NXT Solaris 2.3

NXT Solaris 2.3

Windows/Mac OSX NXT client

Simply unzip the archive and run the NXTSolarisStarter.exe file.

The current version 2.3 is compatible with the previous versions 2.2 and 2.1.
To update, simply overwrite the existing files with the files in the 2.2 archive.


-Fixed display of aliases and messages (open-source version)
-Transaction list didn’t update currency display when switching currencies (open-source version)
-Fixed account balances not showing up in the account list(open-source version)
-Fixed account balances not updating in the account list(open-source version)
-Version number now showing up correctly (open-source version)
-Fixed an access violation on Mac OSX

64-bit Windows Version: NXTSolaris-v2.3-Win64bit.zip (30.7 MB) – Download here (404 link removed)
SHA256 checksum for NXTSolaris-v2.3-Win64bit.zip: 776B753E0052DFD8A40684B7F14AFA212038707DF6D8BCBE621D43EB7AFC2483

32-bit Windows Version: NXTSolaris-v2.3-Win32bit.zip (28.6 MB) – Download here (404 link removed)
SHA256 checksum for NXTSolaris-v2.3-Win32bit.zip: 2EB812FD9E4A30ACEB0C037CC43515EFCD03809018E8EC8F64DBD49D8722DEF3

32-bit Mac OSX Version: NXTSolaris-v2.3-OSX32bit.zip (27.0 MB) – Download here (404 link removed)
SHA256 checksum for NXTSolaris-v2.3-OSX32bit.zip: 5012A52EEC62F1DE1CA58DEBDF785E020BD94846BA805695EDE1C89A4805D15B

For screenshots and everything else please visit: http://nxtsolaris.wordpress.com/

TODO list
-Stability and performance
-Arbitrary message encryption
-Offer a simple and advanced GUI, with the simple GUI targeted at new users

NXT: 1758531264253431177

I hope you like my client and I’d be extremely happy to see some donations for the future of this project!

Source: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=345619.msg5574473#msg5574473