Nxt Marketingfund Committee


Nxt Marketingfund Committee

allwelder, Damelon, Joefox, brooklynbtc, Salsacz


all welder, on February 21, 2014, 02:32:52 PM:

 Applying for NxtMarketingFund Committee

1.Creat Nxt website navigation:www.nxt123.info

2.Nxt China:www.nxts.org

3.Nxt Chinese forum:www.nxts.info

4.Chinese moderator of https://forums.nxtcrypto.org/

5.Promotion Nxt in China with my team.

Thank you,and wish we see a great success of Nxt in China.



Damelon, on February 21, 2014, 08:07:13 PM:

Things done and involved in:

1. Set up nxtcoins.nl and posting a minimum of one article on it (summaries, client articles, personal essays, charity): http://www.nxtcoins.nl/

2. Helping out with the Songs of Love charity by keeping it in people’s minds and by providing escrow service: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=468258.0

3. Actively involved with Nxtopia Game project: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=474535.0

4. I’m moderator of the /r/Nxt subreddit and actively helping out there: http://www.reddit.com/r/NXT/

5. I have been actively involved with most discussions on Nxt, while being aware that technology is not my forte. That’s why my energy goes to things I dó know about.

6. Currently working to get a professional Branding Agency to develop the Nxt brand, not by throwing much money at them, but by offering them a fair amount (30,000 Nxt) which will rise exponentially in value when they do their job right. I like to incentivise working and not give out freebies. I also like people to actually be involved with Nxt instead of just providing services from the “outside”.

7. Doing the same with a small group of investors for Nxt payment modules that do not require 3rd parties to handle the merchants’ money.

Professional background:

1) 15 years in theatre as a director/lighting tech/actor/writer. Had my own company for most of these years. Believe me, I have already máde most mistakes with money in the past! Painful, but good lessons! 😉

2) Due to having had to work in lots of different projects and with different groups over the years I have a good feel for what makes particular groups “tick” and how to change tack to reach them.

3) Currently working as a sales/marketing rep for a European company that sells meditation materials. What can I say, I like odd combinations. Also, yes, I meditate often and find benefit in it. < a propos of nothing.

What will I do as a committee member:

a) I intend to listen to every proposal fairly and ask questions that need to be asked.

b) I will judge on “value for value”. Projects must be beneficial to the spread of Nxt and the Nxt ecosystem.

c) I will strive to ask as much for clarity and reduce “vagueness” where possible. If I go by “gut” feel, I will always state that, so people know it is not backed by numbers.

d) Basically I intend to do as I already do: throw myself into the job, because I like it, it fires my imagination and I fully intend to make it fire others, too.

e) I don’t believe in marketing by opposing others, but by trusting in our own strength.



Joefox, on February 23, 2014, 04:52:57 AM:

I have been involved with Nxt since about 1 week after its inception.  I host and administer the Nxt Wiki, have proof-read many Nxt articles, provided free voiceover work for people making videos, produce a twice-weekly “Nxt Minute” that is broadcast on “Let’s Talk Bitcoin”, and have begun a podcast called “The Nxt Crypto”.

I am a fluent English speaker, and a serviceable French speaker.  In addition to my degree in engineering, I work as a professional actor and producer, and also manage a team of desktop support personnel for a major Canadian university.  I have eight years’ experience serving on boards for arts organizations, including a three year stint on council for a national artists union, where I chaired a two-year, national project to assess and improve policies related to small-scale and independent theatre production.  I am quite accustomed to “herding cats”, which is a useful skill in a decentralized environment, such as this one, where geography, time, motive, and political background are all impossible to predict.

This background presents a rare and powerful combination: I have the brains to understand Nxt’s internals and potential, as well as the voice and presence to articulate these things with passion.  I am detail-oriented, thorough, and will be involved with Nxt for the long haul.




 I understand that NXT is bigger than the market price and bigger than a few mentions on podcasts.

I understand that NXT can radically change the way the global economy works, cut out the fat cats and the government and let people trade freely and affordably amongst themselves.

 BUT NXT needs help it get there!

I live in New York City, and I understand marketing with no budget. I have worked and managed in Michelin listed restaurants for almost 10 years now, and understand how to get the word out.

I want to create awareness based on features and functions, not by following what DOGE did, podcasts, or hoping our Memes make it big on Reddit.

I have connections with real honest to goodness Wall Street bankers. (I even sold one $10 worth of NXT at a holiday party)

I am currently involved with the NXTopia project, creating a roleplay style sandbox MMO where you can buy, sell, and CREATE items in NXT. We have a great team and think this is going to be huge.

I have been in NXT since mid-december, through the DDoS, past the Alias Auction, and into the future. I went all in on NXT and currently personally hold 340,000 that I have purchased, earned from bounties, and traded from LTC mining.

I am focused on providing useful, suitable, timely and responsible marketing.

I would for example lend my support to focused tech centric marketing campaigns that would provide information to interested parties, ie Coin Conferences, Crypto enthusiasts, and neo Wall St types.



salsacz, on February 25, 2014, 11:11:56 PM:

 I was working in promotion/press in the central department of the company, so I was also “leading” all local departments’s promotion/press people

Some of my youtube videos have got millions of views.

Now I do this: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=412243.msg4465984#msg4465984

My specialisation: videos, infographics, articles, conferences and in the future: universities, viral marketing

Source: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=479167.0


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