Nxter News – March 2018 (I): Kites Rise Highest Against the Wind, Not With It

March (I)

Welcome again, dear Nxters and other followers!

The big news from last week was Jelurida’s long and eventful journey progressing through the 4YFN Awards at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. We continue to provide updates on third-party exchanges as they enable ARDR / IGNIS trading, and we highlight community polls where you (yes you!) can help get ARDR and IGNIS listed on more exchanges! We also highlight a new community created IGNIS website, upcoming blockchain Meetups, including a cool hackathon in Norway, updates about the ACTN and LELE airdrops, and the latest press coverage.

We welcome back our old readers and warmly welcome our new ones. We want our readers to stay up-to-date with the blockchain evolution as it happens and become experts in the Nxt / Ardor / Ignis blockchain ecosystem. So lean back and learn about all of last week’s progress.




The AE




This week’s newsletter is put together by jose, apenzl, James, and rubenbc.


  • Outcome of the 4YFN Awards at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

As we announced in a previous newsletter, Jelurida was picked as one of the 10 4YFN Awards semi-finalists in the Mobile World Congress 2018. Jelurida was selected out of over 300 applications submitted by promising startup companies from 20 countries. This award event ran side by side with the main MWC which attracts all the big names in the tech industry. Indeed this was great exposure for Jelurida. The MWC started on Monday, but Jelurida’s turn to pitch in front of the 4YFN about blockchain technology and, specifically, about Nxt/Ardor/Ignis did not occur until Tuesday.

This left plenty of time for the Jelurida members that came to this event, like Lior, Veronica, and Elizabeth, the director of the Ardor & Nxt Group, and some other well-known members of the community, like Van Breuk, FSarrias, and Almonte, to talk about Jelurida’s blockchain solutions to visitors on the floor. Many fintech investors, users, and businesses were interested, a lot of new contacts were made and a lot of networking occurred.

And finally, Tuesday! Lior’s turn came to step on to the stage and talk with the audience about Jelurida, its projects and what they can do for businesses. Only five minutes were given per semi-finalist, but when you have a good product it makes things easier. Below is a video of Lior pitching at the 4YFN Awards, which appeared on Facebook Live as a sneak peek. Jelurida brought a professional camera crew to record the event, and hopefully, that video will be available soon. In the meantime, here is Lior on stage presenting for the semi-finals:

Ardor Nxt Group 发布于 2018年2月27日

Lior did well, so well that the jury found that Jelurida deserved a spot among the top-5 finalists!


Veronica wrote:

Dear community, we just got awesome good news! After pitching just 40 minutes ago Jelurida and Ardor Blockchain as a service have been selected as one of the 5 finalists of the 4YFN 2018. Tomorrow is the final battle at 12pm CET !!

Elizabeth stated:

The competition tomorrow is impressive and it’s an honor to be among them!

The final was on Wednesday. Lior presented, again, in front of hundreds of potential investors and future clients! The Nxt / Ardor community was well-represented that day at the 4YFN finals. Here is Lior’s turn:

Lior did an excellent job, once again. But, unfortunately for us, another startup won the competition. Anyway, it was a good run, and the achievement is more than remarkable. As Lior wrote in an article some days ago:

…we’ll be lucky to reach the top 5. After all you can’t go on stage holding a shiny blockchain in your hand.

Lior’s second presentation at the event was also recorded. In the end, this was great exposure for Jelurida at the 4YFN Awards. It is unfortunate that they did not win but many good things will come from this. Throughout the whole congress, the Jelurida team continued to showcase their products to anyone visiting their booth. Moreover, a Q&A session with Lior was recorded on video, where he answered questions from community members.

But there was more!. They also had the MWC pitch as well.

Elizabeth [1:11 PM]
Box Motion won the award.
We are winners, nevertheless. Congratulations on a job well done, @riker and @jelurida

Great exposure. Room with 3000 people at least. There is going to be a press release. We have all recorded. Lots of materials for the near future.

Luckily winning this was never the real goal here. The goal is being found (more easily) by businesses looking to implement blockchain solutions. This competition does serve this goal perfectly. A lot of good cheap promotion/marketing and footage to refer to. Great work!

Next up: real businesses launching their apps using the Ardor platform. Triffic and future other applications will show the world that Ardor is a serious alternative to other platforms. Using is proving!

@Xavier and in meeting that goal we have won first place! I hope to see good fruits from the contacts and exposure. Huge success!

Additionally, after a hectic week and once the MWC was over, other blockchain Meetups took place in Spain, which were related to Nxt / Ardor / Ignis.

Meetup in Barcelona, March 1st

Veronica wrote:

MWC Edition: Expert Panel Presents the Future of Blockchain for Business.

Almost 200 attendees today! Very excited to have the opportunity to present such a great panel: Lior, Jorge Canta (partner of an international law firm) and Sunil CEO Globatalent. The event will be recorded.


Meetup in Madrid, March 1st

Elizabeth stated:

Meetup this evening in Madrid – hosted by @almonte and @coradan, Sponsored by Ardor / Nxt Group: INTRODUCCIÓN A BLOCKCHAIN


From chatting with the attendees, my impression was that 60% of the audience were entrepreneurs, 20% were students, 15% IT engineers and 5% just came to spend the afternoon.

You can see the slides for this meetup in Madrid (in Spanish) here.

A video was recorded, and it will be published as soon as Spanish subtitles are added.

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  • Oracle – Duke’s Choice Awards

The Duke’s Choice Award is dedicated to all members of the Java Community! In keeping with its 15 year history, the 2017 Duke’s Choice Award winners will be announced at JavaOne, the world’s biggest Java technology conference and gathering of Java community members. The Duke’s Choice Award celebrates extreme innovation using Java technology. The primary judging criteria for this prestigious award is innovation, putting small developer shops and individual developers on equal footing with global giants.

chesslover [8:37 AM]
@riker I think it’s time to nominate Ardor for the 2018 Java Duke Awards!

riker [9:06 AM]
Chesslover I like the idea


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  • Exchanges

This week we heard that a user received some news about Poloniex‘s Ardor wallet, which has not been working for months:

It seems that some other services, such as Shapeshift and Changelly rely on Poloniex services to run, so until Poloniex’s wallet problems are fixed they won’t work, either.

AFTER DEADLINE: Poloniex has now enabled deposits + withdrawals

Freewallet has made their third-party Igniswallet available on the Google Play store, but we have not been able to check if they have credited IGNIS to the users who held NXT in their third-party Freewallet app. Have you? Please leave us a comment if you have.

And it seems that HitBTC hasn’t credited all their users with the IGNIS from the Ardor Genesis snapshot/airdrop, yet. You can find a list of all the exchanges that support Nxt/Ardor/Ignis trading, deposits, and withdrawals here.

AFTER DEADLINE: HitBTC now says they will airdrop IGNIS this week

The ANG‘s Community Funded Projects to collect funds in order to apply for Ignis and Nxt to be listed on Binance is still ongoing. The funds to list ARDR were quickly raised in a community fundraiser two weeks ago, but it seems to be going slower to collect the funds needed for applying to list IGNIS and NXT. Additionally, since ARDR prices have been going down, the 204,685.4024 ARDR and 1,021.01 IGNIS might not be enough to cover the $100K application fee, this depends on the evolution of the ARDR price over the next few weeks. More info about how to help here.

Elizabeth wrote:

The value of the funds is down right now. When we get closer to the time we need to transfer funds we may need to address that as a community. We raised the amount for Ardor so quickly I didn’t even have a chance to send some, and I’m certain there are many others who will contribute to make up any needed difference.

More exchanges? Community member, Sebastien256 stated:

ARDR can now be exchanged directly for CAD and vice-versa on ezbtc.ca!
They also supported NXT <-> CAD since a long time.
I’m gonna ask them to add IGNIS now.

At the moment, ATLs trading on ezbtc is done by a concierge service. So, for now I would not consider it as a CAD pair where free trading happens with order books, etc. Although you can sell and buy ARDR directly for CAD on ezbtc. I think ezbtc will soon open traditional CAD pairs with order books with 5 alts. I hope ARDR will be one of them.
I sent a message earlier today asking them to add ignis too. I did ask to add ARDR back in december, so im happy they did it.

Finally, please upvote Nxt, Ardor & Ignis so that Lescovex considers listing our coins! We need your votes! You can upvote Nxt/Ardor/Ignis once every day! – It is free!




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  • Ardor Mentioned in this Korean Video – [톡톡코인365]’아더 코인’의 특징은

This video mentions Ardor as an example of a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) as they run down the CMC page and speak about Ardor, it’s features and solutions, as well as IGNIS as a child chain of Ardor.


Korean Ardor Community Page

Korea is a huge market for all cryptocurrencies and Ardor is growing a large and passionate fanbase in this important market. Last week a new community page was announced.

Ardorbaby stated:

In Korea Ardor chatroom, we are planning to make Korean Ardor community page benchmarking Quantum’s community.

They have channel with Patrik who is senoir developer. (https://qtum.or.kr/)

We will let u know the progress of Ardor community in Korea. And need ur help @Elizabeth and @riker


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  • Ardor Explained in this German Video – ARDOR Crypto Coin News 2018

The following video does a good job of explaining Ardor and its unique child chain architecture.

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  • Vote to Choose the Domain Name for the Ignis Community Page

Last week TheWireMaster ran a poll on the Ardor platform so that users could choose their preferences among different available domain names for the Ignis Community page. Chain: IGNIS; Poll ID: 6392917161389756410.

The most voted option was setting up a subdomain at the ardorblockchain.info domain, which was already registered by zuqka, a well-known member of the community. Soon after, he decided to also create subdomains for all the other child chains on Ardor.

The following subdomains were also registered:

All three are set

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  • Bitswift Child Chain Update

Last week the Bitswift team announced the following news.

bitswiftbro wrote:

The Bitswift dev fund account is bundling, you can be sure that any txn fees it collects as a result will be spent back on development and community building.

travin: At what rate

bitswiftbro: its at .999 or something normal

TECH token


TECH token market is now open on Ardor Asset Exchange with our first reps being issued their tech token bonus based on invoices they generate. You can see the message includes all the invoice #s which generated tech token for that rep. This allows the reps to internally look up those invoices and verify they were credited the correct amount of TECH token based on their performance bonus allowance. A customer could verify that the rep compensated properly. We will try to sustain a market for TECH token and continuously integrate TECH into our future products and services.

The official asset for TECH is : 8592752264082871895

Don’t get scammed – the issuing account will never open sell orders on the AE.

Initial Token Supply: 21 Million | Inflation rate: Event driven | Live Circulation: 200 Tokens | Max Supply: Uncapped | Platform Specific: Bitswift Technology Solutions.
We will work on getting a chart for TECH/BITSWIFT pair on our block explorer. Who knows in the future we might get TECH listed on Bittrex or something fun.

On their Telegram, Bitswiftbro, aka Paul Busch, elaborated about the TECH:

 [TECH] are rewards that our reps are creating through invoicing our customers.

Our reps are the ones in the businesses and on the road who are promoting the Bitswift blockchain. They used to earn Bitswift token directly, but we switched that to TECH token last night and the first rep was gifted 200 TECH tokens based on 2000 dollars worth of invoices he generated.

Reps are gifted 10% of the service dollars on the invoice that they created.

Example, the rep goes and installs a PC for us. The invoice he generates to the end customer is 200 dollars. The rep gets 50% of that so he would earn 100 dollars canadian. Then he gets 10% of that as a reward in crypto, and this comes through the blockchain credit in TECH token. So he would achieve 100 CAD + 10 TECH token, and basically each TECH token is backed by a real invoice to a real customer.

It’s a big experiment really.. but we are willing to try it to see what happens. Humans will eventually work for decentralized computer networks instead of men in suits, and so this might be a good start. The 9 to 5 office jobs are phasing out and something is bound to replace it.

I think you are going to see a new era of “cloud companies” coming online. Which basically have no central admin or offices. The whole company is composed of a distributed team and everyone working for the company is just a participant on the cloud companies blockchain earning credit from that chain. Participants basically [run] their own businesses with no manager or boss. Steem is a good example of this model, the particpants being bloggers earning STEEM.

Steem does not have to worry about invoicing real customers though and collecting those $ and getting those $ back to the servicing partipcant.. so thats kind of where we are at.

The goal is to make this all happen automatically and transparently. On invoice payment, the rep can see the invoice was paid, the amount of the invoice, that he or she recieved the proper comissions, and the correct amount of TECH tokens that were earned as a result.


Bitswift.shop takes payments in NXT, IGNIS, BITSWIFT, ARDR, ETH, DASH etc.

They wrote:

If you do reddit, we could use some upvotes. It would help to call some attention to Bitswift ecosystem. https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/7zpw1l/bitswiftshop_accepting_all_types_of_common/

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  • Action Coin Presale Ends

The Action coin web wallet is now online and those with Action Points can redeem them for ACTN tokens on the blockchain. The Action Coin team announced:

Action Token Distribution Event

You may now Exchange your Action Points for Action Tokens (1:1), which will then be transferred to your personal wallet on the all new Action Blockchain.

The online ACTN client is available here: https://wallet.actioncoin.com/index.html

PATIENCE: Be aware that the ACTN network is entirely new and needs to be bootstrapped.

The Action Team asks you to create a new ACTN account using their online node, before you log in to https://actionrewards.net/product-category/uncategorized/tokens/, where you can “purchase” Action Tokens (ACTN), using your Action Points balance.  1 Action Point buys you 1 Action Token. This video shows the full process:

The ACTN airdrop to NXT holders

Also, Nxters that sign in to the ACTN online client with their account address (just change NXT- to ACTN- when you sign in) will notice, that they’ve become owners of ACTN tokens!

Reminder: Don’t forget to keep your NXT passphrase secure! We at Nxter.org feel an obligation to warn all users of NXT against entering their NXT passphrase into online client servers. When the ACTN network is stable, you will be able to make transactions by signing them OFFLINE, so your Nxt passphrase is never sent over the internet. Read more about this below, in relation to the LELE airdrop.

Source: https://t.me/ActionCoinNews

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  • Lele Airdrop

The LELE snapshot of the IGNIS chain was performed by the LELE team at block height 83979 on February 28th last week. The distribution of the airdrop was supposed to take place between the 1st and 3rd of March, but according to an update from the LELE team, the distribution is delayed. They stated:

Dear LELE holders,
The airdrop receivers and LELE holders will get maximal profit if LRP system is applied. Unfortunately, to apply the function of LRP, we need to avoid crashed system during the airdrop. As a result, the Airdrop distribution will be little bit delayed, but somehow the markets still stick to the schedule.

Approximately, LRP system and Airdrop distribution will be stable on 10th March 2018 in which all LELE distribution will be finished and LRP system will be applied.

In a Medium article, posted on March 1st, the LELE team advised receivers of the airdrop to log into an online LELE client with their passphrase. We advise Nxters NOT to do this, as this passphrase is your ONE and ONLY key to unlock ALL your accounts on Nxt and Ardor (including all child chains). If you lose your passphrase, you will most likely lose all your funds.

Before the LELE snapshot, jose proposed the following solution:

Important Read Airdrop from Clones – How to Act

If, however, you did NOT move your IGNIS to a temporary “airdrop account” prior to the snapshot, OFFLINE SIGNING of transactions is an inbuilt option you can use with the Nxt and Ardor platforms which is way better than sending your passphrase over the internet to an online node.

By signing your transactions OFFLINE you can make 100% sure that your passphrase is not exposed.

To new users, though, offline signing may be a mouthful to learn, as you are not familiar with the client GUI.

Nxter Magazine has developed a small tool, which makes offline signing easy and simple, and which is conveniently available for both Nxt and the Ardor platform. As we have not received any LELE yet, we can not test it for you and confirm that it will also work with LELE transactions. We will keep you updated and might release a separate version for the LELE holders if needed.

Our best advice:

  • Log in to your account on the LELE network with your account address ONLY, and NOT with your passphrase.
  • Check if you have received the LELE airdrop.
  • Wait.
  • When all the LELE tokens that are supposed to be airdropped has been distributed, we will give further instructions.

The LELE team stated:

LELE wallet can be found at https://wallet.e-chain.id/index.html#

IGNIS holders who did not store their coins in a supported wallet at block height 83979 will NOT get a share of the airdrop. The same goes for those who kept their coins on exchanges that do not support LELE.

Check the block snapshot at https://t.me/LELE_COIN/9063

Live checks can be done here: https://ignis.e-chain.id/index.html
Use vip account ARDOR-9NNC-FSSB-44UM-C4XPN Click on the top right gear icon button, then click blocks.

If you want to send your IGNIS back to VIP exchange:

Description from Jelurida about coins that are stuck on the blockchain:

Visit their website

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  • Review Fireside Chat with Lior Yaffe, Core-Developer of the Ardor and Nxt Blockchains in Barcelona on March 2nd

After a long week with 4YFN, Lior still made time to have a fireside chat in Barcelona with the community where he answered questions directly asked by community members.

Veronica wrote:

Having @Elizabeth @vanbreuk and @riker in the same room here in Barcelona is really nice

The Q&A videos will be shared as soon as they’re available.

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  • d10e Conference in Seoul, South Korea, March 3rd-6th

Beginning last week and lasting into this one is the d10 Conference in Seoul, the leading conference on decentralization. Next week we will write on this as the conference is only just beginning at the time of writing.

Elizabeth wrote:

Ardor / Nxt Community Ambassador, William Pacheco will be attending the d10e Conference in Seoul, South Korea next week.


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  •  Nxt/Ardor Hackaton in Norway, March 22nd.

Later this month there will be a Nxt / Ardor hackathon event at the Scandic Bystranda Hotel in Kristiansand, Norway. Bring your own laptop for some hands-on experience with Nxt and Ardor. Details are below.


March 20-21, The Autonomy Conference 2018, Scandic Bystranda Hotel, Kristiansand, Norway
Go to the Registration Site for the conference (in Norwegian).

March 22, Ardor Hackaton, Scandic Bystranda Hotel, Kristiansand, Norway
Go to the Registration Site for the hackaton.

More info

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The AE

  • Frasindo Crowdsale

Frasindo’s ICO is still ongoing, currently in Round 4.


Sandy, AKA san2ok, explained:

Sandy (^_^) v san2ok, [02.03.18 16:49]

Sandy (^_^) v san2ok, [02.03.18 16:50]
Round 3 crowdsale will end in few hours :blush:

Round 4 bonus 10% will open for 7 days

[In reply to xsan three] >How about progress this project today?

For mystellar.org we all need to disscuss how to made value and tokenize the project, and incentivise people to contribute and moderate
If anyone have ideas please discuss it..

For upcoming warnamu, we are still waiting coinrupiah
But warnamu progress on local sales is good
(you can see the sales live)

For coinrupiah.. Im giving pressure the IT team to speedup
Meanwhile another IT is making blockchain-swap for fasindo shop
Coinrupiah progress is a disapointment for now.. I will fix it

For credit union license
On this saturday there will be meeting to fulfill all the requirements..
I will try record the talks, but i think not many people understand (its in indonesian)
The company layer the credit union
PT.Agra Multi Niaga have great progress
But the project will be split..(only make use the license together)

Im on process negotiating with car dealer.. Meeting with its manager next wednesday
(I will try documented it)
Government update=Its very nice.. We as partner of taxi online in benefited side when the government enforcing the transportation law

Artur Stanek in a seminar at Warsaw (Poland) while wearing a Frasindo’s Tshirt

How to buy Frasindo

Bounty Questions

More info

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  • Janus – Status Update

The Janus team recently launched KREDS and announced the following:

Hello mining community, we would like to make the first sale of digital goods using Kreds only as payment. This is mostly for historical purposes and also to make things fun for currency uses early on.

So without further ado, we are selling $7875 USD worth of BITMAIN coupons to be used for each order from their shop. We will be using a Kreds price of 6 cents USD per Kred coin making the total cost for all of these coupons 131,250 Kreds to buy them all.

Luis, AKA Ascendus, stated:

Hi Janus community, you can now daily vote to get Kreds listed on @NextExchange

Your daily vote is appreciated. Onwards and Upwards! $JNS $ARDR

JNS tokens

Bjorn stated:

Hello Janus users, we have been applying to more exchanges for Janus and if you hold Kreds you may have noticed we got 2 exchanges with more on the way.

The issue is that the exchange owners are looking at trade volume on Ardor wallet and past 6 months of ccex.

Theres no incentive for them to list JNS without volume.

We will keep contacting exchanges but if the community behind any investment is not active with the investment we as a team cannot turn exchanges heads.

Later this year we have a solution to help, but again without some serious volume we cannot help you get listed because there is no motivation for exchange owners unless the coin is traded daily.

Janus Telegram: https://t.me/thejanusproject

Janus asset ID on the ARDOR platform: 4348103880042995903

Here is how to claim you Kreds balance if you’re a Janus holder.

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  • Weekly Reminder: Bundling and deadlines

The parent-child-architecture of Ardor means that when Child Chain transactions are submitted, a bundling account must accept to bundle the transaction and send it to the Ardor parent chain to be forged. If a child chain transaction is not accepted and bundled by a bundling account within a default of 15 minutes, the transaction will be expired and will cancel.

The conversation below highlights how it works, and how to check for active bundlers and fees in the client and with API.

I have made two transactions of ignis coins from one wallet to another and they have been mysteriously canceled.

They have most probably expired, your transaction most probably did not find a bundler. Are fees high enough?

Child chain transactions are submitted by default with a deadline of 15 minutes. That’s why they disappear if not bundled.

I think it was because of the fee. the one that rejected me had put 0.02 and those that have been accepted have been 0.03 fee

What is the recommended “exception handling” approach to such cases? The transaction originator should be notified programmatically that the transaction has been cancelled or has expired

Also, is there a way to check if bundlers are running and if there is a minimum transaction fee?

Switch to chain you want to check, “gear” icon in top right, then bundlers.

@martis I meant programmatically

with api?

Or something like a work flow

best rates: http://localhost:27876/nxt?requestType=getBundlerRates

Read a nice write-up about bundling here

and you can learn from the wiki about how to set up your own bundling service here

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  • Nxter.org – The Equal Market You Ought to Explore

We welcome WatchTower as a new external blogger on Nxter.org. This guest piece for Nxter highlights the importance of a key component of the Nxt and Ardor platforms: the marketplace. Without a marketplace, the client is just an exchange for your crypto. But with it, so many more opportunities arise. The Ardor marketplace is decentralized and enables direct peer-to-peer trading on the blockchain. It is an open store designed for buying and selling digital goods, but physical items can be listed as well. You are able to buy and sell via the marketplace for IGNIS, Bitswift or a fiat-pegged token like AEUR. The only limit to what you can do with this is your imagination.

The author wrote:

Years have passed and the rains of ideas have fallen unto the plains of execution effecting sudden germinations of several digital currencies. They rose from all directions with similar offers and only a different name and people behind them to distinguish them. Few stood out with more to offer and determination to bring that future even nearer.

From BCNext came the idea of such a rare currency in 2013. A second generation of cryptos that was developed from scratch. It came with many features that would have been thought of to be the future of digital currency such as shuffling, decentralized DNS, peer-to-peer exchange, voting system to mention a few. It emphasized on the broad nature of blockchain which was more than just a currency.


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  • Medium – 2018 Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) Platform Review: Part I

A quick overview of the BaaS environment as of early 2018. Ardor is one of the key players and is well-positioned to challenge Ethereum as the dominant blockchain solution for businesses.

They wrote:

  1.  ARDOR comes with its own decentralized exchange. The Ardor client is well packaged to manage token, asset, exchange and etc.
  2. ARDOR is the first operational multi-chain (also called parent-child) architecture which provides a solution to blockchain bloat as well as a token per application design.
  3. Regarding technical discussion around multi-chain, I found that Lior Yaffe’s summary is insightful.
  4. ARDOR in 2018 may repeat ETH in 2016 and a lot to expect from this undervalued platform.


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  • Medium – Ethereum’s Reign As “ICO King” May Soon Be At An End

More and more companies are learning about the advantages of Ardor as an ICO platform. The following chart does a great job highlighting how Ardor is a step above the competitions when it comes to built-in functionality. Businesses are likely going to start appreciating the benefits of 0 fee child chain transactions more and more in the coming months.

Visit the original article at Medium to view the full table

Will Ethereum still be the top ICO platform by the end of December 2018?

* — Ardor “0 fee transactions” — users can experience 0 fees, but the owner of a particular “child chain” will need to pay for the verification of those transactions through a process known as “bundling.”


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  • Valas News – Kurang Diminati, Koin IGNIS Terus Alami Penurunan Di Pasar Indonesia (Indonesian)

This article describes the trading behavior of IGNIS after it was listed recently in Indonesia. The author remains bullish that Indonesian crypto traders will soon appreciate the value and functionality of IGNIS .



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  • The Next Web – Bridging Blockchain’s Gaps is the Next Major Hurdle

This comprehensive article highlights Ardor as being one of the best examples of adding scaling and interoperability to the greater blockchain ecosystem as the space moves towards greater mainstream adoption.

They wrote:
Ardor, the brainchild of Jelurida, has taken a unique step towards opening the blockchain ecosystem for us even further through the introduction of child chains. Ardor has effectively built its own blockchain on which other chains, referred to as child chains, can be integrated to benefit from the main chain’s infrastructure and security.


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  • Invest in Blockchain – 25 Industries That Blockchain Will Radically Transform

Ardor is mentioned as one of most transformative blockchains. Specifically, they espouse the virtues of the unique child chain architecture of Ardor and how it is an excellent scaling solution business looking to develop their own decentralized blockchain app (dapps).

They wrote:

 Ardor is another big player in this space. It utilizes the technology of the NXT platform to offer child chains. The project’s parent-child chain architecture will allow businesses to create products on customized blockchains that are secure and lightweight. Transactions can be removed from the child chain once over, to keep the chain free from bloat.

The child chains can run either on Ardor’s own tokens or one of the chain owner’s choice. This child chain supports a variety of features and makes the use of blockchain for a company simple, as opposed to building a blockchain from scratch. For a detailed look at Ardor, read our in-depth article here.



  • Chipin – 10 Altcoins and Platforms to Hold You Over in February 2018

The article mentions Ardor as easy to use and easy to implement blockchain ecosystem for businesses.

Ardor’s unique child-parent architecture solves two key issues in the blockchain ecosystem, specifically, (1) blockchain scaling and bloating, and (2) business customization issues. Ardor addresses scalability by (1) separating security and functionality through the creation of multiple chains, with complete child chain pruning (keeping the blockchain size smaller), and (2) providing easily customizable and ready to use building blocks, similar to WordPress, to businesses.


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  • A Bit Greedy – Ignis Coin Guide: Complete Analysis

Ignis is the first child chain of Ardor and it will always be the one with the most functionality of any child chain in the Ardor ecosystem. This article does a good job highlighting the many great features that the Ignis child chain has.

Ignis is the first child chain of Ardor. It supports all the features of the NXT blockchain except the forge feature. Child chains do not forge on the Ardor blockchain platform. Additional Ardor features are also available on Ignis.

All the features available on Ignis include asset exchange, marketplace, monetary system, phasing, voting system, messages, account leasing, account monitor, coin shuffling, plugins, asset control, composite phasing, asset share increase, and by-property phasing.


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  • TradingView – ARDR by HamadaMark


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  • TradingView – Is ARDR About to show some Enthusiasm?


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  • TradingView – Ignis: up to 220% in Next 2 Weeks?


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  • Weekly NXT/ARDR/IGNIS Price Evolution

The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Bittrex over this past week:

The following graphic shows the ARDR / Bitcoin exchange price at Bittrex over this past week:

The following graphic shows the IGNIS / Bitcoin exchange price at Bittrex over these past days:

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And that is all for this week, Nxters.

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Nxter News – February 2018 (II): Why Is Patience So Important? Because It Makes Us Pay Attention

February (II)

Welcome again, Nxters! Welcome back to another synopsis of the crypto news from last week.

Again we have the latest news on which centralized exchanges have enabled ARDR and IGNIS trading, the Action Coin ICO is underway with an NXT Airdrop occurring last week – details below, updates on more and more Blockchain Meetups, EUR deposit/withdraw limit at Ardorgate has been increased to 10,000 EUR, and we included a polite reminder about how the Nxt blockchain is, in fact, very alive and well!

We welcome back our old readers and warmly welcome our new ones. The cryptosphere is a large, complex, and largely mysterious place for many people, and we at Nxter are changing that. We want our readers to become experts in the Nxt / Ardor / Ignis blockchain ecosystem. Lean back and take the time to learn about all the news from last week.



The AE




This week’s newsletter is put together by James, apenzl, Jose, and rubenbc.


  • Freewallet

Last week Freewallet (third-party wallet) updated their ARDR wallet and now users have access to their ARDR. IGNIS is still not enabled but a Medium article further down from them explains the challenges they faced migrating to the dedicated Ardor blockchain; IGNIS, they wrote, is a current priority for their dev team.

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  • Exchanges… 

Meanwhile, on the AEUR blockchain

With AEUR you can trade assets, IGNIS, ARDR and any child chain token p2p against the Euro-backed child chain token.

The following updated list shows third-party exchanges that have and have NOT released their customers’ ARDR and IGNIS tokens. The IGNIS Airdrop occurred well over a month ago and we still do not have all the exchanges that announced support actually enabling full wallet and trading support for IGNIS and ARDR.


Lior Yaffe (Jelurida) wrote:

To those whose IGNIS tokens are still locked by exchanges, exchanges have no more excuses, the blockchain is stable since Jan 2nd and with the new release we had the full deposit/withdrawal process covered and operational. Be proactive, open support tickets and contact them on social networks to release your funds. In case exchange developers need advice we are here to help.

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  • ACTN – NXT Airdrop and Ongoing ICO

In November we presented the Action Token. It has been more than three months and the team is now ready. The community, in general, has not had proof of this project until a few days ago, when Lior Yaffe verified that the team seems legit and ANG director, Elizabeth, interviewed Nick – one of the founders. Further down we explain more about the Action Token and how 1 billion ACTN has been airdropped on NXT holders and will be accessible on the new chain in March.

Elizabeth conversed with Lior Yaffe (Riker):

Elizabeth – These guys have been largely quiet since first announcing themselves. It seems as if the project is still ongoing but it’s hard to say for sure without updates. @riker how should we view the authenticity of this?

Riker – I can confirm that we had several calls with the action coin team. As far as I can judge this is a legitimate project.

I have just finished an interview with Nick Morley of ActionCoin. I wanted to give you some notice as the Pre Sale started today and the web wallet will release on March 1. You can go to actioncoin.io and follow links to acquire some.

And, oh! Did I mention this is a clone of the NXT blockchain?! Nick tells us why NXT is a great solution for his business and more down the road. You will want to watch this!

Elizabeth and Nick talk about Action Coin and the ICO, which is currently underway. Created with the Nxt Blockchain Creation Kit, 10 B Action Coins were issued. Up to 250 M tokens are available in each of the three rounds of their ICO, with the wallet launching on March 1st, 2018. Thanks to the terms of the JPL, 1 billion tokens have been airdropped to NXT users and will be accessible when the Action Coin web wallet launches, using the existing login for your NXT wallet.

REMEMBER: Your Nxt passphrase is worth all your holdings on the Nxt, Ardor, and any airdropped Nxt-based coin’s networks. Keep it safe at all times! Log in with your account ID, not your passphrase. You can use NxtBridge OFFLINE to sign transactions initiated on clone networks without ever exposing your passphrase to their network. Sign it, and then broadcast the signed transaction on to the clone’s network. More in-depth info here, and NxtBridge OFFLINE download and video tuts are found here.

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Child Chains

  • Bitswift Update

Last week Bitswift markets opened on Bittrex!

bitswiftbro wrote:

Been working hard with Bittrex today folks, the market will come online very soon. Bittrex bundler is on our chain and we are just going through some final testing. Thanks everyone for being patient.

Bitswift has a clear business model and they are moving forward with a lot of enthusiasm.

Good news everyone, Bitswift has been invited to speak at city hall in front of city council relating to a smart city IOT project coming up here in Kingston Ontario. This even will be broadcast live on local tv and we are sure to show the city what networks we have built which could help facilitate the smart city they are trying to build. Council meeting is at 7:30 EST tonight.

Thewhig.com wrote:

“Prior to hearing from Semplonius, council heard from Paul Busch from Bitswift, a technology company in Kingston. Busch said the city has alternatives to partnering with Bell and there are local companies working on networking technologies. Busch said he has been working on a decentralized networking system using blockchain technology in the city centre for four years.”


You can find the video uploaded here: https://ardornxt.slack.com/archives/C67TGA37H/p1517937083000066

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  • Products for Sale in the AEUR Marketplace

Do you have something, non-perishable, that can be listed on the AEUR marketplace?

A long-time member of the Nxt community, Palheiro, has made some products from his Galician garden available. From jam to potatoes, this is a good opportunity to buy healthy, organic vegetables with 21st-century payment methods!

Palheiro wrote:

palheiro – I have put three products on sale in the AEUR marketplace. In case someone is interested, they are food and pottery, all produced by me. Soon I will put more variety. Let’s see if we are filling the market!

martis – @palheiro where are you located?

palheiro – Galiza (Spanish Kingdom)


I am sure the AEUR Marketplace can serve other requests as well. Remember that the jam does not expire 😉

Like Ignis, AEUR has a marketplace where items can be listed and purchased in the child chain’s own tokens. On the AEUR chain, this means that all prices are pegged to the Euro. You can see how to get on to the Euro-pegged AEUR chain in the following how-to video, created by James Malach, aka Coinerz, entitled: ‘Exchange Euros For Ardor With Ardorgate’.

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  • SCAM Message on Facebook

Almost every week we are warning our readers about false services that are trying to hustle new Nxters for coins. Although it seems ridiculous, scammers always cheat someone. Most scams are obvious but some are legit enough to fool decent people. Take care, it is impossible to warn against every scam and hustle out there as they are just so ubiquitous. That is why we urge all readers to use the information from official sources, always check with the community, and NEVER disclose your passphrase to anyone!

The scam:

Kevin –  Warning guys!!!
I just got this spam message from NXT BLockchain on facebook messenger using the NXT logo etc. be aware!

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  • New Korean Telegram Channel About Nxt/Ardor

Someone has created a new Korean chat about Nxt/Ardor on Telegram. There are already over 200 users in that chat room. This is a great tool for our Korean readers to spread knowledge and awareness of Nxt and Ardor.

Here is our (non-exhaustive) list pointing to the most popular Telegram Nxt/Ardor channels

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  • Ardor Nxt Group Event Calendar

The number of events in the Nxt / Ardor ecosystems are increasing and thanks to a calendar created by Elizabeth, we have them all sorted and highlighted. Take a look at it and make a visit to the closest Meetup to meet the passionate people who make up this beautiful ecosystem, enjoy some networking, and perhaps even learn something new!

Elizabeth wrote:

Elizabeth – I created this calendar so the community is aware of events in their area and so I could indicate when members of our community will be at an event. Each event is color coded and the key is in the sidebar. So far the only attendees and known attendees have been ANG sponsored.

If you see an event in your area that you are interested in attending, let me know and we can see if we can work something out for group discounts on passes, etc.

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  • Blockchain for Business Meetup in Barcelona – The Future of Blockchain in Business on March 1

Veronica is preparing one of the most interesting Meetups of the year, taking advantage of the Mobile World Congress days, the speakers will be top-level in their fields (Blockchain experts, banking experts, executives from consumer-goods companies, investors, and lawyers). The theme will be the future of blockchain in business. Register early as many people are likely going to attend.


• What we’ll do
Blockchain-based technologies are revolutionizing the world as they are applied to new and existing business models.

In the context of Mobile World Congress 2018, the most significant mobile event in the world, with Annual attendance more than 100,000, we are going to invite thought leaders to talk about the future of Blockchain in Business.

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  • Join the Meetup Group – Ardor – Nxt Madrid (Madrid, España)

Our friend, Coradan, the founder of the Meetup Blockchain for Business Madrid, has announced his new meetup group in Madrid (Spain) called Ardor – Nxt Madrid.


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You can download the Meetup App for mobile or log in on the web to register for any of them:

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  • Crypto Meetup “Blockchain for Business: Ardor Platform held on February 7th

Almonte shared his experience from last week’s Meetup organized in Valencia with the community.

He wrote:


Almonte – Great experience, the Valencia meetup yesterday: https://www.meetup.com/es-ES/Blockchain-Valencia-Tech/events/246896335/ There were around 40 very participative attendees from Valencia’s developers and start-up community.

From both service providers and product makers it is interesting to invest on Ardor knowledge, the former will be prepared when business will need support for Ardor integration within their current processes and the latter will be able to design their blockchain based products with the first blockchain as a service out there. I enjoyed a lot the good questions this audience asked.

Thanks all the attendees, specially to Dekalabs and Flywire for hosting the event.

More information

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The AE

Remember the launch? In May 2014 #NxtAE launched. Anyone could now issue digital asset tokens on the blockchain and trade them p2p on an unregulated, decentralized, global asset blockchain market. The ICO craze is not new to us.

Being so early with the AE was wild, just like ERC20-ICO-traders experience it now. But, it also gave the core devs an early chance to start working out good solutions to the problems that inherently arise in such a market, long before any other dev team. Nxt never got hacked. It has run stable for over four years. Assets are issued with few clicks. Instantly tradeable on the AE (Asset Exchange). Encrypted messages can be exchanged. Documents can be uploaded, signed, timestamped. Dividends paid with a click, all recorded into the blockchain.

With Ardor (and this will be ported back to Nxt), asset issuers have full control over their assets; who trades their assets, like only KYC and AML approved accounts – or anyone. There is whitelist control over asset holder accounts, you can choose, for example, which asset holders should have the opportunity to vote or even to control an account by vote.

The result of a vote held on the Ignis child chain can be set to sign transactions on behalf of the company – pre-defined whitelisted accounts can sign/vote by account ID, tag, balance or asset balance.

Assets are tradable in all child chain markets. You can only issue assets on Ignis, but you can have your ICO in any child chain token, a non-pegged crypto, or for example in AEUR, which is pegged to, and backed by, Euros, withdrawable to your bank account directly in the Ardor Client GUI. More child chain cryptocurrencies will come. And more assets.

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  • Janus – Status Update

$JNS, what’s next?

They got the large Kodak building. From April 1, JNSHash will be operational.

They elaborate:

The deal has been made with the building owner of the old Kodak office for JNSHash mining operation. They agreed to provide up to 800 amps as our operation grows.

The contract goes into effect on April 1st. This is the soonest we can get machines in and hashing again, then begin expanding. Thank you for your patience in this aspect, we understand right now it is of huge importance to the community and will work very hard to bring it back ASAP.

Between now and April will be the cleanup, drywall, and electrical installation.

The building owner has stated they must perform some of this due to city code, so this is the reason for the delay. However, this is an opportunity (because I am also trying to look on the bright side here). This means we can see if the new Nvidia line of GPU comes out which is super important for future investment into the hashrate, and also the release of new asic machines.

Janus Telegram: https://t.me/thejanusproject

Janus asset ID on the ARDOR platform: 4348103880042995903


Last week, a snapshot of all JNS (Janus) on the Ardor network was taken, at block height 48484.

Two Kreds would be credited per one JNS, to be distributed accordingly within 90 days counting from the time of the Kreds Genesis block. There will only be a 90-day claim window, so Janus holders get ready to download their wallet and grab your coins because guess what. Kreds is already live.

Here is how to claim you Kreds balance if you’re a Janus holder.

So what is Kreds?

Janus wrote:

Kreds will be a totally new blockchain with no connection to Ardor.

bjorn_bb wrote:

For gpu miners most of you will be familiar with the mining algo and pools will come very shortly. Thank you to everyone, and the rest of my team for making this utility currency a huge success. It will play a large role in our websites as incentive for [writing] great content and comments.

Everyone grab the wallet, we made sure to have all OS’s [and Android] available

$KREDS discussion in Discord app: https://discord.gg/3gmat7B

Masternode setup guide:

If you want to know more or find a list of supportive pools, read and follow Kreds’ [ANN] thread on Bitcointalk.

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  • Adel – Adel Swap Module Guide

The community of Adel is in the final stretch of the move of their ADL coin to the Ethereum network. We wish you good luck in your adventure. This week, February 15th, the swap will occur. Adel produced a guide that explains what will happen during the switch from Nxt.

C-cex users: Remember to withdraw your ADL coins to your NXT wallet before the 14th of February due to delisting.

ADL Swap Preview & Guide

How will you swap your ADL coins for ADL on Ethereum? We’ve put together a guide to help you prepare for February 15, so you’ll be ready for the switch. Check out our blog post on Steemit: https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@adelecosystem/adel-swap-module-guide

If you have Any questions regarding the Swap, get in contact with Adel on Slack or Telegram.

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  • Improving the Coin Exchange Feature

Users have been requesting a GUI-change in the Ardor Client, to improve the p2p Coin Exchange experience. Lior Yaffe, core dev for Nxt and Ardor, mentions the improvements made to the layout of the Ardor client – including more specific “Not enough funds” message explanations.

riker – We added the buy orders side to the coin exchange and improved the layout a bit, if someone wants to test – this is my mainnet node.

Also we improved the “Not enough funds” message. It now explains the problem i.e. “Not enough funds. Amount 877 fee 0.018 current balance 875.6994 you are missing 1.3185 IGNIS”

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  • Ardor.World – Ardor Coin Exchange Rates

Thanks to Sergei Chumak, we now have this amazing tool.


The functionality of Ardor.World continues to grow as it now supports Ardor coin exchange rates across the child chain ecosystem.

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  • Weekly Reminder – NXT

This week’s reminder is this Infogram made by ANG.

Nxt is one of the most stable, featureful and best tested altcoins. With new chains released under the JPL giving airdrops to all NXT holders, and with the NXT public chain being maintained and developed further by Jelurida, how can Nxt be “dead”?

A new upgrade to the public chain is on its way, and launching a Nxt-based blockchain has never been easier for businesses with the release of the Blockchain Creation Kit last year. Per the terms of the Jelurida Public License (JPL) any clone of the Nxt blockchain needs to airdrop 10% of its tokens to NXT holders (- see the above section about the Action Token).


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  • Lior Yaffe in Medium – Ardor Launch — To go Where no Jeluridian has gone Before – Update #5

Barely 40 days have passed since Ardor launched and the stability of the network is incredible. This allows developers to focus on developing the key features of the Ardor network. Everything goes like a Swiss watch –  funny because the company is Swiss. Expect a new Ardor release next week.

Lior updated:

Another productive week in cryptoland. Ardor and its child chains continue to operate perfectly. The dev team has started working on the pruning and snapshot feature (but this is still several months away). Meanwhile, next week we are planning to release minor updates to Ardor and Nxt with some usability improvements and bug fixes.

We are talking with several teams about child chain creation and Nxt based clone projects. The customer support system is now fully operational and we are making good progress with the integration of a CRM system.

Some good news from exchanges, Bittrex has opened IGNIS for trading using our zero fee transactions solution. I expect other exchanges to open trading soon. Meanwhile, our Euro zone users, can use the Ardorgate service which continues to improve and streamline the service.


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  • Lior Yaffe in Medium – Why I Think the “Bitcoin Bubble” is not Going to Burst Anytime Soon

In this article, Lior pulls sincerity to announce to the public his controversial opinion about the process that the markets of cryptocurrencies are experiencing. He is no stranger to bubbles and he documents his experiences with the infamous dotcom bubble of the turn-of-the 21st century.

He wrote:

I did not live through the Dutch tulip mania of 1637 so can’t say much about it, but I was an employee of Jacada, a Nasdaq traded high flying tech startup during the happy days of the dot.com bubble during 1998-2001, and I did experience first hand the effects of the dot.com bubble burst, losing on paper hundred of thousands of dollars held in unvested stock options of the company, while seeing its stock value plummet from $37 to basically nothing over the course of a couple of years.

Therefore, as someone who bares the (financial) scars of this event, I’m always on the lookout for new bubbles.


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  • Medium – Updating your Ardor / NXT node Running on a Raspberry Pi 3

Ardor and Nxt are Proof-of-Stake blockchains that are small and light enough to run very well on a Raspberry Pi.

A community member, Erick, created this easy-peasy guide about how to update your raspberry pi node running Ardor. This configuration would add a node to the network, but remember to modify the properties file to leave it at 100%.

Instructions for updating your node:

  1. If your Ardor/NXT node is currently running, stop it by pressing Ctrl + c in the terminal.
  2. Download the latest zipped release from Jelurida for either Ardor or NXT.
    -Move the downloaded zipped file to the folder containing the existing Ardor or NXT folder.
  3. Open up the Ardor or NXT folder and remove/delete the lib folder.
  4. Open the Terminal and navigate to the folder containing the Ardor or NXT folder, and unzip the zipped file…
    unzip ardor-client-2.0.13.zip
  5. When prompted, overwrite all files by pressing A
  6. When completed, cd into the ardor or nxt folder and restart the node ./run.sh
  7. After a few minutes, open the web browser and verify the update was successful.
  8. Kick back and allow your node to resync with the blockchain.


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  • The Merkle – What is Ignis?

A brief introduction to Ignis. Some people confuse Ardor and its child chains – remember all Ardor does is forge transactions and provide security. All the other functionality you know from the Nxt blockchain is in Ardor’s child chains. Ignis is the first and ONLY fully-permissioned child chain. The Merkle gave a beginner’s guide to the child chain.

They wrote:

What is Ignis Exactly?

Some people may recall that Ardor wants to become a next-generation blockchain focusing on child chains. The Ardor parent chain processes transactions and offers security and scalability to “offspring” such as Ignis.

It is important to note the child chain has its own native currency, which was distributed through last year’s Ignis ICO. The main reason this project was created was to bring functionality to the Ardor ecosystem, as the parent chain will only offer very basic functionality. It has all of the NXT features built in except for the “forging” of currencies.


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  • Freewallet in Medium – Freewallet – Ardor: A Long Way Home

Freewallet wrote a post in Medium about their challenges migrating to the dedicated Ardor blockchain. They highlight the unique selling points of Ardor and they announce that integrating IGNIS is a priority and that they are currently working on it.

They wrote:

Basically, any project or individual can create a dedicated child chain with the ARDR platform. They can issue a separate coin (or token) for their chain, enable and disable specific network features and get their transactions processed fast and without mixing them with information from parallel child chains.


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  • CoinSpeaker – What is the Nxt Platform, and What Can It be Used For?

The author makes a brief comparison between two of the most famous consensus protocols today, Proof of Work vs Proof of Stake, before diving into the innovative features which Nxt has.

Photo: Nxt / Twitter

They wrote:

Nxt, an advanced blockchain platform and the first currency to run solely on proof-of-stake algorithm, beats basic functional features of [other] pioneering cryptocurrencies.

Some of its main features include:

Asset Exchange enabling peer-to-peer trading of shares and crypto assets;
Data Storage that can be used for purposes such as building file-sharing services, decentralized apps, and various other services;
An Alias system allowing text substitutions that will enable keywords to be used to represent other things;
A Voting System that can be used to influence future development decisions, shareholder voting, public elections, and various other community-based decisions;
Plugin support that will make it simple for external developers to add additional features and enhancements;
Multi-signature and Phased Transactions that take into consideration various factors such as the approval of multiple accounts or the passage of a specific interval of time.


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  • Coindigo – Scaling to the New Heights With Ardor

This article from Coindigo is one of the few that, in addition to summarizing the characteristics of Ardor, dared to write the truth, something that all Nxters knows well: Ethereum has received more publicity than Ardor, but that does not mean it is a better product – mostly this is a function of the ridiculous sums of money they raised in their ICO – and marketing.

Coindigo wrote:

Most cryptocurrency platforms are limited by their need to rely on a single cryptocurrency for transactions. Ardor is different, and tokens within the Ardor platform can make transactions between themselves without holding any ARDR tokens.

Lastly, Ardor gives businesses the potential to customize their own child chain. This increases the potential use case for the chains, as businesses can have the chain as private as they want. Furthermore, businesses from various industries can use the technology because of the customization and it would not be limited to a single industry use.

Ardor has not received as much publicity and backing as Ethereum, even though the technology is arguably more superior. This is because the developers lack the marketing capability of Vitalik Butarin. A majority of their team is composed of legal experts and software engineers. They need a business minded individual to really market the technology to businesses.

Nevertheless, the team is very smart when it comes to their technical knowledge. Lior Yaffe is a software engineer by trade, and he is the MD for Jelurida (parent company). Petko Petkovis is another co-founder, who is the core developer. He has a vast repertoire of technical knowledge which no doubt comes in handy at Jelurida. Lastly, their lead software architect is Tomislav Gountchev who has a stellar academic resume having studied at Cambridge and UC Berkeley. He also cofounded Nabble, and worked at multiple other tech start-ups.


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  • TradingView – Ardor Probability Of Reversal


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  • TradingView – ARDR Found Bottom and is Going Up


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  • TradingView – IGNIS Entry Level


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  • TradingView – IGNIS Likely Forming the Preferred Pump Formation C&H


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  • Weekly NXT/ARDR/IGNIS Price Evolution

The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Bittrex over this past week:

The following graphic shows the ARDR / Bitcoin exchange price at Bittrex over this past week:

The following graphic shows the IGNIS / Bitcoin exchange price at Bittrex over these past days:

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And that is all for this week, Nxters.

Follow us on Twitter for important breaking updates during the week as they happen. Stay warm, dry, and stay informed, dear Nxters. See you back here next week! We will keep you updated on the growing world of distributed ledger technology.

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