Nxt news – October 2016 (IV): Ready for takeoff

October 2016 (IV)   Here, we bring you some of the latest news about Nxt over this past week of October. DEVELOPMENT NRS 1.10.3 available in the AUR Archlinux repository NRS 1.10.3 in a Docker Container New version NxtLib 1.1.26 The NSD hasn’t released the code for their Nxt-based Voting Application, yet NXT IN THE …

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Nxt news – August 2016 (III): NRS 1.10.1

August 2016 (III)   This week, we’ve completed 25% of the snapshot process for the future distribution of the ARDR token. Those of you who have kept their NXT stake from the beginning of this process (July, 14th), should have received 1/4th of your NXT stake in ARDR (and growing). However, the Nxt development team doesn’t …

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