SuperNET Newsletter #3

Welcome to SuperNET!  It’s a shorter newsletter this week. After the series of deals that took place last week, most of the activity has gone into creating the infrastructure for SuperNET, with James adding new functionality to Teleport and the SuperNET API every day. So whilst there’s not so much to announce this time, there’s …

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NXT Market Report: 22 September 2014

Market Cap Welcome to this week’s Market Report. The last few days have been fairly unspectacular, which is nice after all the recent excitement. NXT declined 19.6% in price whereas Bitcoin decreased by 15.1% meaning that NXT’s loss was relatively small and can be explained as a normal market reaction to the rise we saw …

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Nxt Decentralized eBay

jl777: Now with SuperNET gearing up, it is a good time to finally issue the asset. FreeMarket is ready for BETA testers Asset ID: 134138275353332190 Issuing account: 9190137219092766242 https://bter.com/trade/mrkt_btc Deposit https://bter.com/myaccount/deposit/MRKT 20% of FreeMarket listing fees will go to SuperNET. FreeMarket has several advantages over options like eBay: There is no third-party payment processor There is no need …

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