SuperNET ICO ends [UPDATED!]

UPDATED 23.09.2014

The selling of Nxt asset TOKEN,  which represents shares in SuperNET/UNITY, is coming to an end. The fundraising got off to a tremendous start, raising an amazing 2000 BTC in just 2 hours with a large part of the investment being made in NXT.

When jl777 announced the ICO on bitcointalk.org, he set the rule that the ICO would run for a minimum of 2 weeks, and after that it would be prolonged for 2 more days as long as daily sales were > 3% of the total. TOKEN is still available on BTER, where it’s traded against NXT, BTC, BTCD and CNY, and on the Nxt Asset Exchange (NXT), but not for much longer now.

on September 20, 2014:

Total TOKEN so far: 482735.48203719

So if tomorrow doesn’t do 14482.0644611157 new TOKEN, this triggers the close 2 days later.

Since we have not had such numbers for almost a week, it seems everybody who wanted to get TOKEN has done so and we can get to the business of voting, issuing SuperNET/UNITY and starting the market trading.

So this morning it was confirmed:

SuperNET ICO will end 1400 GMT on Tuesday.


Voting will end 1400 GMT on Wed.


I think one day for the voting
one day to distribute assets and start trading

jl777 will not receive any free TOKEN. On the contrary he has transferred 2000BTC worth of assets from his personal holdings to the SuperNET core. SuperNET holders are to vote whether to give a 5% bonus to James if he can raise the SuperNET market cap x3 before the end of 2014, and an additional 5% bonus to him if the market cap is x10 by the end of 2015.

The voting will be to Approve or Reject.



BTER is setting up a voting page (to be announced).

BTER TOKEN holders must vote here: https://bter.com/article/3023

Nxt Asset Exchange

For NXT AE TOKEN holders the following addresses are used for voting:

ApproveBonus: NXT-GR5T-8W3L-UFQP-8VFPV

Sending any message will count as a vote. The last tx to either of the above accounts will be your vote.


#### Proposed voting ballot
The BTC equivalent raised would be the total BTC equivalent at the time the fund raising is closed using the then current coinmarketcap prices for the NXT, CNY, BTCD. Let us call this the “BTC raised”

5% bonus achieved when the BTC marketcap from coinmarketcap (or other reliable source) sustains 3x BTC raised for 24hrs+ and another 5% bonus achieved at 10x

In the event the 3x bonus is not achieved before year end 2014, the 5% goes to SuperNET working capital. Similarly the other 5% would go to SuperNET working capital if 10x is not achieved by year end 2015

On the closing of TOKEN fund raising, 10% of SuperNET assets to go to working capital, 10% to jl777 for the 2000BTC of assets, 10% held in reserve for the 3x and 10x bonus. The minimum dilution is 10% if neither bonus is achieved and the maximum dilution is 20% if both bonuses are achieved.

Source: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=762346.msg8916442#msg8916442


Reject would mean as originally specified.

10% dilution to me in exchange for my assets. no working capital and no bonus for achieving 3x and 10x and a disappointed jl777.

The difference between accept and reject in the case of less than 3x is whether SuperNET has 10% of assets available to use for coinswaps and the ability to raise more funds in the future. All this working capital will belong to the SuperNET so it is not dilutive.

So the bonus is primarily a way for my 2000 BTC worth of assets to earn up to 1000 BTC of UNITY. The value to TOKEN holders is of course that the extra 5% or 10% dilution only happens at 3x and 10x ROI, so the extra dilution would make it 2.85x and 9x gains

SuperNET/UNITY will be released for trading when TOKEN holders have approved or rejected the bonus proposal.


Trading of SuperNET/UNITY will start 1400 GMT on Thursday


SuperNET asset will automatically replace the TOKEN in your account.
The SuperNET asset will be called UNITY.

Nxt Asset Exchange


If you have TOKEN in the Nxt Asset Exchange you will be sent the equivalent amount of UNITY as a dividend; you will still have your TOKEN but these will no longer have any value other than whatever collector value they may possibly attract.

In order to avoid worthless TOKEN assets being sold as UNITY the procedure has changed.

TOKEN must be sent to a redemption address. It will send back a matching amount of SuperNET/UNITY. 


valarmg is not sure he will have this ready by Thursday, so there could be a bit of a delay for starting trading, but it seems worth it to avoid any confusions.  

SuperNET will provide liquidity at NAV of its crypto portfolio.


When trading starts 1% of the raised funds will be used for a NAV bid.
For example, if 10000 BTC is raised, there will be a 100 BTC buy wall at the NAV.

[This] is meant to allow people to cashout at NAV even if there are no bids above book value. I will start with 1% of the fund allocated to this, but this is subject to change. I expect that there will be some premium over NAV for SuperNET, so I dont expect to need much percentage of the total funds to provide the needed NAV bid.

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