SuperNET CORE coins

As the name UNITY suggests, SuperNET is not a coin but a cooperation between selected coins. If you’ve been following the SuperNET Newsletters, you will know that all SuperNET CORE coins have been chosen with great care. No copycats, no simple clones of Bitcoin, no scamcoins pumped by a huge marketing budget: only truly innovative, useful … Read more

NXTER.ORG update #1

Hello world! NXTER.ORG is slowly (in crypto time) turning into the community project we hoped for. Nxters are contributing with their news and views, so the overall number of news items, blogposts and tech articles published has been going up, and with this also the number of site visitors, social media connections and email subscribers. So a big … Read more

Win a SuperNET Silver coin

UPDATE: New rules and deadline 1st of April 2015. Read more and attend: Who wants a free SuperNET silver coin and some NXTP? We’ve been asked to give away some silver to the Nxt community. The contest Post a meme, an essay, a cartoon, a piece of code, a homemade song or a video, a master … Read more

NxtLite client

THIS CLIENT IS NO LONGER MAINTAINED Blockchainless NRS Getting started with Nxt and the powerful Nxt NRS Client just got a whole lot easier for newcomers. NxtLite makes it very easy for ‘normal’ users to run the NRS GUI; Simply download it, click on the icon in the start menu and start using Nxt. No console windows, no Java, … Read more

Ce que Nxt est en train de bâtir

Nxt est une plateforme. Les NXTs sont comme des jetons qui donnent le pouvoir d’agir, pas seulement des pièces de monnaie. C’est ce que BCNext a imaginé lorsqu’il créa le block de genèse de Nxt en novembre 2013, et c’est la feuille de route qu’il proposa à la communauté Nxt. Dans la cité Nxt, c’est la communauté qui … Read more

SuperNET Newsletter #13

Welcome to the SuperNET! Once again we have a number of intriguing updates for you. Step by step, release is getting closer … Topics Client v.0 update SuperNET v1 SuperNET Silver Coins Ramchains MGW New lead API developer SuperNET buys JinnLabs technology Tradebots Cryptocards NeoDice Pangea Poker SuperNET Radio NXT BTCD OPAL VRC VPN BITS … Read more

Nxt Voting System Teaser

Jones walks you through the Voting System feature: [youtube id=”dhJgz6hpHXg” width=”600″ autoplay=“no”] Voting System will soon be on public testnet. UPDATE: Nxt Voting System was released with NRS 1.5. Nxt is currently running NRS 1.8.2. (download link) Read more in ‘A few upcoming Nxt features explained‘, or discuss VS on

NXT Weekly 26.01.2015

Welcome Nxters: newcomers as well as long-time community members! News Summary Nxt has just released another major feature: The Monetary System, which allows users to issue customized coins on top of the Nxt Network. The community has voted on whom to entrust with spending our community funds, lots of 3rd party projects are cooking, the Consensus Research Group … Read more

SuperNET Newsletter #12

Welcome to the SuperNET! This week it’s a round-up of some of the latest tech and services developments ahead of the big v1 release. As ever, there’s plenty of news to report. Topics SuperNET Client Client v.0 Update SuperNET Client v1.0b CPMT SuperNETx2 SuperNET Dividends OpalTKN NXTCS dividend JLH JLH Lottery JLH Bonuses SuperNET Radio … Read more

Nxt [CORE] : le Système monétaire

Le système monétaire de Nxt permet aux utilisateurs de créer de nouvelles devises décentralisées au-dessus de la blockchain sécurisée de Nxt. Ces nouvelles monnaies sont hautement personnalisables grâce à de nombreux paramètres décidant tant de leurs propriétés que de leurs usages. Le Système monétaire Nxt (Monetary System ou MS) permet de lancer des altcoins sans … Read more

Create a new currency with Nxt

[PR] Create a new currency in 2 minutes with the Nxt Monetary System Nxt’s long-awaited Monetary System – an innovative platform that allows the fast and straightforward creation of completely new cryptocurrencies on top of Nxt – will go live on 10 January 2015.  The Monetary System (MS) allows users to launch new currencies, securing … Read more

Nxt Monetary System NRS client 1.4.8

UPDATED January 11, 2015 (details below) Get the client. NRS installation tutorial here. A guide to the NRS Client interface is found here, or watch the video tutorials. Read more about Nxt Monetary System Latest NRS client: 1.4.8 —–BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE—– Hash: SHA1 Release 1.4.8 sha256: 253b2b2cdafbe80627997bfebc3c667ec4df80d0435f8e5e5e472cb27d9bbfe4 Change log: Removed some validations and logic no longer … Read more

Nxt [CORE]: Monetary System

Nxt’s Monetary System allows users to create new decentralized currencies on top of the secured Nxt blockchain. New coins are highly customisable, with a wide range of parameters that can be set to govern their properties and use. The Nxt Monetary System (MS) enables the launch of altcoins without going through the trouble of bootstrapping … Read more

Nxt [CORE]: Marketplace

Nxt Marketplace (formerly known as the Digital Goods Store, or DGS) is a decentralized mall created for buying and selling digital goods. Like the Asset Exchange, it is built into the Nxt client and enables direct peer-to-peer trading. Although it was designed for buying and selling digital merchandise – music, ebooks, software, and so on – … Read more

SuperNET Newsletter #11

Welcome to the SuperNET! This newsletter is (should have been) shorter than usual, with the holidays getting in the way. Still, of course, there are some exciting developments… Topics v1 client JLH – The Lottery – more on JLH The jl777 Bonus Opal client OPALTKN dividend sent VPN SuperNET client MGWcoin asset dividend? FinHive Pangea Freemarket … Read more