the recommended paths, then you need to make sure to do your homework and know the risks you are taking. Also, do not put much weight on having real world identity. The two largest scams in NXT have been by people with known real world identities. This seems to lull people into false sense of security.

Investors are reminded to do their own due diligence on any coin or asset they purchase.

SuperNET development update

We need 10 servers to test ASAP

VPS Ubuntu that can run NXT and BitcoinDarkd is all that is needed, each with unique IP. Everybody who can help please come to to coordinate!


We’ve got a test network that is working with the basics that allow each node to discover the other nodes and send messages to each other. Still need to efficiently propagate the info to all the nodes.

Now that there is a live network, I can verify proper discovery of the routing info. I also figured out how to make all onion packets the same size, but running out of space, so I think I will add a compression/decompression to the first stage of the onion. this should get 50% to 100% more capacity.

If things go well by early next week, I will be able to finalize the Teleport, which is currently being design reviewed by anonymint and will also be reviewed by Kristov Atlas

I would say 95%+ of everything other than Privatebet is coded. However, the last 5% is always the toughest and going through deployment testing can take a while. I speak of my code, not about the GUI side.

SuperNET forum

In the last days the SuperNET [ANN] thread has unfortunately been somewhat overtaken by trolls. As a result of this James has decided to leave it. The thread will not be locked, but the main action will move to You are hereby invited to join the forum.

James, on Sep 28, 2014:

I remember the NXT threads on BTT, it was just horrible and today reminded me of that.

OK, I am closing my browser tab with this thread on it, so see you in the SuperNET forum!

That is where the real action will be. All the latest news on the latest coins, assets, dividends, all on the SuperNET forum and maybe some time later it will get posted here.

I will not be monitoring this thread on a regular basis, others will. If you want to post something to me, please go to, I will monitor things there more actively, though I am in the middle of much coding now, so do not expect immediate response.


SuperNET related links

Supernet Forum

Follow SuperNET news

SuperNET related projects:






Prediction Markets

Affiliated websites (revenue sharing or partial ownership)

Author of SuperNET newsletters: NXTER MAGAZINE:

Attention coin representatives

Please send your application to join SuperNET CORE to

The next SuperNET Newsletter will contain more information about the core coins and assets, as well as news and development updates.

This newsletter was first published by SuperTEAM.  SIGN UP FOR SUPERNET NEWSLETTER @

NXT Market Report: 29 September 2014

Welcome to this week’s market report. Another calm week for NXT – total market capitalization has declined by 6.9% whereas Bitcoin’s total value decreased by 5.1%, meaning that NXT’s price has remained almost stable. On we are now #6, after Dogecoin, which is still performing very well after the announcement of the merged mining with Litecoin. By contrast, Peercoin (currently at #7) has been taking quite a hit – NuBits not having measured up to market expectations.

NXT’s daily trading volume during last week averaged around USD 60’000, approximately half the trading volume of the week before. I don’t expect the volume to increase strongly in the next few days since there are no imminent announcements of big projects expected.

coinmarketcap 29092014source:

News about the Multigateway

James announced that he will shut down his development server for the Multigateway by next weekend since the user support he is still having to provide is taking up too much of his time and therefore slowing him down completing the coding for SuperNET. Fortunately the production servers’ team reported that 2 of the 3 servers are ready and they are now only waiting for their new member coinomat.  According to Frohike all 3 servers should be up and running by next weekend:

The various wallets are set up on the first two members already some time ago. The triplet is now waiting for the third one but I have trust that they will deliver it and then we can start the processes and if necessary troubleshoot the setup. In the mean time I’m investigating the wallets, ports used, setting the permissions and so on.

If all goes well, the triplet is up and running next weekend. If things go wrong and we need to troubleshoot things, we will get all the help from James and eventually others who are able to help. We need to get things up and running.

Launch of Coin Market App

Coin Market App is available in Google Play as of today and NXT is included in the first seven supported coins. Coin Market App will give details of the crypto coins’ market capitalizations, trading volumes as well as real-time news. The app is the ideal way to keep track of your favorite coins!

What’s going on in the Asset Exchange?

NeoDICE: (NxtReporting) is the fair betting game which jl777 and hash created with the knowledge purchased from Come-from-Beyond about how to process unconfirmed transactions (for more information and links about this, read the 15 September Market Report).

The entire NeoDICE betting history is stored in the NXT blockchain to ensure the game’s fairness and every day the previous day’s secret, which is used to determine the winner of a gambling round, is published. The asset won’t be offered on the Asset Exchange through jl777, instead the distribution will be as follows:

  • 5% NXTventure dividend
  • 5% superNET dividend
  • 45% to developers and maintainers
  • 40% Privatebet
  • 5% JLH

Feel free to leave your feedback in the NXT Market Report thread – have a good read!

This market report is for general information and news purposes only. It does not take into account the reader’s personal circumstances, objectives or attitude towards risk. It is not (and is not intended to be) any form of advice, recommendation, representation, or endorsement by the author or the web site owner and should not be relied upon when making (or refraining from making) any investment decision.

SuperNET ICO ends [UPDATED!]

UPDATED 23.09.2014

The selling of Nxt asset TOKEN,  which represents shares in SuperNET/UNITY, is coming to an end. The fundraising got off to a tremendous start, raising an amazing 2000 BTC in just 2 hours with a large part of the investment being made in NXT.

When jl777 announced the ICO on, he set the rule that the ICO would run for a minimum of 2 weeks, and after that it would be prolonged for 2 more days as long as daily sales were > 3% of the total. TOKEN is still available on BTER, where it’s traded against NXT, BTC, BTCD and CNY, and on the Nxt Asset Exchange (NXT), but not for much longer now.

on September 20, 2014:

Total TOKEN so far: 482735.48203719

So if tomorrow doesn’t do 14482.0644611157 new TOKEN, this triggers the close 2 days later.

Since we have not had such numbers for almost a week, it seems everybody who wanted to get TOKEN has done so and we can get to the business of voting, issuing SuperNET/UNITY and starting the market trading.

So this morning it was confirmed:

SuperNET ICO will end 1400 GMT on Tuesday.


Voting will end 1400 GMT on Wed.


I think one day for the voting
one day to distribute assets and start trading

jl777 will not receive any free TOKEN. On the contrary he has transferred 2000BTC worth of assets from his personal holdings to the SuperNET core. SuperNET holders are to vote whether to give a 5% bonus to James if he can raise the SuperNET market cap x3 before the end of 2014, and an additional 5% bonus to him if the market cap is x10 by the end of 2015.

The voting will be to Approve or Reject.



BTER is setting up a voting page (to be announced).

BTER TOKEN holders must vote here:

Nxt Asset Exchange

For NXT AE TOKEN holders the following addresses are used for voting:

ApproveBonus: NXT-GR5T-8W3L-UFQP-8VFPV

Sending any message will count as a vote. The last tx to either of the above accounts will be your vote.


#### Proposed voting ballot
The BTC equivalent raised would be the total BTC equivalent at the time the fund raising is closed using the then current coinmarketcap prices for the NXT, CNY, BTCD. Let us call this the “BTC raised”

5% bonus achieved when the BTC marketcap from coinmarketcap (or other reliable source) sustains 3x BTC raised for 24hrs+ and another 5% bonus achieved at 10x

In the event the 3x bonus is not achieved before year end 2014, the 5% goes to SuperNET working capital. Similarly the other 5% would go to SuperNET working capital if 10x is not achieved by year end 2015

On the closing of TOKEN fund raising, 10% of SuperNET assets to go to working capital, 10% to jl777 for the 2000BTC of assets, 10% held in reserve for the 3x and 10x bonus. The minimum dilution is 10% if neither bonus is achieved and the maximum dilution is 20% if both bonuses are achieved.



Reject would mean as originally specified.

10% dilution to me in exchange for my assets. no working capital and no bonus for achieving 3x and 10x and a disappointed jl777.

The difference between accept and reject in the case of less than 3x is whether SuperNET has 10% of assets available to use for coinswaps and the ability to raise more funds in the future. All this working capital will belong to the SuperNET so it is not dilutive.

So the bonus is primarily a way for my 2000 BTC worth of assets to earn up to 1000 BTC of UNITY. The value to TOKEN holders is of course that the extra 5% or 10% dilution only happens at 3x and 10x ROI, so the extra dilution would make it 2.85x and 9x gains

SuperNET/UNITY will be released for trading when TOKEN holders have approved or rejected the bonus proposal.


Trading of SuperNET/UNITY will start 1400 GMT on Thursday


SuperNET asset will automatically replace the TOKEN in your account.
The SuperNET asset will be called UNITY.

Nxt Asset Exchange


If you have TOKEN in the Nxt Asset Exchange you will be sent the equivalent amount of UNITY as a dividend; you will still have your TOKEN but these will no longer have any value other than whatever collector value they may possibly attract.

In order to avoid worthless TOKEN assets being sold as UNITY the procedure has changed.

TOKEN must be sent to a redemption address. It will send back a matching amount of SuperNET/UNITY. 


valarmg is not sure he will have this ready by Thursday, so there could be a bit of a delay for starting trading, but it seems worth it to avoid any confusions.  

SuperNET will provide liquidity at NAV of its crypto portfolio.


When trading starts 1% of the raised funds will be used for a NAV bid.
For example, if 10000 BTC is raised, there will be a 100 BTC buy wall at the NAV.

[This] is meant to allow people to cashout at NAV even if there are no bids above book value. I will start with 1% of the fund allocated to this, but this is subject to change. I expect that there will be some premium over NAV for SuperNET, so I dont expect to need much percentage of the total funds to provide the needed NAV bid.

NXT Market Report: 22 September 2014

Market Cap

Welcome to this week’s Market Report. The last few days have been fairly unspectacular, which is nice after all the recent excitement. NXT declined 19.6% in price whereas Bitcoin decreased by 15.1% meaning that NXT’s loss was relatively small and can be explained as a normal market reaction to the rise we saw 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately NXT has lost its #5 position on, first to Dogecoin and now to Peercoin. Both Dogecoin and Peercoin got extremely pumped at a huge volume after big announcements: Dogecoin proclaimed merged mining with Litecoin and Peercoin announced the launch of NuBits

As predicted in the last market report NXT’s daily trading volume has remained steady at USD 100’000. There are now 7 trading pairs on 6 different exchanges, each with a daily trading volume of at least USD 1’000 (Multigateway included, since finally managed to include its volume). Amazingly NXT’s Multigateway is already the second biggest exchange for NXT with about 15% of the whole volume.



Status of the superNET ICO

Read also: superNET ICO ends

The ICO will end 1400 GMT on Tuesday and trading of the actual superNET asset will start 1400 GMT on Thursday. James‘ last update regarding the figures for the amounts raised was posted a couple of days ago, so I can’t give you the most up-to-date figure but the final total is expected to be about 5’000 BTC!

When trading starts on Thursday, a buy wall will be in place to accommodate those who have decided to disinvest; it will represent about 1% of the raised funds, the price being calculated on the basis of the net asset value of superNET’s crypto portfolio.

What’s going on in the Asset Exchange?

NXTventure: NXTventure (official thread makes private investments in promising corporations and adds value by integrating each investment into NxtServices. The month of September was an amazing one for NXTventure: The price increased by unbelievably 450% as well as NXTventure was able to announce three dividends – PrivateBet, ATOMIC and Freemarket. For 10 NXTventure you received 1 asset as dividend, which are all trading between 60 and 70 NXT each.

sharkfund0: These are the current holdings:

Coinomat 280’600 1’000’000 28.06% 9.39 9.38 2’632’028
Coinomat1 520’000 3’000’000 17.33% 8.9 7.5 3’900’000
InstantDEX 100’000 1’000’000 10.00% 53 48 4’800’000
jl777hodl 1’214’205 10’000’000 12.14% 3.2299997 3 3’642’615
NEMstake 19 1’000 1.90% 28’747 25’754 489’326
NXTprivacy 200’000 1’000’000 20.00% 43.999 43 8’600’000
NXTventure 10’000 1’000’000 1.00% 69.9 58.0001001 580’001.001
NXT 118’193.61414966 -> NXT total 24762162

11% BTCD $847K
8.5% BBR $48K
.45% XCP $25K
10% BTM $23K

The selected assets and crypto currencies are all long term holdings and extremely promising. You are basically investing in a hedge fund with a long term strategy and an active fund manager who is able to add value. At its launch each asset was valued at 10’000 NXT – they are now at 40’000 NXT.

I hope you enjoyed it and am already looking forward to next week’s report!

This market report is for general information and news purposes only. It does not take into account the reader’s personal circumstances, objectives or attitude towards risk. It is not (and is not intended to be) any form of advice, recommendation, representation, or endorsement by the author or the web site owner and should not be relied upon when making (or refraining from making) any investment decision.

NXT Market Report: 15 September 2014

Market Cap

Welcome to this week’s market report. Reviewing what’s been happening in the last few days is a real pleasure. At the time of writing NXT may have gained ‘only’ 1% in price but during the course of the week (12 September) NXT was valued at USD 43.2m and therefore reached its highest price since the beginning of August.

This increase in price is one consequence of the superNET ICO.

A second effect of the “ICO”, and probably even more important, was the significant increase in the trading volume with a peak at USD 250’000. Since the superNET ICO will last for at least another week we can expect a steady volume at around USD 100’000 – 150’000 for the next week and will probably see another rise in value.

In my last market report I pointed out the increasing ascendancy of NXT and this fact hasn’t changed. There are 9 NXT  trading pairs on 7 different exchanges with a daily trading volume of more than USD 1’000. If we also take the Multigateway into consideration, the number of exchanges with a decently filled order book rises to 8!

coinmarketcap 14092014

Status of the superNET ICO

The superNET ICO had a very successful start – within 2 hours jl777 raised funds valued at USD 1m! Since then, the fund raising has slowed down quite a bit but the funds are still flowing in steadily. A number of investors have indicated that they will be buying (more) tokens towards the end of the ICO period in the expectation of higher Nxt prices: because the token is priced in BTC, the Nxt price of the token on the Asset Exchange decreases with a rising NXT price. As of 13 September 14:00:01 GMT jl777 sold 438’214 tokens and raised the following amounts:

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  • 1’039.51 BTC
  • 35’941’407.98 NXT (@ 0.000079 BTC/NXT)
  • 18’256.01 BTCD (@0.0132 BTC/BTCD)
  • 621’425.55 CNY (@ 2907.5 BTC/CNY)
  • 5’403 VIA (@ 0.00035055 BTC/VIA)

Converted into BTC, as at the exchange rates for 14 September 2014, the above figures produce a total of 4335.47 Bitcoins! 

What is

We are happy to welcome to the Nxt Community. develops projects for crypto currencies and has already finished two: and You can get more information about these projects in their announcement thread on announced their IPO on the NXT Asset Exchange on 4 September 2014.  Initially there wasn’t really a lot of interest in their IPO asset EVOLVE since the offered product is new to the community and there was no immediate expectation of significant earning potential, at least in the short term. Then, on 13 September jl777 announced a partnership between SuperNET and

This announcement resulted in panic buying on the Asset Exchange – within 6 hours the offered IPO shares at 0.6 NXT were sold out and the market price sky rocketed to 3 NXT each. decided to issue a second asset called EVOLVE2 on the same basis as the first one. This time the asset was sold out within 1.5 hours! More evidence of the so called ‘jl777 effect’!

What’s going on in the Asset Exchange?

Privatebet: Privatebet is also one of jl777’s famous assets. jl777 bought some know-how from Come-from-Beyond for 200k NXT regarding a once popular gambling game called SatoshiDice. The owner earned millions with it but his service lost popularity because he had to switch from unconfirmed to confirmed transactions. In effect, jl777 bought the solution to how this service could be run on top of Nxt without being restricted to only accepting confirmed transactions. After jl777 won the auction, the price of Privatbet increased multiple times up to 88.83 NXT and is now listed at 84.99 NXT.

Nxttycoin: I have written about Nxttycoin in a previous market report. Nxttycoin has so far proved to be an outstanding investment possibility in the Asset Exchange: not only has its increase in value been remarkable, Nxttycoin holders also receive 5% interest on their coins at the end of every month.

You may have seen seen that Nxttycoin recently dropped several places on coinmarketcap (CMC). CMC has decided, for the purposes of calculating market capitalizations, only to count the coin supply actually tradeable on the market which, in the case of Nxttycoins, is 200M rather than the 1BN total supply on which the market cap was previously calculated. This of course means that Nxttycoin’s market cap is now 2o% of what it was previously.

The remaining 800M Nxttycoins are held in escrow by the Nxttycoin Foundation to cover the monthly ‘interest’ of 5% and to meet the developer’s commitment to distribute Nxttycoins among the first 100’000 users of the Nxtty messaging service.

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The launch of the Nxtty messenger service has been postponed several times now in order to take into account all the feedback  regarding possible improvements. The design of the application has been upgraded and the developer is planning to include a wallet for Nxttycoin in the application itself. The purpose of the wallet is twofold: to make in-app tipping a reality whilst at the same time introducing the user base to crypto currencies, which I find an amazing approach. We are looking forward to the final launch of the app and to its installation on our mobile devices.

That’s it for this week’s market report; I hope you enjoyed it!

This market report is for general information and news purposes only. It does not take into account the reader’s personal circumstances, objectives or attitude towards risk. It is not (and is not intended to be) any form of advice, recommendation, representation, or endorsement by the author or the web site owner and should not be relied upon when making (or refraining from making) any investment decision.

NXT Market Report: 8 September 2014

Market Cap

Welcome to this week’s market report. First of all I would like to apologize for the missing report (1 September), there were just too many things going on. I hope that this won’t ever happen again! But now back to the actual topic: The last two weeks have been amazingly interesting for NXT, which is reflected in its price. NXT has gained 28.1% in value since the last market report at an average daily trading volume of about USD 70’000. The reason for this increase is definitely the launch of superNET by jl777. 

NXT is increasingly in the ascendancy, with trading now taking place on several different exchanges – at the time of writing there are six different exchanges with a daily NXT trading volume over USD 1’000!

coinmarketcap 07092014Source:

The launch of SuperNET

There is already an existing article about the SuperNET, so there’s no need for me to explain it again here. I just want to make you aware of this huge investment opportunity, which in my opinion you shouldn’t miss. Imagine the effect on NXT of every other crypto currency in the SuperNET being able to use its features. Think about the consequences of a fast expanding user base. Consider the fact that the altcoins which are included in the SuperNET will be able to compete effectively with Bitcoin and fiat.

What’s going on in the Asset Exchange?

Fuzon: whale, the founder of Fuzon, has decided to close his fund and instead concentrate his attention on working with  jl777 on SuperNET. At the time of writing you have 2 options. The first is to sell your assets at a fixed price – whale has set up a buy order at 70 NXT, expiring 7pm Monday, 8 September 2014 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) . The other option, which I personally prefer, is that whale sends you the assets of the fund according to the amount of shares you hold. Have a look at the Fuzon thread for further information.

Coinomat1: Coinomat1 represents With coinomat you are able to transfer NXT directly to your credit card as well as convert crypto currencies into other crypto currencies. The Coinomat IPO, which finished recently, raised 7m NXT. The offer price was 2 NXT per share. The assets currently have a value of about 4.5 NXT each! Coinomat stands out due to its support of NXT as well as the weekly dividend payments it makes. Have a look at this site for information about coinomat’s revenues.

That’s it for another week. I’m already looking forward to writing the next Market Report!

This market report is for general information and news purposes only. It does not take into account the reader’s personal circumstances, objectives or attitude towards risk. It is not (and is not intended to be) any form of advice, recommendation, representation, or endorsement by the author or the web site owner and should not be relied upon when making (or refraining from making) any investment decision.

SuperNET ICO has started

About SuperNET summarises SuperNET
Prospective participants are encouraged to read this brief document in full! Any unanswered questions are likely to be addressed there.

SuperNET is a new initiative designed to:

  • Unite disparate cryptocurrencies by fostering collaboration
  • Reward innovation, talent and active coin communities
  • Share resulting benefits with CORE members and extend advantages to all cryptocurrencies
  • Bring value to long-term SuperNET participants

SuperNET will bring together a number of promising cryptocurrencies with strong tech. These CORE currencies will be able to share each others’ features through a combined wallet (based on the NXT wallet). Several additional revenue-generating services will be included in SuperNET, from targeted advertising and transaction fees from anonymity protocols to betting revenues and trading gains. Any revenues raised will be used to reward SuperNET holders, strengthen CORE coin communities by investing in development, and make improvements to other key areas of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The price of SuperNET will be backed by its underlying cryptocurrencies. It will aim to acquire 10 percent of those coins it includes in the CORE (currently BTCD and BBR, as well as in investment in NXT-related assets). This means the price is protected from falls as holders are unlikely to sell it for less than the value of these underlying currencies. SuperNET is not a coin and this is unlike any other coin launch held to date. Additional funds will not dilute SuperNET but give it more influence and purchasing power.

The majority of funds provided by participants will be held long-term until they are needed. Additional revenue-generating services are included for free and are not included in the book price – despite offering immediate additional value.

SuperNET is not a cryptocurrency and does not intend to replace any cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin. As the name UNITY suggests, the philosophy of SuperNET is that cryptocurrency will be stronger if we pool resources and share strong tech, instead of assuming the same zero-sum mentality carried over from parts of the fiat economy. Clones and coins that do not offer unique features will not be included in SuperNET.

SuperNET fundraising process

SuperNET will be available on BTER and the NXT Asset Exchange (available within the client downloadable from, or for browser version).
BTER will sell a SuperNET token (symbol: TOKEN) which will be exchanged for the UNITY asset at the end of the process. (TOKEN may not be withdrawn until it has been converted to UNITY. They may be traded if desired.)

A similar token will be available on the Asset Exchange, which will also be exchanged for UNITY at the end:
Official SuperNET NXT addr: NXT-MRBN-8DFH-PFMK-A4DBM
Official SuperNET TOKEN asset: 15641806960898178066
Beware of any SuperNET related asset issued by any other account

TOKEN can be purchased in BTC, NXT and BTCD. There will be a 5% discount on the BTC price for purchases with NXT and BTCD. The discount will be calculated from a 24-hour moving average. This does not take into account any fluctuations in the price of NXT or BTCD over the course of the process.

In addition, there will be an ‘early bird’ discount of 15% for the first investors. This amount will slowly decrease to zero over the next two weeks. Pricing will be adjusted automatically on BTER but manually on the NXT Asset Exchange, hence may not be as smooth. 

There is no limit on the amount of TOKEN available overall, though there may be short-term restrictions on TOKEN available at a given price if volumes are very high. If a large number are sold, this does not dilute other buyers’ holdings, since SuperNET is backed by the cryptocurrency paid: SuperNET is not a cryptocurrency and this is not like a typical coin offering. (SuperNET is a basket of cryptocurrencies and revenue-generating assets than can be considered more like a closed-ended mutual fund.)

The fundraiser started at 14:00 GMT Saturday 6 September. It will continue for 2-4 weeks in total, for as long as there is sufficient interest. At the end, all TOKEN will be converted to UNITY, which can be withdrawn to a NXT wallet or traded on the AE, BTER and other supporting exchanges.


Issuer: jl777

Asset ID: 3006420581923704757
Issuing accountNXT-ZWW7-PSXW-89TR-AA67Z

Trading and performance:



Sharkfund0 is a trading fund that targets high-performing assets. Sharkfund0 owns 11 percent of all BTCD and 10 percent of BBR. It also has 20 percent of NXTprivacy, 10 percent of InstantDEX, 12 percent of jl777hodl (JLH), and around 10 percent of the Coinomat asset. To date it has returned 300 percent in three months.


It’s an opportunistic fund that will make short term investments it feels will have a positive ROI in the crypto space. If there is an arbitrage it will do it. If there is a chance to put funds in at the groundfloor in a NXTventure offering, it will do it.

sharkfund0 is a pooling of funds and all purchasers of sharkfund get the same return. From the smallest investor that puts in 1 NXT to the big whales who put in millions of NXT.

sharkfund0 represents investment capital. Investors who purchase sharkfund are piggy backing on my personal investment decisions and I now have voldemort to bounce ideas off of and we use a buddy system to make sure each investment has the proper risk/reward. Sharkfund0 is similar to an open ended fund.

The sharkfund0 asset is tuned to reflect Teleport, think of it as a sector fund.

Follow the Shark Tales blog for updates:


Sharkfund0 Nxt AE description

Each purchased sharkfund0 asset represents a proportional share of the fund’s crypto holdings. NXTsharks will actively manage sharkfund0 to maximize its market value. 25% of profits are assetized by the NXTsharks assets, the rest compounds in sharkfund0.

The sharkfund0 assets held by NXTsharks are unpurchased assets and are not bound to anything, NXTsharks will never sell unpurchased assets via AE. Initially, the value is set to 10000 NXT per asset. After the initial funding, additions are made at the marked to the market value of all previously purchased sharkfund0 assets.

Purchases using non-NXT crypto is done manually on a case by case basis, minimum 10 BTC. It is preferred to make withdrawals simply by selling the asset using AE, but NXTsharks can accomodate requests of larger cashouts manually. please check the NXT forum for up to date details.


Other assets issued by jl777

Nxt Market Report: 25 August 2014

Market Cap

Welcome to this week’s market report. It’s been another interesting week and we have plenty to write about. We start by having our usual look at the current market capitalizations. Since the last market report NXT has decreased in price by 6.5%. Additionally the trading volume, according to coinmarketcap, has been on a downtrend – it reached its high at about USD 100’000 (21 August) before shrinking to a daily average of about USD 40’000 during the last few days. The sharp fall in trading volume is explained by Bter’s hack last week as a result of which traders don’t trust Bter anymore and have either switched to a different exchange or to the Multigateway (which has experienced a considerable uptake in its use as a result of the hack). Moreover, Bter announced it would be charging a fee of 3% on all NXT withdrawals, which is understandable since Bter is still missing 4.5m NXT. There’s more detail regarding this story below. 

coinmarketcap 240814Source:

UPDATE: Hack of Bter’s main account

A week ago Bter was still missing 8.3m NXT and even though it was an internal fault of the exchange, the NXT community nevertheless assisted Bter in any way it could, see this thread to read the whole discussion. Initially, as mentioned above, Bter announced an increased NXT withdrawal fee of 3%. This increase was intended not only to fill the 8.3m NXT hole but also to prevent a bank run! A number of different whales (users with a big stake in NXT) came up with proposals to smoothly restore the ‘old’ Bter, as a result of which the following agreement has been made: Bter is to provide a year of free NXT trading on its exchange in return for a loan of 2m NXT, enabling Bter to reduce the withdrawal fee to a  more reasonable 1%, albeit this is still double the old rate.

In another major development, Dom P, a well-known member at, started a hunt for Bter’s hacker, which has already been successful: another chunk of the missing money has been recovered, some 3.8m NXT! Good news undoubtedly but this incident has clearly shown the downsides of centralized exchanges and the advantages in trading instead with the Multigateway.

Teleport: A new attempt to achieve privacy

Teleport is one of the many projects jl777 is working on. The goal is to make transactions off the blockchain so nobody is able to identify the user behind it. There are already different approaches by competitors like Darkcoin or Monero but jl777’s Teleport is a completely new one. Here’s how jl777 explains it:

Teleport is a different approach to privacy that seeks to use one of the very features of cryptocurrency networks that limit anonymity under normal circumstances: transaction linkage. Teleport occurs off the blockchain but is verified using the blockchain, utilising the benefits of a public record without suffering its drawbacks.
Teleport uses ‘telepods’ – packages of information containing everything required to make a transaction – to transfer funds securely and outside of the blockchain to the intended recipient.

jl777 is also core developer of BitcoinDark, with which he aims to make Teleport a reality. He explains it thus:

“Nxt Inside” is something I am reaching out to other coins to do. Each new coin with Nxt Inside is a totally new community that instantly becomes NXT users. Their coin gets the advantage of all the NXT 2.0 features, NXT gets more nodes and users for AE, Marketplace, InstantDEX, etc. The first step is to get the coin traded in MGW, then there is a direct reason for them to want reskinned NXT GUI. Maybe they strip out everything but the AE for their coin, or maybe they keep all of NXT. Doesn’t matter, it is all good as NXT is helping them by being a platform.

Now people are hesitant to be the first, so I make BTCD do this as example and then other coins will copy, especially if BTCD does well.

Advertised as “Nxt inside” jl777 aims to create a network of different coins using NXT as platform. This is huge since NXT will get lots of new users as well as publicity (also have a look at BitcoinDark’s price chart). Teleport is included in jl777’s asset NXTprivacy, something to consider investing in if you would like to be part of this story.

What’s going on in the Asset Exchange?

InstantDEX: InstantDEX is an asset managed by – who could it be? – jl777. The primary aim of InstantDEX is to offer realtime trading of NXT as well as Instant Transactions. In addition, InstantDEX will be a piece of the puzzle for Teleport, which is no doubt why it has experienced a doubling in price over the last week.

Nxttycoin: This coin is the official crypto currency of the Nxt Mobile Applications Company (NMAC), click this link to have a look at the announcement thread. The holders of Nxttycoins are understood to be the owners of NMAC. Nxttycoin is already listed on coinmarketcap and has an amazingly big community for an application which has not even launched yet (Facebook, Twitter). Over the last few weeks Nxttycoin’s value has increased by over 100%! As a bonus Nxttycoin has a reward program: on the last day of each month you receive an amount equalling 5% of your current holdings (Example: You hold 100’000 Nxttycoins. On the 31st of August you receive a reward of 5’000 Nxttycoins). The official launch date of the app is the 26 August 2014.

That’s it for the NXT market report this week; hope you enjoyed it!

This market report is for general information and news purposes only. It does not take into account the reader’s personal circumstances, objectives or attitude towards risk. It is not (and is not intended to be) any form of advice, recommendation, representation, or endorsement by the author or the web site owner and should not be relied upon when making (or refraining from making) any investment decision.