Janus ICO cancelled!

Today, the Janus Team cancelled their ICO. All Bitcoins raised will be returned to the investors. The Janus token Nxt AE ID is 4348103880042995903. The tokens will be put for sale on the Nxt AE, for immediate purchase and trading. Read on. Thanks everyone for believing in our team and the #Janus project! NEW INFO MUST READ here: https://t.co/FoMK4rxtux$NXT $BTC …

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SAE pulls the plug – what are the alternatives?

The Secure Asset Exchange (SAE) website has been a rabbit hole to the Nxt Asset Exchange for many people, as a secure web client which allowed you to trade on AE without downloading the full NRS Client. SAE has now decided to close its services. If you are using SAE, you will now have to choose a different approach …

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Trustworthy Decentralized Assets

SAE: Secure Asset Exchange (http://www.secureae.com/) is focused on enabling the web-based creation, purchase and resale of “Trustworthy Decentralized Assets” that will exist wholly on Nxt’s innovative Decentralized Asset Exchange infrastructure. Quick start guide: Register an Account Send NXT to your Account ID from an exchange or your Nxt Wallet Research, buy or sell an asset …

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