Nxt – Your First Birthday!

1 year under your belt.

1 year since the Nxt genesis block was created.

Happy birthday, Nxt!


Well, this first year of your life has certainly been tumultuous but it’s also been inspiring. From being a fragile, newborn baby, a brand new blockchain and a descendant of Bitcoin you have now grown into an independent, truly decentralized, 2nd generation, PoS crypto platform.

It’s a rough old world, this crypto world of ours, but you haven’t merely survived your first Ddos attacks, scam accusations, and the usual FUD, you’ve actually managed to come out stronger every time, with more nodes, more features, more supporters and more interesting use cases for businesses.

And when we look at what core features are still in the pipeline, we can see that you’re really only in your infancy, but what an infant! Strong, healthy and very real, and these new features are not just talk to make you look interesting, they are being released in a steady flow, helping you grow stronger and stronger. Meanwhile, your full potential still remains to be discovered by the masses.

Thank you, BCNext, for bringing Nxt to life.
Thank you, Nxt devs and Community for shaping that life.
And thank you Nxt for making a better, more decentralized world a reality.

We at nxter.org are proud to support you.

NXTER.ORG is celebrating your 1st Birthday…

  • by relaunching the legendary NXT Newsletter. Wednesdays, weekly.
  • with an article series about Nxt’s core features (6 articles over the next 2 weeks).
  • by giving away a total of 1000 FREE NXTP assets to randomly picked newsletter subscribers. 2 winners will be picked the following 5 Fridays. The selected winners will be notified via their signup mail address and asked to provide a Nxt acct ID.

NXTP (Nxterpoints) are reward points, based on Nxter.org’s net profit, which are dividended out at the beginning of every month. NXTP are awarded to contributors to nxter.org. Read more here.

You can join our list of subscribers here.

The Internet is finally changing into a more private, secure, free and decentralized scene. A starfish community has grown from Nxt’s rich potential, with use cases and new services based on Nxt springing up in different areas of the world every week, and yet this is only the beginning. Nxt tokens are affordable, the platform is easy to build on and anyone and everyone can become a part of the Nxt revolution.

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