Offspring Nxt Client 0.4.5


Offspring 0.4.5 is released. Offspring is an easy to install standalone full featured desktop wallet / Nxt Client. With Offspring you can… Easily install/uninstall through our Windows installer Manage multiple NXT accounts from a single UI Store your NXT keys in an encrypted wallet Create new NXT accounts and add *read-only* observed accounts Earn mining …

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Nxt encrypted messaging and groupchat


Offspring 0.4.1 release New features: Encrypted Messaging Groupchat https://github.com/incentivetoken/offspring Offspring is standalone, multi platform (works on Linux, Mac, Windows) and of course open source. 🙂 From https://nextcoin.org/index.php/topic,4525.0.html : Encrypted Messaging Release Groupchat !! Look around you remember this moment. This is the moment we have all been waiting for. Here is a NXT client that supports the …

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Nxt Offspring is open source


DGEX press release: OFFSPRING IS OPEN SOURCE Attention all developers! Offspring is open source and we wan’t you to join us. Come checkout the source code and screenshots on our github page. https://github.com/incentivetoken/offspring Offspring is a full featured NXT desktop client. Offspring is written in Java and built on the Eclipse 4 platform. Offspring is crossplatform and runs on …

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Offspring Nxt Client v0.3.4e


Offspring v0.3.4e Main updates: Clickable blockchain explorer and Asset Exchange with current testnet features enabled. System requirements: Offspring requires Java 1.7. Downloads Ubuntu Linux ZIP (0.3.4e) (404 link removed) SHA-1 checksum: C8236537CC1E29D9680588602778DE35CAC3C6EC MD5 checksum: D06E16521F044B3841079FE2BD9DF018 Mac OSX ZIP (0.3.4e) (404 link removed) SHA-1 checksum: A99130BC0B64A12AF618C1657C562E4D8A6BF41A MD5 checksum: C7258B70C1812C1D47A3373666E010BC Windows 32 / 64 ZIP (0.3.4e) (404 link removed) SHA-1 checksum: …

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Offspring 0.3.2e


Downloads available for Windows, MacOS and Linux. https://bitbucket.org/incentivetoken/offspring-public/downloads See wiki for changelog. https://bitbucket.org/incentivetoken/offspring-public/wiki/Home [5-3-2014] version 0.3.2e: Compiled against NXT 0.8.6 Fixed a bug where Offspring thinks it’s already running (when it’s not) [4-3-2014] version 0.3.1e: Offspring now uses NXT from source instead of precompiled versions Compiled against NXT 0.8.5 Offspring version and NXT version shown …

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