Nxt Infrastructure Committee


Nxt Infrastructure Committee

ChuckOne, marcus03, chanc3r, ferment, EvilDave


ChuckOne, on February 25, 2014, 07:24:16 AM:

 My qualifications:


  • software engineer
  • system architect
  • degree in computer science
  • TF evangelist
  • stakeholder

My interests:

  • math
  • bouldering


marcus03, on February 28, 2014, 08:02:34 PM:

* Developer of the NXT Solaris client.

* Worked as a software developer for 12 years.

* B.Sc. in computer science.

* Today I am an Oracle Database Administrator.

* Running a raspberrypi and two VPS nodes for NXT.



Chanc3r, on February 23, 2014, 05:04:09 PM:

I’m an engineer.

I started programming in assembler before I discovered girls, then I stopped….

I’ve built chemical plant control sw, mobile radio planning and fixed network planning systems.

I run mobile and financial services internationally across many countries.

Today I drive the investment in person 2 person realtime financial services over mobiles in emerging markets (with some success)

I would hope I know a bit about how to get value when working out how to invest in projects.

My reasoning;

I came across the crypto world in May 2013 – how time flies.

In my job crypto could be seen as a threat, I actually see it as an opportunity.

Since May I’ve invested a fair amount of my own money in a number of crypto-currencies including NXT, rather than just be a spectator and I’ve been really drawn in by the community I have seen.

I’m being open about what I do as a ‘day job’ because some may see this as a conflict and I would understand this.

All I would say is after careful thought, what personal time I can give to these communities, I have spent 90% of it with this one.

Specifics: comments, reviewing when opportunities arise, some donations to projects, and gotten involved in the Nxtopia game initiative.

With what time I need to give to this activity I would use the same diligence and expertise in guiding the funding of NXT projects as I do in my ‘day job’ and would be open about any conflicts. I would not expect to, nor do I need to benefit from being involved in this activity.

If this is full time job count me out but if I can help over evenings and weekends and the community wants me to then I would be please to serve on this committee.

My name (if you have not found it already) is Ian Ravenscroft – there is only one profile on LinkedIn (from Swindon  huh.gif) which matches this description.



ferment, on February 28, 2014, 03:13:05 PM:

– Currently deployed and managing 101 nxt nodes across 10 data centers and cities (nxtbase).

– Coded and deployed first alias redirect service with blockchain browser (22k.io).

– Currently managing 1000+ cloud servers.

– Currently managing 100s of physical servers in a private data center.

– Leading teams of web devs, operations, and DevOps as well as hardware, software, and services vendors.

– 20+ years development and operations experience in 7 programming languages and multiple operating systems.

– Averse to forum drama.


There’s an interconnected and direct relationship between code and infrastructure. The relationship between the two is really my thing which means I’m just as comfortable coding and debugging NRS related stuff as managing all the server junk and doing it from the perspective of a developer (not IT). Ultimately I see code, infrastructure, and people as the three pillars of a giant holistic system.
But yeah, I do infrastructure.  grin.gif



EvilDave, on February 25, 2014, 02:19:04 AM:

I’m an ancient geezer, originally Anglo-Irish, but living in Amsterdam for the last 20 years.

Over the course of my chequered career I’ve:

trained as a lab technician/research scientist, worked in a whiskey bottling plant, barman, DJ’ed, washed dishes, co-ordinated free festivals, trained people to ride motorcycles, worked as courier on bikes/cars/vans, 1st and 2nd line helldesk, junior network admin, and a few others.

Should be a writer, that lot will look good on a book bio. I’m currently winding up one classic car related business and starting on a major restoration project, as well as diving head first into the crypto scene.

My computer skills are reasonable, if a bit out of date. Got a good spread of skills, not much depth. I am an all-rounder, with the emphasis on hardware and networking. And shouting at users…..working helldesk is not good for your view of humanity.


What have u ever done for NXT:

Much too much forum time, lots of blah about NXT and some troll hunting.

Some general NXT promo activities.

Lots of noisy support for NXT.

Set up and maintained VPS and private nodes

Helping out with Amsterdam Bitcoin Conference.

Made a proposal for a green, zero-emissions structure for NXT using carbon-offset credits.

Designed / printed some NXT promo stickers. (Some still available if ya want them !) Want to do more on the NXT merchandise front.

There might be a few other things, but thats all the important stuff.


What will you do as a NXTinfrastructurefund committee member ?

TBH, not very much. the role of the committee is (as i see it) to simply decide on the best use of our available funds and green-light (or red-light) projects that will help NXT.

This means that my role will be to listen to proposals from the NXT community, and make decisions based on the feedback from the community.

I’m not going to be try and force my personal agenda onto NXT, but I’ll obviously be slightly biased towards plans that do fit with that agenda.


What agenda, Evil One?

My number one priority as NXT-ISF commitee dude,  is to make sure that one of the most basic elements of NXT, the network infrastructure, is the best that it can be. We need to have a solid base for further development and to make sure that NXT can be used reliably 24/7/52.

My personal ambition, very much in second place, for NXT would be to be able to take advantage of green marketing by making NXT as energy-efficient as possible, but I have to emphasise that if I need to choose between functionality or green-ness, I’ll choose functionality without hesitation.

Source: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=479167.0


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