Nxt news – September 2016 (III): Slowly but surely

NXT NxtCoin 2. generation cryptocurrency news

September 2016 (III)


Slowly but surely, news about Nxt kept coming up this past week:

Here below are more details about each of these:


  • The First book about Nxt is finally ready to print

Here there is the first revealed image of the book – the main cover:


The book has been done with great personal care by members of the Nxt community. Its contents include high quality chapters crafted by a wide-range of contributors: Nxt Foundation members, Core Developers, and community members. These include some well-recognized names within the community, such as: apenzl, abctc, Dave Pearce, Cassius, Lionel Jeannerat, RubénBC, Bas Wisselink, Daniel M. Ryan, Roberto Capodieci, and Robert Bold.

For those of you who are interested in buying the First Book about Nxt and weren’t able to take advantage of all the early bird promotions, please contact @Ludom or @Apenzl through nxtforum.org or Slack to receive more details.

Source: http://test.nxter.org/crowdfunding-the-first-book-about-the-nxt-cryptocurrency-platform


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  • More testnodes are needed to test the mobile app

Riker, NRS Core Dev, made the following call to Nxt users:

Folks, in order to test the mobile app we need more 1.10.2 testnet nodes.
Currently we have only 5 nodes out of which only 2 has open APIs and only one supports SSL.

Would be great if some of you can update their tesnet nodes to 1.10.2 then fire up their testnet nodes and set them to use open APIs with the following nxt.properties:
nxt.myAddress=<IP address>
nxt.apiServerHost=<IP address>

If someone can also setup SSL for the API peer that’s even better.

The final objective of strengthening the Testnet is to be able to test the proper behaviour of the mobile phone app, which is already in an advanced stage of development and will come in really handy for a lot of users and will subsequently open up a new world of possibilities.


Some time later after the first announcement, Riker gave us some more details about the future Nxt mobile app:

1 – The app is based on Html5, ionic (http://ionicframework.com/) and Cordova (https://cordova.apache.org/) being so, the same codebase should be able to support all the major mobile platforms with minimal customization. We will start with Android though.

2- Our aim is to create an app signed by the NXT foundation which will be deployed to the official app stores.

3- The app will use two modes: (a) “Mobile Friendly” – simplistic UI which looks good on mobile devices but with limited functionality which we will enhance gradually. (b) “Web Wallet” – which is essentially the existing browser UI with few minor modifications to make it usable on a small form factor devices. Users will be able to seamlessly switch between these two flavors.

4- The app will try to leverage mobile tech to enhance the user experience, for example by scanning QR codes using the mobile device camera instead of having to type or copy/paste data, where applicable.

If any of you need some help about setting up a testnode, the following video by our college Mrcluster87 will come in really handy for you. In spite of the fact that the NRS version in the tutorial isn’t the latest, the configuration procedure is the same:

[vsw id=”kFBwKHKAXPw” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Source: https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/need-more-testnet-nodes and https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/create-android-app-base-on-nxt/40

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  • PPA – The easiest and fastest way to install the NRS in Ubuntu

Bcdev explains to us how to easily install the Nxt client in your Ubuntu-based computer. You just have to add the proper repository to your repository list on your computer, by running the following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:nxtcrypto/nxt
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install nxt nxt-bootstrap-blockchain

On a VPS the process took 1m45s from start to end, but that’s mainly because it has a fast internet connection.
If you’re on a different distribution, here is the blockchain bootstrap.

This way, we’ll always be able to install the latest stable version of the program and, when we search for updates for the system, Ubuntu will also have a look at that repository. If it finds a newer version, it will be automatically updated.


Source: https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/ppa-the-fastest-way-to-install-nxt-on-ubuntu/msg224426/?topicseen#msg224426

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  • NXT Community, Nxt on Telegram

The user JZA has announced a new group about Nxt on the Telegram platform. At the time of this writing, it already has 88 users. This new communication channel on this popular instant messaging application is an alternative to the official communication channels nxtforum.org and Slack.

Source: http://telegram.me/NxtCommunity and https://nxtchat.slack.com/archives/general/p1473738135001067



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  • Governance of blockchains and Nxt perspective

In this article, Bas Wisselink of the Nxt Foundation talks about a subject that it’s often left out when analyzing an open-source project- the project management structure. It may seem that developing an open-source project is completely anarchistic and has no structure, but previous experiences show us that that’s not true.

Bas performs a short analysis of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Nxt, comparing among them aspects such as if the Development team follows the “Cathedral” model (less open to external contribution) or the “Bazaar” model (more open to external contribution), whether the governance system follows the “Benevolent dictator” model (less open to participatory governance) or the “Formal meritocracy” model (more open to participatory governance). These three cryptos show major differences and some similarities in these aspects.


Short after Nxt was invented, BCNext, the original developer, handed the project to the community that, at that time, was already formed. Anybody could step in and continue the development. Many developers joined and, step-by-step, all of them soon consolidated around Jean-Luc, who since then became the lead developer of Nxt with Lior Yaffe as Project Manager.

The three cryptos share the same tripod of developers, “miners”, and entrepreneurs, in their governance system mixed together in different proportions and with different degrees of power for each agent. In the case of Nxt, a bunch of people with an entrepreneurial background established the Nxt Foundation with the aim to connect with real-world businesses with the platform. The Foundation tries to coordinate the community while carrying out marketing and sales campaigns. The Nxt Foundation does not incorporate core developers into its board, but both sides provide each other with feedback, such as about the needs and complaints of the users as well as the vision of the future of the platform. Ardor, for example, is a result of this collaboration.


Source: http://www.revue-banque.fr/management-fonctions-supports/article/gouvernance-des-blockchains-perspective-nxt

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Alexandre Eich-Gozzi, member of the Nxt Foundation, explains in this article the complex procedures that are involved in international trade. Millions of documents and customs declarations are carried out every year where many agents with their own proprietary solutions get involved in each of them, trying to solve all the possible use cases that may come up when working with other agents and their own solutions, which are many and varied. All of this turns the process into something highly inefficient where many agents are involved: banks, business, transportation, chambers of commerce, customs departments, etc.


The article elaborates on how blockchain technology could orchestrate this process, simplify it, reduce its cost, improve traceability and security, etc. In addition, the author goes over how a thorough operational prototype on Nxt’s blockchain was carried out to demonstrate that even today, it’s possible to address this complex issue, thus satisfying all of the agents involved.

This prototype runs on Nxt because:

  • the energy-saving level achieved with the proof of stake mechanism

  • the functionality and security given by smart contracts

  • the coding language, Java, on which it is easy to train developers

  • Security in the code of Nxt, thus ensuring the future implementation of private blockchains without any vulnerabilities

  • the support offered to developers via the help desk set up by the Nxt Foundation


Source: http://www.revue-banque.fr/management-fonctions-supports/article/blockchain-commerce-international

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  • Weekly NXT price evolution

The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex for this past week:


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What is Nxt building?

Nxt as platform. NXT as tokens of power, not coins. That’s what BCNext imagined when he created the Nxt genesis block back in November 2013, and that’s what he proposed the Nxt Community should follow up, in his plans 1-3. Because in Nxtville: The community decides. And the issue has led to heated discussions from the beginning. Nxt was released as a crypto currency, and many investors wanted it to stay just that. Like any other crypto 1.0 investment, but with killer features to take it to the moon.

Only problem? Nxt just isn’t that. Take it from the horse’s mouth:

BCNext (through Come-from-Beyond):

NXTs r not coins, at least the creator of Nxt didn’t want them to be coins. They r tokens that grant privileges to support Nxt. Deflation is not much better than inflation, “real” coins should be created on top of Nxt and be issued in quantities that keep their value constant. BCNext understands that this is very arguable, the community should decide if it wants to follow the path showed by him or stick to Bitcoin legacy with unchangeable supply of coins in hope to become rich by doing nothing.

But… “real coins in quantities that keep their value constant”? Oh my. What if a NxtCoin really isn’t a coin but a share in a platform which is capable of powering not just other coins, money transactions, smart contracts, asset exchange and now the latest Nxt release: A p2p Marketplace – what if NXTs are real tokens of power, about to renew, decentralize and revolutionize just about everything – even the internet itself? Wah! Not a coin?

But then what about the “mining”/forging part, you might ask, shaky hand hitting the iPad to have another quick look at coinmarketcap, to make sure that Nxt is still there. Well, if you’ve been complaining about the forging algo, that it’s paying you too little, and that the fees are too low to generate real profit, or that the whales are getting more because they own more Nxt…, read on.

BCNext (through Come-from-Beyond):

Selfish miners (those who mine only to earn fees) should be “removed” from the system, they r not interested in success of Nxt and only want to cash-out. (…) True reward for supporting Nxt network comes from services that use Nxt. Someone owns a currency exchange and mine blocks to keep his business running. Another one owns a shop and mine blocks to keep his business running. The 3rd person owns a software company that develops programs for Nxt-based services and mine blocks to keep his business running.

Gulp. Don’t be in it for the “mining” fees. Forge to support the network. Fees will be even lower when the price of Nxt goes higher. The community has decided that. The demand is there. We want our services to use Nxt, and the world too.

You can buy yourself a good read in our NXTER STORE. You can even buy a house with NXT.
But consider the above quote again. It may be time to wrap your head around Nxt.

A new series about 3rd party developers and Nxt businesses will start on nxter.org tomorrow.
It’s called: ON TOP OF NXT.

Stay tuned.


This article is also available in French.

Nxt Community & Development Update Summary #8



Didi’s been working on an “adaptor” to make it easy for exchanges to add NXT. They are used to the Bitcoin blockchain and have been afraid or unwilling to do the tech themselves and connect to the Nxt network. This should help.

NxtWallet AE list

NxtWallet don’t list all asset anymore. You have to search them by ID. It’s meant to be a safety improvement, and makes the client more neutral. There are pro’s and con’s, if you don’t like it, use another client.

PayExpo 2014

Amsterdam conference was a success, and PayExpo is next. The quite expensive payment processor conference was crowdfunded by the Nxt Community after lots of discussing. It holds huge potential for embarrassment or success for Nxt. Salsacz organized the funding as middleman for TxtCoinsNow.

Salsacz updates:

It’s a fantastic opportunity that should not be missed. No BTC to confuse the picture.
3000 business people. 5 mins presentation, 10 mins to show Nxt as a powerful payment network.

Who is going? Salsa, TxtCoinsNow, Cointropolis, The-Lawyer-of-Nxt. There’s still a free ticket left.

TxtCoin was going anyway and offered to get Nxt in for a good price. TxtCoins is pretty new to Nxt but chose to use Nxt for his product. Therefore he also wants to market Nxt, and donated 95K + NxtCoin shares and hours of work for making Nxt crypto currency partner @PayExpo. Paid for hotel in Vienna and for free tickets to this conference as well.

TxtCoinNow will be a payment platform that allows people to use cryptos without accessing the internet, only by using text messages on mobile phones. They will use Nxt to demo their product, and use it as bridge to other crypto currencies. Africa, Asia + other countries is their main market. The company is 4 years old.

MarcDeMesel is interested to come and help speak at the booth. Will Skype Salsacz.


* Washington DC conference. Tai Zen may attend. MarcDeMesel too.

* Amsterdam crew is still working. Talking to the people they met, turning plans into reality “behind the scenes”. Lots of contacts have been reviewed and followed up. Closing deals takes time, contracts aren’t signed at the conferences but in the time that follows.

* The ALIAS Exchange feature will be implemented in the next version of NxtWallet. It’s being tested on testnet. Nxt Corporate Design will be implemented in the client as well, but at the time Wesley is busy with Digital Goods Store, and he asks for help with this. [UPDATE: mrv777 is converting the psd design to html now, and is almost done!].

* mynxt.info will come up with a new version of the blockchain explorer, including AE.

* Klee + Antonius is working on nxtblocks.info wallet + blockchain explorer, including AE list, AE explorer + AE statistics.

NXT Community & Development summary #6

by Apenzl.


Tai Zen:

 Uniquoern is working on getting the Overstock people into Nxt.

Nxt.org, the “official” Nxt-site is up and running, and under ongoing development.

Nxtcrypto.org has been converted to NxtCommunity.org. People who want to join and help the Nxt Community should go there or to the forums @ https://nxtforum.org.

Nxt Foundation

NxtFoundation.org domain is being transferred to Tai Zen.

Nxt Foundation is a number of people who have committed to the Nxt platform and done work for it. Originally founded by Tai Zen, Damelon, Uniquoern and QBTC in an effort to get together active Nxters and prevent double work. It’s not paid or official, just bringing trusted Nxters together who are actively developing or promoting Nxt. The Nxt Foundation core is trying to set up a funding opportunity for Nxt in the future, for when the 3 Funds Committees run dry of resources.

Tai Zen:

The foundation is not centralized. We just use the term “Foundation” so that when people like businesses and others want to use the Nxt platform and integrating it into their business, they have a contact point that is reliable and has integrity and understands the Nxt platform and can connect them with the right people.

Some original stakeholders have donated to the Nxt Foundation. Pouncer donated 1.5M Nxt for different purposes.

Digital Coins

P2PGuy (Robert Crabtree) wrote an iBook about digital coins, an entry point for “Ordinary People” getting into cryptos. He will be running a FB advertising campaign for mac users. He shares his thoughts about advertising Nxt. The book’s chapter about Nxt is carefully positioned as the last one, so that when readers have caught up on cryptos, Nxt will be the Next.

But DOES it promote Nxt?


Nxtcommunity.org and Nxt.org is linked from the book. (…) I’m working with the marketing committee to attract people from the crypto world to working with Nxt.

Also, read this:

Marc De Mesel

“Why I invested half my bitcoins into Nxt”

The 51% attack is a major weakness of Bitcoin. In fact you need only 1% of the existing Bitcoins to attack the network. 30-40 million dollars can sink the ship. Marc chose to invest equally into BTC and Nxt:


I made the mistake with bitcoin that I only invested 10%. Nxt IMO is high risk, but the risk reward is much better for Nxt than it was to Bitcoin. It’s time to get in now.

(But don’t invest money in anything, that you can’t afford to loose). 😉


I invest more. Otherwise you will have only small profits even though you saw the big picture.


Bitcoin 2014

Justabit (John Manglaviti):

This might be the biggest event for Nxt EVER! Support it.



Making great progress. Liquidity is what they want. We must show, that we are not just an investment coin.

If we can make a plugin that the ATM’s can use, we will be ready.

Developers – read that again! ATM’s will make it possible for our grandma’s and grandpa’s to invest in Nxt.

Payment processors

We’re pushing. Right now, we’re waiting on them. No need to contact them anymore, we are on it.


You will soon see Nxt Asset Exchange described in a well known publication.
Thanks to everybody who added their input to the article.


We recorded a video on a recent conference [@ Missouri State University]. (…) We went into the business community. We talked to entrepreneurs and small businesses. 40-45 people. There weren’t hundreds but these were movers and shakers.

Video is here:

After the speech we spoke for over an hour to local businesses. (…) That could have went on for hours. We had people grabbing their chairs and circling our table… (…) People were willing to talk. 

We were invited to come back. (…)
We’re gonna talk to the Chamber of Commerce. Next month we’ll talk to the local AITP chapter.

Trek Con Springfield


We had a booth present. We were talking to sci-fi people who weren’t necessarily crypto’s or IT nerds. (…) We learned a lot about how to present it on a non technical level. (…)

We posted our thoughts: [@ https://nxtforum.org/trekcon-(may-9-11th-2014)/trekcon-updates/msg18994/] and hope that everyone will use it that going forward.


Allows you to transfer your money into cryptos. They accept credit cards.

We need guys in the UK that have bank accounts and who are willing to sell their Nxt at any cost they want. In that way they have the liquidity. That would be another big step to make us go mainstream.


AITP is a national IT organization with a couple of hundred chapters.

I’m giving a speech in June, about Nxt to them. They’ve asked me to come down, talk about digital currencies. (…) This speech will be handed out to all chapters. So this is a big deal to Nxt.

Nxt will go to the moon.

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