NXT Funds Committees

Nxt TechDev Committee Jean-Luc l8orre abuelau Anon136 EmoneyRu Read more about the elected candidates: nxter.org/Nxt-TechDev-Committee Nxt Infrastructure Committee marcus03 EvilDave chanc3r ferment ChuckOne Read more about the elected candidates: nxter.org/Nxt-Infrastructure-Committee Nxt Marketingfund Committee allwelder Damelon Joefox brooklynbtc Salsacz Read more about the elected candidates: nxter.ohererg/Nxt-Marketingfund-Committee Congratulations to all elected members of the committees! This healthy …

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Nxt Infrastructure Committee

Nxt Infrastructure Committee ChuckOne, marcus03, chanc3r, ferment, EvilDave CHUCKONE ChuckOne, on February 25, 2014, 07:24:16 AM:  My qualifications:   software engineer system architect degree in computer science TF evangelist stakeholder My interests: math bouldering MARCUS03 marcus03, on February 28, 2014, 08:02:34 PM: * Developer of the NXT Solaris client. * Worked as a software developer for 12 …

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Nxt Marketingfund Committee

Nxt Marketingfund Committee allwelder, Damelon, Joefox, brooklynbtc, Salsacz ALLWELDER all welder, on February 21, 2014, 02:32:52 PM:  Applying for NxtMarketingFund Committee 1.Creat Nxt website navigation:www.nxt123.info 2.Nxt China:www.nxts.org 3.Nxt Chinese forum:www.nxts.info 4.Chinese moderator of https://forums.nxtcrypto.org/ 5.Promotion Nxt in China with my team. Thank you,and wish we see a great success of Nxt in China.   DAMELON Damelon, on February 21, …

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