Issuer: jl777

Asset ID: 3006420581923704757
Issuing accountNXT-ZWW7-PSXW-89TR-AA67Z

Trading and performance:



Sharkfund0 is a trading fund that targets high-performing assets. Sharkfund0 owns 11 percent of all BTCD and 10 percent of BBR. It also has 20 percent of NXTprivacy, 10 percent of InstantDEX, 12 percent of jl777hodl (JLH), and around 10 percent of the Coinomat asset. To date it has returned 300 percent in three months.


It’s an opportunistic fund that will make short term investments it feels will have a positive ROI in the crypto space. If there is an arbitrage it will do it. If there is a chance to put funds in at the groundfloor in a NXTventure offering, it will do it.

sharkfund0 is a pooling of funds and all purchasers of sharkfund get the same return. From the smallest investor that puts in 1 NXT to the big whales who put in millions of NXT.

sharkfund0 represents investment capital. Investors who purchase sharkfund are piggy backing on my personal investment decisions and I now have voldemort to bounce ideas off of and we use a buddy system to make sure each investment has the proper risk/reward. Sharkfund0 is similar to an open ended fund.

The sharkfund0 asset is tuned to reflect Teleport, think of it as a sector fund.

Follow the Shark Tales blog for updates:


Sharkfund0 Nxt AE description

Each purchased sharkfund0 asset represents a proportional share of the fund’s crypto holdings. NXTsharks will actively manage sharkfund0 to maximize its market value. 25% of profits are assetized by the NXTsharks assets, the rest compounds in sharkfund0.

The sharkfund0 assets held by NXTsharks are unpurchased assets and are not bound to anything, NXTsharks will never sell unpurchased assets via AE. Initially, the value is set to 10000 NXT per asset. After the initial funding, additions are made at the marked to the market value of all previously purchased sharkfund0 assets.

Purchases using non-NXT crypto is done manually on a case by case basis, minimum 10 BTC. It is preferred to make withdrawals simply by selling the asset using AE, but NXTsharks can accomodate requests of larger cashouts manually. please check the NXT forum for up to date details.


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