Alphonso Morris Q & A

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Thursday May 18th starting 1pm – 2:30 pm eastern standard time

On behalf of Janus Team, thank you for showing up.
Moderation will be performed by @marenkar !

Welcome everyone to the QA with the newest member of the Janus team, Mr. Alphonso Morris Jr @almo3ree23! I have personally verified his information to be accurate based on several techniques to prove identity. Without further ado let’s get to the questions. Please remember, we need to screen questions first so please post your questions to #janusproject. If they are approved, I’ll ask them here with a tag to you.

I have some questions to get started but will be checking #janusproject regularly. To start things off, here’s the first question:

Who are you and what is your career experience?

My full name is Alphonso Morris Jr.
I’m 51 yrs old. I was born in Philadelphia PA and currently live here.


Philly sounds like a great place!

It’s a great city.

I have several years of experience in various fields not as much in the Crypto / Blockchain world more so in the fields of Photography, Event Planning & Promotions. Public Relations Director, Artist Management, Personal Assistant, Music & Television for over 20 yrs.

A lot of people on #janusproject are asking, how did you meet the Janus team?

It’s a funny story….. I met Bjorn’s wife at an event, I was working in Bethlehem PA, there’s a Casino built on the site of the famous Bethlehem Steel Co. I met her a few years earlier. She wanted me to meet her husband for years.

She happens to drag him out of his cave for a little R&R. After the show, we met for drinks and hit it off. It didn’t take long for us to connect and discuss life, family, work etc. Louis & Robert [also from the Janus team] I met later.

That’s awesome! Nice to know that there’s a good personal relationship as well.

They’re a great team to work with.

@crowne asks: Is Nate Morris from Boyz II Men your brother by blood relation?

Yes he is
Yes he is my little brother, we’re five years apart, and I can still beat him lol

Haha good to know! 🙂

Alright, another common question on #janusproject is – “What ways will you help the Janus team expand grow as both a team and future company”?

Explaining how good something can be to others is easy when you have a team & product as good as this. We’re all driven to succeed focused on producing quality, I believe creative minds tend to work well together. My interactions with members of the team has been very good. I believe my 30 plus years of public relations, world travel, and personal contacts will benefit the team as we grow.

I’m anxious to get into the creative process.

Sounds great! Looking forward to seeing what you can do with Janus.

We have another question as well from @merk: given your association with Boyz II Men – “Who is the most influential person you have ever had the privilege of meeting”?

Niece, 1998, The World Music Awards, Royal Yacht Club. Its me Ant, Stevie Wonder, his assistant and Prince Albert Of Monaco. Having a conversation about being royal. Needless to say, we were all bent…. out of our faces…

That’s pretty awesome!

Oh and Salt&Peppa were there as well!

Question from @qiwoman – “What advice do you have for potential investors looking at JANUS”?

I joined the team two months ago and my observation of Janus is that it’s a solid company. They have good direction, good products, dedicated to their investors and their brand. Janus is also growing exponentially.

Another question that is being asked regularly on #janusproject is “To what degree can you utilize your ‘special’ industry contacts to help your team gain an advantage with online business sites and other Janus activities?”

From my personal experience, we are only as good as our word on any level. Information is power in the right hands coming from the right people.

I’ve earned mutual respect from some influential people in the entertainment industry who I’ve worked for or with over the years. People like ( Ken Ehrlich ) Tv Producer Grammys, AMA’s Etc.
( Usher Raymond ) Music Producer / Entertainer I consider close contacts. There’s always the possibility of an outright endorsement of a product, company, idea or the like based on how Bjorn wants to proceed.

Whoa, that’s quite a list of contacts to bring. Nice!

@wolffang asks – “Since you are the Brother of a boys2men member, do you know Beyonce through him? ”

She was on The Evolution tour with Destiny’s Child and Boyz II Men in 1997.
I was their personal photographer during the tour.

Whoa, that’s awesome. There’s a group trying to parody her name as blockchain. 🙂

Speaking of blockchain, another question that’s asked on #janusproject is “Had you heard of Bitcoin or Blockchain before joining the Janus team”?

Yes in my travels abroad I noticed it being used but that was the extent of my Bitcoin or Blockchain knowledge. It didn’t take long for me to start asking questions.
I’m not a religious person per say but I can say I’ve seen the LIGHT!

Welcome into the blockchain community 🙂

A good question that @qiwoman brought up is “With marketing JANUS mainstream sites, do you feel you will be able to attract outside mainstream investors into JANUS blockchain token shares?”

Yes with my contacts in music and television it wouldn’t be a problem for me to explain Janus to as many influential people and companies as possible.

@cryptoracer asks: What areas of marketing and promo (and to what demographic) do you think will benefit Janus the most, re. exposure?

bjorn_bb [marketing director of Janus]
The primary marketing angle will vary based on the business type, for example, our Forex/Crypto mainstream site from this year will be tackled literally by the main stars of that site, chiefly the wave callers (professional traders). Money and personal fame is the driver.

In terms of year 2 adoption, we will be using creative methods to introduce general mainstream users to our token(s). This is something our team excels at and keeping the tech out of the equation will be always primary to reduce barrier of adoption.

What will be the main marketing angle for Janus project, what is the plan of delivery and what are the ballpark estimates for year 2 adoption in mainstream?

I’m very visible in the entertainment world, I travel regularly so I can tap into the international markets, I’m experienced in promoting products, and have a respected following.

Awesome. More exposure would be great. More in Janus would mean more for Nxt and Ardor too, so we certainly welcome that 🙂

A great question by @martis (and earlier by @wolffang), speaking of Nxt – did you try to play with Nxt features? And if yes, what is your first impression?

Yes, I have it installed and have looked at it. It’s a very powerful platform!

I’m still wrapping my head around some of the features, but I’m still learning.

A casual question from @wolffang – What is your favorite place to spend the holidays?

Sidney Australia or Tokyo Japan are my two favorite cities

What is your projection of JANUS 12 months from now?

I can project that it will be the number one token in the market! Just my personal opinion based on my observations and markets.

This is obviously highly speculative, but we believe that our tokens can appreciate in value almost by sheer force of work and business success. A store of value backed by our team can only stay at one value so long if we keep our roadmap and vision strong without becoming complacent. I’ll be the first to tell you that my goal is empire level, and you don’t get to that point without drive and ruthless ambition.

A great question from @merk -“With the upcoming formation of FL3X (the Janus parent company), what role will you play in the formation and what position will you hold (if that has been discussed)”?

Company brand ambassador to start, we’re still forming positions but eventually partner.

Cool. Thanks.

Awesome! @martis is also asking how you will be promoting crypto tokens to people who aren’t familiar with the technology and the community?

I’ll be promoting thru my contacts in mainstream the business sites we develop. Those business sites will be using our tokens in both direct and indirect ways. I’ll be facilitating the communication with these people in order to partake in the use of the site or promote the site itself.

Awesome. Having a person these contacts can trust is a great way for them to get connected to it. Let them know they’re welcome here as well! 🙂

Ok, we’re at an hour now, so I’ll close it off with this question – How long will you be staying with the company and team? Do you plan to become partner and see it develop into what the Janus team has described?

I’m here for the long haul. I never run away from a challenge. We have great things planned for the greater community. We want to make Janus a household name. And yes I will be a full partner in this endeavor.

Awesome. Thanks to everyone who participated in this Q&A and thanks especially to @almo3ree23 for coming on here and answering all these questions. Thanks again to Janus for choosing Nxt!

Thank You all for your time and attention.

Thank you all for coming out to meet Alphonso today, as always thank you to the community for the strength you help give our project and team. Press releases will follow shortly and a giant thank you to the NXT foundation for helping with everything today, including the ID verification of Mr. Morris.

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Nxt news – March 2017 (II): My Tastes are Simple: I’m Easily Satisfied with the Best

NXT NxtCoin 2. generation cryptocurrency news

March 2017 (II)


Here’s some of the latest news about Nxt over this past week:



Below are more details about each of these topics:



  • Nxt Foundation – 2017 Marketing Strategy

The Nxt Foundation published a document with the general guidelines of its marketing strategy for 2017. The Foundation was created in 2014 to be a contact point for business and organizations and to link them with the decentralized open source of Nxt. Moreover, it has taken on some additional task such as community building and support, marketing, public relations, and education. Unlike what has happened with the other coins, BCNext, the anonymous creator of the platform, didn’t seek to make a killing with the ICO, but did so primarily for the token distribution of this PoS cryptoplatform. Because of the lack of resources after its creation, a lot of work done by the wider community was done voluntarily or by bounties set up by other community members. That’s the reason why assistance and participation from the community is still needed in order for Nxt and Ardor to truly flourish, hence the publication of this document.

As open source decentralized projects, Nxt and Ardor can only thrive when there is a community behind them. The Foundation will thus dedicate the necessary resources to support the existing community as well as to make it easier for new members to join the community

It has to be noted that this document isn’t mandatory, but rather intends to serve as a guide should members of the community wish to keep their efforts in sync with that of the Foundation.

Source and more information: https://www.nxtfoundation.io/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Nxt-Foundation-Marketing-Strategy-2017.pdf

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  • CRYPT070 #6 – Blockchain Meetup Where Nxt and Ardor will be Present

The 6th CRYPT070 blockchain meetup will be held on the 23rd of March at The Hague. Nxt will be present at the event at 20:00 when Robert Reinder Nederhoed will introduce the future Ardor platform with his presentation titled “Colored Coins: What are the differences? What are the similarities? What are the perspectives?”

It should be noted that one of the first real implementations of the coloured coin concept was the Nxt Asset  Exchange. Nxt was designed and built to leverage this coloured coins idea. Nxt coins can be designated (‘coloured’) to represent other crypto coins, stocks/bonds, property, commodities, or even ideas. As a result, the Nxt network can be used to trade almost anything.

Source and more information: www.meetup.com/nl-NL/Bitcoin-The-Hague/events/237635620/?eventId=237635620

Nxt Core – Asset Exchange


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  • CoinsHost –  NXT Accepted To Pay For Your VPS

If you are interested in launching your own virtual server to run your own Nxt node (or your own Ardor node for testnet) you can now pay using NXT thanks to CoinsHost, a company created by a group of professionals and cryptocurrency enthusiasts who focus on DDoS protection and secure hosting services.

We have developed a powerful proprietary DDoS mitigation solution that is capable of mitigating massive and sophisticated attacks, leaving a targeted website or service unaffected.

CoinsHost designed its infrastructure with redundancy in mind – enterprise-class Supermicro® and Cisco® hardware, multiple TIER-1 upstream providers, dual power source with UPS, diesel generators and automatic switchover, multilayer IP packet filtering solution allow us to provide unmatched DDoS protected hosting with highest availability at a very reasonable price. We treat decentralized currencies based on encryption as completely legit payment methods and encourage our clients to pay with them. Besides Bitcoin, Litecoin and Nextcoin P2P currencies, we accept a wide range of other payment methods…

You can choose among many different sizes of servers, with Linux or Windows as your operating system. Since Nxt is a PoS coin, it doesn’t require powerful servers to run, thus the most simple and cheap server offered by this company is more than enough to create your Nxt or Ardor node (or even both simultaneously) and start forging. Set up your node and start collaborating with the Nxt network by forging blocks and you’ll also be entitled to participate in Megalodon’s campaign to earn even more NXT!

Source and more information: coinshost.com/en/vps


Megalodon’s campaign

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  • Private Blockchain Evaluation Kit v1.11.4

Riker, Nxt and Ardor core developer and member of Jelurida, made a post on Nxtforum announcing the release of the first version of the software to evaluate the operation of private blockchains, which a modified version of Nxt 1.11.4. Using the “Private Blockchain Evaluation Kit”, users will now be able to rapidly prototype, develop, and test Nxt-based applications on a private, local testnet, without having to join the public testnet or the production blockchain.

Lior Yaffe says:

We expect this evaluation release to be useful for the following purposes:
1. Application developers who plan to eventually deploy their application to public Nxt blockchain.
2. Businesses evaluating the suitability of the Nxt platform for their own private blockchain use case.
3. Academic research and experimentation with proof of stake blockchain technology.
4. Users who want to learn how the Nxt blockchain works, without having to purchase NXT or ask for testnet coins.

Any company can use this to setup a private network, the limitation of this kit, is that the Genesis account with a well known passphrase can submit transactions. We believe that this by itself prevents the usage of this private blockchain for production and that whomever wants to use it for production will need to license a fully functional version from Jelurida.

Jean-Luc, member of Jelurida, also notes:

The license doesn’t allow production use

In the “Nxt in the Media” section of this magazine, we also mention other news platforms that have covered this launch.

Source: nxtforum.org/nrs-releases/private-blockchain-evaluation-kit-v1-11-4/

https://nxtchat.slack.com/archives/developers/p1489138957121368 (link to join Nxtchat on Slack)

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  • Ardor – v2.0.2e For the Testnet

On the 11th of March, Jean-Luc, Nxt and Ardor lead core developer and member of Jelurida, released the last version of Ardor for the tesnet v2.0.2, and it’s a mandatory update due to its incompatible changes.

This release introduces an incompatible networking change in bundler rates propagation and is therefore a mandatory update for all Ardor testnet nodes.

This version brings some improvements in bundler rate handling and APIs. Among theses changes include: the Bundler rates changed to being broadcasted every 30 min instead of an hour, the added Bundle action for child chain transactions in the UI, some bug fixes, and many more (see the full changelog here)

  • Mac Installer

This new version also includes a full installer for Mac devices, which wasn’t available in previous releases. You can download it from https://bitbucket.org/JeanLucPicard/ardor/downloads/ardor-installer-2.0.2e.dmg

If you’re interested, you can ask for testnet tokens here.

Source and more information: nxtforum.org/nrs-releases/ardor-v2-0-2e/

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  • The Merkle – Top 5 Cryptocurrencies That Can’t be Mined

Most people involved in the cryptocurrency ecosystem are aware of the Proof of Work algorithm that Bitcoin uses. People often talk about the big mining farms with plenty of powerful computers that waste an incredible amount of energy and other resources, as they need to compete against each other in a race to generate the next block in the Bitcoin blockchain. This can lead to a certain level centralization in the hands of miners.

, writer of this article for The Merkle, goes over this issue and enumerates some coins that can’t be mined, i.e. ones that don’t use Proof of Work to run. Nxt is listed among them since it is the first 100% Proof of Stake cryptoplatform:

NXT is a popular altcoin that cannot be mined in the traditional sense. It is possible for users to forge new coins, but it doesn’t require dedicated hardware to do so. Instead, users need to leave their wallet open – assuming it contains a balance – and they will earn small amounts of interest in the process. NXT runs a proof-of-stake algorithm, which makes mining in the traditional way obsolete.

Source: themerkle.com/top-5-cryptocurrencies-that-cant-be-mined/

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  • Fintech Finance – Nxt Development Team Releases Private Blockchain Evaluation Kit

Fintech.Finance wrote about the launch of the Private Blockchain Evaluation Kit by Jelurida BV to make it possible for people to perform private and local tests of private blockchains based on Nxt, which will allow developers to test their apps in a secure and safe environment, as we have previously mentioned in this same newsletter.Lior Yaffe, member of Jelurida, states in the article:

The Nxt Private Blockchain Evaluation Kit we have designed creates a safe, ready-made environment for businesses and developers to test how Nxt can be applied to their needs. It provides a comprehensive kit to answer any questions potential users might have regarding the efficacy of Nxt Blockchain technology.

Source: www.fintech.finance/01-news/nxt-development-team-releases-private-blockchain-evaluation-kit/

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  • Payments Compliance – Singapore Readies Blockchain Trial Cross Border Payments

This article by Jimmy Nicholls at Payments Compliance explains how the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), with the support of big banks such as HSBC, JP Morgan, and other financial groups, are ready to begin testing whether cross-border payments could be carried out using distributed ledger technology, following a successful pilot for carrying out interbank payments which will work together with the country’s electronic payment system, thus becoming a concrete use case for the distributed ledger technology.

The text reveals some details about the procedure and also offers some opinions from relevant people in the blockchain environment, such as Travin Keith, a board member of the Nxt Foundation:

…both banks and consumers could gain from lower costs associated with the project. While the banks themselves will definitely benefit due to the lower costs of transferring funds from one bank to the other, these savings could be passed on to their customers as well… The distributed ledger technology industry as a whole will benefit given the initial steps of the adoption of the technology not requiring an overhaul of the current system.

I think other jurisdictions with a similar infrastructure in place can adopt systems like these especially given Singapore’s overall positive reputation in banking.

Source: paymentscompliance.com/premium-content/insights_analysis/singapore-readies-blockchain-trial-cross-border-payments (Login Required)

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  • First Report Economic News – Nxt Foundation Leads the Way with Blockchain Technology

Matt Cesare and Andrew Stiles wrote this article at First Report Economics where they go over the role and objectives of the Nxt Foundation. The text explains how blockchain technology has a great future ahead because of the great versatility and security it brings to the world of finance.

Instead of transferring information linearly from base A to base B to base C, information is updated through all parts of the chain.

An example may clarify this: when sending a legal document via email, the receiver must sign that document, save the changes, and then send back the new version of the document. In contrast, blockchain technology is more similar to editing a document on Google’s live document editing tool; editors can change the document simultaneously, and all changes are updated and saved real-time, all while the record of the changes are kept.

Blockchain allows everybody involved in a transaction to see what is happening with the transaction when it is happening. There are no delays and no uncertainties.

The article also mentions some of the third party projects that benefit from Nxt technology, such as Janus, Digital Billions, SuperNET, and others.

The Nxt Foundation is the primary point of contact for companies who intend to build something on Nxt. It’s composed by well-known members among the blockchain industry, such as Damelon, founder of the Nxt Foundation, who has recently become an advisor of the Internet of Coins board, and Travin Keith, a board member of the Foundation, who is in charge of (among many other things) representing the Nxt Foundation as it collaborates with Hyperledger. Definitely a great team to achieve great results!

Source:  firstreporteconomics.com/articles/2017/3/10/nxt-foundation-leads-the-way-with-blockchain-technology

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  • Weekly NXT/ARDR Price Evolution

The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex over this past week:The following graphic shows the ARDR / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex over this past week:

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Nxt news – October 2016 (V): Wake up and smell the coffee

Newsletter-topOctober 2016 (V)


Here, we bring you some of the latest news about Nxt over this past week of October.



Below, we give you more details about these news:



  • New experimental version NRS 1.11.0.e

Jean-Luc, Nxt Core Developer, has announced the launch of the new experimental version of the Nxt Reference Software (NRS), which includes a series of improvements and new features such as being able to access your account using QR codes, a specific page in the GUI to visualize the list of forgers, experimental support for running the client wallet as a mobile app, and many more.

Given that this is an experimental or “testing” version, precluding the launch of a stable version, we recommend you to be careful when using this software and trying out the new functionalities, as it may contain some small bugs. Actually, in order to speed-up the development of a stable version of the software, it would be good to have many users test the new functionalities, especially the new mobile wallet, in order to check that it’s working properly.


Source and more information: https://nxtforum.org/nrs-releases/nrs-v1-11-0e/msg227001


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  • Fork on Testnet

According to Riker, Nxt Core Developer, it has been revealed that some nodes on testnet are on a fork. It’s necessary that the owners of these nodes fix and revert this situation.

For anyone running a testnet node, please double check that your node is not on a fork.
The official testnet is now at height 963468 block id 2972427188900401101
If you don’t see this block id your blockchain you are on a fork.

The Nxt Testnet is a copy of the Nxt system where you can try out new things, new functionalities, as well as test the proper execution of your programs before releasing them on mainnet. Testnet is the perfect place to carry out your software experiments without having to risk breaking up anything or losing any money in the attempt.

[vsw id=”kFBwKHKAXPw” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

If you are developer or are interested in joining Nxt’s Testnet, you have to make somechanges in the configuration and ask for some testNXT tokens that can be used in this chain:

1) Change nxt.isTestnet=true in your conf/nxt.properties
2) Start up the client, open the web interface under http://localhost:6876 and get a new test address
3) Request some testNXT from abctc: https://nxtforum.org/testnet/some-testnxt-to-test-asset-exchange
4) Find bugs and try to break the testnet via the web interfaces or peer interfaces:
– port 6874 for peer interface
– port 6876 for API and web interface (Suggested reading: https://bitbucket.org/JeanLucPicard/nxt/src/master/DEVELOPERS-GUIDE.md)

Additionally, we would like to encourage anyone who may help to run a Testnet node. This way, you’ll be helping testing future features for Nxt.


Source and more information: https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/testnet-nodes-on-fork



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  • Send and receive NXT using your smartphone

Freewallet is a company that creates non-official mobile wallet apps so that you can make different transactions with cryptocoins using your mobile phone, without needing to install the official software and without having to download the full blockchain. Nxt has been the latest addition to this series of wallets but, at the moment, it’s still in beta.

To use this software, you just have to download the app through the Google Play Store (it’s likely to be included sooner rather than later on Itunes) and sign in using our email account (or other sign in options available). And… it’s done! Once your registration is completed, you are assigned a brand new Nxt address that you’ll be able to use.

The visual aspect of the app is really nice, and its usage is very simple. At the moment however, you can only use it to send and receive NXT.


We must remind you that when installing a third-party app on our mobile phone, besides accepting theTerms and conditions of use and the Privacy Policy of the app creator, you’ll have to trust them as the apps aren’t open source. You also have to bear in mind that you’ll always rely on Freewallet to have access to your account, because you won’t own the passphrase for your Nxt account. This means that you won’t be able to use that Nxt account in the official NRS client.

Besides this, mobile phones are generally more likely than other devices to be infected with viruses and spyware software, due to the many applications that we tend to install in our smartphones, or joining unknown public wifi networks, thefts, third-party usage, etc. This is why our personal recommendation is that if you plan to use this handy app, you just use it for small transactions and you don’t turn this account into your main Nxt account where you keep all your NXT.

Source and more information: https://freewallet.org

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  • Unlogica.com – What is a Blockchain?

This article introduces the concept of blockchain and the advantages that this decentralized software provides because, due to its decentralized nature, it allows the protection of independent communities from societal corruption.

Bitcoin was the pioneer of this technology but, due to the demand of services that this technology allows, it has motivated a lot of people to further develop the ecosystem. For example, the Nxt blockchain has paved the way for Blockchain 2.0 platforms, which include more features for the users.

Lee ends the article talking about Ardor, which has an expected launch in the third quarter of 2017. This new Ardor platform will let users create their own on-demand blockchains, all of them supported by Ardor’s forging power.

Source: http://www.unlogica.com/what-is-a-blockchain/

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  • KCN News – Microsoft Azure adds Nxt

Koles Coin News, a YouTube news channel that specializes on cryptocoins, has also echoed the Nxt integration on Azure. This will allow the easy and fast one-click deployment of Nxt nodes on this platform.

[vsw id=”MnR-IPPDO8o” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Source: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWN9FtDP3d-jfJu83pGARxw

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  • Rocket News – Blockchain as a Service

This article written by MO for RocketNews goes over the differences and similarities between Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS).

One of the first services to bet on the growth of BaaS is Microsoft Azure, which has recently integrated Nxt in its systems, which allows for an easy deployment of Nxt nodes in this popular platform. The article also mentions ARDOR, the future BaaS based on Nxt, which will enable businesses and organizations to utilize feature-rich blockchain technology for their project needs, including on-demand blockchains.


Source: http://www.rocketnews.com/2016/10/blockchain-service-baas

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  • INFOtainment News – The Power of a Raspberry Pi

This article by Sheldon Armstrong for INFOtainment News goes over some of the endless possibilities that a Raspberry Pi gives us: Personal computer, learning and software coding, robot applications, media center, retro game console, interconnecting and controlling a wide variety of sensors and devices, and much more.

The author remarks that besides these possibilities, it’s also possible to use a Raspberry Pi to build your own Nxt node since Nxt is a PoS platform, it doesn’t require high-end and expensive computing equipment to generate new blocks in the blockchain, something unthinkable in the traditional PoW coins like Bitcoin, which requires a high initial investment to purchase the “mining” equipment, plus a considerable amount of energy throughout its operation.


Building an operative Nxt node from scratch using a Raspberry Pi costs less than $50, and, with its low energy consumption (less than 5W/h), you can have it online in your house 24/7 with no problem.

Source: http://infotainmentnews.net/2016/10/29/power-raspberry-pi

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  • NXT Folks – The Value of a Blockchain

In this interesting article published at NXT Folks, TheWireMaster goes over a series of reflections about how the price of cryptocoins evolves are determined. The article talks about how pure speculators move the price up and down with no other interest other than to make some profit off of their trading, but with no interest in the technology behind those blockchains. In the meantime, a bunch of believers give their efforts, knowledge, time, and even money, so that those projects continue on.

The author also explains how the blockchain technology is going to change the world, and how Ardor is going to play an important role in this process.


Source: https://nxtfolks.com/2016/10/24/value-of-blockchain-platforms

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  • MyNXT.info is 100% ready to use

MyNXT.info developers are to be thanked. The well-known website is back again after correcting some issues that some users were having when trying to log-in on the site.

Tosch110, developer of MyNXT says:

The mynxt.info bug is solved now. Thank you for providing information on how to get around it.

You can use mynxt.info now as usual. Thanks for the patience.

If, after all, you want to take complete control of your NXT holdings in this online wallet, you can have a look at the following article: How to get your Passphrase from MyNxt.info wallet



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  • Ardorrate.com – Detailed information about the price of ARDOR

Ardorrate is a real-time price analyzer that focuses on ARDOR, created by Jay, user at Nxtchat on Slack.

The website gives us information about:

– Real-time rate for the Ardor (ARDR) in Euro (EUR) Dollar (USD) and Bitcoin (BTC), updated every 5 seconds.
– Price trend of the past hours, days, weeks & all-time
– Desktop notifications with support for Chrome, Safari and Firefox
– Night mode

How is exchange rate at Ardorrate.com determined?

The current rate of Ardor is based on supply and demand at exchanges. The rate on Ardorrate.com shows you the last buy or sell transaction at Bittrex..


Source: http://www.ardorrate.com

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  • CoinShuffle – Infographic about ARDOR

The CoinShuffle feature chosen by BMO Graphics and the Nxt Foundation begins with this series of infographics about Ardor. We must remember that IGNIS, Ardor’s first child chain, will have most of the features that Nxt has now. However, these features can be included on any child chains created on Ardor.

For more information, you can also check some previous infographics about Nxt:

  1. Coin Shuffling
  2. Aliases

Source: https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/price-speculation/msg225899/#msg225899

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  • NSC payout to hallmarked Nxt nodes

Last saturday, the “Nxt Security Coin” (aka NSC) was given away among the users who run Nxt hallmarked nodes, in order to support them.

Once you have received the coins through the Monetary System you can choose to keep them, transfer them or, if you want to, sell them, as you can do with any MS coin. External users who want to support this initiative can also buy NSC so that forgers can convert their NSC to NXT and receive some money.


Fore more information about all the campaigns that are currently running to enhance forging, you can have a look here


Source: https://nxtforum.org/index.php?topic=9828.msg226953#msg226953

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  • Weekly NXT/ARDR Price Evolution

The following graphic shows the NXT / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex for this past week:


The following graphic shows the ARDR / Bitcoin exchange price at Poloniex for this past week:

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Cointelegraph interview: The Bter Hack, The Future and When Is It Okay To Change History?

Ian DeMartino, Cointelegraph, writes:

Popular exchange Bter recently suffered a hack that resulted in more than 51 million NXT being stolen from the exchange, at the time worth more than USD $1.7 Million. This brought up the question: much manipulation of the blockchain is acceptable? While Bter managed to negotiate most of the NXT back into its possession, before that happened the NXT community was presented with a choice: Change the blockchain to reverse the hack and save Bter and the 51 million NXT or allow the transaction to remain and preserve the integrity of the blockchain.

They overwhelmingly decided against changing the blockchain.

Vericoin developer Patrick Nosker, who had to help implement a hardfork on his coin after Mintpal lost most of the Vericoin it held in a hack, came out against NXT changing their blockchain. NXT Community Manager Bas Wisselink publicly came out against changing the blockchain but agreed that giving the option to the community was the right decision, something some in the community disagreed with.

We decided now would be a good time to talk to each of them about the future of their coins, if each coin made the right choice and the philosophical implications of changing a public ledger.

CoinTelegraph: While most of the Nxt has been returned, before that happened you both came out against the fork in NXT. For the benefit of our readers, can both of you give a quick rundown on why and why it was different than Vericoin’s situation?

Read this interview on: http://cointelegraph.com/news/interview-with-nxts-bas-wisselink-and-vericoins-patrick-nosker-the-bter-hack-the-future-and-when-is-it-okay-to-change-history