Introducing: NxtVault

NxtVault is an open source Android application, which stores your Nxt passphrases encrypted in isolated secure storage. You will never need to enter your Nxt passphrase again, and you will no longer be at risk of viruses or keyloggers infecting your machine. Not only is it encrypted but Android’s security sandbox prevents other processes on your …

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NxtWallet updated


Mac and windows version updated, includes 0.8.13 and a number of fixes. http://nxtra.org/nxt-wallet/ sha256 of mac zip: 71f2862009d10fcd6179fb441f3bd16d200c905aa956180ea57f06a7532819cc sha256 of win zip: a13b0b1c4a6791a3c51542e5b02d45b4bd02ef8e6e90d4e936e7a48a5a414802 Donate to the developer, Nxt acc: 8189784314684138350

NRS 0.8.12


Jean-Luc release, mostly for testers. —–BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE—– Hash: SHA1 Release 0.8.12 http://download.nxtcrypto.org/nxt-client-0.8.12.zip sha256: 1f9cd574914fef3ff0528cceee6b264876f90b763881b50dc1a196dbfb9598d5 Change log: This release is only about testing and debugging. There is no need to upgrade if you are not interested in doing testing. Added DebugTrace.java, which uses listeners to monitor all changes to account balances and asset balances, …

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NRS 0.8.10


NRS RELEASE 0.8.10 Please update. Jean-Luc: —–BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE—– Hash: SHA1 Release 0.8.10 http://download.nxtcrypto.org/nxt-client-0.8.10.zip sha256: 10dad2cd0fa509a66c86ab3a39c9a702e9a1ded483879708125f5a2540827cfd Change log: Better transaction attachment validation. Blocks that incorrectly got accepted but later fail to be processed for any reason, will be deleted from the database. Better validation of minimum fee for different transaction type. GetAccount API will …

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ClieNxt 0.0.7


ClieNxt [codename] Bond changelog: * Adapted Java API instead of JSON API (Phase I). * Support for Spanish (thanks to VanBreuk – 8118526282532613576 ), Portuguese (thanks to garcias – ) in addition to German (thanks to teletobi – 11810049982317883239), Russian, English languages. * Support multiple account forging with timers mixed with watchlist(Phase I) * includes nxt.jar of 0.8.8 version in lib folder * some more multithread operations, …

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iNxt 1.08 in AppStore


iNxt version 1.0.8 Changelog: New exchange:Cryptsy, Poloniex Now exchange are sorted for Volume (03/03/14) App now uses POST instead of GET (more secure) New API to know if account is forging Bug fix Download link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/inxt/id802351888?l=it&ls=1&mt=8 Developer donations: 4894174904569783391

NXT Solaris 2.3


NXT Solaris 2.3 Windows/Mac OSX NXT client Installation Simply unzip the archive and run the NXTSolarisStarter.exe file. The current version 2.3 is compatible with the previous versions 2.2 and 2.1. To update, simply overwrite the existing files with the files in the 2.2 archive. Changelog -Fixed display of aliases and messages (open-source version) -Transaction list …

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Nxt NRS 0.7.7 + 0.8.8


—–BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE—– Hash: SHA1 Release 0.8.8 http://download.nxtcrypto.org/nxt-client-0.8.8.zip sha256: 837973d4313b6d3e835ff46c41870ca5ced367b8dc8a160a912d8124f1721b5e Release 0.7.7 http://download.nxtcrypto.org/nxt-client-0.7.7.zip sha256: 7a8b4430a78b044871ab676caad8eb36384135d6dc694c0a4ca24c51805fdc24 Change log: Fixed incorrect setting of genesis block timestamp when local time is in the daylight savings period. This must have been the reason for users in the southern hemisphere being unable to forge. Since DST in the US …

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Windows installer for 0.8.7


[BETA] Windows Installer 0.8.7 Mistafreeze: Nxt 0.8.7 Windows Installer released. This is for Main Net, not test.   [STABLE] NXT 0.8.7 Download link: NXT 0.8.7 Web Setup.exe – 524KB Installer SHA-256 Hash: 5465C4F57D4EF68F7FDB69DFE74841DEFB269269EC1987C195E597EEB60A662A Nxt-client-0.8.7.zip SHA-256 Hash:E2322BD01FE303D74511B377468F1CEAF51D623DC41F6F3044C22146D883911A Virus Scan: Virustotal Update 03/06/2014: I’ve released an installer for Nxt TestNet 0.8.6. Go here for details:https://nextcoin.org/index.php/topic,4323.0.html Update 02/15/2014:The source code for this installer …

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Windows installer for 0.8.6


[STABLE] NXT 0.8.6 Download link: NXT 0.8.6 Web Setup.exe – 524KB Installer SHA-256 Hash: B844F3345AE94C83285A20F804A1D36B6F6DAA306AB678F51C8EF14223B96B5B nxt-client-0.8.6.zip SHA-256 Hash:ECDCE17E2D1CD704FCE3B7E40D458C1C8B80A1CF064EB8F4F5E7F6593166DBA8 Virus Scan:Virustotal Update 02/15/2014:The source code for this installer is now available here:http://www.mediafire.com/download/kdb3nc77y1n9s84/Nxt_Web_Installer_Source.zip Update 02/12/2014: The installer will now verify the SHA-256 of the Nxt client .zip archive that is downloaded before it is extracted. If the checksum doesn’t match, …

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Nxt Client Solaris mac


Solaris: Mac test ! Any adventurous MAC OSX users willing to give this first alpha Mac version of NXT Solaris a test drive? https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/23825856/NXTclient/NXTSolaris-v2.1-OSX32bit.zip SHA256: 26CA35EE9C701BE033F3EE9E2EC0C1CD2D8D2DCA2D42CD051597263D53E6150E If you have feedback, you might want to post here. Thanks!