Nxt encrypted messaging and groupchat


Offspring 0.4.1 release New features: Encrypted Messaging Groupchat https://github.com/incentivetoken/offspring Offspring is standalone, multi platform (works on Linux, Mac, Windows) and of course open source. 🙂 From https://nextcoin.org/index.php/topic,4525.0.html : Encrypted Messaging Release Groupchat !! Look around you remember this moment. This is the moment we have all been waiting for. Here is a NXT client that supports the …

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Nxt Offspring is open source


DGEX press release: OFFSPRING IS OPEN SOURCE Attention all developers! Offspring is open source and we wan’t you to join us. Come checkout the source code and screenshots on our github page. https://github.com/incentivetoken/offspring Offspring is a full featured NXT desktop client. Offspring is written in Java and built on the Eclipse 4 platform. Offspring is crossplatform and runs on …

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Offspring Nxt Client v0.3.4e


Offspring v0.3.4e Main updates: Clickable blockchain explorer and Asset Exchange with current testnet features enabled. System requirements: Offspring requires Java 1.7. Downloads Ubuntu Linux ZIP (0.3.4e) (404 link removed) SHA-1 checksum: C8236537CC1E29D9680588602778DE35CAC3C6EC MD5 checksum: D06E16521F044B3841079FE2BD9DF018 Mac OSX ZIP (0.3.4e) (404 link removed) SHA-1 checksum: A99130BC0B64A12AF618C1657C562E4D8A6BF41A MD5 checksum: C7258B70C1812C1D47A3373666E010BC Windows 32 / 64 ZIP (0.3.4e) (404 link removed) SHA-1 checksum: …

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NRS 0.8.12


Jean-Luc release, mostly for testers. —–BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE—– Hash: SHA1 Release 0.8.12 http://download.nxtcrypto.org/nxt-client-0.8.12.zip sha256: 1f9cd574914fef3ff0528cceee6b264876f90b763881b50dc1a196dbfb9598d5 Change log: This release is only about testing and debugging. There is no need to upgrade if you are not interested in doing testing. Added DebugTrace.java, which uses listeners to monitor all changes to account balances and asset balances, …

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iNxt 1.0.7


Get it in Appstore Changelog: Changed API port to 7876 instead of 7875 Bug fixing Appstore link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/inxt/id802351888?mt=8  Version 1.0.8 sent to Apple Changelog: New exchange:Cryptsy, Poloniex Now exchange are sorted for Volume (03/03/14) App now uses POST instead of GET (more secure) New API to know if account is forging Bug fix

Offspring 0.3.2e


Downloads available for Windows, MacOS and Linux. https://bitbucket.org/incentivetoken/offspring-public/downloads See wiki for changelog. https://bitbucket.org/incentivetoken/offspring-public/wiki/Home [5-3-2014] version 0.3.2e: Compiled against NXT 0.8.6 Fixed a bug where Offspring thinks it’s already running (when it’s not) [4-3-2014] version 0.3.1e: Offspring now uses NXT from source instead of precompiled versions Compiled against NXT 0.8.5 Offspring version and NXT version shown …

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About Nxt – podcast and video

NXT Podcast Nxt Crypto Podcast – Episode 1 By joefox. Nxt acc. 1234567740944417915 About What is Nextcoin (NXT)? By Tai Zun & Leon Fu / lifeorprison.com. Nxt acc. 17225446755425423638 Is Nextcoin (NXT) a scam? By Tai Zun / lifeorprison.com. Nxt acc. 17225446755425423638 3 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Nextcoin (NXT) By Tai Zun / lifeorprison.com. Nxt acc. 17225446755425423638 Interviews By Tai Zun …

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