NXT Newsletter #14

Welcome NXTers, newcomers and long time community members.top_no10


Here we go…

This week’s topics:

  • New NRS
  • PayExpo
  • Isle of Man
  • Bitfin
  • TXTNXTFund
  • Porcfest
  • Nxt Styleguide 2.0
  • Nxxty
  • Charity Paintings
  • Android Wallet BETA
  • QR login
  • Instant Transactions
  • Online AE client
  • pNxt
  • Jaffa Drink Bar
  • Development Roadmap
  • MISC
  • Coinomat
  • BitcoinBazar
  • Stats and Charts
  • AE dividend service
  • Secure online wallets
  • Quote of the week
  • Words of wisdom of the week


Core features on testnet:
Alias transfer, Encrypted messages, Digital Goods Store


[NRS] 1.2.2 should be ready for main net, planned for the week of July 14th. It will have DGS, Alias Transfer, and Encrypted Messages features set to be enabled about a week after the release, to give everyone time to upgrade. Therefore these features will go live before end of July.

Along with the above, Decode Token Functionality has been added to the NRS client + a warning message is shown if the user is on a fork.

Test it:

Get TestNXT:

Voting System


Voting system is finished.

Different voting models supported

  •     By account, 1 account = 1 Vote.
  •     By balance, 1 NXT = 1 Vote.
  •     By asset, 1 Asset QNT = 1 Vote. Additional parameter specifies an asset ID.


Private payments


Monetary System is delayed because I’m adding #CoinShuffle to it. Yes, you read it correctly, #Nxt will have anonymous payments.

Only [in] MS.

Forgot about BCNext’s plan?
Read up on it, please: http://test.nxter.org/bcnexts-nxt/

Payexpo 2014

A nice summary has been posted by TheLawyerOfNxt:

John Manglaviti (Cointropolis) and Lee Gibson’s (TXTcoin) talk at the PayExpo:

PayExpo 2015

Tai Zen:

Right now, NXT has the option to be the official crypto currency partner of the 2015 PayExpo again for £15,000.  If NXT is not a partner then the Bitcoin Foundation will probably fill the void.


Damelon and I just finished a conference call with the PayExpo organizer and I am more enthused than ever! First, he has offered an installment payment plan that would look like this:

30% payable by August 3
30% payable in December
40% payable in May

The first installment would be approximately 125,000 NXT. 

Second, PayExpo 2015 will be dedicated to the topic of cryptocurrency — helping the payment sector discover the value proposition of digital currency and considerations for widespread adoption. If we accept this contract, Nxt could be opening this crypto-themed conference as the keynote speaker.


I have created the NXT Account; NXT-ZGDQ-W9Q3-YFK6-4L8F4.
This is to receive donations for the first PayExpo 2015 installment of £4500.

As I am a UK resident and the payment is in the UK I have agreed to pass this payment to the organisers on behalf of the community. My aim is that slightly more than £4500 will arrive in the UK bank account and the total amount received will then be transferred to PayExpo. This will slightly overpay perhaps the first installment but we will simply net this off the second. To kick things off I have transferred the 20k NXT I have promised for this to the account already and would be grateful if your promised donations could follow when you have time to send them.

Please go to the thread below and check the account ID, before sending donations:


Isle of Man

Graphic by QBTC.

Lee (TXTCoinsNow):

Please find www.nxtfoundation.im 

This is an information website for Isle of Man there will be more people added to it soon.

Please use the contact form on the website with what you would like to setup on the Isle of Man from there your information will be shared with Key people in the Isle of man that can help you setup your business.


Lee (TXTCoinsNow) represented NXT.


Ok this my fear and its happened guys from payexpo are here and call me Mr nxt or Mr nxttxt 

But the result is this the event organisers are setting up my meeting with josh from circle and lunch time tommorow with max keiser and they are setting up a 1 on 1 with Emily coindesk.

Ok guys nxt now has a seat on the www.ukdca.org panel.

Ok spoke to bitonic his going to look into Nxt his waiting for a banking licence then after that he can sit  with his team

Go Coin is going in a really good direction Erik is a very agressive and smart guy in business his hitting the right paths so when NXT is added it will really open a large market for NXT

Ok I just spoke to Seamus from www.bitnet.io  they are like GoCoin by the looks of it I  need to follow up with them next week in london to add NXT to there platform

Nxt nxt dam that stage is hot for nxt

Go to Google and search states of alderny coins
Would you like an official coin from alderny of nxt
Bitcoin is getting it
So a gold nxt coin official by a  state

Just had a small chat with Vladimir from ocean bank I need. To present txt to him for his banking customers to use it as fiat mobile wallet so that they are also able to obtain nxt indirectly via the platform this is looking good

Lee (TXTCoinsNow) is on a crusade for getting NXT acknowledged.
He’s doing good – but he needs all the help we can give! So please step up, follow and support!

There’s no way I can summarize him. Just follow:
https://nxtforum.org/index.php?action=profile;area=showposts;u=617  And show this man some action.



As joint effort between NXT and TXT To cover ongoing expenses and to avoid the stress of donations of NXTs the logical choice is to monetize Conferences.









Marc De Mesel:

I succeeded in getting on the air with Free Talk Live, did a short interview about NXT that likely hundreds of thousands of freedom loving people heard! https://www.freetalklive.com/content/podcast_2014_06_27 It starts at 1:33:20 1h33min20sec

I did some more interviews at Porcfest, such as one with John Bush from SovereignBTC that is aired on Let’s Talk Bitcoin in the next few days! I also did a great presentation on Porcfest and had Stephanie Murphy and Brian Sovryn on stage giving their very positive opinion about NXT, this video will be on youtube but this can take up to a month sadly. :/ 

I have also talked with hundreds of people on porcfest, many celebrities as well, such as Jeffrey Tucker, Jeff Berwick, Mark Edge among others and almost all of them were interested to hear more about NXT and get some free NXT. I have been doubtful that NXT would succeed, since technology alone does not cut it, but the marketing is possible, we just have to do it. Share the love.


Nxt Style Guide 2.0

It’s here.




Crypto messaging for the masses…



Our intermediate build of Nxtty received approval from Apple.
If you would like to beta test #nxtty on iOS please PM me your iPhone UDID.

Final work has began for Nxtty android app……compatibility for all Android devices from gingerbread to latest release. 

Nxtty allows you to send encrypted messages, images, and possibly money to other Nxtty users. Once a Nxtty user has added you to their contact list an unbreakable link is established between the both of you. Almost like a phone line that NO ONE can cut or wiretap. You can automatically delete your sent messages after it has been viewed by the receiver.

Bugfest for iPhone BETA-testers (250 NXT pr bug found):


Charity Paintings


Maximilian Kordek:

I think it’s very important for modern society to help the people in need. I believe if people actually get something for their donation they are more willing to donate. Let’s see if a nice painting is enough for the people. I really hope so.

Charity paintings are sold with the help of the Nxt Asset Exchange.

The person who owns the most shares after one week can choose one of three paintings. The person with the second most shares can choose one of the other two paintings. The person with the third most shares will get the last painting. Then the paintings will be immediately shipped  to them. A buy back order will be set up for the outstanding shares. This buy back will be closed after one week, and every oustanding order will be seen as a donation. 80% of all the NXT will be given to charity.

For the month of July the recipient will be the Amani Kinderdorf. Amani Kinderdorf is a German organization based in Africa that aims to create self-sustaining communities, and to provide homes for children who have been orphaned due to AIDS.


Android Wallet beta

First BETA of our Nxt Android Client is out.



Hi! I’ll release a first “view-only” version of my Android NXT wallet this weekend. If you would like to test it, please add yourself to this spreadsheet:


I’ve used images from the media-kit by ideenfrische, but only did a quick and dirty layout, so that’s is visible that I will follow the corporate design. I will rework the look once all functionality is there and all GUI elements found their right spot.



Marcus03 managed to raise funds for it in just 3 days: http://test.nxter.org/fundraiser-nxt-android-wallet/ 

QR wallet login


Supercell is developing a plugin feature for NxtWallet.

Proposal thread:


QR code plugin is finished and I built another plugin to utilize it called (QR Login).

YES with it the main window have a QR window and if you scan a qr it will be used as your login passphrase. The use case is when your passphrase is not the memorize-able kind and you do not want to keep it on a file on the computer. So you have in your wallet a qr code printed or a qr on your mobile phone/secured android device. No copy paste and no files moving in USB drives. Scan, bleep, logged in.

Get it here:

Instant Transactions


This is the basic idea behind the instant transactions:

anon136 (on behalf on Dev-Tech Committee):

Myself, l8orre, antanst and abuelau have approved this project for a bounty of 200,000 NXT.
The conditions for the release of these funds are:

A) jean luc utilizes your code in the core 
B) these changes do infact allow for instant transactions 
C) the code doesnt break anything else important in the process 
D) a period of time elapses after implementation where no attack vectors are uncovered

Online AE client

SAE has its online client up and running: https://trade.secureae.com

Coinmarketcap recognizes Nxt AE


NEM is on CoinmarketCap with value being calculated from the NxtAssetExchange.



[ANN – pNXT alpha]


Jaffa Drink Bar


IPO for the first community owned bar in the world is on Nxt AE.


I am planning to accept Nxt and BTC, too.
And a table will always be reserved for crypto-guys :)


Development Roadmap

You want more?


New video

Credits: d13id, Cassius, joefox and Damelon.


Coinomat will process NXT -> credit card withdrawals.

on July 01, 2014, 07:30:28 am:

Testing the NXT integration on the testnet now, should be complete within several days.

Discussion thread: https://nxtforum.org/assets-board/(ann)-coinomat-com/


I did a BTC -> credit card and even though the bank didnt report it promptly it was actually there within 2 days. Cant wait to be able to NXT -> credit card. Super convenient. We can basically spend NXT anywhere, just need to make sure to preload the card.


We hope that the integration helps the promotion of NXT, such services as withdrawal to bank cards (which will be launched immediately) and SEPA transfers (we plan to launch them in July) definitely should be of interest to the community.


Buy stuff with NXT: http://www.bitcoinbazaar.co.uk/accepted-coins

Stats and charts



Right now the page contains:
* Price chart, showing the price of NXT in BTC, USD and other Fiat over time.
* Total number of trades and trade volumes per day
* Number of trades and trade volumes per asset
* Comparison of the asset market cap to the total Nxt market cap

More to follow, show your love at NXT-5W4G-GAR6-JHJP-H8ZTW

nxt market


http://www.coinreporting.com now fully supports NXT.

Basic version is free. Manage all your digital coins in one placeYou can keep track of their value, your profit/loss and a lot of other interesting information in real time.


Nxt has been on our radar for some time, but recent developments have made us finally cross the threshold and seriously consider becoming a Gateway from the Nxt AE (as an asset issuer) to both the Ripple Network and ‘fiatland’ (and vice versa). Looking forward to engage with the community as we go forward!

Coinex will be sending someone down [to bitcoinsouth.co]. We’re also looking to do some sponsorship there, and by then we will be operating in the Nxt Asset Exchange and more than happy to spread a bit of Nxt love :).



Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.danparker.TrustYourAssets

Guidelines for direct trades


AE dividend payment service


Jl777 has integrated an automatic dividend payment as part of his NXTservices software.

As an NXTservices alpha tester, I’m offering this service. Asset Holders send me their dividend funds and I use the NXTservices to distribute them. Likely, in a month or two, dividend payment will be much easier and there’ll be no need for this.

4 weekly payments have already been processed for Coinomat.


Forging hubs


Nxtblocks Wallet


The wallet is browser-encrypted. You can download your encrypted wallet for backup purposes. The encrypted wallets are backed up three times a day in off-site locations.

We support Google two factor authentication for accessing your wallet.

Multiple account support. Label your accounts to ease management. Send NXT to one or more accounts at the same time. Archive the accounts you do not use anymore to keep your wallet uncluttered. Integration with the Block Explorer: Get QR codes and information regarding every account you have in your wallet with a single click.


Asset Exchange

* Asset trade types (sell/buy) are shown as well.
* Add weekly and monthly ranges in candlestick chart.


* Key strength checks have been enforced when user creates an account using custom private key.
* Again in account creation using custom private key, the bug when sometimes incorrect accounts where generated is solved.
* We’ve added an offline wallet decryption tool. You can download it from your wallet options, right where you download the encrypted wallet file.




New wave of features in the Online wallet:

1. Download an encrypted backup of your wallet
2. Google Authenticator support
3. Change your master password
4. Reed-solomon account support through the wallet

We are now providing a very high standard of security:

  • The wallet is decrypted on the browser and the password is never sent to our servers
  • Every account has 2 passwords: one for logging in and another for decryption
  • Every wallet is decrypted 2 times using AES-256 before being stored in our database
  • Our database is backed up every hour in an external location

You want more news?

Nxt Community and Development updates:


Quote of the week


We r almost #4 on coinmarketcap. Keep selling.

Words of wisdom of the week

Cassius vs ChuckOne:
Be warned, Nxt Community:
  • Don’t centralise.
  • Listen to the community.
  • Be innovative, now.
  • Don’t stand still because your competitors sure aren’t.
  • Don’t compete on just one point.
  • Don’t get complacent.
  • And do write giant walls of text so that your competitors are too busy reading them to sneak up on you and spank you into third place, which is about to happen faster than you think.

This is the last newsletter that will be sent out – in this form. 

Right now we need another leg of the starfish, another face to the outside world. We’re in a kind of vacuum before the next tipping point, IMO. We want mass adoption, and we know it’s coming. But not if we sit on our arses. Let’s push, not sit back and watch, but take the lead. We need another bridge to the mainstream. An overview. Let’s give it to people. The games are gone. Let’s bring them back. The investors and the merchants. Let’s not wait for usecases to write about, but reach out and help to make them. 

Nxter.org is being expanded to a magazine. It’s in the works and the site will be multilingual.

Thanks for reading along for the past 6 months. I hope you’ve appreciated my efforts to gather the many informations floating around in our decentralized Nxt project. It’s time to take the next step, and good skilled people are on it. I hope you will get to enjoy the new nxter.org even more. ETA soon.

Enjoy the summer. 

Donations: NXT-UWJU-XXST-3MPQ-2JWG7.

Contact me:

Lost a newsletter? 
Find it in the archive @ nxter.org. Email sign up: http://eepurl.com/M2KnL

Didn’t understand a thing?
Go to nxtcommunity.orgnxtforum.org, nxt.orgnextcoin.org or nxter.org,  to learn more about NXT. Or http://www.reddit.com/r/nxt

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