NXTER.ORG update #1

Hello world!

NXTER.ORG is slowly (in crypto time) turning into the community project we hoped for. Nxters are contributing with their news and views, so the overall number of news items, blogposts and tech articles published has been going up, and with this also the number of site visitors, social media connections and email subscribers. So a big thank you to everybody who has contributed to the English and the French NXTER.ORG so far.


In January we focused on getting some basic ‘long lasting’ content up, Nxt guides and in depth presentations of Nxt’s CORE features, not only because they have been implemented in the NRS Client, but also to show they should be and are being used by 3rd party developers to build innovative and user friendly services on top of our Nxt platform. With the essential guides and articles now in place, we can begin to spend more time on diving into the detail of those 3rd party projects. They are, after all, what will probably drive the wider adoption of Nxt in the future. So, if you have a project built, or in the process of being built, on Nxt, please get in contact so we can help you spread the word.

Also read: http://test.nxter.org/developers

But why?

In addition to the obvious reason for documenting Nxt’s core features, one of our goals for February-March is to translate them and add landing pages in more languages. Each ‘local’ NXTER.ORG site will host easy to follow guides, our main articles about Nxt plus the most important links. This is to give non-English speaking people an access point into Nxt and also make it easier for them to spread the word about Nxt locally. To friends, maybe developers, maybe universities, maybe the press. Each subsite can be turned into a full blown local blog space or magazine (like the English and the French sites), if/when local editors take on the task. For the moment we will not be actively working for the latter, as we are still working hard on building the main site.


We consider the expansion of Nxt’s outreach very important, so we’ve decided to reward translators of this specific ‘landing page’ content, not with the usual 1/3 of what the original authors were paid, but with 1/2. If you are interested in translating and can do it well, you can read more here.

Short news

Coinomat is now main sponsor of NXTER.ORG.

SuperNET client
The official SuperNET Client will link to http://test.nxter.org.

Crypto radio show
You can listen to crypto radio on NXTER.ORG. Just hit ‘play’ in the sidebar and enjoy. It’s Nxt friendly crypto talk and good music, live and recorded, from http://www.supernetradio.com.

SuperNET silver coin contest
We’ve gotten our dirty hands with a .999 grade silver SuperNET coin, and now you can have it.

The coin is from pondsea, and one out of a total mintage of only 1000 numbered SuperNET coins. This silver beauty can be redeemed for a physical coin or traded as an asset on Nxt AE, ID 1976421459488798622). Here’s how you can win the coin: http://test.nxter.org/win-a-supernet-silver-coin/

Nxtforum.org subforum
We’ve started a public subforum here: https://nxtforum.org/nxter-org/

Do visit, feel at home, bookmark it, push ideas, ask questions, or just post a meme.

New French editor
We have a new French editor: Hachoir. Welcome on board!

New accountant / business manager
Lionel Jeannerat (Ludom), who has been a core contributor to NXTER.ORG since July, has recently taken over from KarlKarlsson as NXTER.ORG’s accountant and general business manager. Ludom is a trusted Nxt community veteran, known as the “French Nxter” (even though he is Swiss), the founder of the world’s Most Interesting Coin (MIC), an asset expert, article writer and (former) editor of the French NXTER.ORG site.

Join the movement

We welcome anyone who wants to join us in our efforts.

We don’t want to just sit around waiting for NXT to appreciate in price. Neither do we want to confine ourselves to merely being a donation funded promoter of the Nxt platform. We want to share Nxt with the world and at the same time make money which can be shared with everyone who is participating in building Nxt through NXTER.ORG.

NXTER.ORG is an opportunity to showcase Nxt and its ever-growing range of services. We think people should directly benefit from contributing to this promotional experiment. Accordingly, when you make a contribution to NXTER.ORG, profit-sharing NXTP assets are transferred to your account and every month we pay out 70% of NXTER.ORG’s Net profit as NXT dividends to our asset holding contributors.

We welcome anyone who wants to join us and contribute their quality skills to our awareness building community project; bloggers, journalists, graphic designers, web designers, translators, SEO experts, Nxt 3rd party project devs (funded or unfunded), and Nxt businesses. We look forward to working with you, either as employers or in a profit-sharing business relationship.

Make contact either by writing directly to apenzl or Ludom or by using NXTER.ORG.

Yours sincerely,
Arthur Penzl, on behalf of the NXTER.ORG Team

NXT Weekly 26.01.2015

Welcome Nxters: newcomers as well as long-time community members!

News Summary

Nxt has just released another major feature: The Monetary System, which allows users to issue customized coins on top of the Nxt Network. The community has voted on whom to entrust with spending our community funds, lots of 3rd party projects are cooking, the Consensus Research Group has released reports about the Nxt PoS algorithm, and also: You can now donate towards the possible destruction of our blockchain. Sounds massive? It is. This is NXT Newsletter #16.


In this week’s issue, the focus is mainly on the inner workings of the Nxt core tech and the Nxt Community.


  • The MS launch
  • CFC: Voting result
  • New Nxt core devs
  • Kill the blockchain!
  • Consensus Research Group
  • Hail to the old committees
  • Quote of the week
  • Words of Wisdom of the week

The Monetary System launch

The Nxt Monetary System (MS) has launched. Using the various parameters outlined here, anyone can now create customized currencies on top of the Nxt blockchain. New coins can be designed for specific purposes, some of which are touched on in this article.

750+ currency names were registered within the first 24 hours of the launch, making it a good day for forgers, with approximately 370K NXT in fees (40NXT – 25,000 NXT per registration) being paid out.

With the Monetary System, you can create coins without having to set up and bootstrap a network, as it’s already backed and secured for you by the Nxt Network. Bootstrapping is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome when launching a new p2p coin, so this is of particular relevance whether you’re a person, a business or a local community which wants to go digital with an already existing local currency. Loyalty points, game currencies, and controllable/pegged currencies are easy to create, it’s even possible for existing coins to be moved onto the Nxt blockchain. The Nxt wiki has a great in-depth tutorial, and if you need further help, you can visit the Monetary System forum.

Another use case is the ‘crowd funding coin’, which is ‘sold’ in exchange for donations; if a pre-set amount of ‘coins’ have been ‘bought’ at a pre-set time, the funds are released to the issuer. If not, the money is returned to the donators/buyers. This feature turns Nxt into a 100% decentralized crowdfunding platform.

As usual with Nxt, this new core feature doesn’t come with an in depth ‘For Dummies’ manual. Use cases are proposed, but the community is encouraged to test, learn and tweak it, brainstorm and find more use cases. If you want to play around with issuing currencies, you are advised to start by doing so on the Nxt Testnet.

Nxt.org has set up an easy to access testnet node, and a well-funded account will provide you the testNXT you need to get familiar with the Monetary System. Instructions and testnet can be found here.

On mainnet new ‘PoW’ coins like EGOLD, ELEMS and FORKK are being minted with the Nxt Mint Worker Utility and sold in the in-client exchange, whilst in the giveaway threads in Nxtforum useless MS currency coins, created out of thin air for a 40 NXT fee, are being given away for free.

While some early MS coins are meaningless, others have clear purposes. These are a few examples:



The Ora project started out on bitcointalk.org with an idea of making a “free and fairly distributed” 2.0 PoS coin based on the Qora source code. Ora describes itself as being a “leaderless, decentralized ‘starfish’ community software development project”. The initial method of stake distribution was a giveaway using the Nxt Asset Exchange: 889 people registered for a free stake of 166,666 assets each, between June 24 and July 8.

On Nov. 25 Ora announced that it would be launched as a Monetary System coin.


When CFB first suggested this option in June the only real reservation was that ORA would be dependent on the NXT platform for its very existence. Six months on, as NXT celebrates its first birthday we believe the connection with NXT is a major advantage for ORA. The NXT ecosystem is resilient, vibrant, and grows stronger every day, and the development output over the last 12 months has been truly staggering.

We believe the NXT platform offers ORA long term network stability, just as TCP/IP offers stability for higher order protocols like HTTP, FTP, SMTP, and this stability will allow us to focus our resources and attention on the more ‘retail’ level concerns, like user experience, leaving the ‘backstage’ grunt work of network security and stability for NXT. As always, we welcome any feedback our stakeholders might have, and we take this opportunity to invite all people to join us, particularly those with dev skills who are interested in developing the ORA applications that will run on NXT.

ORA’s three letter code is the ISO compatible, ‘XOR’, so ORA is set up for future growth and international recognition.




We have issued ZIN as a POS Crypto in NXT Monetary System and will assign everybody with a SMS Number 100 ZIN soon! It can be the biggest airdrop ever in Cryptocurrency history!

Sepehr is a veteran Nxter from Iran, and also the issuer of another asset, Forgecoin, which has earned him trust in the community by paying dividends to its holders for 7 months.

CryptoZin will make NXT (as well as the MS coins built on it), BTC and other top altcoins simple to use for anyone with a smartphone. We don’t yet know whether ZIN will have its own monetary value or not. But by sending a Nxt backed cryptocurrency as a promotional offer to “anyone in the world with a mobile phone”, Sepehr will be indirectly demonstrating the value of his service. ZIN will prove to a non-tech audience that CryptoZin not only works but also is so easy to use that they can send ZIN/MS coins on to friends or even grandparents. Next step, of course, will be to teach them the value of real cryptocurrencies. CryptoZin plans to integrate SuperNET.



jl777 has suggested in SuperNET Slack that he will issue an MS coin with a special use case. Exactly how he will tweak it, is something we’ll have to wait and see, as the announcement only contains limited information about this.


I want to make a short life cycle realtime currency for poker chips. We need a way to do 1000 tx per second between the players as the poker players are playing that fast. Any change in players extinguishes the currency, and it goes to something more solid, maybe NXT, maybe some MS coin. I believe I figured out how to achieve realtime tx, backed by locked NXT, freely exchangeable, verifiable. Still some unsolved issues but I feel the locked MS coin is a key part of this.

James has not earned his respect in the crypto world by talking tech without backing his words with actual code. So we might soon see a new MS use case turn up here, as part of a feature in his brainchild, the SuperNET.

LTB or not?

Swiss NXT and Bitcoin investor Marc De Messel has recently offered Adam B. Levine to buy out all Let’s Talk Bitcoin coins for 4 million NXT, provided that Adam would use NXT as his reward currency instead. After having his offer appreciated but turned down for various reasons , Marc changed his offer to this: If the LTB crew and community re-issues their LTBcoin experiment as an MS coin with additional features, Marc will back it with 2 million NXT in addition to its own current net worth.

The discussion about his offer is ongoing and can be followed here.

So what’s next?

The Monetary System can be used in its most raw form within Nxt’s NRS client (like any other core feature), but as usual with Nxt, further developments, including third party ones, are quick to appear or at least be under discussion: a java ‘minter’ has already been launched, NxtMint, there’s talk going on about making easily customized standalone MS-wallets, MyNXT has released an MS-plugin for their online wallet, and MS enhancement proposals are being discussed with the core devs.

To discuss the use of MS currencies in Local Exchange Trading Systems, visit this thread.

Anyone can build on the Nxt platform for free. There’s a list of API calls here, and a list of the public nodes available for all. Inside.org is an initiative designed to help new Nxt programmers, and on the forum, you can get help from the Nxt core developers themselves. Nxt is an easy to use crypto platform, and with the MS core feature launch, Nxt has now taken another big technological step forward ahead of the competition. The current use cases for the NRS client are merely the tip of the iceberg of possibilities, as described in the Nxt [CORE] article series.

CFC: Voting result

The proposal on how to structure a new and pro-active Nxt Community Fund (as mentioned in the last newsletter) was adopted with 94.1% of the votes, meaning that the remaining NXT (approximately 6M in total) from the 3 existing community funding committees will be transferred to this NEW committee, which will be given authority to act and spend on behalf of the Nxt Community.

On December 03, interested Nxters were asked to nominate themselves for one of the 8 unpaid positions in CFC. On January 14, a 2 weeks’ voting round finally began and the result of the vote is the following lineup:

Chair : EvilDave
Secretary: Cassius
Business position : Damelon
Technical member : ChuckOne
Treasurers: DomP and Pouncer

Congratulations to all those elected and not least a great big THANK YOU!

New Nxt core devs

A new developer team has joined our CORE dev team. They will implement:

  • Global Collaboration, which includes:
    • Project Management.
    • Regular and flexible payment models via simplified Smart Contract Transaction.
  • Reputation System.

Their vision is a decentralized business network (https://nxtforum.org/debune/announcing-debune/).

NRS manager ChuckOne writes:

Please welcome the new members of the core dev team by providing donations or help to them. Roberto is going to release assets for crowdfunding in order to try covering their expenditures for both the NRS core additions and their third-party application DeBuNe on top of Nxt.

Welcome, Roberto (Capodieci), Yudi and aryanatameiyana. A full list of Nxt core devs are here.

Kill the blockchain!

A week ago a visitor from Bitcointalk made it to the Nxtforums.


Hi! I’m cynicSOB and I’m a cynical SOB
and I’m here to hack your coin
white hat

Nxt raises funds for its funeral

BCNext once advised: Do not trust strangers on the Internet, especially if their nickname is “BCNext”. It’s not the first time that the Nxt Community has set up bounties and dared hackers to attack the Nxt blockchain and kill it. cynicSOB has been met with open arms and best wishes by the community, as well as pledges of both NXT and BTC bounties from Nxt veterans, and EvilDave (former TechDevFund Committee member, now chair in the new Community Funding Committee) is offering cynicSOB technical support to carry out the attack. Unfortunately, an attack on the Nxt blockchain would cost around 3,7 million dollars, so the attack will be carried out on testnet.


Could we please beef up the TestNet and get some more nodes up? I’d like to see around 20 nodes, with at least 10 forging accounts. We may need to do some serious TestNXT redistribution, as cynicSOB will also need a substantial amount to set up an attack (10% of the total was suggested) as well as substantial sums for the forging accounts.

Let’s see if the creation of BCNext and the Nxt CORE dev team can be trusted. We’re in the hands of cynicSOB. The ongoing drama can be followed here.


Only in Nxt do prominent Nxt users want to see their coin hacked!  We know our devs can innovate past any verified flaw! ;D

Consensus Research Group

December 12, Kushti published a simulation tool for Nxt forging on GitHub, taking a less ‘cynical’ approach to the same declared goal – testing whether the Nxt PoS tech is as secure as we claim it to be or not. With ‘Consensus Research Group’, Kushti has started what he calls “the first independent research group going to bring formal verification to the world of cryptocurrencies.”


Cryptocurrencies suffer from unproven claims, bold statements, low-quality ‘papers’ and naive implementations, though the cost of an error could be very high (USD$ millions).

Consensus Research Group is going to improve overall quality of thinking about cryptocurrencies with:

  • proven open-source reference implementations code made partly at least in Coq programming language/theorem prover (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coq).
  • executable simulations anyone can play with (to e.g. find best parameters under some assumptions).
  • formal but understandable papers.
  • coins’ developers’ consultations.

The research project began when Kushti started writing a series of personal blog posts about the Nxt forging algorithm. Following up on the ideas contained in the first 2 posts, his friend andruiman published a statistical paper on some of the properties of Nxt forging, thereby causing a heated debate in the Nxt forums. He converted Kushti’s model into Coq, “proving some basic properties as theorems, and introducing multi branched forging (which could be turned into so-called Transparent Forging during implementation and also to open the door to Nothing-at-Stake investigation.”

Paper on attacks related to Multibranch Forging:  https://github.com/ConsensusResearch/articles-papers/blob/master/multistrategy/multistrategy.pdf

1st paper: http://www.scribd.com/doc/248208963/Multibranch-forging
MultiBranch Forging Simulation Tool: https://github.com/ConsensusResearch/MultiBranch
Nxt PoS forging simulation tool: 

Vitalik Buterin (Etherium) has discussed the first paper in this thread on reddit.

On January 14, 2015, Kushti concluded:

Nothing-at-stake attack – not possible at the moment! Will be possible when a lot of forgers will use multiple-branch forging  to increase profits. (…) In such scenario attack is possible only within short-range e.g. with 25 confirmations needed 10% attacker can’t make an attack. And attack is pretty random in nature, it’s impossible to predict whether 2 forks will be within N best forks (from exponentially growing set) for k confirmations. So from our point of view the importance of the attack is pretty overblown.

People are invited to carry out their own experiments using N@S simulation tool.

Kushti first entered the Nxt stage as the lead developer of a Techcrunch Disrupt Hackathon project, Cryptamail, a decentralized email system built on top of Nxt. He joined the Nxt CORE dev team as a tester and subsequently went on to develop several Nxt core features, including the Voting System and 2-Phased Transactions.

Consensus Research Group has issued a crowd funding asset (‘consensus’, asset ID 5841059555983208287) which is sold in lots, the timing of the sales being based on the achievement of certain development milestones. The price of each asset is 1 NXT and should be bought only from the Issuer account. There will be no dividends but there will be opportunities for investors to start research projects by vote. You can view all the results here: https://nxtforum.org/consensus-research/

Hail to the ‘old’ funding committees

To round this off, let’s take a look at some of the projects that the soon to be obsolete Nxt Funding Committees actually funded.

Recurring core developer salaries

The most valuable investment of the community funds: The core of the Nxt platform.



300,000 Nxt to cover 12 months of bounty funds at 25,000 Nxt per month.

NxtWallet / NRS GUI

400,000 NXT. http://nxtra.org/nxt-wallet/ (redirects to nxt.org)


10,000 NXT for the faucet. http://freenxt.org


One of the first community initiatives to get funded. 200K NXT were sent on April 23 to the NXT crowd funding site initiative, but then things got complicated. On October 27 POPPP announced that the site was finally up.

Nxt-Starter.com is fully functional but still in its first version. Payments are made through a coinpayments.net solution – the plan is to integrate p2p funding with NXT and MS-coins directly, making the payment system fully decentralized. If you want to raise a bounty for the NXT Community, you can do it here for no fee. In addition to running crowdfunding campaigns you can get a page for your Nxt Marketplace store, and list projects that have already got funded.

Nxt-Starter is part of the NXTweb asset, which will also contain a freelancer and a microjob website, based on source code from CoinEvolve. But, as they say, that’s another story.

The Nxt B-day giveaway

10 random NXTER.ORG newsletter subscribers have been picked as the winners of 100 NXTP each, as announced in the last NXT Newsletter. The Nxt Community was asked for random numbers, which we checked against our list of email subscribers to find the lucky winners and then asked them for their Nxt account ID to receive their prize. Congratulations to the winners!

6 x 100 NXTP have been sent out. As for the last 4 winners, if they haven’t claimed their prizes before 27.01.2015, new winners will be picked – so now is the time to check your inbox and spam box.

Quote of the week


Work needs to be rewarded

Words of wisdom of the week


NXT will be the fuel currency of the Nxt ecosystem. People will pay NXT to forgers (as they do now) in order to get transactions verified. Forgers will sell NXT to people in exchange for currencies. So, there will be a market that determines the price of NXT.

Also read: The Value of 10 NXTs

Nxt – Your First Birthday!

1 year under your belt.

1 year since the Nxt genesis block was created.

Happy birthday, Nxt!


Well, this first year of your life has certainly been tumultuous but it’s also been inspiring. From being a fragile, newborn baby, a brand new blockchain and a descendant of Bitcoin you have now grown into an independent, truly decentralized, 2nd generation, PoS crypto platform.

It’s a rough old world, this crypto world of ours, but you haven’t merely survived your first Ddos attacks, scam accusations, and the usual FUD, you’ve actually managed to come out stronger every time, with more nodes, more features, more supporters and more interesting use cases for businesses.

And when we look at what core features are still in the pipeline, we can see that you’re really only in your infancy, but what an infant! Strong, healthy and very real, and these new features are not just talk to make you look interesting, they are being released in a steady flow, helping you grow stronger and stronger. Meanwhile, your full potential still remains to be discovered by the masses.

Thank you, BCNext, for bringing Nxt to life.
Thank you, Nxt devs and Community for shaping that life.
And thank you Nxt for making a better, more decentralized world a reality.

We at nxter.org are proud to support you.

NXTER.ORG is celebrating your 1st Birthday…

  • by relaunching the legendary NXT Newsletter. Wednesdays, weekly.
  • with an article series about Nxt’s core features (6 articles over the next 2 weeks).
  • by giving away a total of 1000 FREE NXTP assets to randomly picked newsletter subscribers. 2 winners will be picked the following 5 Fridays. The selected winners will be notified via their signup mail address and asked to provide a Nxt acct ID.

NXTP (Nxterpoints) are reward points, based on Nxter.org’s net profit, which are dividended out at the beginning of every month. NXTP are awarded to contributors to nxter.org. Read more here.

You can join our list of subscribers here.

The Internet is finally changing into a more private, secure, free and decentralized scene. A starfish community has grown from Nxt’s rich potential, with use cases and new services based on Nxt springing up in different areas of the world every week, and yet this is only the beginning. Nxt tokens are affordable, the platform is easy to build on and anyone and everyone can become a part of the Nxt revolution.

Get Published. Get Paid.

What is this?
What can I contribute
Notes for all contributors

What is this?

Write something. Code something.

You get paid in Nxterpoints (NXTP).
NXTP’s are loyalty points awarded to readers who contribute to NXTER.ORG.

As a thank you for your dedication, we donate Nxter.org’s profits to contributors. We do this in the form of dividends. Because we’ve issued the NXTP asset on the Nxt Asset Exchange (AE) and use the AE to distribute the NXTP’s, you can transfer them, sell them or simply keep them and continue earning dividends, month after month.

The dividends, which are paid in the beginning of every month, are currently paid in NXT, and financed out of the revenues generated by NXTER.ORG from whatever source, including sponsors, advertising, article and book sales + other services we (or you) may introduce in the future. If you decide to stop contributing to NXTER.ORG, you’ll get to keep your NXTP’s, and we’ll continue paying dividends as a thank you for your past loyalty and contributions to NXTER.ORG.

What can I contribute to NXTER.ORG?

Your news or views on anything in any way relevant to Nxt as a token, a crypto currency, a platform or an economic ecosystem, your translation skills, your code as a Nxt service programmer, or relevant article images or web design for NXTER.ORG.

If we use or publish your contribution, you will be awarded with NXTP, depending on word length and / or quality of your work.

Category 1 contribution
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Category 2 contribution
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Category 3 contribution
A previously unpublished news update or asset description.

Category 4 contribution

Category 5 contribution
Any other contribution that helps Nxt through NXTER.ORG. Feel free to ask or propose something.


Details about the contribution categories

Category 1 contribution
A blog post

Readers are welcome to submit guest blog posts.

For each approved blog post, the contributor will receive 100-250 Nxterpoints. The exact amount of Nxterpoints awarded will depend on the editor’s assessment of the blog post’s quality and the amount of any editing required.

You can write about anything Nxt related, including aspects of society or business where NXT, as a currency and/or as a token or an economic platform, has or could have a role to play.

We’re constantly on the look-out for new stories and people who want to express their point of view.

For example, you might be worried about surveillance. You could be a social entrepreneur. Student. Developer. Activist. Or a financial blogger interested in crypto currencies. Whatever your background or perspective, get in touch if you have something to say.

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We reserve the right to modify/delete blog posts. Before doing so we will contact you by email (assuming you have provided us with your email address) or otherwise by Nxt message.

Category 2 contribution
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1000 words and above:   400 up to 500 loyalty points.

We’re always interested in new stories and people who want to share their knowledge and considered opinions on subjects in any way relevant to NXT as a crypto currency, token or economic ecosystem.

Have you got a good story to tell or a point of view you want to express or is there something you think we should follow up?

Maybe you’ve already written an article and are now looking to get it published. Or perhaps you would like to join our team of writers and be commissioned to write articles?

We’re always happy to receive unsolicited articles for possible publication.

Feel free to get in contact at any time.

The exact amount of NXTP awarded per Category 2 contribution will depend on the amount of any editing required.

Category 3 contribution
A previously unpublished news update or asset description

Did you just read some breaking news in the forums? Know of a story about to break?

Perhaps you’ve heard something from an insider source.

Or maybe you’re about to launch a new asset on the Asset Exchange or, conversely, you’ve just spotted a scam asset and want to blow the whistle on it.

Whatever it is, let us know (see Notes for Contributors below for contact details) and if we publish what you send us, we’ll award you 25-100 NxterPoints, the exact amount depending on our assessment of its newsworthiness.

If it’s a story or press release about your own project which you would like us to publicise (we’re always happy to oblige whenever possible!) please use the contact form (not paid).

Category 4 contribution:

Nxt is a global phenomenon, which we want to celebrate.

The main site is in English, but Nxter.org aims to be a multilingual magazine that reaches out to the world.

The French site (http://test.nxter.org/fr) was launched to test this, and we’re proud to say, we consider it a success.

We only pay for translations where there is a local market (that we can build upon) and a large segment of that market does not understand English, either well or at all. At the moment we consider French and Spanish to be our main targets. However, we are very open to suggestions regarding additional languages, so if you think this can be expanded – and you can contribute to it – please contact us.

Local editors not only publish original articles in their own language, they also translate other content on nxter.org into their own language as well. We want to reflect Nxt decentralization. It also happens that nxter.org runs “campaigns” that we want published in all languages simultaneously (for example about new Nxt core features or as a paid service to Nxt businesses).

Translators are paid 1/3 of the original author’s payment.

If you are interested in being a local editor (either by running a local blog or a magazine), please also read about Category 5 contributions.

Category 5 contribution:
Any other contribution that helps nxter.org.

Tell us what you have got that we need.

We’re always open to suggestions. Are you good with social media or PR? We send out PR material to other media as well. An artist or psd-shark who can do better featured images for the articles than us? A developer who can’t stand to see that we’re not able to sell digital goods from Nxt Marketplace directly from the site yet, don’t have a NXTER Dapp or even a secure NXTER online wallet to go with our Market Reports? 😉 Perhaps you just want to brainstorm an idea, or put in the hours to build a side business yourself on NXTER.ORG. We are open to new partnerships.

Contact us if you have a good idea and the right skills to execute it. Please use the contact form.

Notes for all contributors

Blog posts are published directly by readers HERE, subject to review by the editor.

Please send previously unpublished news items in by using the Breaking News contact form.

Please send all contributions intended for possible publication on the front page of NXTER.ORG HERE.

Translators and Category 5 contributors (any other contribution), please make contact using this contact form.

All contributions of any kind submitted by the contributor as the author must be his or her original work and not have been previously published.

Editing of contributions mainly involves proof-reading for typos and making changes (grammatical or stylistic) in order to clarify meaning.

However, the editor’s job is also (where possible) to help ensure that contributions are factually correct. A fact is a statement that can be objectively proven true or false; i.e. is objectively verifiable.

An opinion is a statement of belief or judgement that cannot be objectively proven true or false; i.e. is not objectively verifiable. See further: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fact and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opinion.

We’re all entitled to our own opinions, and indeed we want authors to express theirs freely, but we’re not entitled to our own facts.

Authors are requested to fact check their contributions before submission.

Where a ‘fact’ has not yet been proven either true or false, it’s a hypothesis and should be referred to as such.

It is assumed that the author will be familiar with the subject regarding which any hypothesis he or she is proposing relates and will therefore be able to cite relevant information about the subject in question from credible sources (to which, as appropriate/necessary, readers can be referred, either via links in the article or in replies to any comments to the article)

Questions to consider when ascertaining the credibility of an information source include:

  • does the information which is being presented as factual seem well-researched?
  • is the information presented in a logical way?
  • does the author seem objective and impartial?
  • is the information consistent with similar information obtained from other apparently credible sources?
  • does the author cite references?
  • does the information include opinions disguised as facts?

Contributions published on nxter.org may be republished by:

  • NXTER.ORG in any form.
  • the contributor, provided that NXTER.ORG is acknowledged as the original place of publication, as in: First published on http://test.nxter.org

NXTER.ORG takes no responsibility for the future value of Nxterpoints/NXTP. Contributions give them their value. NXTP’s are tradeable on Nxt Asset Exchange. Dividends are paid in NXT or such other crypto currency based on the Nxt platform as NXTER.ORG may stipulate in the future.

Any change to the above terms and conditions will be announced at least 1 month in advance on NXTER.ORG in all featured languages.

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