Offspring 0.3.2e

Downloads available for Windows, MacOS and Linux.


See wiki for changelog.

[5-3-2014] version 0.3.2e:

  • Compiled against NXT 0.8.6
  • Fixed a bug where Offspring thinks it’s already running (when it’s not)

[4-3-2014] version 0.3.1e:

  • Offspring now uses NXT from source instead of precompiled versions
  • Compiled against NXT 0.8.5
  • Offspring version and NXT version shown in title bar
  • At startup user can select to start main or test network, if you choose test network you will use a separate wallet
  • First bare-bones implementation list of assets in Trader section (only available on test network)
  • First bare-bones implementation list of trades in Trader section (only available on test network)
  • You can now add *read-only* accounts, enter any account number and it will show up in the accounts section

[3-3-2014] version 0.3e:

  • Offspring now uses the NXT Java API
  • NXT 0.8.3
  • Added easy discovery/registration/update for aliases
  • Temporarily disabled recent blocks viewer
  • Added Trader section (not yet enabled)
  • Numerous changes to UI in the dialogs because responses from NXT are instant now
  • Database and wallet are now in the users home folder
  • Database can be cleared from menu, new blockchain will be downloaded
  • Total uploaded/downloaded visible in the statusbar
  • Height of latest block in your blockchain is shown in the statusbar
  • Last block timestamp and number of seconds ago are visible in the statusbar
  • A progressbar displays how much of the blockchain you have downloaded and how much more to go
  • Each account is forging by default, you can turn forging on and off and your generation time is shown
  • Early version of messaging implemented. You can enter an account number and a text and it will send the text to that account number. Messages are not encrypted! Everyone can read what you send (like twitter).

Offspring is created by DGEX http://dgex.com

Source: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=345619.msg5513525#msg5513525

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