NxtKit for VPS nodes


Running Nxt nodes is the best way to help secure the Nxt Network. Nxt Kit is an easy way to deploy/update Nxt on any number of your VPS or Dedicated Servers. Features Supports almost any Linux distribution and FREE OpenShift. Hallmarks nodes, changes config to make node public. Detects malfunctioning and automatically restarts client. Caches valid chain. Download …

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NXT Solaris 2.2


NXT Solaris 2.2 Windows/Mac OSX NXT client marcus03: I’ve reached the end of my roadmap! 🙂 TODO list -Arbitrary message encryption -Offer a simple and advanced GUI, with the simple GUI targeted at new users Changelog -Mac OSX version added (source is included in the Windows downloads) -GUI Performance improvements -Changed the default testnet address …

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Windows installer for 0.8.7


[BETA] Windows Installer 0.8.7 Mistafreeze: Nxt 0.8.7 Windows Installer released. This is for Main Net, not test.   [STABLE] NXT 0.8.7 Download link: NXT 0.8.7 Web Setup.exe – 524KB Installer SHA-256 Hash: 5465C4F57D4EF68F7FDB69DFE74841DEFB269269EC1987C195E597EEB60A662A Nxt-client-0.8.7.zip SHA-256 Hash:E2322BD01FE303D74511B377468F1CEAF51D623DC41F6F3044C22146D883911A Virus Scan: Virustotal Update 03/06/2014: I’ve released an installer for Nxt TestNet 0.8.6. Go here for details:https://nextcoin.org/index.php/topic,4323.0.html Update 02/15/2014:The source code for this installer …

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FreeRider AE BETA release


FreeRider beta0.1 released git clone https://github.com/l8orre/FreeRider cd FreeRider ./nxtFreeRider Also available at: https://www.quicknxt.com/FreeRider l8orre: I believe that nxtFreeRider will make a valuable and distinct contribution to the nxt clients ecosystem.   Features/Attributes: – python3/PyQt4: fully open source, code inspection extremely easy rapid development/modification possible by anybody, – script language: no binary that must either be trusted …

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Windows installer for 0.8.6


[STABLE] NXT 0.8.6 Download link: NXT 0.8.6 Web Setup.exe – 524KB Installer SHA-256 Hash: B844F3345AE94C83285A20F804A1D36B6F6DAA306AB678F51C8EF14223B96B5B nxt-client-0.8.6.zip SHA-256 Hash:ECDCE17E2D1CD704FCE3B7E40D458C1C8B80A1CF064EB8F4F5E7F6593166DBA8 Virus Scan:Virustotal Update 02/15/2014:The source code for this installer is now available here:http://www.mediafire.com/download/kdb3nc77y1n9s84/Nxt_Web_Installer_Source.zip Update 02/12/2014: The installer will now verify the SHA-256 of the Nxt client .zip archive that is downloaded before it is extracted. If the checksum doesn’t match, …

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Nxt Client Solaris mac


Solaris: Mac test ! Any adventurous MAC OSX users willing to give this first alpha Mac version of NXT Solaris a test drive? https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/23825856/NXTclient/NXTSolaris-v2.1-OSX32bit.zip SHA256: 26CA35EE9C701BE033F3EE9E2EC0C1CD2D8D2DCA2D42CD051597263D53E6150E If you have feedback, you might want to post here. Thanks!

iNxt 1.0.7


Get it in Appstore Changelog: Changed API port to 7876 instead of 7875 Bug fixing Appstore link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/inxt/id802351888?mt=8  Version 1.0.8 sent to Apple Changelog: New exchange:Cryptsy, Poloniex Now exchange are sorted for Volume (03/03/14) App now uses POST instead of GET (more secure) New API to know if account is forging Bug fix

Offspring 0.3.2e


Downloads available for Windows, MacOS and Linux. https://bitbucket.org/incentivetoken/offspring-public/downloads See wiki for changelog. https://bitbucket.org/incentivetoken/offspring-public/wiki/Home [5-3-2014] version 0.3.2e: Compiled against NXT 0.8.6 Fixed a bug where Offspring thinks it’s already running (when it’s not) [4-3-2014] version 0.3.1e: Offspring now uses NXT from source instead of precompiled versions Compiled against NXT 0.8.5 Offspring version and NXT version shown …

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NXT Newsletter #4

NXT NxtCoin 2. generation cryptocurrency news

Welcome NXTers, newcomers and long time community members. Nxt is now open source. And on Cryptsy. New businesses are being built. A bunch of good people up for VOTE for the Nxt Funding Committees, and a large stakeholder has offered a 3M-5M Nxt bounty. Dig in. Join the movement. This week’s topics: Full source code …

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Why Nxt source code was released earlier than planned

The original release date for the full Nxt source code was planned to be the 3rd of April. But a month before this, core developer Jean-Luc took the Nxt community by surprise, posting these 3 lines of text in the official Nxt BCT forum thread: Jean-Luc on March 01, 2014, 03:04:45 PM: I have made the current …

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NXT Myths #2

This is the second part of the NxtMyths SERIES Written by Salsacz, released Jan. 16, 2014. (Nxt acc. 15003961341330858247) Distribution of NXT Q: „Do you think the unequal distribution of bitcoin / big gains of early adopters / will be a deterrent in a more widespread adoption of bitcoins?“ A: „No. Early adopters get bigger gains (as they should) …

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NXT Newsletter #3

nxt newsletter

Welcome NXTers, newcomers and long time community members. NXT DOGE, Nxt MMPORG. Automated crowdfunding and new nxt <-> fiat gateways. Yesterday seems so long ago when you’re living in Nxtville. I’m going to sleep. Join the movement. This week’s topics: Hurray! Nxt Kickstarter Such DOGE testnet Nxtopia Clients Exchanges Call for Merchants! Nxt Site Integration …

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NXT Myths #1

This is the first part of the NxtMyths SERIES Written by Salsacz, released Jan. 16, 2014. (Nxt acc. 15003961341330858247) Nxt is not a scam Nxt was invented by anonymous programmer. Nxt’s source code is being reviewed by known developers. New code implementations will be approved by democratic voting. Nxt was invented by BCNext, who is a …

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NXT Clients

All clients can be found at http://nxtclients.org. Mentioned Nxt features are explained in Nxt Wiki. Read the full version of Damelon and Salsacz’s PRESS RELEASE here. Basic info: NXT Solaris (http://nxtsolaris.wordpress.com/) Solaris is a full featured NXT client for Windows. As well as the usual Nxt features, including Asset Exchange, Solaris boasts several features that are not native to Nxt, such as marked information, monitoring and an address book, as well as support for multiple accounts. The installation process is simple, and the …

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About Nxt – podcast and video

NXT Podcast Nxt Crypto Podcast – Episode 1 By joefox. Nxt acc. 1234567740944417915 About What is Nextcoin (NXT)? By Tai Zun & Leon Fu / lifeorprison.com. Nxt acc. 17225446755425423638 Is Nextcoin (NXT) a scam? By Tai Zun / lifeorprison.com. Nxt acc. 17225446755425423638 3 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Nextcoin (NXT) By Tai Zun / lifeorprison.com. Nxt acc. 17225446755425423638 Interviews By Tai Zun …

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NXT Newsletter #2

nxt newsletter

Welcome NXTers, newcomers and long time community members. What a week! Results are starting to show on so many fronts. Totum maior summa partum. This week’s topics: Conferences Asset Exchange New clients + updates Reddit Nxt Charity Videos Proposals ANNOUNCEMENTS Misc. Quote of the week Words of wisdom of the week Conferences NXT was at …

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NXT Starcraft 2 showdown

Prize money: 25.000 NXT! Date and time: February 18 2014 20:30 UTC The match will be played on  February 18 2014 20:30 UTC in a best of 7 match up. Ladder map pool starting on Yeonsu. Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/madals/. VoDs: http://www.youtube.com/user/Madals91 For more information, visit: http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=443331 “This is gonna be sick . Papa Toss vs the King of Drones. Bout to have a …

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