FreeRider AE BETA release

FreeRider beta0.1 released

git clone https://github.com/l8orre/FreeRider

cd FreeRider

Also available at:


I believe that nxtFreeRider will make a valuable and distinct contribution to the nxt clients ecosystem.



  • – python3/PyQt4: fully open source, code inspection extremely easy rapid development/modification possible by anybody,
  • – script language: no binary that must either be trusted or compiled from source
  • – developer tool: includes api access window for testing, new api calls can be added very fast
  • – using QThreadpool, query threads can be used for NRS backend load testing
  • – Focus on Asset Exchange
  • – python provides scipy: scipy has become the single most powerful and versatile scientific computation environment available
  • – can be used as a tool to analyse node behaviour and counteract malicious attacks on the network.
  • The availability of scipy provides a unique feature that no other client has – I have the impression that this aspect is a bit underrated so far.



Source:  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=345619.msg5544198#msg5544198

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