Nxt – The Economy Platform For Everybody

Nxt features cryptographically secured payments, a marketplace and a messaging and voting platform: Secure Online Banking Secure Shopping Encrypted Messages Voting, Elections and Surveys [coming in 1.5] Secure Online Banking Nxt is an advanced system for online banking which secures your deposits through modern cryptography. All you need is a strong password and you can start making …

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NXT Funds Committees

Nxt TechDev Committee Jean-Luc l8orre abuelau Anon136 EmoneyRu Read more about the elected candidates: nxter.org/Nxt-TechDev-Committee Nxt Infrastructure Committee marcus03 EvilDave chanc3r ferment ChuckOne Read more about the elected candidates: nxter.org/Nxt-Infrastructure-Committee Nxt Marketingfund Committee allwelder Damelon Joefox brooklynbtc Salsacz Read more about the elected candidates: nxter.ohererg/Nxt-Marketingfund-Committee Congratulations to all elected members of the committees! This healthy …

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