Nxt TechDev Committee


Nxt TechDev Committee

Jean-Luc, l8orre, EmoneyRu, Anon136, abuelau


Jean-Luc, on February 27, 2014, 02:39:15 PM:

 I have been working on the Nxt code since Dec 25, 2013, and have taken it from a single java file to where it is now. I am much more comfortable writing code than managing projects, but I will certainly have an opinion about the directions in which the Nxt core should be developed, and so I should be involved in deciding what projects make sense to be funded, and estimating the efforts needed to complete a project given the current state of the Nxt core.



l8orre, on February 23, 2014, 07:28:11 AM:

1. python / physics / Asset Exchange guru. Basic C/assembler knowledge

2. interested in developing nxt business models

3. convinced that coupling nxt with the python language will unleash huge creative power and greatly benefit nxt

4. working on nxt client written in python

– my candidacy should be subject to a Disclaimer:

I have implemented a nxt api in python3/pyqt, and am currently putting a finish on the GUI widgets.

When it is released, I wish to file this Client to the tech fund or for a bounty.

This may create a conflict of interest that should be stated prior to participation.



EmoneyRu, on February 21, 2014, 06:26:05 PM:

According to pin’s definition, I am already debating @ infra topic, but with your topic grouping, I’m applying to NXTtechdevfund.

1. As you can see @ my stat panel, I’m only interested in Nxt.

2. I’ve created helping tool for managing VPSs (code is in public domain). Open peers tab @ your NRS client and search for “nxt.now.im”. Main nodes use my software.

3. I’ve found the cheapest VPS.

4. I’ve found free VPS that could run Nxt.

5. I’ve always been skeptic.

6. It would too hard to convince me to give bounty. Seriously, don’t even try.

7. I like odd numbers, too.



Anon136, on February 23, 2014, 05:48:59 AM:

I am considering this but i would like to point out some things. I would be willing to do it not because i want to, honestly it sounds dreadfully boring, but because i think of it as civic duty. I am considering it because I know that i am honest, reasonably intelligent, and have the general welfare at heart. This will not be an argument for why I should be on a committee. I’ll let the community decide that. What this will be is a frank discussion of who I am, what I have to offer, and what I don’t have to offer.

I think there may be some misconceptions around here as to what sort of person I am. I think that some people may be under the impression that i am some sort of general purpose tech guru. I am not. I am a lay person who has disposable income and free time who’s main focus is to find ways to make that disposable income grow. In the pursuit of that end i have dedicated a certain amount of my time and energy towards understanding how a few specific technologies work in abstract. Technologies that i find promising in their capacity to make my wealth grow. I identify an opportunity, then i laser target in on that opportunity and learn about that until i feel that i understand it well enough to make an informed decision. Like with nxt and bitcoin before it. I think this is something i have in common with most of the early nxt adopters, the only difference being that i put a little more time into learning how it actually works on a mechanical level than some other people and passed that knowledge on to everyone else.

Additionally there is one subject that a do have a certain level of general proficiency in, that is economics. Specifically I think that I know how to think like an economist. I know how to think about incentives. How to think what sorts of incentives are created by what sorts of initiatives. How people will respond to those incentives. And how to craft those incentives in such a way as to lead to desired outcomes. If I bring anything to the table it is this.

Anyway i know that im just dreadful at marketing so that ones off the table. between software and hardware i know more about software. so i think where i would have the highest comparative advantage would be the tech committee.

Anyway there you have it. I will perform my civic duty to the best of my ability if you guys feel that I am the best choice but i will not make any promises to how well i will be able to perform it. If people start throwing around jargon from fields that i have not specifically studied than it very well may go over my head.



abuelau, on February 23, 2014, 10:40:43 AM:

I have created mynxt.info (https://wallet.mynxt.info). We have 20 public Nxt nodes running on AWS, we have the alerter system which currently monitoring almost 500 accounts, we have the Forwarder for Nxt aliases and we have the Block Explorer and more recently the first Nxt Online Wallet.

I also would like more clearer rules on the committee voting system, because I can already see that we will not agree 99% of the time. I seem to have a fundamental different point of view than other(s) that already applied for the same fund.

My view is that we need to foster an ecosystem around NXT and this includes individuals, start-ups, projects and efforts. Some will be open source, some will not, some will look better than others, some will be more secure than others but ultimately it’s all about supporting all the nice people trying to increase Nxt adoption and advancement. If we don’t support them, they will go and do something else.

I would like to suggest that the committee has an odd number of members and the majority of votes are used to decide whether to move ahead with funding a project or not.

Source: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=479167.0

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