NXT Solaris 2.2

NXT Solaris 2.2

Windows/Mac OSX NXT client


I’ve reached the end of my roadmap! 🙂

TODO list
-Arbitrary message encryption
-Offer a simple and advanced GUI, with the simple GUI targeted at new users

-Mac OSX version added (source is included in the Windows downloads)
-GUI Performance improvements
-Changed the default testnet address to “http://tn01.nxtsolaris.info:6876/”
-The JCL is no longer needed to compile the source code
-Fixed a bug that prevented sending NXT to accounts without a public key in the BC
-Fixed Bter market data retrieval
-Fixed “secret maps to expected account number” check for secrets with characters beyond ascii
-Added checks for enough funds before broadcasting transactions

64-bit Windows Version: NXTSolaris-v2.2-Win64bit.zip (36.3 MB) – Download here
SHA256 checksum for NXTSolaris-v2.2-Win64bit.zip: BCDC7C27755A138E44AE51FB3F842BB8E12FAC6AF3117F44BB99B9B01B581F95

32-bit Windows Version: NXTSolaris-v2.2-Win32bit.zip (34.3 MB) – Download here
SHA256 checksum for NXTSolaris-v2.2-Win32bit.zip: 0F6851CE16411756EB5ED9ADFBD1AF730CEC0B68D8566660D8A8257C0DF3F7B1

32-bit Mac OSX Version: NXTSolaris-v2.2-OSX32bit.zip (9.5 MB) – Download here
SHA256 checksum for NXTSolaris-v2.2-OSX32bit.zip: 76B416EB3783410E33AC14353501F9FC735863CE725205AE0DF78C1E678F76BD

For screenshots and everything else please visit: http://nxtsolaris.wordpress.com/

Simply unzip the archive and run the NXTSolarisStarter.exe file.

The current version 2.2 is compatible with the previous versions 2.1.

1.) Move current version of my code to XE5 and release closed source 32-bit and 64-bit versions for Windows. [DONE]
2.) Refactor code to a MVC architecture, so that I can create separate GUIs while using the same version of the business logic code. [DONE]
3.) Create new GUIs for Windows and OS X using the same business logic, but based on the cross-platform Firemonkey libraries. [DONE]
4.) Release Windows version (32 and 64 bit) based on FireMonkey. [DONE]
5.) Implement new features from the TODO list [DONE]
6.) Release source-code for FireMonkey Windows version (February 16th, 2014 latest) [DONE]
7.) Implement new features from the TODO list
8.) OSX compatibility changes
9.) Release OSX version based on FireMonkey.
10.) Release source code for FireMonkey OSX version.

I hope you like my client and I’d be extremely happy to see some donations for the future of this project!

NXT: 1758531264253431177

Source: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=345619.msg5551241#msg5551241

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