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August 2016 (IV)

During the first weeks of August the Nxt network has validated over 11,000 transactions, and has distributed a total of 75,000NXT in fees, despite this being the month with least amount activity due to people going on holiday. This is a clear sign that Nxt is more alive than ever.

Remember that it’s been over a week since the new version NRS 10.0.1 was released and you have to upgrade your wallet to this version prior to reach block 1,000,000. Maybe now would be a good time to setup your node with a non-expensive Raspberri Pi, a tool that has a very low level of energy consumption, so that you are able to:

  • take part in Megalodon’s promotional campaign for NXT forgers,
  • take part in Lurker10’s Lucky Node Lottery,
  • take part in the NSC distribution campaign for hallmarked nodes, as well as
  • have your Nxt wallet available any time, with the blockchain constantly updated and ready to make transactions at any momento.

Let’s go on with the Nxt news we’ve selected for you this week!


Here below are more details about each of these:


On the 5th of December 2015, Nxter.org launched a crowdfunding campaign in order to create the first book about the Nxt cryptoplatform. After some months, the book was almost ready to be printed when JL777 and Coinomat, who were the owners of a considerable amount of the assets issued on the Nxt blockchain, decided to leave the platform and start to work on their own technologies. This forced certain changes to be made in the process of creating the book. However, on the other side, it paved the way for the introduction of new fresh content about Ardor that was recently announced at that time. So now, this book won’t only be the “Nxt 2nd anniversary book”, but also the best book in the history of Nxt!

Apenzl says:

I have a date with Shee, who is the designer of the cover and the free Nxt 2nd anniversary e-book, on Aug 23, where we will finalize the book.

All of you who are interested in purchasing the phisical book and weren’t able to take advantage of all the early bird promotions, can contact @Ludom or @Apenzl to receive more details about how to buy it.

Source: https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/(crowdfunding)-the-first-book-about-nxt/

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  • 100 nodes have already taken part in the lucky node lottery

Breaking news!
We have just hit the 100-node milestone for the Lucky node lottery. Are you in? 😉

With these words Lurker10 announced that the node number 100 had joined the Lucky node lottery promotion. That’s a significant figure as it represents Lurker’s efforts in supporting the platform. Together with the funds generously donated by Megalodon, both are transforming Nxt into a stronger network.

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  • New video – Nxt / Ardor presentation

The forum user OutSL keeps creating videos where he shows some features of the Nxt platform as part of the campaign launched by the Nxt Foundation to develop these type of marketing materials that can easily help newcomers.

In this video, some of Nxt’s key features are shown, such as the Asset Exchange functionality, the Monetary System, as well as some others less-known features, like the Marketplace.

[vsw id=”OyMSJ-rV0ME” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Source: https://nxtforum.org/index.php?topic=11643.msg223504#msg223504

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  • NXT’s real life use cases

In this article, written by g-dubs, some real life applications that the Nxt platform can be used for are briefly described, such as:

Source: https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@g-dubs/the-nxt-cryptocurrency-and-real-life-use-cases

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  • Nxt, the second generation blockchain

In this article, Kathrina talks about the importance of blockchain technology. She believes that it’s absolutely necessary that the students of economics, IT, and some others, learn at least some basic concepts about this technology. She claims that this will become essential in the near future and a must-have for the best employment opportunities.

The author also emphasizes Nxt and Ardor as the highest exponents among second generation blockchains, which many business and companies have their eyes set on to explore all their possibilities.

Nxt Blockchain

Source: http://thecampussocialite.com/why-college-students-should-look-into-blockchain/

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  • Some articles that echoed Megalodon’s proposal

Megalodon is also in the news for outsiders to the Nxt platform. However, it’s not usual that a user would be willing to give away the equivalent of $150,000 in prizes to those who help to strength the Nxt network. We shouldn’t forget that he also threw away the equivalent of $30,000 to the genesis account and thus taking that amount out of circulation. By doing this, made the rest a little bit richer. All these things make Megalodon an interesting user. One that is not usually present in another crypto communities, not availabe in another crypto communities as they put above the benefit of others over their own private interests.


Source: www.econotimes.com/Ardor-blockchain-launch-to-get-a-shot-in-the-arm-with-$150000-bounty-263615 and http://allcoinsnews.com/2016/08/17/ardor-launch-promoted-with-5-million-nxt-reward/

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