Introducing: NxtVault

NxtVault is an open source Android application, which stores your Nxt passphrases encrypted in isolated secure storage. You will never need to enter your Nxt passphrase again, and you will no longer be at risk of viruses or keyloggers infecting your machine. Not only is it encrypted but Android’s security sandbox prevents other processes on your device from accessing the apps’ isolated storage.

After three bad attempts at entering your pin you will be locked out for 1 hour. Another bad attempt and you are locked out for 24 hours. Another bad attempt and the application will wipe out all of its data and shut down.

NxtVault is built on top of Jones’ “Jay Framework”, a javascript library created to interface with the Nxt network using dynamically discovered public nodes, allowing for the creation of our first suite of Nxt thin clients that don’t rely on a single developers centralized server!

Let’s make this even simpler:

NxtVault pincode NxtVault transactions NxtVault account 

NxtVault add account NxtVault view account NxtVault setting

For every web transaction, NxtVault pops up and displays a detailed report of exactly what the transaction intends to do, giving you a chance to review and then either confirm or deny it. The goal of the developer isn’t hard to grasp: ‘To have every third party web application support this type of transaction’.

NxtVault can be downloaded here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jay.nxtvault

Using NxtVault with JayClient

NxtVault supports the ability to scan a qr code of a JayClient transaction.

Read more about the Jay Client.

Jay includes http://jnxt.org/jayex/ which enables you to watch and trade your Nxt assets from a web browser; transactions are secured by the Jay framework and/or NxtVault.


JayEX is allowing for a Nxt AE trading with the security of the localhost NRS client, the inspiration of SecureAE, and the chart ideas and layout idea from Poloniex.’

The full Nxt NRS Client is available at http://jnxt.org/nxt/ as a website (and a downloadable .zip to host locally, if you prefer). Update: The jnxt.org site and the Jay Client + framework is no longer maintained. The source code can be downloaded from https://github.com/jonesnxt/

Nxt JayNxt NRS Client
Sign in with your Nxt account, not your secret passphrase.

Nxt Jaywallet NRS
Do what you like.

Nxt Jaywallet transaction tx
Send your tx’s by scanning the qr code with NxtVault, or sign it with the Jay localhost client on your desktop. 

Nxt Android apps on top of NxtVault

NxtVault developer, mr_e, writes:

Other Android applications can raise an intent to NxtVault to request for it to sign and broadcast transactions on it’s behalf. I have created an API so that Android developers can create third party applications that are not required to be open source, nor will you need to worry about trusting them with your passphrase!

NxtVault can handle both signing the transaction, and broadcasting the transaction to light nodes that are detected on the network, in a decentralized way.

I hope that this will unleash a whole new suite of trustless android apps.

The NxtVault source code has been reviewed by Jones. https://github.com/mr-e-/NxtVault

To integrate NxtVault, you need to implement its intents (i.e. the messaging objects used to request an action from another app component).

There are three key intents you can raise for NxtVault to pick up:

nxtvault.intent.action.REQUESTACCOUNT (request an access token along with the users nxt address – this will pop up nxtvault allowing the user to select an account to share)

nxtvault.intent.action.SIGNANDBROADCAST (signs transaction and broadcast – will pop up a transaction summary screen allowing user to confirm)

nxtvault.intent.action.SIGN (signs transaction and returns bytes to calling application – will pop up a transaction summary screen allowing user to confirm)

An example of how to raise these intents and respond to their results is located in the code base here:

You can add nxtvault client lib as a library to your project. This gives you a JavaScript interface for all jay calls, as well as the code to raise the correct intents.

Click on the link below for the Jay interface and look at the test wallet to see how they are called: (the jinterface is using interop with javascript and will allow you to make any NRS request to a public node. With this you can make calls to getAccount, getAsset etc without needing a centralized server of your own)

For more info + to talk to mr_e:

[fundraiser] NXT Android Wallet

Crowdfunding has started and will run between June 13th to July 13th 2014 (or shorter).


On 18.06.2013 at 05:56:04 am: marcus03

Status: After just 5 days, the project is well funded and will be implemented! 🙂

Funds raised as of June 18th: 60.897 NXT + 75.000 NXT from the community fund: 135.897 NXT

I’ll keep the asset sell order open at least until the project roadmap is done – just in case someone doesn’t want to miss being part of this. 🙂

—– Objective

A fully functional, open-source Android NXT wallet for Gingerbread (Android 2.3.3–2.3.7), Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0.3-4.0.4), Jelly Bean (4.1.x, 4.2.x, 4.3.x) and KitKat (4.4.x) on ARMv7 devices with NEON support (see here for an incomplete list of supported devices).

Transaction signing done client-side with the Android app connecting to “well-known” public NRS server without sending account secrets over the network.

Function wise, Marcus03 imagines a mix between Mycelium (for Bitcoin) and wesleys excellent desktop client.

Ease-of-use vs. feature overload

The following features are planned:

* Adding/creating multiple accounts with the option to store the account secrets in an encrypted password protected wallet on the device. Wallet backup available.
* Support for Reed-Solomon address format.
* Showing balances for registered accounts in NXT.
* Showing transactions for registered accounts.
* Contact list (account numbers with names)
* Sending NXT + Support for QR codes (scan a QR address, display a QR code for an address or a receive request (address plus an amount and a description)) + NXT corporate design

The following features are NOT planned:

– Block explorer like functionality
– Aliases (showing them, registering them, etc.)
– Asset exchange support
– Voting and whatever comes up next out of the core. 😉
– No explicit tablet support (Nexus 7/8, etc.)
– No support for forging on the Android device

The following features would be nice, but it’s not clear yet if they can be implemented:

– Showing balances for registered accounts in NXT, BTC, USD and EUR. Also showing exchange rates.
– Listing in the Google Play Store as a free app (not sure about their rules yet, but this is of course vital for mainstream adoption of NXT)

Support via Nxt Asset Exchange:


I issued the asset “AndroidCli” (Asset Id:  12414770996347165541 Account: NXT-X5EB-VSL5-Z7DU-3GWTJ ) for project fund raising and put up sell orders at 1 NXT. If you want to fund this projects please buy as many assets as you want to fund in NXT. As long as the fund raising is running you can step back from funding by transfering the assets back to the issuer account NXT-X5EB-VSL5-Z7DU-3GWTJ. I will then send the NXT back to the sender account (done at least once a day, but you might want to pm me). The fund raising will run for a maximum of one month (June 13th to July 13th 2014), but I might decide to close it earlier if I feel the project is well funded. If I decide the project is well funded (might happen any time I see fit or after one month latest) I will no longer redeem NXT for assets transfered back to issuer account. If I decide the project is not well funded after one month, I will cancel my sell order and put up a buy order at 1 1XT so that everyone is free to sell the asset against my buy order with minimal loss (2 NXT in transaction fees).


About marcus03

marcus03 developed one of the first and most used easy to install Nxt Clients for Windows/MacOSX, the NXT Solaris desktop client. However, in April marcus03 thought that NXT Solaris was no longer needed, and he stopped developing it and handed over the code. As nxtQaunts were implemented in the NRS, and the API calls in the NRS core changed, NXT Solaris became unfunctional. Marcus03

I wrote NXT Solaris in a way to be able to use parts of the code for mobile devices and after the recent discussion about the need for an Android client, I want to offer the following project to the NXT community.

In other words: Marcus03 has proven his worth. Interested? Then let’s raise the funds and make this beauty handheld. iphone   Source thread: https://nxtforum.org/nxt-projects/project-ideaoffer-nxt-wallet-for-android/

NRS 0.8.12


Jean-Luc release, mostly for testers.


Hash: SHA1

Release 0.8.12


sha256: 1f9cd574914fef3ff0528cceee6b264876f90b763881b50dc1a196dbfb9598d5

Change log:

This release is only about testing and debugging. There is no need to
upgrade if you are not interested in doing testing.

Added DebugTrace.java, which uses listeners to monitor all changes to
account balances and asset balances, and all the events that cause
those changes – transactions, block generation fees, order placement,
asset issuance, asset transfer, order cancellation, trade.

This feature uses two new properties in nxt-default.properties:

To enable tracing of account balances, set nxt.debugTraceAccounts to
a list of account id’s to be tracked, separated by “; ” . The output
will be saved to nxt.trace, or the file defined in nxt.debugTraceLog.
Values in this file are tab-separated, to make it easy to import into
a spreadsheet application.

It is possible to enable tracing of all existing account balances, by
setting nxt.debugTraceAccount=* .

On restart, and also on rescan, the nxt.trace log will be overwritten.

Added VerifyTrace.java, which can parse the nxt.trace file (or a file
specified as a command line argument), and perform some verifications.
Currently, it verifies that for each traced account, the final balance
matches the total of all changes that affect that account, as
recorded in the nxt.trace log. It also verifies that for each asset,
the total of asset quantities in all accounts matches the original
quantity of asset issued. This verification can be expected to fail if
not all accounts that own an asset are included in debugTraceAccounts.

To run VerifyTrace, use the verify.sh script. The Nxt server should be
stopped first, so that the nxt.trace log does not continue to be
updated while VerifyTrace is verifying it.

Unconfirmed balances and unconfirmed asset balances are logged, but
not verified by VerifyTrace, because the presense of open or partially
filled orders can make that too complicated. It may be easier to
program a spreadsheet application to handle such calculations.

Added TRADE event, triggered when a Trade occurs. Note that the Trade
event happens before the update of the account balances.

Added BEFORE_BLOCK_APPLY and BEFORE_BLOCK_UNDO events, triggered just
before the corresponding operations in block processing.

Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (GNU/Linux)


NRS 0.8.10



RELEASE 0.8.10

Please update.


Hash: SHA1

Release 0.8.10


sha256: 10dad2cd0fa509a66c86ab3a39c9a702e9a1ded483879708125f5a2540827cfd

Change log:

Better transaction attachment validation. Blocks that incorrectly
got accepted but later fail to be processed for any reason, will
be deleted from the database.

Better validation of minimum fee for different transaction type.

GetAccount API will also return unconfirmed asset balances.

BroadcastTransaction now verifies the signature of received
transaction bytes before broadcasting the transaction.

Removed forging code no longer in use. Generating blocks below
height 30000 (transparent forging phase 1) is no longer supported.

Made Db.getConnection() public and added Blockchain.getBlocks and
getTransactions methods taking PreparedStatement as parameter,
for use by Java API clients.

Added an APITestServlet for manual debugging and testing of the
API. All http API calls will now automatically be listed under:


or if you need to try only a specific one, e.g. getBalance:


Unlike the admin.html page, this listing is automatically
generated and will include all available API calls without
having to be manually updated when a new one is added.

Applied the patch to Curve25519.sign() suggested by DoctorEvil.
Block and transaction signing should no longer fail to verify.

Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (GNU/Linux)


ClieNxt 0.0.7


ClieNxt [codename] Bond

* Adapted Java API instead of JSON API (Phase I).
* Support for Spanish (thanks to VanBreuk – 8118526282532613576 ), Portuguese (thanks to garcias – ) in addition to German (thanks to teletobi – 11810049982317883239), RussianEnglish languages.

* Support multiple account forging with timers mixed with watchlist(Phase I)
* includes nxt.jar of 0.8.8 version in lib folder
* some more multithread operations, gui bug fixed, it should be more fluid.

Right now, you will have to re-enter secretPhrase everytime you launch the software and continue to forge. (via Forge Button)

Phase II: (suggestions)
Would you want to have one master password (or PIN code) to encrypt and save secretPhrases?

Saving would allow you to forge even after restart with master password (or PIN code). GUI would have to encrypt and save your secretPhrases in database. Encryption will use AES(MD5(masterpassword), secretPhrase). MD5(masterpassword) itself would be saved as Java Preference (is available in Default settings menu)

In addition, Would you want to get account number with one click?

This way, user only sees account number (secretPhrase is secure and auto-generated) and with master password (or PIN code) he can retrieve secretPhrase of that account.

Please make suggestion if you find it not secure


Simply unzip archive and

– Windows users – double click Clienxt.jar and enjoy
– Linux&Mac users – in terminal ./Clienxt.run & and enjoy



report feature requests, bugs https://bitbucket.org/fmiboy/clienxt/issues?status=new&status=open


Appreciate any kind of support!
Translators are very much welcome to contribute. Please donate some to our translators, as well, they are just awesome!

if you like the effort and the changes, please donate: 13792774143018875909

NxtWallet for Mac


New NxtWallet for Mac


(…) monday I will release the same version for windows.


  • Shows blockchain download progress.
  • It connects to TestNet at first start. You can switch to Main Net via tools menu. I suggest you test everything out in TestNet first as there may be bugs. We need someone to do an audit of the web code.
  • If you want the old interface, simply go to http://localhost:7875 (main net) in the browser when the app is running.


Developer donations: 8189784314684138350.

Source: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=345619.msg5594032#msg5594032

NXT Solaris 2.3


NXT Solaris 2.3

Windows/Mac OSX NXT client

Simply unzip the archive and run the NXTSolarisStarter.exe file.

The current version 2.3 is compatible with the previous versions 2.2 and 2.1.
To update, simply overwrite the existing files with the files in the 2.2 archive.


-Fixed display of aliases and messages (open-source version)
-Transaction list didn’t update currency display when switching currencies (open-source version)
-Fixed account balances not showing up in the account list(open-source version)
-Fixed account balances not updating in the account list(open-source version)
-Version number now showing up correctly (open-source version)
-Fixed an access violation on Mac OSX

64-bit Windows Version: NXTSolaris-v2.3-Win64bit.zip (30.7 MB) – Download here (404 link removed)
SHA256 checksum for NXTSolaris-v2.3-Win64bit.zip: 776B753E0052DFD8A40684B7F14AFA212038707DF6D8BCBE621D43EB7AFC2483

32-bit Windows Version: NXTSolaris-v2.3-Win32bit.zip (28.6 MB) – Download here (404 link removed)
SHA256 checksum for NXTSolaris-v2.3-Win32bit.zip: 2EB812FD9E4A30ACEB0C037CC43515EFCD03809018E8EC8F64DBD49D8722DEF3

32-bit Mac OSX Version: NXTSolaris-v2.3-OSX32bit.zip (27.0 MB) – Download here (404 link removed)
SHA256 checksum for NXTSolaris-v2.3-OSX32bit.zip: 5012A52EEC62F1DE1CA58DEBDF785E020BD94846BA805695EDE1C89A4805D15B

For screenshots and everything else please visit: http://nxtsolaris.wordpress.com/

TODO list
-Stability and performance
-Arbitrary message encryption
-Offer a simple and advanced GUI, with the simple GUI targeted at new users

NXT: 1758531264253431177

I hope you like my client and I’d be extremely happy to see some donations for the future of this project!

Source: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=345619.msg5574473#msg5574473

Nxt NRS 0.7.7 + 0.8.8



Hash: SHA1

Release 0.8.8


sha256: 837973d4313b6d3e835ff46c41870ca5ced367b8dc8a160a912d8124f1721b5e

Release 0.7.7


sha256: 7a8b4430a78b044871ab676caad8eb36384135d6dc694c0a4ca24c51805fdc24

Change log:

Fixed incorrect setting of genesis block timestamp when
local time is in the daylight savings period. This must
have been the reason for users in the southern hemisphere
being unable to forge.

Since DST in the US starts March 09, it is critical that
at least those in the US upgrade to 0.8.8 or 0.7.7.

There are no new bugfixes or features in 0.7.7 relative to
0.7.6 other than this daylight savings time fix.

Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (GNU/Linux)


Source: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=345619.msg5566186#msg5566186

Windows installer for 0.8.7



Windows Installer 0.8.7


Nxt 0.8.7 Windows Installer released. This is for Main Net, not test.


[STABLE] NXT 0.8.7

Download link: NXT 0.8.7 Web Setup.exe – 524KB

Installer SHA-256 Hash: 5465C4F57D4EF68F7FDB69DFE74841DEFB269269EC1987C195E597EEB60A662A

Nxt-client-0.8.7.zip SHA-256 Hash:E2322BD01FE303D74511B377468F1CEAF51D623DC41F6F3044C22146D883911A

Virus Scan: Virustotal

Update 03/06/2014: I’ve released an installer for Nxt TestNet 0.8.6. Go here for details:https://nextcoin.org/index.php/topic,4323.0.html

Update 02/15/2014:The source code for this installer is now available here:http://www.mediafire.com/download/kdb3nc77y1n9s84/Nxt_Web_Installer_Source.zip

This package will install NXT 0.8.7 and the blockchain files. It creates shortcuts on your desktop in your Start Menu under Programs –> Nxt

The installer will attempt to run the NXT client for you when the install completes. Upon completion it will also launch a webpage that will redirect you to https://localhost:7875 after it detects that the client is running.

How to use this installer:

Video tutorial courtesy of Pinarello: NXT one click installer for dummies! EASY setup!

1) Download from the link above.

2) Verify the SHA-256 checksum. You can use this MD5 & SHA Checksum Utility

3) Double click on the installer. Leave the top 2 check boxes checked at the end of the installer and Nxt will attempt to start.
Checking the last checkbox will delete the source archive nxt-client-0.x.x.zip. If you want to verify the checksum of the source archive, leave this unchecked.

To verify the source archive, open the MD5 & SHA Checksum Utility you downloaded above, and select the file C:\Nxt\nxt-client-0.x.x.zip. Paste in the SHA-256 from the top of this post and verify that they match.

If everything worked, that’s it.

Running Nxt:

To run NXT after the initial install, first click on the NXT 0.8.7 shortcut, either on your desktop or in your Start Menu.

Wait a few seconds, then click on the NXT 0.8.7 Interface shortcut, again either on your desktop or in your Start Menu.

If you get an SSL security warning, it is okay to ignore it here.

How to stop NXT:
Click inside the Nxt Command (Black) window, then press Ctrl + C. ALWAYS use this to help prevent blockchain corruption.

How to update NXT:

Nxt must be stopped before updating!

Simply download the new version of the installer from this thread and run it. The installer will take care of everything for you, no need to back anything up.
Should there be any issues, uninstall the previous version by running the included uninstaller from the Start Menu shortcuts.

Windows installer for 0.8.6


[STABLE] NXT 0.8.6

Download link: NXT 0.8.6 Web Setup.exe – 524KB

Installer SHA-256 Hash: B844F3345AE94C83285A20F804A1D36B6F6DAA306AB678F51C8EF14223B96B5B
nxt-client-0.8.6.zip SHA-256 Hash:ECDCE17E2D1CD704FCE3B7E40D458C1C8B80A1CF064EB8F4F5E7F6593166DBA8
Virus Scan:Virustotal

Update 02/15/2014:The source code for this installer is now available here:http://www.mediafire.com/download/kdb3nc77y1n9s84/Nxt_Web_Installer_Source.zip

Update 02/12/2014: The installer will now verify the SHA-256 of the Nxt client .zip archive that is downloaded before it is extracted. If the checksum doesn’t match, setup will be forced to exit. This ensures that the source files have not been tampered with.

Update 02/5/2014: I have streamlined the Nxt updating process. There is no need to uninstall the previous version before updating. Simply download the new version of the installer from this thread and run it. The installer will now take care of everything involved with updating for you. It also now detects whether Java is installed or not. If it’s not, it will download and install either Java x86, or x64 depending on your system.

Source:  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=345619.msg5534573#msg5534573

Nxt Client Solaris mac


Solaris: Mac test !

Any adventurous MAC OSX users willing to give this first alpha Mac version of NXT Solaris a test drive?

SHA256: 26CA35EE9C701BE033F3EE9E2EC0C1CD2D8D2DCA2D42CD051597263D53E6150E

If you have feedback, you might want to post here.