NXT Weekly – 26.11.14

1 year has now gone by since the Nxt genesis block was created, and it’s 4 months since the last NXT Newsletter was sent out. What’s been happening in NxtVille since then? Oh, just an explosion of development, community activity, and drama, so there’s nothing new to report, eh? Wrong! Let’s catch up.

This week’s topics:

  • Nxt.org
  • Nxter.org
  • NxtInside
  • Nxtinfo.org
  • NxtFoundation
  • NxtOrganization
  • Nxt Community Funds Committee
  • What’s up next, Nxt?


There’s a new Nxt.org site up.

Nxt.org, which is perhaps Nxt’s most “controversial” website, has gone through tumultuous times since Bitventurer bought the domain for $10K in February, put it up for sale on nextcoin.org, regretted it and later gave it to the Nxt Community.

It’s now in the hands of the Nxt Organization, on behalf of which Berzerk has recently rebuilt the site.


[Ideenfrische] coded a nice website, but unfortunately it was not well perceived. Apparently the “bounce rate” was pretty high. So QBTC took over and created a new site for us. She did a good job and in the name of the Nxt Organization, I want to thank her for her hard work.

We talked with various people and we came to the conclusion that it is now time for a new Nxt.org. The first step is a professional website, in which content is maintained and updated. We as an unofficial organization, as a collective which wants to make Nxt better, can work on the site constantly!

We did the first step and created an all-new Nxt.org. With a fresher, more modern and sleeker look. We want to reach 3 user bases. The businessmen, the developers and the average user.

Please note that there may be bugs or mistakes on the website right now. Please look through it and contact us if you find anything.

We don’t plan to have our own news section, as there is nxter.org.

Read more here:

You can read about (some of the) future plans for nxt.org here:


Nxter.org has undergone a transformation.

QBTC, 23.11.2014:

If you all have been watching Nxter Magazine at nxter.org, you have to be as impressed as I am!

Since the early days, Apenzl and I have shared similar goals and visions. He and his team have taken nxter.org to new levels and have the manpower and resources to do what I have been unable to do as a one-woman-show with sputtering energy.

I’m really proud of their professionalism and product and am pleased to say that, in the best interests of all, I am retiring the nerds and redirecting the nxtcommunity.org site to nxter.org. This will be effective immediately.

I have been running the site solo since December 2013, but the one-man band has now grown into a team of dedicated Nxters:

Cassius – as writer
oldnbold – as English editor
Ludom – as French editor and writer
KarlKarlsson – as accountant and ads/business manager
apenzl – as “leader”, pic-maker, writer and web administrator
and then the loosely committed, who help us out with knowledge and/or the writing part.

Nxt Weekly has taken on a new form. Whereas before I used to mail out a ~40-page newsletter, subscribers will now receive a weekly overview inside a beautiful template by Ideenfrische. New posts are being made to nxter.org almost daily with updates, blogs, in-depth articles, market reports or Nxt asset descriptions, as well as Nxt related PR texts, and Nxter Weekly will be highlighting all of these.

Such posts don’t just magically appear on the site, so every Nxter is still welcome to contribute:


Our most recent initiative is the issuing of the NXTP asset which we use to reward our contributors worldwide for the work they do for Nxter.org. Being paid in NXTP is not a one-time payment, it’s a monthly dividend, based on nxter.org’s net profit, paid to contributors for as long as they hold NXTP.

Read more about this project here and maybe give it a go.
Maybe you’ll become the proud owner of 100 NXTP just for being a Nxt Newsletter subscriber. Read about our Nxt Birthday campaign.

Nxt Inside

What’s this? Haven’t you heard?


The development of new third party services and tools on top of the Nxt network is progressively turning Nxt into the platform it was meant to be.

NxtInside is a new promotional program to give Nxt a core ingredient brand identity, with the following goals:

  • Open ways for co-op promotion efforts between Nxt and NxtInside partners.
  • Raise awareness in developers about the capabilities and potential within Nxt, thus helping to introduce new partners into the platform.
  • Provide GUI/website branding as a link to bring more end users to the Nxt ecosystem.
  • Allow marketing initiatives to focus on the promotion of branded applications while implicitly promoting the Nxt platform.
  • Visibly connect Nxt to applications developed on top of the platform and using Nxt core features.

The official website for the Nxt Inside will receive regular updates with:

  • New featured NxtInside partners
  • New Development resources and materials
  • Blog posts about Nxt technology and development

If you are a developer for a third party application or website service and want to join the NxtInside program and website in the launch, please report in this thread or contact VanBreuk.

The first and best known Nxt Inside partner is SuperNET.

jl777 announced the first Nxt Inside initiative in late August and thereby gave a name to the Nxt Inside project. He explained how he would bundle Nxt with BTCD, which later led to the SuperNET ICO.

You can read the full story here, or follow the SuperNET Newsletters right here.


The site is aimed at beginners.


I’m proud to announce the official launch of NXTinfo.org!

When I started with NXT back in February I had to look for information in too many different sources – that’s what I want to change. Our aim is to provide all the information a newcomer needs in one place and in a simple language to make their lives easier.

Dear Nxter, spread the word: I am looking forward to any constructive feedback and am open to suggested changes.

Donations to NXT-56FE-J3YQ-7T7Y-EKTW4 are very appreciated – it helps to further develop this brand new web page.

Nxt Foundation

Nxt Foundation wants to make it easy for businesses to connect to the Nxt platform.

Nxt Foundation made its first public appearance with the Nxt Community and Development video Updates, started by Tai Zen, Damelon, QBTC and Uniqeuorn. Their idea is to show some of the real faces behind Nxt, so that people know that Nxt is not just anonymous programmers hiding behind screens.

As the 5 people currently running Nxt Foundation have discovered, the absence of any legal structure for Nxt makes it very inconvenient when they are in contact with organizations or businesses, for example when attending conferences; the problem being that it is not possible to sign a contract, be it with a conference organiser or any other real world business, on behalf of a technology. It’s obviously not enough to say that you represent a public ledger or the decentralized financial blockchain tech of tomorrow. A real legal entity is needed.

In the meantime, Nxters have had no choice but to sign contracts regarding Nxt in their personal capacities, thereby making themselves personally liable under the contract. Another reason why a legal entity is needed is that it makes it easier to arrange short term insurance for Nxt representatives attending conferences.

The Nxt Foundation is a convenient way to solve these problems. In their mission statement on their website, the Nxt Foundation writes:

To grow the NXT platform and its community, NXT needs something that can connect and engage with the rest of the world (individuals and businesses) in a professional, friendly,  safe and secure manner.

In order for the NXT platform to grow and gain widespread adoption, people must be able to connect with the new world of decentralized currencies (such as NXT) that are not owned by any government or central bank. For this to happen a bridge is needed between the NXT platform, community, developers etc. and the rest of the world which is still accustomed to the old world legacy banking system.

The NXT Foundation is a group of early adopters of the NXT platform who share the belief that the NXT technology has the potential to revolutionize how people make financial transactions and eliminate the inequalities of the legacy central banking systems and have volunteered to unify their efforts to promote the NXT platform with integrity and professionalism.

Still, adopting a name like ‘Nxt Foundation’ naturally causes instant fear in the heart of a decentralized community like Nxt’s. It goes to the very core of Nxt. Nobody wants to feel misrepresented by some central organ or by a bunch of Nxt representatives with whom they just don’t agree.

Nxt Foundation writes:

The NXT community does not need a ‘foundation’ for the community, it needs a ‘foundation’ for the rest of the world to be able to connect with the value that NXT and its community offers.

The NXT Foundation can be viewed as an interface between an old and new financial world guided by the NXT community and NOT directing the NXT community.

In the forthcoming months, Nxt Foundation will set up the necessary legal structures.

Learn more in this video announcement:

Nxt Organization

Nxt Organization was first announced by wesley on August 7 as a collaboration between dedicated community members who wanted to put an end to the passivity caused by the way the Nxt funding committees are set up. Mczarnek writes: ‘There was an initial vote regarding whether we needed something new and clearly we do. So, we saw there was a problem, instead of spending months voting on it (…), we organized a group of people who know and love Nxt, have proven their commitment, can work well together and decided to do something about it.’

The Nxt community was shaken. Like Nxt Foundation, the members now had to explain that they were NOT to be seen as representatives of Nxt as a whole, and the thread exploded in unconstructive debate.

On October 10, Berzerk announced a change in the structure.


Since the beginning of the NxtOrganization we wrote several huge documents with plans and ideas, in which we described how we will make the Nxt ecosystem a big success. However, at the end nothing was finished because we had no clear leader who made the final word.

I hereby announce that I took over this role since last week. I will now function as the CEO of the NxtOrganization. If you encounter any problems, just write me a PM here on the forums.

The plans for the networking, marketing and tech groups for 2014 are done. We will concentrate on the marketing and networking ones for now, as we are in a very comfortable situation in the development space with more than 7 active developers.

There are several internal votings going on in order to accomplish our goals, including over 30 tasks which need to be done this year. As we have finished the basic foundation of the NxtOrganization this week, we can finally start to actually accomplish things next week.

Currently there are six active members on board. We are constantly searching for more active members. So if you are interested in taking part just write me. I will get in contact with you as soon as possible then.

Berzerk can be contacted through nxtorganization.org. The first task solved was the nxt.org site.

Nxt Community Funds Committee

On March 7 the Nxt Community elected 3 funding committees with 5 (unpaid) members in each committee to control 9 million unclaimed NXT from the Genesis Block: A TechDev Committee, an Infrastructure Committee, and a Nxt Marketingfund Committee
. The way it should work was that any community member could pitch a project and apply for funding from the committees, the committee members would then vote for or against the proposal, and see to it that the project got realised.

The way that the committees were set up seems to have fostered passivity, and several community (and committee) members have therefore called for a reorganisation of the committees to make them more proactive. 113 Nxters voted about the issue, with 86.7% in favor of such a reorganisation.


Damelon has made a final proposal for the structure of a new committee.

The proposal will be up for a week, nxters should go there and vote AYE or NAY now!

The committee’s mandate will be a proactive one.
They can and should initiate projects and keep the community active in creative ways, including:

  • making a clear budget for the coming year.
  • recognising and funding well conceived projects that further the adoption of Nxt in any way.
  • initiating projects for Nxt adoption and finding partners to make them come to fruition.
  • proposing and incentivizing uses of Nxt.
  • overseeing the timely development of these uses once they have been agreed on.
  • communicating the progress of these projects in a simple to read format, making use of the numerous communication outlets that are already in place within the community, like the Twitter channels, Facebook pages and sites like Nxter.org and Nxt.org.

After the vote, there will be the following steps:

  • Self-nomination of candidates for the open positions.
  • Voting.
  • Announcing the new committee, and transfer of funds to the new treasurers.

The new committee will be in control of the funds left in the 3 funding committees, see here.

The vote will end on December 2, so nxters – please go vote:

What’s up next, Nxt?

BCNext left on February 28, the day before the Nxt source code became public, handing the rest of his Nxt code over to Come-from-Beyond, and the responsibilty of taking care of Nxt to the community. Come-from-Beyond added extra pressure, pointing out that April 4th was his last working day for Nxt. If some Nxter was still in doubt as to whether the community / the social experiment of the Nxt project was to take over or not, this doubt was killed with the release of the 3rd part of BCNext’s plan, published by Come-from-Beyond on April 1st, in which he stated:


BCNext went for good, he doesn’t feel himself responsible for the future of Nxt, he implemented an idea that was obvious but noone tried to do it (maybe because creation of a Bitcoin clone was much easier). One day he will come back with his main project under his real name. Don’t try to find real identity of BCNext, he intentionally copied style and ideas of different people, if you think you found him then you are likely wrong. BCNext has never existed, this sockpuppet was created only for Nxt and will never appear again.

You are left on your own. Good luck.

Read all 3 messages from BCNext here: http://nxter.org/bcnexts-nxt/

We have expanded and grown several times as a community. We outgrew bitcointalk and moved to nxtforum.org on March 24. Community members began to have meetings behind the scenes, as various projects grew from the forum and these talks. Heated discussions and alliances were made.

We’re decentralized. All are aware of the value of the Nxt tech and eager to make the world understand it and make use of it. That’s what binds our community together, across national borders, political standpoints – for private reasons, privacy reasons, political reasons, businesses reasons.

This first Nxt Weekly leader has concentrated on the Nxt Community and the recent restructuring in our starfish organisation. We know now that Nxt is indeed a platform. Its value is defined by the use of it, not as currency but as a vehicle for NXT tokens, used by the projects and businesses built on Nxt.

NXTER MAGAZINE will cover these use cases in depth in a series starting this coming Monday, called Nxt CORE.

If you’re impatient to know more, take a look at the description of the next core feature to be implemented in Nxt: Monetary System: https://bitbucket.org/JeanLucPicard/nxt/issue/136/monetary-system.


“Unfair” distribution was made intentionally to create a sustainable system. A solution to distribution problem was offered (Monetary System). Now everything depends on ordinary nxters.

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