Nxtty mobile app has launched!

The Nxtty Cryptomessenger is now officially released for Android. Long awaited Dedicated nxters started celebrating yesterday when landomata, founder of NMAC (Nxt Mobile Applications Company), made this long awaited announcement in the Nxtty-thread on nxtforum.org. Today at 01:38:55 am: Nxtty has been submitted to GooglePlay. A few hours later, the downloading began: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nxtty.main Nxtty Cryptomessenger has been in …

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NXT Market Report: 27 October 2014

Welcome to this week’s market report. It won’t be a long one since the last few days have been lacking action, as reflected in the market capitalization and the trading volume (source: coinmarketcap.com). NXT’s market capitalization decreased by 1.5% with an average daily trading volume of about USD 50’000 with a peak at USD 90’000 …

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NXT Market Report: 15 September 2014

Market Cap Welcome to this week’s market report. Reviewing what’s been happening in the last few days is a real pleasure. At the time of writing NXT may have gained ‘only’ 1% in price but during the course of the week (12 September) NXT was valued at USD 43.2m and therefore reached its highest price since …

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